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The Fundamental Rights in Indian constitution acts as a guarantee that all Indian citizens can and will live their lifes in
peace as long as they live in Indian democracy. They include individual rigts common to most liberal democracies, such as
equality before the law, freddom of speech and expression, freedom of association and peaceful assembly, freedom of
religion, and the right to constitutional remedies for the protection of civil right.
Originally, the right to property was also included in the Fundamental Rights, however, the Forty-Fourth Amendment,
passed in 1978, revised the status of property rights by stating that "No person shall be deprived of his property save by
authority of law."
Following are the Fudamental Rights in India
Right to Equality
Article 14 :- Equality before law and equal protection of law
Article 15 :- Prohibition of discrimination on grounds only of religion, race, caste, sex or
place of birth.
Article 16 :- Equality of opportunity in matters of public employment
Article 17 :- End of untouchability
Article 18 :- Abolition of titles, Military and academic distinctions are, however,
Right to Freedom
Article 19 :- It guarantees the citizens of India the following six fundamentals
Freedom of Speech and Expression 1.
Freedom of Assembly 2.
Freedom of form Associations 3.
Freedom of Movement 4.
Freedom of Residence and Settlement 5.
Freedom of Profession, Occupation, Trade and Bussiness 6.
Article 20 :- Protection in respect of conviction for offences
Article 21 :- Protection of life and personal liberty
Article 22 :- Protection against arrest and detention in certain cases
Right Against
Article 23 :- Traffic in human beings prohibited
Article 24 :- No child below the age of 14 can be employed
Right to freedom of
Article 25 :- Freedom of conscience and free profession, practice and propagation of
Article 26 :- Freedom to manage religious affairs
Article 27 :- Prohibits taxes on religious grounds
Article 28 :- Freedom as to attendance at religious ceremonies in certain educational
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Fundamental Rights in India http://www.facts-about-india.com/fundamental-rights-in-India.php
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Cultural and Educational
Article 29 :- Protection of interests of minorities
Article 30 :- Right of minorities to establish and administer educational institutions
Article 31 :- Omitted by the 44th Amendment Act
Right to Constitutional
Article 32 :- The right to move the Supreme Court in case of their violation (called Soul
and heart of the Constitution by BR Ambedkar)
Forms of Writ check
Habeas Corpus :- Equality before law and equal protection of law
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Fundamental Rights
Equal Rights
Bill of Rights
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Fundamental Rights in India http://www.facts-about-india.com/fundamental-rights-in-India.php
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Discussion Community
reservstion required but not on the basis of cast, but on the basis of living standard.A child growing
with high nutretiuos food and a child growing without even milk of the mother, may be different in mentaly and
physicaly. So naturaly reservation is required for those child living in a low profile.
suresh menchirel 4 months ago
very good
Mickeysingh08 a month ago
fundamental rights extent upto article 35
Ishanverma 2 months ago
Maneshkumari2677 4 months ago
last right- right to property has been deleted now it is only a legal right.........
Adikomal63 4 months ago parent
If no reservation then who is going to work for the cause of under privileged people Still India has
produced only one Mahatma,only one Ambedkar,only one Raja ram.The people of higher strata in this
nation doesnt even share food with poor families but want more when education and employment come
into picture.Constitution says all are equal but reality is something different and without exploring the life
status of rual masses of UP MP Bihar J arkand Orissa Rajasthan AP Karnataka Gujarat and Tamilnadu
who are mainly OBC SC and ST. It is easier for the person who had good food , shelter,Medicine and
habitat to question the relevance of reservation because the real truth is they neither pessimistic about
their performance in open category nor simply a dull person to compete in open category.I myself has
seen all these states and being a person who successfully enrolled into a govt service in open category
strongly recommend for reservation

Sameh2ms 4 months ago parent
Helped me a lot makin my project :D....
PjCvy 15 days ago
There is fundamental rigths in every country state ect...
Soujanya a month ago
There is a need to amendment in article 25 to propagating religion.
G V Sankara rao a month ago
1 1
Srilia 2 months ago
Fundamental Rights in India http://www.facts-about-india.com/fundamental-rights-in-India.php
3 of 4 8/25/2012 1:44 PM
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Fundamental Rights in India http://www.facts-about-india.com/fundamental-rights-in-India.php
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