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How to Play VolleyballSkills, Positions,

Rules, and Strategy

When first learning how to play volleyball,
you need to understand the object of the
game. The object of the game is to beat
your opponents to a predetermined
number of points.
In the old days, volleyball was played to 15
points and a point is scored only when the
serving team wins the rally.Today, rally
scoring is primarily used which means a
point is scored as a result of each play.
Most volleyball games today are rally
scoring and played to 5 points.To win the
game, you must score more points than
your opponent and be leading by at least
Winning the Rally
When first learning how to play volleyball,
it!s important to understand how to score
points.To score a point in volleyball, a
team must win a rally. " rally is begun by
a server serving the ball into play. The ball
is served over the net to the opposing
team.The opponent then gets a ma#imum
of three hits to return the ball bac$ over
the net." team wins a rally if%
there opponent isn!&t able to successfully
return the ball
a player hits the ball down into their
opponents court
a player hits the ball out of bounds
the team hits the ball off an opposing
a player commits a fault when playing the
Basic Rules
Indoor volleyball is played with two 6
player teams. 'ach team has ( front row
players and ( bac$ row players. The front
row players mainly hit and bloc$. The bac$
row players mainly pass and dig.The teams
are separated by a net over which the ball
must cross.In the men&s game, the net is
positioned to .)( meters high.In the
women&s game, the net is positioned to
.) meters high.
Basic Skills
There are some basic volleyball s$ills and
court positions that you must $now before
you start playing volleyball.The s$ills listed
here are just basic.
The basic s$ills for playing volleyball are
serving, passing, setting, attac$ing,
bloc$ing and digging.
The sere is what begins the game.
Passing the ball is the s$ill that&s
performed by the player receiving the ball.
Setting is the action of playing the ball to
a teammate. *etting is usually done in an
overhead motion using the hands. +layers
that have a hard time getting in good
position to hand set may elect to set using
a forearm passing motion. This is called
bump setting.
!ttacking or spiking is the action of
sending the ball over the net to the
opponent!s court. "ttac$s are usually done
by ta$ing steps to approach the net to
jump and hit the ball. The volleyball
approach and hit is often thought of as the
most fun s$ill in volleyball.
! block is the action of trying to prevent
the ball from crossing the net into your
"igging is the action of playing the ball in
a way that prevents the ball from touching
the court after an attac$ by the
To get good at these volleyball s$ills
re,uire improving physical proficiency and
hand-arm-and-eye coordination. .eing
able to effectively communicate with your
teammates and having an understanding of
how to play volleyball will highly influence
how well you perform these s$ills.
The Players
/n a very basic level, players on the team
can be divided into types.
1. #ront row players $attack%blocker&The
front row players responsibility is
attac$ing the ball when the setter sets
them. "lso, front row players try to
bloc$ the ball coming from the
2. Back row players $passer%digger&The
bac$ row players main responsibility is
to pass the ball that comes from the
opponent. .ac$ row players are the
main passers on the team when
receiving the opponents serve. .ac$
row players also dig balls hit by
opposing team spi$ers.
The Positions
0ere are some basic volleyball positions
you should become familiar with when
learning how to play volleyball.
1*etter-" setters main job is to set
spi$ers. This is done by waiting for a
teammate to pass the ball to them.
*pi$er-" spi$er 2attac$er3 is a player that
attac$s a ball over the net. The spi$er
is a front row player and their main job
is to spi$e balls at the net.
+asser-" passer is player that passes the
ball up to the setter. The better a
passer is able to pass, the easier it is
for the setter to set which results in a
better attac$ by the spi$er.
4igger-" digger is a defensive player that
passes the ball up to the setter. The
digger is s$illed at digging hard driven
spi$es and chasing down off-speed
shots by the opponent.
*erver-The server is the player on the
team that puts the ball into play to
start the rally. The players that
undstand how to play volleyball the
best are often the best servers on the
How to Play Volleyball
Scholarship Top 15 things you need to do
to get a scholarship for volleyball. 0ow to
get an naia scholarship for volleyball.
What coaches want and what you can do
to impress...
0itting *masher0itting smarter and
techni,ues for spi$ing. Tips for jousting
and beating the bloc$er. 4o you broad
jump into the ball6 /r do you focus on
jumping more straight up and getting high6
'oaching (outh 7oaching youth can be a
very challenging tas$. While striving to win
is an objective, it!s not the main goal for
volleyball at the beginning level... 'ourt
"imensions /fficial volleyball court
dimensions for volleyball. 8olleyball court
rules and regulations for net height,
centerline, attac$ line, free 9one, and
volleyball court specificationsHow to
Spike :earn how to spi$e. The basics of
volleyball attac$ing including the
volleyball approach, ( step approach, )
step approach, how to contact the ball
How to Pass :earn how to pass. The basics
of volleyball passing including the forearm
pass, overhead pass, body position, foot
position, angle of the armsHow to Sere
0ow to serve isn!t as complicated as many
player!s thin$. ;nderhand serves are the
most popular types of serves for beginners.
/verhand topspin and float serves are...
Setting *etting can be difficult to learn if
you don!t $now proper techni,ue. <ood
hand position, contacting the ball on all
the fingers, setting without#ormations ;
formation using four players and the w
formation using five players are the most
popular serve receive formations. The two
most important considerations.. #our
Player Receie =our player serve receive
formations, u shape, semi moon, staggered
left, staggered right. The ; formation is
more common for s$illed.. Three Player
Receie With the three person receive
alignment it!s much easier to communicate
and the three best passers can pass in each
rotation. /nly having...
Tips )or Blocking.loc$ing is the most
under taught s$ill. The idea is simple,
jump up and reach high over the net.
>eading the setter and hitters...