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This section of our catalogue is designed to categorize all Indumart pressure gauges to make it easier for our customers to order
exactly the type of pressure gauge they need. For a careful selection of your required pressure gauge the follo!ing
specifications must "e stated#
Pressure Range
%ange of the selected pressure gauge should "e a"out t!ice the normal operating pressure of the process. The maximum
operating pressure should not exceed &'( of the full scale range. Failure to select a gauge !ithin these criteria may ultimately
result in fatigue failure of the Bourdon Tu"e.
Indumart standard pressure ranges are in psi and "ar scales. )ther pressure units such as kpa *Pa in.+,) m+,) in.+g
kg-cm and m"ar are also a.aila"le. Follo!ing ta"les sho! the standard pressure ranges for /0/ shaped Bourdon tu"e and
helical Bourdon tu"e systems. For other pressure systems check their data sheets.
Ta"le 1$ 2tandard Pressure %anges in "ar Ta"le , $ 2tandard Pressure %anges in Psi

Ta"le 3 $ Pressure 0on.ersion Ta"le
Pressure Element
Indumart offers pressure elements in a !ide .ariety of materials such as "rass phosphor "ronze 314L stainless steel and
5monel. 2ince the pressure element is in direct contact !ith the process fluid chemical compati"ility of the fluid !ith the
pressure element must "e checked. If the correct material is not a.aila"le the use of a diaphragm seal may "e necessary to
protect the system from the process fluid.
6dditionally the pressure range should also "e considered for selection of the pressure element. Ta"le 7 sho!s .arious types of
pressure elements and their range limitations. 8efinite ad.antages of Indumart pressure gauges o.er other "rands are "igger
and thicker Bourdon tu"es.
Ta"le 7 $ %ange Limitations of Pressure 9lements 2upplied "y Indumart.
:Pressure %ange :9n.ironmental 9lements
:Pressure 9lement :Process Temperature
:*o.ement :).er Pressure
:6ccuracy :2hocks and Pulsations
:0ase ; Bezel :8ials
:*ounting ; 0onnection Position :<indo!
:Pressure 0onnection
psi bar kPa mH2O in.H2O mmHg in.Hg kg!m
1 =.=4>?7 4.>?7> =.&=3=& ,&.&3' '1.?,7 ,.=77, =.=&=31 =.=4>='
17.'=7 1 1== 1=.1?&, 7=1.7& &'=.=4 ,?.'3= 1.=1?& =.?>4?,
=.17'=7 =.=1 1 =.1=1?& 7.=17& &.'==4 =.,?'3= =.=1=1? =.==?>4?
1.7,,33 =.=?>=& ?.>=44 1 3?.3& &3.''4 ,.>?'? =.1 =.=?4&>
=.=34=4 =.==,7? =.,7?=> =.=,'7 1 1.>&,1 =.=&34> =.==,'7 =.==,7'
=.=1?,4 =.==1333 =.1333, =.=134 =.'371> 1 =.=3?3& =.==13' =.==131
=.7>?, =.=33>4 3.3>47 =.37'3, 13.'4> ,'.7=1 1 =.=373? =.=33,?
17.,,3 =.?>=4> ?>.=4> 1= 3?7.'& &3>.'1 ,?.=&' 1 =.?4&>7
17.4?4 1.=13,' 1=1.3,' 1=.33, 7=&.4? &43.=& 3=.=7, 1.=33, 1
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For other measurement units please use the con.ersion factors.

*o.ements are used to transfer the displacement of the pressure element to the pointer. %educing the friction to its minimum
and extending the !ear life are the t!o important factors !hen designing the mo.ement parts. The mo.ement systems of
Indumart pressure gauges are .ery sturdy comparing to those of the others and most models are equipped !ith .arious
ad@ustment scre!s on the mo.ement to acquire the "est pressure measurements.
6ccuracy class is the maximum permissi"le error of indication at the reference temperature expressed as a percentage of the
span. The .arious accuracy classes and their a.aila"ilities are sho!n in Ta"le '.
Ta"le ' $ Aominal 8ial 2izes and 6ccuracy 0lasses
Pressure Element Range %kPa& Min. Range %kPa&
/0/ 2haped Bourdon tu"e system $1==-= ... =-7=== = ... 4=
+elical Bourdon tu"e system =-4=== ... =-14==== = ... 4===
0apsule system $4=-= ... =-4= = ... ,.'
Lo! pressure diaphragm system $7=-= ... =-7= = ... 1
+igh pressure diaphragm system $1==-= ... =-,'== = ... 4=
8ifferential capsule system = ... 7= = ... =.7
8ifferential diaphragm system = ... ,'== = ... 1=
8ifferential tu"e system = ... ,'== = ... 4=
8ifferential piston system = ... &=== = ... ,'
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The total of indication errors including hysteresis error and temperature error at reference temperature of ,=B0 shall not exceed
the .alue gi.en as accuracy class. For special accuracy classes certain materials and procedures !ill "e used.
If usage of liquid filling is required in the pressure gauges the accuracy !ill drop at least one class compared to the accuracy of
the same dry gauges.

'ase an( )e*el
0ase and "ezel selection of a pressure gauge should "e in accordance !ith the gauge en.ironment. They .ary in size the
material of construction and style.
Pressure gauge cases and "ezels are a.aila"le in 6B2 plastic painted steel chrome$plated steel "rass stainless steel
aluminum and phenolic turret.
Indumart offers three types of cases# C1D standard case !ithout "lo!$out de.ice C,D case !ith "lo!$out disk and C3D solid front
case !ith a solid !all "et!een the "ourdon tu"e and the !indo!.

Type 1 C2tandard 0aseD Type , C0ase !ith "lo!$out diskD Type 3 C2olid front caseD

The "ezel is to retain the !indo!. 8epending on the application and case type fi.e types of "ezels are used# C1D "ayonet C,D
crimped C3D threaded C7D snap$on and C'D ring !ith scre!s.
M"unting an( '"nne!ti"n P"siti"n
Indumart pressure gauges are offered for fi.e different kinds of mounting#
8irect mounting !ith "ottom connection
8irect mounting !ith "ack connection C, typesD
Panel mounting "y means of E$clamp
<all mounting "y means of "ack flange
Panel mounting "y means of front flange !ith 3 fixing holes
Pressure '"nne!ti"n
The position of the process connection and thread size for all pressure gauges are specified in the technical sheets. 2tandard
threads are taper pipe threads according to 6A2I-62*9 B1.,=.1 !ith APT sym"ol and parallel thread !ith G or B2P sym"ol.
)ther threads like 269 flair specific to certain industries are also a.aila"le as special order.
En#ir"nmental Elements
6dequate safety results from intelligent planning careful selection and proper installation of gauges into the system. The user
should inform the supplier of all conditions pertinent to the application and the en.ironment so the supplier "e a"le to
recommend the most suita"le pressure gauge.
The Ingress Protection CIPD rating of the selected pressure gauge must "e such that to protect the gauge from dust and !ater
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penetrations. The IP code al!ays consists of the letters IP follo!ed "y a t!o digit num"er. The first digit represents protection
against penetration of solid foreign o"@ects !hile the second digit indicates resistance against liquid penetration.
For safe installation pressure restrictors relief .al.es pressure regulators chemical seals pulsation dampeners or snu""ers
syphons manifolds and other similar items are a.aila"le.
Pr"!ess Temperature
6n important piece of information for selecting the correct pressure gauge is the profile of the process temperature. For proper
operation of the selected pressure gauges it is essential that the gauge stand the maximum temperature of the process.
6nother "enefit of kno!ing the process temperature is estimation of the accuracy of the pressure measurement. 6ccuracies of
pressure gauges are usually expressed at the reference temperature of ,=B0. Fariations of process temperature alters the
accuracies of Indumart pressure gauges as follo!#
is the am"ient temperature in B0 and t
is the reference temperature in B0
6ny o.er$pressure creates stress in the pressure sensing element and consequently reduces the life and accuracy of the
pressure gauge. It is therefore al!ays prefera"le to use a pressure gauge !ith a maximum scale .alue greater than the
maximum !orking pressure to a"sor" o.er$pressure and surges more easily. 2urges can "e handled in the same !ay as
pressure pulses.
2pecifying o.er$pressure for a pressure gauge means that the sensing element !ill only !ithstand that pressure for a short
period of time. Ese of an o.er$range protection unit is highly recommended for sol.ing the o.er$pressure pro"lem.

S-"!ks an( Pulsati"n
<here pressure shocks and pulsations cause the pointer of the pressure gauge to .i"rate use of a liquid$filled pressure gauge is
recommended. Liquid filled pressure gauges are specifically designed for se.er ser.ice applications. <hen immersed in glycerin
all mo.ing parts of the pressure gauge are lu"ricated and dampened from the harmful effects of .i"ration and pulsation.
Liquid filled pressure gauges are !ildly used for agricultural equipments hydraulic equipments pressure !ashers oil field
equipments pumps compressors and other systems !hich may experience pressure shocks and .i"rations.
+st Digit 2n( Digit

Pr"te!ti"n Against S"li( ."reign )"(ies Pr"te!ti"n Against /i0ui(s

1 Ao protection 1 Ao protection
+ )"@ects greater than '=mm diameter + Fertically dripping !ater
2 )"@ects greater than 1,mm diameter 2 6ngled C1'BD dripping !ater
2 )"@ects greater than ,.'mm diameter 2 %ainingG maximum 4=B angle
3 )"@ects greater than 1.=mm diameter 3 2plashing from any direction
4 8ust protected 4 <ater @ets from any direction
5 8ust$tight 5 +ea.y sea !a.es
6 Immersed in !ater
7 Immersed in !ater Cspecified pressureD
for Bourdon tube gauges
H=.=7 I Ct
$ t
D( of the span
for Capsule gauges
H=.=4 I Ct
$ t
D( of the span
for Diaphragm gauges
H=.=> I Ct
$ t
D( of the span
scale in psi scale in "ar o.er$pressure at ,=B0
up to 1'== up to 1== 1.,' x full scale .alue
J1'== to 1==== J1== to 4== 1.1' x full scale .alue
J1==== to ,==== J4== to 14== 1.1= x full scale .alue
).er pressure protector
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Aot all pressure gauges should "e filled !ith a liquid CglycerinD. For example in case of capsule element pressure gauges
external dampeners must "e used instead of liquid filling of the case.
I*P)%T6AT $ 6ll pressure gauges sealed for the purpose of liquid$filling ha.e a de.ice to assure atmospheric compensation. 6
sticker on the case sho!s ho! to cut off or pierce a hole into the ru""er placed at the top of the gauge after installation. If the
ru""er de.ice is not opened in addition to false pressure reading se.er personal damage may "e resulted.

The scale normally co.ers ,&=B of arc "ut that may "e longer for accuracy classes of =.'( to =.1(. 8ials !ith an accuracy of
1.4 ( ha.e a stopping and a shortened first "lock. <ith an accuracy of 1( or "etter there is no stopping and no shortened first
"lock on the dial.
Indumart pressure gauges are offered !ith C1D flat instrument glass C,D laminated safety glass C3D acrylic - plexiglas.

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