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Chapter 1:
Panchang considerations
Birth at : Day time
Weekday : Monday
Paksha : Shukla
Yoga : Shukla
Nakshatra : J yeshtha
Nadi : Aadhya
Yoni : Mriga
Gana : Rakshasa
Chandra Rashi : Vrishchika
Chandra Rashipati : Mangal
Varna : Brahmin
Vashya : Keeta
Ghat Chakra
Ghat Masa : Ashwin
Ghat Tithi : 1, 6, 11
Ghat Day : Friday
Ghat Nakshatra : Revati
Ghat Yoga : Vyatipata
Ghat Karana : Gara
Prahar : 1
Ghaat Chandra : Vrishabh
Yogesh All applicable references
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General Characteristics
You are born when the Moon was in J yeshtha nakshatra. Those born in the J yeshtha star are fond of
daily physical exercises, warriors, always respecting brahmins, famous and endowed with fine qualities.
They gain fame, are bright, accompany kings, affected in mind, deeply idle, well known, and speak final.
They are addicted to bad jobs, capable of undergoing difficulties, unbearable, cruel, untruthful and
wealthy. They are tall and endowed with few children. They are pure and intelligent. They are religious
and have a good circle of friends; they are poets and wise. They are generally dark complexioned,
happy, stable and much learned.
Physical Appearance. Virgoans are tall with a slander body. Dark hair and hairly. Curved and hairly
eyebrows, thin and shrill voice, walks quickly and will never have a pot- belly. Straight nose, appear
younger than age, a pronounced forehead, frank and honest expressions of the eyes and sometimes
beautiful blue eyes (Venus is the ruler of the second house). Complexion will be as per ascendant and
aspects on the same.
Mental Tendencies. Fond of learning, active mind, good mental abilities, critical, methodical, ingenious,
undecided but usually precise though nervous and lacking self confidence. Perceptive and somewhat
intuitive, critical, keeps things properly and orderly and thinks in a methodical way. A genius,
analytical and a deep thinker.
Personality. Virgoans are ambitious for wealth, are conservative, modest, thoughtful, contemplative and
industrious. They have good endurance not easily contented, changeable nature and environment, often
change their residence. They have commercial instinct, methodical, practical and discriminative.
Experts in finding faults with others. Best suited for the post of inspector, auditor, income tax officer
of examiner. A saving disposition, over careful and sensitive. Love details of things and accounts.
Speculative, cautious regarding their own interest, diplomatic, delight in horticulture, intellectual and
economical. Prudent, act with fore- thought, fond of studying science particularly about medicine, food,
diet, hygiene etc.
They should avoid drugs, should not be talkative, avoid criticism changeability, first think, then decide
and to it, do not be fickle minded. Should develop a true consistancy of purpose. He should learn to
forget other's mistakes and forgive them for their faults. They should not be revengeful.
To maintain the health, care for diet should be taken, he will enjoy robust health with long life and
healthy old age. Keep his stomach and nervous system in order, take vitamin B and have a balanced
diet. They are prone to the diseases of bowls, abdomen and nervous disorder.
As regards finances, they have a commercial and business instinct. Will succeed in matters connected
with the earth and its products. He will face many ups and downs in life, hard work will pay.
Methodical, have wander lust in their nature, will have a peaceful and pleasant domestic life. His wife
will be religious, God fearing, law abiding and true. He will form friendship with new persons.
In love affair, you will hardly succeed as you are in the nature of finding faults with others, rarely
passionate, you postpone marriage and prefer to be bachelor, but when married you become home bird.
Limited progney, and will give them good education and will be worried about their future. All
children will set well in life.
The planetary significator is Mercury.
Health and Disease. Virgo born people enjoy robust health with long life and healthy old age. Active,
look younger than age in youth. They are particular about their health. Stomach and nervous system are
Yogesh All applicable references
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very sensitive, the use of much vitamin B in your diet will avoid these troubles and have regular meals.
Avoid worries, discontentment, irritability and short temper. Normally you will have temptation for
excess. High living and deep thinking should also be avoided. Be cautious against gall-stones. Avoid
Alcohol and use vegetarian and balanced diet. Have plenty of rest and enjoy clam surroundings.
When malefics are posited in Virgo, one suffers from dysentry, typhoid and sprue during this periods.
You will have minor injuries very often and it is likely that you may meet with accidents, so do not
drive rash. Virgo indicate bowels, kidney, large intestines, mesentry, anues and nervous system, When
lord of this sign Mercury is afflicted one can suffer from the above diseases.
Finance. Being of a commercial instinct, you should be careful about your money. Hard work will pay
you in life and bring you to top. Return of investment will be poor. If lord of 6th house, Saturn is
exalted, receives good aspects denotes goods fortune.
Romance and Marriage. Virgo born are very intelligent, so they find great difficulty in selecting the
partner as they give more importance to intelligence than to pleasure and romance, but in a few cases,
you will be disappointed. They are shy and not demonstrative in love. Do not be sensitive. As Virgoans
are in the habit of fault finding nature but passionate, they should try to appease others by conversation
etc. You should bear in mind that as you require appreciation for your intelligence, so the people
whom you love be praised and admired for their intelligence and beauty even if they do not possess
these qualities.
Husbands. Virgoans prefer to be bachelor for a long time as they treat married life a partnership or
social scheme. But when married they provide all comforts to the partner and family members due to
your wife, you will enjoy good family atmosphere and lead a happy life. Be not so economical that
your married life becomes afflicted and this habit be avoided.
Virgo born people have limited number of children and provide all facilities to them at any cost.
Children will maintain good health and enjoy future. They may not show outer affection to the
Ideal Match. The persons born in Taurus, Capricorn and earthy signs and Cancer, Scorpio and
Capricorn are best suited for Virgo born persons. Or the persons born on mondays, Rohini, Hast,
Sarvana asterisms are suitable for happy and prosperous relations and partnership.
Domestic environments. Change is your basic natur, wandering, change of residence and environments
etc. Virgo people like an orderly home and put up a show when guests are invited. A good house, is
always destined for you. Your wife will be religious and God fearing, law abiding and true due to
which you will have a peaceful and pleasant domestic life.
Professions. Virgo born people should select their partners in business very carefully, who should keep
them cheerful and utilise their intelligence as best, Virgo are slave to the work, hard taskmaster and
like to be left alone in a quite place to carry out the work and plans.
When Mercury forms good aspects shows the profession as a broker, accountant, lawyer, journalist,
engineers, surgeons, work connected with liquids etc. Much depends on the planet forming good
aspects with lords of 2nd, 6th or 10th houses in Virgo and be analysed accordingly.
Traits to be corrected. Virgo born persons should not be so sensitive critical, conversationalist and
chatty. Avoid too much calculating and in detail finding nature. Fault finding habit be avoided. They
should have self confidence and avoid nature of changes. He should be a good judge and should not
seek other's advice to often to confuse himself but stick to a single person's advice. Revengeful and long
sustained resentment be avoided.
Warning. A few of your friends and servants will betray you, will try to have your secrets, exploit them
and may take you to court of law and stand witness against you to spoil you and your reputation etc. So
you are warned to be careful from your servants and friends and choose them with great care. Better
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get their horoscopes checked before employing them or making them as friends.
Lucky days, numbers, colours and stones. Lucky and favourable days are Wednesday, Friday, Monday
and Thursdays where as Sunday, Tuesday and Saturdays are not favourable for doing any important or
auspicious work.
Lucky numbers are 2,3,5,6 and 7 whereas disagreeable numbers are 1 and 8 and the passive numbers are
4 and 9.
Favourable and lucky stones are Emerald, Pearl, Diamond and Yellow Sapphire in gold which should be
worn in 4th finger of right hand on Wednesday morning after offering prayers. But when Mercury is in
fall or malefic Ruby and Emerald be used in Gold to minimise or wardoff the evils.
The day of fast is Friday throughout the life.
The person who has his birth in the Capricorn navamsha will be short limbed, fickle minded, cruel, quick
footed, will indulge in sensual pleasures. He will have an ill tempered wife. Will suffer from disease
during 19th, 27th, 34th, 49th, 54th and 68th year of life.
The Moon is in Pisces navamsa, one will have soft voice, but speak spiritedly, will visit holy places and
blessed with sons.
Your ascendant lord is in the 11th house, you will always be endowed with gains, good qualities and
The 2nd's lord is in the 9th house, the native will be wealthy, diligent, skilful, sick during childhood, and
will later on be happy (i.e. healthy), and will visit shrines, observing religious code, etc..
The 3rd's lord is in the 10th house, the native will have all lands of happiness and self-made wealth, and
be interested in nurturing wicked females.
The 4th's lord is in the 5th house, the native will be happy and be liked by all. He will be devoted to Lord
Vishnu, be virtuous, honourable, and will have self-earned wealth.
The 5th's lord is in the 2nd house, the native will have many sons and wealth, be a pater familiaris, be
honourable, be attached to his spouse, and be famous in the world.
The 6th's lord is in the 2nd house, the native will be adventurous, famous among his people, will live in
alien countries (or places), be happy, be a skilful speaker, and be always interested in his own work.
The 7th's lord is in the 5th house, the native will be honourable, endowed with all (i.e. seven principal)
virtues, always delighted, and endowed with all kinds of wealth.
The 8th's lord is in the 10th house the native will be devoid of paternal bliss, be a tale-bearer and be
bereft of livelihood. If there is a aspect in the process from a benefic, then these evils will not mature.
The 9th's lord is in the 9th house, the native will be endowed with abundant fortunes, virtues, and
beauty, and will enjoy much happiness from co-born.
The 10th's lord is in the 11th house, the native will be endowed with wealth, happiness, and sons. He
will be virtuous, truthful, and always delighted.
The 11th's lord is in the 3rd house, the native will be skilful in all jobs, wealthy, endowed with fraternal
bliss, and may sometimes incur gout pains.
The 12th's lord is in the 10th house, the native will incur expenditure through royal persons and will
enjoy only moderate paternal bliss.
Yogesh All applicable references
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The Sun in Gemini: Sweet, affectionate, witty, learned in various disciplines -- more technical than
general, noble, wealthy, generous, astrologer, charming, versatile, positive and strong.
The Moon in Scorpio: This native is most active and successful in life and business, travelling since
childhood, debauchee; a man of artistic taste, independent, firm determination, devoted to mother;
interest in occultism; in a female chart indicates difficult childbirth.
If Moon is in Scorpio and Venus aspects it turns him to women to waste his strength, wealthy but
Mars in Gemini: The native shows insight, love for higher education and sharpness. Interest in
Chemistry, writing, travelling and teaching. Afflicted Mars makes the native unpopular through
over-critical nature. Trouble through brothers and sisters. Lungs affections, danger to arms, hands or
Mercury in Cancer: The native is talkative (exaggerating); voyaging; amorous, jealous of brothers and
relatives, fond of music, art and literature, unfriendly to partner, clever, careful and sincere. Sharp,
computer like brain. Influential and friendly.
If Mercury is in Cancer, J upiter aspecting, alone brings good fortune and success in life.
If Mercury is in Cancer, Saturn aspecting, gives him height but ugliness; dirty and shabby. Bad name.
J upiter in Capricorn: High aspirations, good organizer, intuitive, gain and success through high position,
commercial and foreign affairs, patrimony, spendthrift and positive. If afflicted trouble through inertia;
sorrow through friends. Debauchee and ignoble.
If J upiter is in Capricorn or Acquarius, Mars aspecting, gives name and fame; a great army officer; dash
and charm.
If J upiter is in Capricorn or Acquarius, Mercury aspecting, promotes commercial interests through
travel, speculation and friends.
Venus in Taurus: The native is honest and sincere in love making, generous, more than one wife,
charming, wealthy, learned, noble and gentle, social. Gain and success through art and stage-craft;
legacy and partners.
Saturn in Libra: Gain through travel and foreign countries, gentle, soft, learned, philanthropic,
recognized by the community, much intellectual exercises, broken home, attachment to prostitutes.
Good for Doctors and Lawyers and any other profession also.
Rahu and Ketu in Aries-Libra: The native is brave and energetic, generous, potent, diplomatic,
enterprising, sexy, socials in the family, affluent fortunate, sound health, black mole on the face, love for
theater. If weak, it causes much trouble and great losses. Accidents.
If Rahu or Ketu is in Aries or Scorpio and Saturn aspecting, is not conducive to good health; the native
is cautious and wary.
If Rahu or Ketu is in Taurus or Libra, Saturn aspecting, cause much travelling and gain in foreign land.
It gives a broad and a large nose.
Saturn. Worried and unlucky, devoid of mother's comforts and affection. Short life, unlucky in early part
of life, but lucky and wealthy in last part of life. Gain through children and investment. Loss through
Rahu or Ketu. Troubles and worries, litigations and loss, Death of parents in middle of life, residence in
foreign country. Victory over enemies. Loss of wealth in disputes and litigations.
Yogesh All applicable references
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Moon. Early life will be troublesome, less comforts from brothers. Gain due to sisters. A comfortable
and pleasureable life. Will face happiness and unhappiness alternatively. Friendship through kindred,
neighbours and gain.
J upiter. A troubled and worried life. Loss of ancestral property. Enmity with children. Disreputed and
disrespected. No comforts from progney. Death of son in youth. Financial conditions will be below
average. Gain and pleasure from father's fortune.
Rahu or Ketu. Troubled and worried middle life, danger from animals. Under debt. Short life. Success in
litigation. Old age will be happy and comfortable and will be blessed with respect and wealth.
Venus. Intelligent, wealthy and fortunate. Blessed with property. Marriage in early age. Respect,
comforts and authority like a king. Honourable voyage. Gain through learning, writings, publishing,
research, and a good mother.
Sun. Respected, wealthy and famous. Brave and scholar or Astrology. Will lead a pious life, power and
authority from Govt; More respect after middle age if well aspected, otherwise reverse results.
Mars. Can not work in a subordinate position. Changeable profession. Strained relations with parents.
Self made man. Death of mother. Rise due to inheritance. Renown through writings when well
aspected, otherwise reverse result.
Mercury. Happy and comfortable life. Wealthy Respect and regards from rulers. Knowledge of many
languages. More prosperous in old age. Friends in high ups and gain from them. Honourable future.
Ambitious ideal. Successful hopes and wishes.