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24 Home Remedies for Dark Neck

 July 11, 2014 in 15 Minutes
 August 16, 2014

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If your dark neck is letting your personality down, then worry no more! Here are some amazing home  February 24,
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1. Lemon  October 4, 2014

Subscribe Lemon removes tanning and provides a fair looking Home

skin. You can rub lemon on your neck directly for Remedies for
fair looking neck. Add rosewater for fast results.
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2. Coconut Oil
Top Mosquito
Health Digest Coconut oil not only nourishes the skin, but also Repelling Herbs
Like You like this. removes tanning. Therefore, apply coconut oil in  June 20, 2014
order to remove tanning from neck.
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3. Baking Soda Fight Stress
 January 25,
Mixing baking soda in water and applying it on your neck is a great way to treat dark neck. 2014

4. Oats & Tomato Health Benefits

Of Coconut
Add tomato pulp in oatmeal and apply it to gain white neck.
5. Cucumber  July 4, 2014
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Cucumber helps in giving naturally fair skin. Apply the juice of it on the neck. Spinach
Artichoke Dip
6. Rosewater  March 23,
Wash your neck with rosewater to avoid dark neck. You can also add rosewater to turmeric powder and rub
it on the dark neck.

7. Honey

Use honey to lighten up the dark neck.

8. Aloe Vera Gel

Apply aloe vera gel to remove darkening from your neck.

9. Walnut

Use walnut powder to exfoliate your neck. You will notice a difference just after one wash. Mix yogurt for
making this remedy more efficacious.

10. Scrub
Make your own scrub to remove darkening from the neck. Mix lemon plus sugar with any oil. Use it to
exfoliate your neck. You can also use it as a body scrubber.

11. Lemon & Cucumber

Lemon and cucumber are both natural bleachers. They both will help in removing tan and make your neck
look fairer. You just have to mix the juice of two and rub it on your discoloured neck.

12. Almond Oil & Vitamin E

Mix almond oil and 1 capsule of vitamin E. Use this remedy to treat your dark neck. You will see the results
in less than a week.

13. Honey & Lemon

HealthDigezt.com Honey and lemon are used widely for treating dark skin. Mix these two and apply to get fair neck.
14. Rice Water
Best source of health and wellness information.
Don’t throw away the left over rice water. Apply this on your neck to remove darkened skin.
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15. Potato Juice
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To remove tanning from your neck, apply potato juice and to make this remedy even better, add lemon
juice in it.

16. Orange

Use orange to get fair neck. Apply either pulp of orange or rub peel of orange.

17. Chick Pea

Use chick pea powder to get rid from darkened neck. Mix yogurt in it for extra benefits.

18. Honey & Tomato

Honey & tomato are great neck whitening ingredients. Add lemon to make your neck fairer and whiter.

19. Oats

Wash your neck with oats paste to make your neck look fair.

20. Strawberry & Papaya

Strawberry works as a great exfoliater. Add papaya in it for better results. Apply the mix on your neck for
effective results.

21. Vinegar

Make a solution by adding 1 part of vinegar and 2 parts of water. Wash your neck with this solution to
make your neck fair.
22. Pineapple & Banana

Combine banana & pineapple to make your neck more white and soft.

23. Olive Oil

Olive oil is a great nourishment provider and a good tan remover. Use it for desired results.

24. Milk Cream

Milk cream works as a great cleanser. This will surely help you to gain white and soft neck.

How to Prevent Dark Neck?

•Use a good SPF containing sunscreen whenever you go outside.

Remember, washing, exfoliating and moisturising are the three important steps for white and fair neck.
•Use a good body scrubber at least once a week.

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Baking soda the most cheapest n convienient way for all over ur entire body..
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Pretty Piya · Follow · Govt girls single section high school jcd
oh yeah these are are best cleanser , bt almond or oil may not raise the hair growth on neck ???
other wise , can these oils be use for dark complexion of arms nd face???
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Kanchan Nath
Thanks for this very good information
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Kimberly Ferrer · Mangatarem national high school

Very informative ! I love it ' and thank you sooo much !
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Guilda Apinardo Canillada · Parañaque

thanks for all the tips.it can helps a lot..
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Theresa Goindoo · Naparima Girls' High School

very interesting I will try some
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Dodong Tolo · Misamis University

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