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Operation / Process Running

We all have been ordered by Dr.Wan, to practice on how to work on industry or factory. So,
he asked us to operate a company. All of us take part in this operation (project). Our company
produced three types of products which are ships, boats and goose. There are 19 employees that
work at our company. We have been divided into three sections or production line, which are
boat (section C), ship (section B) and goose productions lines (section A). Also, there are other
departments involved in our company. The departments are warehouse, quality management
(QM) and shipping. Each of departments has been divided to do their job. At warehouse, there is
one worker only worker at department. His job is stored and supplied the materials for
productions lines. While, at quality management (QM) department there are two workers which
are quality manager and another is his assistant. The QM manager job is to do inspection quality
on every product that been made whether good or reject. While, his assistant job are send the
good products only to the shipping department. At the shipping department, there is one worker
only which is collect, arrange and packaging all the products to ship out to customers. For
production lines, there are various numbers of workers which are seven operators at section A,
three operators at section B and five operators at section C. The rest of classmates are assigned to
be a time keepers assigned to record the operations on each of the production lines and journey
from one department to other.
The operation running of our company is conducted by each operators on each production
lines, takes the raw materials from warehouse, given by person at warehouse one by one to
operators. Then, the operators work on the raw materials given to produce on what each
production lines product needed. After the product is produced, they need send the product to the
QM department. From there, the QM manager does check quality on each product sent, then, his
assistant will send the product to the shipping department. At shipping department, the worker
arrange and package all product sent into one package which means ship, boat and goose into
one box, then, ship out the products to customers. While, the time keepers will record all
operation running in company from A to Z.
Based on the time keepers recorded time, operators journey from every production line to
warehouse to get the raw material for accomplishment of product, it took times 15.42sec to
31.50sec for section C. The section B operators took time 15.78sec minimum and 41.70sec
maximum. While, the section A operators takes minimally 23.50sec and maximally 41.20sec.
When all the operators from each production line received the raw materials, the processing
time to produce a product also is counted at every production line. The time taken at the section
C to make a product minimally it took 51sec and maximally 148sec, while, for section B, it took
minimally 60sec and maximally 150sec to make a product. At section C the operators took
276sec minimally and 505sec maximally.
After a product is made, the operators will send the product to the QM manager for quality
inspection of product before get the approval to send it to packaging. The time taken journey for
operators section C it took 3sec to 6 sec, and for section B it took 5sec to 9sec, while, the
operators of section A took 10sec to 20sec. After all the approval has done, the QM managers
assistant will send the good product only to shipping department which is took 13.72 sec to 26.23
to be done.
Based on the QM department inspection, 60% of boat product has been accepted which 27
item from 45 item produced, while, 61.11% of ship product has been accepted which 11 item
from 18 item made and 54.54% of goose product which 6 item from 11 item produced.

Flow Chart

Raw Materials
Plan Layout

Line Symbols From Transferring To

Runner warehouse


Production Lines

Runner production


QM Department

Runner quality checking


Shipping Department

Boat Production
Line (Section C)
Ship Production
Line (Section B)
Production Line
(Section A)
Discussion / Recommendation
1) Based on the industrial simulation in class, we found that section A production was the
lowest production rate from other product. Meanwhile, the section C was the highest
production rate at our company. The problem happened because, to make product at
section A is too difficult, so, it will take time to produce the product. While, the product
at section C is too easy to make, so, it just take a few second to produce the product. The
solution for this problem is we need to add more employees in section A and reduce
employee at section C to make the operation and production faster and balance.

2) From the time taken, it shown that operation and operators journey of section A is the
highest time. Meanwhile, the section C is the lowest time. It is because the position of
section A is far from QM department and warehouse, instead of it difficulty to make the
product compared with section C. Indirectly, it will affect the production and profit of
company. So, to make the time taken more efficient and valuable, we need to change the
position of the section and department. Below are the plan layout recommendation :

Production Line
(Section A)
Ship Production
Line (Section B)
Boat Production
Line (Section C)