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Knowledge and learning become perfect when it is associated with theory and practice. To apply
the theoretical knowledge in the practical working arena internship program plays an important
role. It is an integral part of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree.
Jamuna Bank Ltd. is a third generation bank in Bangladesh. It is playing an important role to
develop the business sector. The growth of this bank is very good. It provides a prompt and
quick service to the clients. Jamuna Bank Ltd. has implemented well structured online banking
systems that make it easier to provide prompt services to the customer.

In this connection, this program creates a unique opportunity for me to apply theoretical
knowledge into practice and gain valuable practical business experience.

1.2.Background of the Report
Now a day it is completely impossible to think a country without a bank, because banks play a
diversified role in the development of an economy. The most important task of bank is building
of capital which is the key factor of the development of an economy. The growth of the economy
also depends on the performance of the banking sector. Banks secure money of the society.

Jamuna Bank Ltd. was established to provide term loan and other financial assistance to
accelerate the way of development to small industry of Bangladesh. The report mainly focuses
on The performance analysis of Jamuna Bank Ltd in terms of deposit schemes and secured

1.3. Objectives/Purpose of the Study

Primary objective: Primary objective is to learn the real work experience because I have
gathered theoretical knowledge for BBA course and try to match real world experience with the
theoretical knowledge.
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Secondary Objective:

To analyze the financial performance of Jamuna Bank Ltd.
To know about the organizational framework of the Jamuna Bank Ltd.
To find out the SWOT Mix of the Jamuna Bank Ltd.
To find out the deposit schemes and secured loans.
To enhance the recommendation to remove the problems of Jamuna Bank Ltd.

1.4. Significance of the Study
The field of my study is the operation of Sonargaon road branch of Jamuna Bank Ltd. The
information consists of the observation and the job experience acquired throughout the internship
era. The report also particularizes the internship research focus, financial performance of Jamuna
Bank Limited in terms of deposit schemes and secured loans.

1.5.Statement of the Problem/Issue
Three months is not enough to know about commercial banking operation through I have been
received maximum assistance from the every individual of the JBL (Sonargaon Branch).
Definitely, I could not produce an outstanding report for the time limitations. Due to the time
limit, the scope and dimension of the study has been curtailed.

The Term paper is likely to have following limitations

The first obstacle was that they would not provide any remuneration for doing internship
in JBL.
Due to shortage of time, the accuracy of information may not have been completely perfect.

While collecting data on JBL, personnel did not disclose enough information for the sake of
confidentiality of the organization.