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Contemporary Hospitality Management

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1.1 -Analyze the current scale, scope and diversity of the hospitality industry Radisson is a
member of R!"#$R group of hotels %ith more than &'( hotels %orld%ide. "t is the one of
fastest gro%ing chain .Radisson hotel has their o%n contemporary design so they do not
compromise on comfort ,they provide complimentary )"-*" and better seasonal +ritish food and
other cultural cuisines %ith their services that anticipate ,and never assumes an e,perience that
rela, and stimulate in e-ual measure the Radisson vision is simple .they %ant most admire
company in .ondon. /his single idea covers their thin0ing and gives focus to their plans on a
day to day basis. And they e,press it belo% 1(( 1 guest satisfaction
1((1 employment engagement
1((1positive cash flo%
Radisson value, to achieve guest satisfaction Radisson aim at, they need to live according to a
strong and very clear set of values ,and they do and they approach to their service so simply
everything they do has one purpose Ma0ing people feel special
.u,ury %ithout pretension
Radisson hotel has '(( rooms
.eisure centre
2arious cuisine restaurants
Coffee shop Radisson is only hotel Company to offers a patented online loyalty programme to
its agents called loo0 to boo03 %hich allo% them to automatically earn points to%ards valuable
merchandise and incentive a%ards .this highly successful programme includes %orld%ide
4ource 56 %%%.radisson.cn 4$7RC-%%%.%i0ipedia.org8confederation of tourism.
1.&- discuss the organisational structure of hospitality industry Ans 9organisational structure of
!epartments in Radisson hotel-
*ood and beverage department
:roduction department
H and R department
*inance department
.ogistic department
$perations department
*unctions of *ood and beverage department-contains all those activities concern %ith supply,
provision, preparation. 4ervices of food and drin0s in hotel .department are headed by f;b
manager %ho leads the team consisting of head chef. Ref -/"M <=$).4 >H$4:"/A."/?
MA=A@M=/A 4C$=! addition.
1.B- Assess the role of hospitality related organisations, and professional bodies Ans 9hospitality
related organisations and professional bodies 9 /here are hospitality related organizations and
professional bodies in 7<, %ho provide the manpo%er and -ualified people for the hospitality
industry /hese bodies areC
+HA-+ritish hospitality associations56the +ritish hospitality association, champions the interests
of the hospitality industry %hilst delivering tangible results for our members. our +R"/"4H
"=4/"/7/ $* "= <:R4, /C
/hese institutionsD play 0ey role in sporting and representing the hotel industry .these bodies can
be government on none government organizations in this sector. /hey provide educational
-ualification as %ell to Eoin this industry. ?ou can Eoin these bodiesC they %ill provide all the
information, ne%sletters etc if you are a member of one of these.
Task 2
&.156Assess the staffing re-uirements of different hospitality industries. Ans-Radission blue
%ord %ide offers a %orld of opportunities %hen it comes to employment and career development
your e,ceptional e,perience %ith Hilton %ord %ide begins %ith the e,ploration of these
opportunities. "n the ne,t fe% field, you have the opportunity to specify your Eob search criteria.
/here are so many opportunities available to you. Fobs in Radisson blue 56%ater house coc0tail
bar /errace manager, %aiter8%aitress, supervisor, ste%ard, 0itchen porter, steam bar assistant,
staff chef, souse chef, s0y lounge bar manager, shift leader, shift engineer. ?ou can search for
Eobs opportunities by selecting relevant criteria in the dropdo%n menus Radisson %ord %ide add
ne% opportunity daily. "t is important for you to create and 0eep current candidate profile %ith
your s0ill e,perience, and preferences. 4o they alert you %ith future opportunities that match
your interests. "mport profile from third party.
&.&56!iscuss the roles, responsibilities and -ualification re-uirements of hospitality staff. Ans
-/here are G(( staff in Radisson blu hotel in 7< .there is an e,planations of the roles and
responsibilities of staff in Radisson blu hotel depend in their departments re-uirements. Roles,
responsibilities and -ualification re-uirements for hospitality staff in Radisson blu is Hosts and
hostess56host and hostess to man or %omen a reception des0, or register guests as they arrive
e,ecution provide host and hostess on a daily basis in Radisson blu hotel )aiting staff56 in
Radisson blu hotel they hire high -uality, nglish spea0ing staff that has an e,perienced
bac0ground in customer facing roles. Candidate should -ualify in H=! in service
Chef >head chefA
Recipe and food creations-in the hotel the e,ecutive chef is responsible for all those recipes And
menu planning 9 he al%ays good meals so that customers %ill come bac0. 4taffing- he is also
hiring the staff for 0itchen.
Coo0ing- ,ecutive Chef some time coo0 for special occasions $rdering materials-. /he
,ecutive Chef al%ays insures that all material %ill order on time and stored properly in store
room 4ource56 %%%.culinaryschoolsnet%or0.com
B.156Analyze operational, managerial and legislative issues resulting from recent developments
affecting the hospitality industry. Ans5there is a big problem of retaining and attracting -ualified
%or0ers, this is a big issue in isolated numbers of mar0ets, this is becoming a huge global
challenge, %age levels, failure to ade-uately address %or0ers satisfaction and for long hours
and lo% %ages . /hese are all contributing factors. Capturing high -uality %or0ers and 0eeping
themes a big challenge so hospitality professionals have begun innovative strategies to 0eep
high -uality %or0ers.
/hese are some issue " %ant to discuss %hy %e cannot find good people in this industry .
!emographics challenges 9 gro%th in population rates have been slo% in urope most part of
%orld , for decades and the number of %or0ers leave the %or0 no% e,ceeds those are entering.
/he old %or0force entering into retirement is creating a big problem. "ndustry Reputation 9in
these days this industry not done enough to attract college graduates because of night sifts long
hours and %ee0end sifts so people cannot chose the carrier in this sector. /hey prefer high
-uality life and good %ages, so they %ant to choose another field.
!e-emphasis on /raining and )or0er 4atisfaction 9 *ollo%ing the %orld%ide dip in demand that
follo%ed G811, many hotel companies failed to restore training and %or0er development
programs in this sector flo%ing the recession and big brands demands increased And so many
competitor in the mar0ets As an industry, %e can %or0 together and develop all those rebuilding
and rethin0ing strategies for our industryDs image and provide as an e,citing career choice. "n
olden time %hen people Eoined this industry for its glamour image. 4o, %e have to share good
practices for development and training. )e need to create and sponsored educational programs
that can be on all and every employees in all organizational level. "n this industry should be
training libraries and %eb based training programs Mean%hile, these are some thoughts
regarding potential opportunities for hotels to meet the labour challengeH @ro% ?our $%n. Hotel
companies can develop their internal programs to create and develop attractive career path so
that candidates can see these employment as a professional development opportunity and %ith
real potentials for further. 4o they can develop their o%n %or0 force. Many hotels doing these
0inds of training and paths for decades. 4easonal )or0ers programs- 4o many countries no% a
dayDs offering seasonal %or0force for up to eight to ten maths. $ne big company in u 0 they
bring over t%o hundred %or0er from Eime0a every year. 4ource %%%.ehotelier.com
:ay for :roductivity. "n Hospitality industry there is a very good scope for labour intensive
business and limited automation opportunities this 0ind of %or0 process and al%ays share the
benefits of productivity can achieve positive results. "n hotel the @eneral Manager announce
some time a cash re%ards split bet%een the %or0ers in 0itchen department and service
department for reaching their monthly target and productivity goals calculated in countryDs
currency that processed %ith labour hours. May be in other hotels front office staff Attendants
are differently offered a other lots of options and receive more additional pay for increased
productivity in their individual so long as all -uality parameters are met. Fob nlargement- "n
modern time Cross-training, management training and cross-utilization is usual concepts and
they provide training for their employees. )hen they achieve their all training goal, company %ill
provide certificates for them. Company al%ays e,pect to achieve degree s0ill from them, so they
can use those employees in deferent position in deferent departments. /hey %ill be certified in
their roles so their talent can be used in pea0 time and difficult situations throughout
departmental training programmes. "n this dayDs environment, operators are increasingly
thin0ing there is a comparison that their employees should have positive approach so they can
achieve good customer s services. +y !eveloping a positive %or0 environment and focus %ith
real opportunities for modernisations, combination %ith creative strategy for recruitment and
improvement employeeDs productivity %ill all be essential s0ills because the %or0force is
continuing shrin0 in the future. "n the 74 for e,ample, gro%th has been do%n over the last five
years a proEected pea0 in &((I at J.G percent. )hile there is big debate about e,actly %here is
this industry is in the current situation, there appears to be a consensus that gro%th has pea0ed.
*or &((' 4mith /ravel Research is proEecting gro%th of '.1 percent, and %ith the threat of
increased supply looming on the horizon, every year gro%th is e,pecting to continue to decline.
4ource- %%%.hospitalitynet.org
B.&56 !iscuss the current image of the hospitality industry.
/his time the hotel industry is gro%ing very %ell in some a parts of the %orld but in some areas it
is struggling so badly because at this time the economy and gro%th of countries is not good in
big countries. the political climate also a challenging factor because they are struggling in their
other sectors as %ell .the housing mar0et is collapsed already and ban0s are not helping
accurately they are also struggling to provide fair deals in capital borro%ing. +ut on the mean
time big hotel and other hospitality industry is gro%ing in most cases because travellers
continue and 0eep moving to deferent countries to discuss their financial and other issues. 4ide
%ise this industry is gro%ing positive and optimistic outloo0 for the future gro%th of the
%orld%ide hotel industry. "H* >intercontinental hotel groupA currently has KL(I %orld%ide hotels
and II1,1LG rooms %ith 1(GJ more hotels in the pipeline. RA!"4"$= %orld%ide has B,JII
hotels and IBI,GB1 rooms %ith another G(I hotels and 1LI,ILG rooms in the pipeline. Accord
hotels have KB(,((( rooms and B,K&I hotels in current inventory and plan to develop L(( hotels
%hich %ill add 1(K,((( more guest rooms. by the end of &(1&, they e,pect &(,((( of those
rooms %ill be open /here are many numbers of ne% travellers %ho are enthusiastic for visiting
to countries such as Africa china "ndia brazil Russia, that are targeting the need of ne% culture
and advertisements to create ne% style of advertising campaigns focus on dra%ing the travellers
%ith various hospitality options. 7pper class hotels and mid-class hotels seems most successful
in the mar0ets. *or the e,ecutive businesses. /ravellers, and leisure travellers they very curious
about the areas in the %orld that they never visited before so upper class hotels are most
popular then lo%er class hotels . ?et for other visitors some people cannot afford big staffing or
other issues, so small scale of this industry that may not be able to afford this level of lu,ury,
such as visiting sales staff, mid-class hotels provides more %ithin their budget. 4ome of the
most popular lodgings being developed in mar0et include more home types of establishments
such as bed and brea0fasts and inns. 4ource- %%%.hnghotelsblog.com
TASK -4-
K.156produce an impact analysis for the predicted trends and developments.
Ans56 in further outlined the difficulties faced by 7< hoteliers in further %idespread agreement
ho% predict a fall in occupancy and hard %or0 regional hoteliers despite continued investor
interest. /he hotel team are percent in the regions.
/$7@H @$"=@56driven by more supply and greater completion, hotel revenue per amiable
room %ill drop 1.K percent in the regions and B.& percent in .ondon. 7< hotels forecast reflect
our latest thin0ing on hotel performance in further %ith the outloo0 ho% impacted by %ea0er 7<
economic prospects but also supported by a %ea0er pound. /he revised forecast e,pects 7<
hotels the impact of %ea0er demand at home and in maEor inbound mar0ets.
$7/:R*$RM 7=+RA!!56 Ho%everC echoing other reports, the report sho% provincial
independent hotels %ould suffer in the year ahead. /he speed of economic recovery %ill be the
biggest influencer for hotel business going for%ard, and given the u0,s sluggish and patchy
recovery, companies are li0ely to remain prudent and cost conscious
"=24/$R456 hotel investment said &(1B %ould see continued investor interest in .ondon as
difficult to imagine that investor appetite for .ondon and pairs can ever fadeM said N not only are
they important business and financial centres, but their cultural and historic attractions ma0e
sure that both cities can 0eep attraction leisure visitors )e e,pect &(1&Os the economic gro%th
%ill continue into &(1B. Countries in the uro zone facing an uncertain negative @!: gro%th.
/hey are struggling countries debt crisis. Apart from these conditions people are 0eep thin0ing
to provide good opportunity for this industry .in return this industry is providing good result and
helping people the Eobs. 4ource- %%%.ihgplc.com
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