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General Visa Interview Questions

1)Why are you here today?

I am here to get an F1 visa to pursue a Masters at University of Cincinnati.
2)Name some Profs at your University?
Dr. Wen-Ben Jone researching in high speed VLSI circuit testing, Dr Carla Prudy, Dr. Fred Beyette.
3)What is VLSI?
It stands for Very Large Scale Integration. It involves integrating or joining many small components
into one using digital logic to facilitate easier and cheaper production of electronics goods.
4)What did you do since B.E.?
I wanted to take a break before I started studying an intense curriculum. Also, the jobs I would hope to
get with just a bachelors degree would be software analyst jobs, which would be of no help in achieving
my long term goals. So I just decided to brush up on my Undergraduate subjects and read about the
curriculum I wished to study. (Mention some book names:
Java, the complete reference Herbert Schildt
Verilog HDL Samir Palnitkar
VHDL Programming by example Douglas Perry)
5)How did you develop an Interest in electronics?
My father has been working in this field for over 30 years, so he introduced me to electronics sice I was
very young. Hence I decided to pursue this field for my graduation.
6)Tell about your university?
The University of Cincinnati is a public research university in Cincinnati, Ohio. UC was founded in 1819,
and has an annual enrollment of over 40,000 students, making it one of the 100 largest universities in
the U.S. It offers over 300 degree granting programs. The university has been recognized by campus
planners and architects as one of the most distinguished campus settings in the world..
7)Do you plan to study Ph D after MS?
Tell then according to your preference.
8)Why did you apply to these universities?
I did a lot of research online going through the universities websites. I considered the course structure
and the current faculty at Universities. I also contacted the current students there to get an opinion to
shortlist these Universities.
9(How many brother and sisters do you have?
According to you.
10)You have sisters and brothers and how do you think your sponsor will pay for your education?
Mention about your brother/sisters having low fees or having scholarships, something of the sort.
11)Why are you leaving you current job?
Having worked here for ## years, I now feel that for better career prospects, I need specialized practical
training and research exposure. Hence I have decided to pursue an MS for further career development.
12)Why did you choose US but not Canada or Germany?
The US is at the cutting edge of electronics research. Though Canada and Germany are excellent places
to study, they cannot compare to the US in the likes of research exposure available. Hence I chose the
13)What kind of good things do you know about America?
The US is a technologically very advanced country and it has the infrastructure to enable research,
keeping them at the cutting edge of technology. The people there are very friendly and In look forward
to make some good friends there.
14)What do you know about US education?
United states education follows the credit system(explain about credits). Also, there is as much
weightage given to practical education as to theoretical education, which is not the case in India.
15)How many credits do you require to complete your course of study?
Tell as per your course.
16)Why do you think this university is giving you a scholarship?
I have the kind of profile that they were looking for and hence they have provided me with a
17)Why did only this university give you a scholarship?
It is a policy of the other universities in my list not to provide funding to MS students as funding is only
reserved for PhD students.
18)Tell about your achievements?
19)What are your strengths?
Blabber about being confident, focused hardworking etc.
20)What are your weaknesses?
Tell some negative traits of yours like sometimes being overcommitted, overconfident.
21)Describe your dream career?
I would like to be working as an R&D specialist at a leading MNC in the Bangalore/Hyderabad region
where lots of big companies like Intel, AMD, Qualcomm, TI etc have recently set up research Hubs.
22)If you have changed your field of specialization (for e.g. if you are BE Mechanical and opting for MS in
Computer Science) then what brought about the change?
23)What steps have you taken to ensure that you will be able to perform well in the new field you wish
to change to?
During my UG, I had taken courses related to ## specialization. I have also done ## course, hence I will
not have a problem coping during my MS.
24)Why havent you got any scholarship?
The Universities I have applied to have a policy to not fund MS students directly from the start, and only
PhD students gain funding with admission.
25)Why this university?
Ans. Sir, this University has excellent courses and very good faculty in the electronics department. There
is lots of quality research going on there, and they have also provided me with a scholarship.

26) Why do you plan to do MS? Why MS in ECE ?
Ans. Electronics is a vast field. Currently, I hold a bachelors degree, which is a good base, but
specialized study and research exposure is important for good career growth.

27) Why do you wish to study in the US?
Ans. The USA is technologically more advanced and has infrastructure that is required for my field of
study. The stress there is on practical learning, rather than theoretical knowledge. Also curriculum is
flexible and I can take courses of my choice. US degrees are also highly respected here in India.

28 Why dont you study in India?
Ans. Masters Education in India lays more emphasis on the theoretical study rather than practical, hence
a Masters degree from India does not really help in fulfilling the career goals of a person like me. Indian
Universities do not have enough facilities to support students in their research, whereas US Universities
have sound infrastructure to support students to gain both the theoretical as well as practical
knowledge. Moreover, the courses in India are not flexible as in US.

29) Why MS EE with VLSI as specialization?
Ans There is huge scope in the field of VLSI especially in India, where the research potential is just being
realized. Many big companies have set up research centers here and I wish to complete my MS and
secure a good job in any one of these.

30) Which was your undergraduate college?
Ans. I did my Bachelors of Engineering from ###, which is affiliated ###.

31) How many admits/ rejects?
Ans. I have 4 admits and 4 rejects: San Diego state University, San Jose State University, Illinois Institute
of Technology, and rejects are North Carolina State University, Arizona State University, University of
Massachusetts Amherst and University of Florida at Gainesville.

32) What was your first choice?
Ans. The University of Massachusetts at Amherst would have been my top choice because of the
excellent course there.

33) What is your GRE/TOEFL score?
Ans. 1330/114

34) What are your grades like?
Ans. Sir, We have a percentage system, and I scored 62.4% overall. / I scored a little less in theory
subjects, but I did well during my practical classes, seminars and projects. Also scored well on the GRE
quants, so I believe I will be able to successfully complete the MS course in the USA.

35) Did you have any backlogs?
Ans. Yes Sir, I had 1 backlog during 4th semester. It was a theoretical subject which is not related to my
graduate field of study.
36) What was your bachelor's degree in?
Ans. I completed my Bachelors of Engineering in Electronics and Communication.

37) What is the purpose of your trip?
Ans. To pursue my Masters in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the University of Cincinnati.
38) Which university are you planning to go to?
Ans. University of Cincinnati.

39) Who is planning to sponsor you?
Ans. Sir, my father is supporting me for my higher education. I have also got a bank loan sanctioned for
10 lakhs.

40) What do your parents do ?
Ans. My father is an Electrical Supervisor at Dallah Holding Company. My mother is a Housewife.
41) Do any of your relative stay in the US?
Ans. No.
42) Your brother/sister is studying too. How will your parents support both of you?
Ans. Yes my younger sister studies Somaiya College. Her fees is only 1000 rupees per year i.e. $25 per
year. So my parents will not have a problem funding her.
43) Why is your GRE score low?
Ans. For Engineers quant score is given more consideration and I have 800/800 in quant. Also, I have
scored 114 in the TOEFL which shows my English proficiency.
44) What are you plans after Graduation?
Ans. In India the research potential in my field is just being realized. Many big companies have set up
research centers here and I wish to complete my MS and secure a good job in any one of these.
45) What is your parents annual income?
Ans. My Fathers annual income is roughly $23,700. My mother is a housewife.
46) Do you intend to come back? Or What if you are offered a job in US?
Ans. The electronics market in India lacks skilled manpower unlike the USA, and I believe I have a better
chance of growth after returning to India.
47) Tell me about your Universitys location?
48) How many time s have u attended VISA interview before this? IS this your first time?
Ans. This is my first time.
49) What do you know about the University?
Ans. University of Cincinnati is a public research university located in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. It
is a tier one university founded in 1819. It has been recognized by campus planners and architects as
one of the most distinguished campus settings in the world.
50) How did you come to know about your University?
Ans. I came to know about the University through internet and email exchanges with the seniors.
51) Supposing you meet someone in the US whom you like, would you consider marrying her?
Ans. Absolutely not sir. Right now, my main goal is to complete my masters degree and establish my
career. Also, I come from a traditional Hindu family and will marry a girl my mother chooses.
52) Do you plan to work in the US supposing on-campus?
Ans. I have no plans to work while studying. I want to complete the course as early as possible.
53) How many members in a family ?
Ans. Apart from my parents, I have one younger sister.

54) Even in this condition of economic recession, you want to go US. Why?
Ans. I am going there for studies and I want to return back after my studies. So, economic recession in
US doesn't affect me.

55) Why not #####. It is ranked higher than this?
Ans. Although ### also has good courses, I am much more interested in the research work going on at
the University of Cincinnati and thus I have decided to attend it.
56) How did they manage to save all that money?
Ans. My parents have been saving for my studies for about 10 years now.
57) What about your second year fees?
Ans. Savings and loan.
58) What kind of money is he using to fund your studies?
Ans. All the money is in Saving Bank accounts.
59) Can they support you from this income?
Ans. I have got a loan of 10 lakh rupees sanctioned from the bank. My familys annual income is 10.75
lakhs per annum. Other than this we also have enough savings to support the family. Hence finance will
never be a problem.
60) How much your parents would be providing you?
Ans. My parents would be paying me around 16.5 lakhs. Remaining amount would be paid via bank loan.
61) Why does the passbook have only 1 page filled? How long have you had this account ???
Ans. As this bank is near to my house my father opened an account here. I also got my educational loan
sanctioned from this bank. Since all our future transactions for my studies abroad will take place from
this bank, my father transferred money from his other accounts to this account.
62) What will be the fee if u studying India??
Ans. In India it would cost around 1.5 lakhs per year.
63) How many universities did you apply to?
Ans. 8
64)What are the annual expenses of your course? Whats the tuition fee? Living expenses?
Ans. $17,340 per year. Explain breakup.
65) You look like Potential immigrants (OR) I dont think you will come back to India
Ans.I am from a well-to do family and money is not at all essential for me. The only thing I lack is
Masters degree from a reputed university which will make me a better professional. As far as
opportunity is concerned, many large Companies are turning towards India for their research needs. So I
am certain that with my degree I will get an equivalent opportunity and pay packet in India.
66) Wont there be any problems within the family if your father spends most of his savings for your
education purpose only? How can you justify this?
Ans. Ours is a close knit and educated family and all member of my family understand the essence of
good education for ones career growth.
67) Are you going to use up all your fathers savings? So do you think he is going to spend all his hard
earned money?
Ans. No Sir. I would be using only half of my fathers savings. The remaining half of the finance for
studies will be taken care by the bank loan.
68) Who is going to pay for such an expensive course? Isnt this an expensive course to afford?
Ans. I have got a bank loan approved for 10 lakhs and my father will sponsor me for the remaining
amount from his savings. Its an affordable course considering my financial background and we look at it
as an investment. I can reap rich dividends from this course for rest of my life.
69) Will you repay your sponsor ?Why ?
No. My sponsors are financially strong and they do not need funds from me.
70) Do u think u will get the visa
Ans. I have shown sufficient funds required for my MS and I have shown strong intent to return to India
so I dont see why u will reject my visa.
71) Have ever made any trips abroad. Have you ever been to foreign country? Have you ever been
outside India anywhere? So you have never been to America?
Ans. Explain.
72) How you will transfer money to US?
Ans. Through wire transfer.
73) Why do you seem so nervous?
Ans. Its a big day today so nervousness is there a bit.
74) How many passports do you have?
Ans. 1 current active passport.
75) Are ur parents happy with ur decision?
Ans. Yes they are. They are educated and they know very well that a MS is very important for my career
76) Do you have any relative in US? If so..What are they doing ??
Ans. No.
77) Why did you apply to 2 universities in CA ?
Ans. Location was never in my mind when I chose universities where I have to apply, its just a sheer co-
incidence that 2 of these universities were in CA.
78) Do you have any immovable property here? Land? Do u have any lands?
Ans. Yes sir, my parents own a house, a shop and 2 residential plots.
79) What is ur opinion about USA? What is the thing you like best in America? What kind of good things
do you know about America?
Ans. USA is a highly developed country. People there are very friendly and helping. Education and
research is at its best in USA. A degree from an US university is globally recognized as the academic
standards are very high there.
80) How can u adjust with a new environment? Do you have any problem in language, living there and
Ans. Americans are very friendly and helpful. They will never let you feel that you are a foreigner. It is
very easy to adjust with them. So I do not think I will have any problem in mixing with them
81) Have u referred any websites for this visa interview?
Ans. None. Except for the VFS-USA website.
82) How did you prepare yourself for this interview? Did u join any yahoo group to help u with the
interview preparation? Why did you take help from educational consultants? Did you go to some
Ans. I talked to a couple of my friends who had given the interview previously. Then, I collected all my
documents as mentioned in VFS site and now I am in front of you.
83) Your answer seem well rehearsed?
Ans. Really? Do we need preparation for such a simple interview
84) If need arises do you have anyone in U.S. who could give you US. $?
Ans. No
85) What sort of job will u get here ?
Ans. I will get a job as a r&d specialist.
86) What sort of companies will take you? Who is going to hire you? So for what kind of companies do u
want to work ? Where all you can work?
Ans. There are many companies that have set up research centers in India and are looking for the type
of qualifications that I am going to pursue.
87) With which American companies u would like to work with?
88) What would be your salary after coming to India? How much salary are you expecting?
Ans. Explain
89) With the kind of salaries you are offered there, why will you come back? How much do you expect to
get? How much pay are u expecting in INDIA
Ans. MNCs like ## are paying ## lakhs per annum to candidates with the right qualification.
90). Do you think these companies will hire you for that much money?
Ans. Yes. Electronics research is a highly sophisticated job and compensation package for such jobs is
highly rewarding.
91) Do you have plans to take a break from Studies?
Ans. No

92) How can u adjust with the extreme weather (cold) climate in US
Ans. I think weather should not be a problem for me as my body gets accustomed to new climate easily.
93) Are these Originals?
Ans. Yes [Smile]
94) The documents you have produced r highly questionable. Your documents are faked
Ans. Sir all of them are genuine and they have been signed by authorized signatories [Here a smile is a
95) What locations would you see there?
Ans. I am going there for studies, and since my stay in US is for 2 years only so I dont think I will get time
to freak around.
96) Why don't u shift to #### ? Its a very good university. Will u shift?
Ans. No. I think University of Cincinnati is the best university for Electronics Engg. for someone with
profile as mine.
97) What if I reject you ?
I have tried my best to fulfill all the requirements to get a visa. With the kind of academic and financial
background that I have, I never thought that such a question would ever arise.
98) Why should I allow you a visa ?
Ans. Sir , In my opinion, I have a strong educational and financial background and a genuine reason to go
to US. My profile is good enough for pursuing Masters' in USA and an admit from an university like
UCinn is a testimony to that. I have tried my best to fulfill all the requirements to get a visa. So, I expect
a visa from you.