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C. A. R.

Covidien Awards and Recognition for Employees

Physical Activity in the Workplace

by Xai and Rye

WHO : All Employees
WHAT : 3-Minutes Stretching
WHERE : Workstation


To Implement a physical activity program in the
workplace; To enjoy their work environment
and to bring out the best of themselves on their
jobs every day and to encourage our
employees to embrace fitness as a lifestyle

Health Benefits of Exercise in the Workplace
Mobility exercise improves the mobility of your joints, enhances your blood
circulation and helps you get prepared for physical activities. It can even help
you relieve stress if you maintain the right breathing pattern during exercise.

Stretching exercise helps you relax the muscles, enhances the mobility of your
joints, relaxes your mind and reduces the risk of muscle soreness.
We normally spend at least one third of our time in the office, sitting down to write
or use the computer most of the time. Maintaining the same posture for a long
time will cause muscle tightness, fatigue and soreness, which in turn undermine
our efficiency at work. Some researches show that office workers are prone to
suffer from problems related to their neck, shoulders, back and waist, followed by
wrists and fingers.
People who spend long hours sitting or lack exercise are advised to do more
mobility and stretching exercises, which can help prevent strain injuries through
relieving muscle and tendon fatigue.
1. To be done at least twice a week in any random days morning
and night shift
2. All Employees must participate when a bell or signal is heard.
3. He/She must follow the steps of the person assigned to lead the 3-
Minute Stretching Activity

Proposed Exercise Songs:
Mag-Exercise Tayo by Yoyoy Villame

The Macarena Dance
o Sassy steps: The "Macarena" is done in 16 easy steps,
which involves a lot of criss-crossing of hands to different
parts of the body. The most groovy part of this dance move,
though, is when you jump after you hear the phrase, "Hey
Macarena!" It's like a victory jump after successfully
executing the move without entangling your limbs.

The Asereje Dance
o Sassy steps: Shake your bon-bons to the chorus of this song
by shuffling your hands with palms down alternately. Slowly
bring them upwards to your head by drawing small spirals in
the air, then end by briskly shaking your bent knees.

The Shake Body Dancer Dance
o Sasy steps: Bring one of your legs forward, stretch out your
arms and shake your body, body, dancer, just like what the
song's chorus says.

The Shalala Lala Dance
o Sassy steps: Hop from left to right with hands doing circular
motions at the side. Once you hear the clapping sound, clap
your hands thrice upwards as well, then slowly move your
arms in three counts to the right, then to the left.

The Nobody Dance by The Wonder Girls
o Sassy steps: "The dance involves synchronised participants
clapping their hands, shaking their shoulders, and swaying
their hips to the catchy chorus, which goes: 'I want nobody
nobody but youuuu.

Ocho Ocho by Bayani Agbayani
o Sassy steps: Position your knees together, slightly bend
forward then place your palms above your knee cap. With
this position, lower your back a bit then continue arching
your back until the chorus finishes.
o Dance floor lowdown: Aside from being a ridiculously
entertaining dance move, the "Otso Otso" dance is also a
perfect back-breaking exercise. Be sure to do it properly lest
you'll appear to be some pervert humping nothingness on
the dance floor.

Reviewed and Approved by:

Honeylet Narrido