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The issues caused by rampant Islamism are so unnerving that they have been distributed separately.

Addressing the issue as to whether Islam is Violent were Atheist Sam Harris and Islamism Apologist Cenk
Uygur; I concur with an Expert Panel that concluded the Islamic State is Attempting to Return to 'the
Purest Islam' of Mohammed Era. Thats why Cruz said its Time to Drop the Illusion That Latest Terror
Attacks in Jerusalem and Canada Are Random Acts of senseless violence unrelated to our national

The Domestic component is captured in multiple venues: Rogers: Can't rule out boots
on the ground in Syria, a Massachusetts Father is Mad Because Public School Teaches
There Is No God But Allah and CAIR Hosted San Diego Candidates at Islamic Center
Debate and Spinning a Terrorist Into a Victim, Part 1: Who is Rasmieh Odeh? This is
ignored by MSNBC which, on Mondays Morning Briefing, aired the conclusion that
the perpetrators of such terror are crazies and are, specifically, not manifesting their
perception of Islam.

Regarding Kurdistan, SYRIA ACTIVISTS SAID KOBANe DEATH TOLL PASSED 800, although Kurds Thwarted
a New Islamic State Bid to Cut off Syria's Kobane before Iraqi Kurdish reinforcements can deploy; sadly,
the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) Captured and Beheaded a famous Kurdish Female Fighter 'Rehana' in Kobane
[aligned with The Women Protection Units (YPG)]. Turmoil continued throughout Syria [Syrian Rebels
Clash with Government Troops, 19 Die] and Iraq [Suicide Attack Kills 24 People South of Baghdad and
Germany's BND federal Intelligence found that the Islamic State in northern Iraq Has Anti-Aircraft
Weapons (shoulder-mounted rocket launchersMANPADSof Russian design captured from Syrian
army stocks that could take down passenger jets)], while Turkey was not a safe refuge [Syrian Refugee
Women Forced into Marriages and Prostitution in Turkey]. More profoundly, involvement of The Kurds
in Turkey in the Fight for Koban has undermined a historical process, the reconciliation of the Turkish
State with the Kurds living in Turkey; Turkish guns point in every direction but that of Kobani, and the
Turkish air force continues bombing the Kurdish PKK, not the Islamic State. Many Kurds believe that the
Turkish state considers it acceptable for the "Islamic State" to murder Kurds, and would rather bomb the
Kurds than help them against the Islamic State.

Pro- and Anti-Islamists are beginning to become delineated. Nigeria is OK [Nigerian
President Goodluck Jonathan, while in Jerusalem on a Private Christian Pilgrimage, Met
Netanyahu, noting that Nigeria is rocked by the Islamic terrorism of Boko Haram and is a
member of the UN Security Council; Boko Haram Victims Tell of Rape, Torture and
Abuse; and Nigerian Women Describe Boko Haram Abductions]. India is OK [India
Picked Israel's Spike Anti-Tank Missile over U.S. Javelin and Israel to Deliver 49 Drones to
India to Keep an Eye on China and Pakistan]. Pakistan is problematic [Israeli Cultural
Display was Removed in Islamabad and Islamic University Dean and Student Adviser
were Suspended over Model UN Fiasco.

Islamists are infesting the Arab world:
ISIS Hostages, For months, Endured routine Torture [starved, beaten, subjected to water-boarding and
threatened with execution] before Beheadings
Secular Party Looks to Win Tunisia Elections
Tunisian Islamists Concede Election Defeat to Secular Party
Sunni vs Shia Sectarian Clashes Grow in Northern Lebanon
Turkish PM Condemned Terrorist Attack on Turkish Soldiers
Turkish Opposition MHP Asked for Normalization in Relations with Israel
Last U.S. Marines, British Combat Forces End Afghan Operations

Islamism is also ravaging Europe:
Canada Gunman Prepared Video of Himself, Authorities Decline to Release Recording
Front National Councillor Suspended For Recruiting Colleagues to Islam
Teacher Admits Syria-Linked Terror Charges
Riot Police Clash With 4,000 Strong Anti-Islam Protest

Egypts struggle against Islamists was dramatized after 31 Egyptian Soldiers were Killed in Sinai by
Palestinian Militants; thats why Egypt is to Set Up a 1.5 and 3 km. Buffer Zone with Gaza and Egypt
Requested Support in War against Jihadi Groups [such as Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis] and Banned Hamas;
Egypt also Postponed Talks indirect talks between Israel and Hamas on Gaza in Wake of Sinai Attack,
yielding a continued delay in the flow of construction materials into Gaza. The following explains why:

Gaza Functions as Logistic Hub for Sinai Jihadis - Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis is at the forefront
of jihadi groups determined to throw Egypt into chaos. The army is making an all-out
effort to eliminate all Islamist terrorist movements, but the terrorists are securely
entrenched among the population in northern Sinai and they can depend on the
extensive networks of Bedouin in the area. Furthermore, they are being reinforced by a
steady stream of men and material coming through all of Egypt's borders. To a certain
extent, Egypt is under siege, with Gaza functioning as the logistic hub. Gaza has the
capacity to develop and produce weapons, to package explosives, and to train terrorists
before infiltrating them into Sinai. At the same time, an ever-growing number of fighters
and ammunition are coming in through the borders with Libya and Sudan. During the
Mubarak era, extensive smuggling networks were left to grow in Egypt and the Sinai
Peninsula, in the mistaken belief that it was a problem for Israel alone. It was a costly
mistake, for which Egypt is paying dearly.

A guest-recipient of these Blast e-mails remains the Chair of the MontCo Dems Party, attorney
Marcel Groen; we live in the same voting-precinct and, semi-annually, he has been confronted with my
claim that BHO is an anti-Semite. Specifically noting what is occurring with Iran, I have told him flat-out
that any nuking will place Jewish Blood onto HIS hands, for his reticence to speak-out against BHOs
appeasement is c/w his sense of party-loyalty. This behavior was manifest when the Dems Killed a Key
Pro-Israelbill to Appease White House on Iran; Sen. Menendez Pulled a pro-Israel bill over Iran oversight
language, even as the Beating of an American Pastor in Iran was Linked to Nuke Talks.

Years ago, I hosted a quiet meeting between an Israeli-Intelligence expert and Josh
Shapiro, during which he was 1-on-1 told of what was portending, and he said he had
an internal-contact @ the White-House whom hed call; nothing emerged since [even
after I wrote a letter detailing what had occurred, which was published in the Times
Chronicle, and even after I referred to this event during public-comment @ a MontCo
meeting of the Commissioners (after he gently advised all statements should refer to
government-business)],while the issue has risen to beyond-crisis levelsand Jewish-
Dems are muteand the world is silent.

It has become tiresome to have to keep pointing-out the obvious [that has been repeatedly proven,
particularly when rejectionist-Arafat failed to propose a counter-idea during Camp David II], but it is
important to note that Recognizing a Palestinian State Now Will Thwart Hopes for Peace; the Friends of
Israel Initiative has always claimed that peace can only be reached through negotiations. Recognizing
Palestine as a state will reward Palestinian unwillingness to negotiate a true peace with Israel and will
encourage unilateral moves and a break with the Oslo Accords. Recognizing now an entity that is far
from democratic, free, peaceful and prosperous will only thwart any possibility that any such state will
exist in the future. {Also, note that BB is Again Facing Showdown with Critics in His Own Party.}

Similarly, it has been repeatedly shown that Israeli Territorial Concessions dont Bring
Peace, as is again illustrated by an interview of Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon:

Q: Secretary Kerry recently said the lack of resolution of the Israeli-
Palestinian issue is leading to street anger and recruitment for the
Islamic State.

Ya'alon: Unfortunately, we find the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is
dominated by too many misconceptions. We don't find any linkage
between the uprising in Tunisia, the revolution in Egypt, the sectarian
conflict in Iraq and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Mainly, these come
from the Sunni-Shia conflict, without any connection to the Israeli-
Palestinian conflict. The core of the conflict is their reluctance to
recognize our right to exist as a nation state of the Jewish people -
whether it is Abu Mazen [Abbas] or his predecessor Arafat. There are
many who believe that just having some territorial concessions will
conclude it. But I don't think this is right.

Q: Will territorial concessions bring peace?

Ya'alon: No, they would be another stage of the Palestinian conflict, as
we experienced in the Gaza Strip. We disengaged from the Gaza Strip to
address their territorial grievances. They went on attacking us. The
conflict is about the existence of the Jewish state and not about the
creation of the Palestinian one. Any territory that was delivered to them
after Oslo became a safe haven for terrorists. Bearing that in mind, to
conclude that after the [recent] military operation in Gaza this is a time
for another withdrawal from Judea and Samaria [the West Bank] is

Illustrating the crisis in Israeli-US relations, U.S. Officials Refused Some Requests by
Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon for Meetings with several top national security
aides, still miffed over negative comments that he made about Secretary of State John
Kerry's Mideast peace efforts and nuclear negotiations with Iran. While Defense
Minister did see Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and U.S. Ambassador to the UN
Samantha Power, the officials said the White House and State Department rejected
Israeli proposals for meetings with Vice President Joe Biden, national security adviser
Susan Rice and Kerry.

Of great strategic import is whats occurring on the Temple Mount, noting that there was a Second
Fatality from the nearby Jerusalem light-rail Terror Attack:

The Role of Hamas and Fatah in the Jerusalem Disturbances - The deterioration of the
security situation in Jerusalem is connected to the struggle between the moderate Sunni
regimes and the Muslim Brotherhood, which seeks to make the Jerusalem issue a
rallying cry. The Brotherhood's strategy hopes to unite all of the region's Islamic
movements around the idea of the Muslim Caliphate with the Al-Aqsa Mosque in
Jerusalem as its hub. The head of Hamas' Political Bureau, Khaled Mashal, published a
special announcement calling "on our people to hasten immediately to defend
Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa, and on the Muslim nation to send a painful message of rage to
the world." In Hamas' view, it is the Jerusalem issue that can place the Palestinians at
the forefront of the revolution unfolding in the Arab world.

How Islamists Support Conflict on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem Funds from Qatar
and Islamic foundations are transferred to the Northern Branch of the Islamic
Movement in Israel, which pays thousands of shekels per month to hundreds of men
and women, allegedly members of an innocent study group dedicated to learning
Islamic scripture on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Any Jew who has visited the mount
has encountered them. They are bands of agitators who bombard Jewish groups that
ascend the mount with chants of "Allahu Akhbar" (God is great), yelling and cursing
them. Al-Aqsa Mosque has become a haven for rioters and a warehouse for rocks,
wooden beams, firebombs, metal rods, and fireworks - purchased with subsidies
provided by Hamas and Fatah. Muslims shoot fireworks directly at policemen and
Jewish visitors. The fireworks are smuggled into the Temple Mount compound by
Muslim women, who conceal them under their clothes and are not inspected.

The IDF Killed a Palestinian Throwing a Firebomb at Israeli Motorists in West Bank, prompting the
U.S. to Express Condolences to his Family; the Palestinian-Arab teenager was a U.S. citizen. This
reflected The State Dept.'s (Im)moral Equivalence Between Innocent Jew and Violent Arab when,
contrasting with this weeks statement, last week, the U.S. State Department offered its "deepest
condolences" to the family of 3-month-old Chaya Zissel Braun [killed by a Palestinian terrorist in
Jerusalem], who was also a U.S. citizen.