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Revolutionary Situation in the United States

by Zack Lieberberg
According to V. I. Lenin, immediately before a revolution, a country goes through a
revolutionary situation, which is defined as follows: Those on top are unable, and those on
the bottom are unwilling, to maintain the current order of things.
Have we reached a revolutionary situation in these United States of America? Let s take
a look at some of our problems.
Take, for example, illegal immigration. According to some estimates, illegal immigrants
today constitute 7 to 9 per cent of the population. It is the biggest invasion in history. It s 10
times more than the entire Chinese military! Both opponents and advocates of illegal
immigration know that this is causing our country enormous harm. Can we get rid of them?
Of course, we can. We simply need the government to deport every single one of them,
every time he or she is detected. Deport them when they come to the Department of Motor
Vehicles to obtain a driver license. Deport them when they try to enroll their children in a
school. Deport them when they come to an emergency room after performing the
necessary procedure, obviously, for we are not inhumane; but, because we are not suckers
either, we should charge their country of origin for the services provided. And if a baby is
born on US soil to an illegal immigrant, treat that baby as an illegal immigrant: deport it,
along with its illegal immigrant parent. Anything else amounts to an amnesty. And since
everything the government does regarding illegal immigration amounts to an amnesty, we
can conclude that the government is unable to solve this problem.
Are we willing to cleanse this country of the illegals? Not really. First, we feel bad for
them and their, oh, so cute babies. Second, most of them, like your cleaning lady, for
example, are decent, hard-working people who charge you less than an American would,
because they don t pay taxes, and neither do you when you hire them. Therefore, this is not
going to happen.
Or, take our war on drugs. Why doesn t it work? Why is it dragging on and on, year after
year, decade after decade, draining our resources without achieving anything at all?
Because when the cops lead away the kid who s been pushing drugs on a street corner, the
kid who pushes drugs on the corner a block away seizes the opportunity and expands his
business. And when the feds intercept a multi-million-dollar shipment of heroin, the dent
they cause to the overall traffic of drugs is less than the one that the federal taxes leave on
any legitimate business. Obviously, the government is unable to solve the drug problem.
Are we willing to win this war? We are, but only in theory. In theory, we could leave drug
dealers alone and take away drug users. Without the drug users, those who would poison
us all would go out of business. But are we willing to do it? Are we willing to send our own
kids to jail, even for a few weeks, for experimenting with pot or even coke? Of course, not;
we are not suicidal. And that s exactly why the drug war will never solve the problem of drug
use in this country. But it will handsomely feed a huge and unnecessary federal bureaucracy
created specifically for the purpose of conducting that endless, meaningless war and,
therefore, not interested to actually win it.
Can we win the war on terror?
Let me share an anecdote with you before I expand on that exciting question. Recently, I
was at JFK airport seeing off a friend who was leaving for Japan. In a long line to the
security station, there was a group of Japanese kids, apparently returning home from a trip
to New York. If I had to guess their age, I would say 10 or 11. Each kid was wearing a
Yankee baseball hat no doubts a souvenir from the trip. Each kid was holding his or her
passport open for the security officer. None of them seemed to speak English. As they one
by one reached the officer, he would lift the hat off the head of the kid to compare the cute,
smiling face to its likeness in the passport.
There were passengers of several other flights in that line. One of them was for Riyadh.
When I saw the dark-skinned man accompanied by four creatures that resembled four
bowling pins draped in dark fabric, I thought that was their destination. I was curious how the
security officer would handle them. To my great disappointment, no international incident
unfolded before my eyes. The officer, who had just diligently scrutinized the passports and
faces of Japanese children, simply waved the Arabs through.
So, let me ask you again: Can our government win the war on terror?
Of course, we can. And we can do it without wasting the lives of our soldiers and
hundreds of billions of our dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan. All we have to do to achieve that
victory is kick Islam out of the United States. Once the term Muslim American becomes no
more than an oxymoron, we will be able to sell our no longer needed airport security
equipment to Eurabia and bail out our ailing banks without using a penny of taxpayers
money. I know it, you know it, Osama bin Laden knows it, and even George Bush, who
seems to know nothing at all, knows it as well; even if this knowledge didn t stop him from
announcing to us on September 12, 2001, that Islam was not an enemy. His government is
most definitely unable to win this war.
But are we willing to uproot the Muslim community in the US? Sadly, we are not. Islam is
a religion, and, whether you think it is a religion of peace or something entirely different,
there is freedom of religion in this country, guaranteed by our Constitution. On the other
hand, religion every religion is an ideology. An ideology can justify our way of life, as
Judaism and Christianity do, be neutral towards it as is Buddhism, or openly and explicitly
oppose it, as communism, fascism, and Islam. Why should we allow the enemy ideology to
blossom on our soil? Because we are afraid we are not going to be able to draw the line,
and once Islam is no longer a danger, the forces unleashed in order to contain it will turn
against us: the Jews, the homosexuals, the blacks everyone who has a historically well
founded fear of persecution.
Nobody knows the answer.
If you thought the crisis we are currently going through was limited to the crumbling
financial institutions, you were wrong. The sad state of our economy is only one side of it.
This crisis has been in the making for decades; it involves every aspect of our lives.
The international prestige of the United States is at its lowest in, at least, a century.
The American political machine with its ongoing political debate between the two parties
about the better future of this country has deteriorated into an unabashed race for power.
Liberals, abusing their ever growing influence, succeed in taking away our liberties for
example, the liberty to openly and publicly celebrate Christmas or to speak the truth when
the thought police finds it politically incorrect.
The very same government that sends our soldiers to foreign lands to fight for obscure
goals tries them for murder when they perform their duty and defend their lives and the lives
of their comrades.
We could overcome this crisis, but we need a leader wise and strong enough to lead us
out of it. George Bush does not qualify for the job. And neither does John McCain, who has
failed to even acknowledge that the country is in the throes of a total crisis.
What s going to happen?
A century ago, the obvious inability of the Russian monarchy to provide desperately
needed leadership brought forth a young, charismatic leader who promised change, took the
country from the tsar s weak hands, and destroyed it as thoroughly as was possible. His
name was Vladimir Lenin. His minions killed more Russian citizens than did the two world
wars combined. His successors enslaved Eastern Europe for half a century. His followers
turned China, North Korea, and Cuba into giant concentration camps. His legacy lives on in
Putin s Kremlin.
In the 1930 s, when Germany found itself leaderless and falling apart, a young,
charismatic leader came forth, promised change, and took the country from the weak hands
of an elderly chancellor. His name was Adolf Hitler. Supported by the enthusiasm of his
compatriots, he led Germany through a brief renaissance to complete destruction, along
with most of Europe, killing about 70 million people in the process. His legacy lives on in
various neo-Nazi organizations across the world.

Today, the United States is in a strikingly similar situation. At the time when a strong
leader is most desperately needed, the ruling elite finds itself unable to provide one. A
young, charismatic leader comes forth and promises change. His name is Barack Hussein
Obama. And I believe he is going to deliver on his promise of change, even though the most
basic arithmetic tells us that it cannot be fulfilled. Why?
Because Barack Hussein Obama is, essentially, a foreigner. He may (or not) be born in
the United States, but the values shared by the American people, the values that made this
country great and prosperous, are as foreign to him as his Arabian, Kenyan, Indonesian
roots are to us. He has nothing vested in this country. All his life here, he was closely
associated with its enemies. He will destroy it with no regrets. The very fact that seven years
after the devastating attack visited on the United States by Arabs, the Americans are going
to place an Arab into the White house demonstrates the depth of the crisis we are in.
According to the polls, Obama is going to win the election. I would be surprised if he
didn t. In the 20 years since Ronald Reagan s departure from the White House, the
Republican party has done absolutely nothing to earn our votes. Even while a Republican
president was in the Oval Office and the Republicans had the majority (earned more by the
Clintons failures than their own accomplishments) in both the Congress and the Senate,
they failed to accomplish anything of value. Yes, I remember the Bush tax cut; but, you
know what s going to happen to it in the very near future.
What can we do? Vote for Ralph Nader? Yeah, that will help. Start burning mosques?
The FBI will be upon you faster than you can say the shahada.
What is needed today and needed desperately is a new political party that will be
not be afraid to appear politically incorrect, that will be pragmatic, that will lead us out of the
trap laid for us by our enemies, foreign and, mostly, domestic.
Any party organizers willing to volunteer?
October 24, 2008