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Who is Business Partner?

BP is any entity with whom your organization has business relationship, transaction or
interaction. BP categories are person/organization/group.
How to create business partner?
SAP easy access> enter the T code BP and then enter. Select "create person" and in the
ield display role choose "sold to party" and in grouping choose customer grouping. !nter
all the re"uired data li#e title, name, address and also enter data as re"uired on all the
other tabs. SA$! the entry.
oncept o! BP re"ationship
%t deines the conte&t in which two BPs are related to each other. %t deines the nature o
alliances between two BPs. % this relationship is deined in one o the BP record, the
corollary is automatically deined by the system. 'elationships in BP master data help to
determine appropriate BPs or a transaction.
How to create BP re"ationship
(sing T code BP, open a BP record. !nter BP number. Select relationship, select
relationship category and enter the other BP number under "relationship to BP".SA$!.
Why define BP role?
Rights and responsibilities that a business partner can have in
various business transactions is decided by the role assigned to
them. There are business partners who need to be assigned more
than 1 role. You can replace the standard title of BP roles with
customer defined names.
How to define BP roles?
SPRO !ross application component S"P business partner
Business partner Basic settings Business partner roles
Properties of business partner roles and then select new entries.
Select the re#uired business partner role and define the position
where business partner role is to appear in the selection list. $f you
want to give the selected BP role a different title than the standard
title% enter the re#uired customer title under &title& and S"'(.
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Important steps:
Define number range
Give a name to this number range (Define grouping)
Why define number range?
Once we define number range, system will automatically select new number for the new entry without any need
for manual intervention by data entry staff. Also, Organization may need separate number ranges to
differentiate various !s. "#ample$ All %oronto dealers are numbered from & to &''', All (ontreal dealers are
numbered from &''& to )''' and so on...
How to define number range?
*!+O, -ross Application component, *A! business partner, usiness partner, asic settings, number
ranges and groupings, Define number ranges and then, choose change intervals and enter interval .D and
range. !lease remember to select chec/ bo# e#t if e#ternal number range is re0uired and *A1".
Why define grouping?
Assign each ! to a grouping when you create !. %his grouping determines the name given to the number
range defined. +emember, you can not change this assignment at a later stage.
How to define grouping?
*!+O, -ross application component, *A! business partner, usiness partner, asic settings, 2umber
ranges and groupings, Define groupings and assign number ranges and then choose new entries and enter the
grouping, short name, description, number range and select the chec/ bo# 3e#ternal3 and *A1".