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PHP sample project: Bus Ticket Reservation with

Dynamic forms code

PHP sample projects source code: Bus ticket reservation with dynamic form
processing code in PHP. This is very simple PHP script for students and PHP
beginners. This sample script can run in both the localhost and internet servers. You
just etract the given PHP !ip "le and make use of it. PHP #nline task management .
PHP$%y&'( )n*uiry form with +dmin functionality ,
source code download
PHP en*uiry form code: This PHP script enables users to contact through online. -t is
typically used in online PHP contact pages as a form. This PHP mini project is also
doing the same operations like all contact forms. But it has an admin functionalities
to control the user feed backs easily and also it
&tudent information system project in PHP %y&'(
source code free download
PHP source code projects for student information system free download: This
engineering project is totally based on all advanced technologies like PHP script and
%y&'( database with +.+/0 .'uery0 1&& and .ava&cript2s. 1ountries like 3&+0 340
+ustralia , 1anada are implementing these kind of PHP projects in schools0 institutes
and colleges. 5ownload: Plogger.
Image uploads & downloads in PHP source code with MySQL
-mages upload and download source code in PHP6%y&'(: This is a simple PHP script
which is used to upload pictures to database. 3ploaded pictures will be stored in
%y&'( database. 3sers can download the uploaded images. (ots and lots web
developers are typically searching this source code. You have to upload all "les in
PHP Projects on #nline Banking with &ource code download
PHP Projects: #nline banking application or 7et Banking was developed using PHP
source code with %y&'( database. This is a PHP student2s project for all major
degree programs. -t can be used as a major or mini project for students. There are
various banks available in -ndia and they are providing online banking facility. This
PHP 8ideo website2s source code download 9+udio0 8ideo stream project:
PHP projects on video website script: This PHP source code provides you an +udio ,
video streaming facility to your website. This simple project makes you feels great.
3sers can create a simple website model like YouTube. %ore than that you have an
option for +udio songs streaming. This supports various media "le formats. This 9;:
<acebook like social networking website2s PHP6%y&'( source code free
PHP %y&'( projects with source code free download: This is <acebook like social
networking script. 1reate a website with all features like <acebook has. 3sers can
register with this PHP project using separate e$mail id. +fter that can (ogin with the
use of user name and password. +fter login success0 users can enjoy the features
9PHP Projects: (ove Percentage 1alculator using PHP source code
(ove Percentage 1alculator using PHP source code: This PHP project is used to
calculate your love percentage. This code will provide you approimate values. 5o
not take this as a serious one. This simple project was developed for fun making
purposes. (overs can use this calculator for valuing their love. 3sers have to enter
their 9;:
9.ava Projects: =ame source code in core .ava for <inal year students
.ava game projects with source code: This core java project was developed for "nal
year students like0 )ngineering computer science6-T students0 5iploma 1T6-T
students and %1+ students. This can be used for their mini project6 major project.
But the code is complete free to use. This project is all about .ava game
development. >elated: .ava 9;:
.ava .&P source code for +adhar card project (ike &&7 in 3.&
.ava jsp projects source code on +adhar project: +adhar concept is used to generate
a uni*ue identi"cation number for -ndian citi!ens. -t is just like a &ocial &ecurity 1ard
?&&7@ in 3&+. Previously we don2t have an uni*ue identity number in -ndia. The
-ndian citi!ens are identi"ed by using of various identity cards like driving 9;:
Hotel management project in PHP6%y&'( source code free download
#nline Hotel management system project in php: This projects database is %y&'(.
+nd source code is available for free download. +im of this project is managing a
particular hotel through online. 3sers can get the complete information about the
hotel from the -nternet. -t automates the several manual processes. -t is a bene"cial
project for 9;:
#nline Hotel Booking or >eservation system project code in PHP , %y&*l
PHP source code download for online hotel reservation system: This PHP , %y&*l
project is also called as online hotel booking system. This simple application
automates the process of room booking in a particular hotel though online. This
application can increase the sales and revenue of a Hotel. -t partially provides the
time saving option 9;:
<ree students project in PHP: -nternal marks evaluation system
PHP projects: -nternal marks evaluation system for schools or colleges. -t is a free
student project written in PHP open source language. -t will automate the particular
student2s internal marks calculation. (ecturers6instructors are no need to spend their
time to do these marks calculation in manual. PHP source code itself has a solution
for this. 9;:
Higher )ducation (oan %anagement &ystem: +&P.7)T Projects source code download
+&P.7)T Projects source code download on Higher )ducation (oan %anagement
&ystem. This "nal year project is a free downloadable material and it can be used for
all kinds of )ngineering0 %1+ and 5iploma 1& A -T &tudents. 9&)): -T >elated +broad
&tudies: , 9Bike Back Bordings: +&P.7)T Projects +bstract: Project Title : &tudents
(oan %anagement &ystem 9;:
8B.7)T Projects free download: <inancial %anagement &ystem
8B.7)T Projects free download: This project titled as a C<inancial %anagement
&ystemD which keep the day by day count history as a "nancial system. -t can keep
the details of &aving deposits0 loan details0 and also handled it. The interesting part
of this "nancial system is0 -t shows the day guide0 Bene"t and (oss +ccount 9;:
<acebook like 1hat +pplication Project download with .ava source code
.ava Project Title: <acebook like 1hat application in .ava0 &ource code (anguage :
1ore .ava project0 1ost : <ree 5ownload (earn , Practice +ptitude <acebook 1hat
Projects -ntro: <acebook like 1hat application is an online system created for the
number of members to connect with each other over the world wide web. This
project resolves 9;:
.obs portal project in +&P.7)T code , report free
.obs portal project in +&P.7)T: This project is targeted at creating an online .obs
portal for people who are looking for new jobs. This project is an online based system
that can be utili!ed throughout the inter organi!ation and outside as well with
appropriate access details. This project can be used as an #nline .ob 9;:
%B+ <inance Projects: <inance %anagement &ystem with +&P.7)T source code
%B+ <inance Projects in <inance %anagement &ystems >eport with +&P.7)T source
code free download. <inal year %B+ "nance students and )ngineering 1&)6-T
students can use this project as their major project. Because this project is based on
+&P.7)T coding. -t is total free of cost. Project Title: <inance %anagement &ystem
5ownloadable "le contains: +&P.7)T &ource 9;:
9.ava: Bank account monitoring +ndroid projects with
source code
&tudentsEk provides wide range of core java based +ndroid projects with source
code for free of cost. This students "nal year project is about Bank account
monitoring application. This +ndroid operating system based application allows
customer to keep a record of present stability in diFerent banking records organi!ed
by the customer and the dealings of 9;:
+&P .7)T code : -))) Projects on network security
free download
&tudentsEk eclusively provides -))) +&P .7)T projects free download on 7etwork
security. This project download "le has 1omplete projects +&P .7)T source code0 full
documentation0 -))) base paper and 5ata base "les. -))) 7etwork security projects
5etails : -))) Projects Title : +n +rchitectural +pproach To <orestalling 1ode -njection
+ttacks Projects 5omain : 7etwork security 9;:
+&P Project A #nline >ecruiting website source code
This project is based on .obs >ecruiting. This is an #nline >ecruiting website was
developed in +&P code. 3se this project as a <inal year project. its a free
downloadable project. %1+0 engineering and 5iploma students can use this project
as their "nal year project. Project 5etails : Project Title : #nline >ecruiting website.
1oding 9;:
+&P Project A online Gight booking application
This is an #nline <light booking application was developed in +&P code. 3se this
project as a <inal year project. its a free downloadable project. +&P Project 5etails :
Project Title : #nline Gight booking application <ront )nd : +&P Back )nd : %& +ccess
&)) +lso : Placement Papers download +&P Project description : 9;:
(+7 messenger in 8B.7)T Project code download
5iploma projects 8B.7)T &ource code is available for free download. (+7 messenger
8B.7)T project is used as a %ini projects or <inal year major projects. 1lient and
&erver2s source code is also included in download "le. (+7 %essenger Project details
: Project Title : (+7 %essenger <ront$end : 8B .7)T &)) +(&# : <ull Projects 9;:
Payroll system in +&P .7)T
This payroll system was created using +&P .7)T code. This can be used as a %ini
project or %1+ "nal year projects and diploma projects. )ngineering students also
use this as their "nal year projects. -ts a free downloadable project. %ake use of it.
Project title : Payroll &ystem <ront )nd :+&P.net Back )nd : 9;:
9+&P .7)T Projects: 5igital document management
%1+ project 5igital document management &ystem is used to manage the
documents. -t2s a +&P .7)T project with source code download. Projects abstract also
included in the 5ownload "le. )ngineering and diploma students can use this as
their "nal year project. +&P .7)T Project 5escription : -n a period where having a web
page of 9;:
1ricket Project A 8B .7)T &ource code
-ndia2s %ost popular game is 1>-14)T. &tudentsEk eclusively provides free 8B .7)T
Project 1>-14)T fans. This 1ricket projects full source code download is available for
free of cost. <eel free to download and make use of it. &hare about us in <acebook
and =oogleH. 1ricket Projects 5etails : Project Title : 1>-14)T P>#.)1T <ront$)nd :
&tudents websites source code
This web application allows old students of a college or any institute to share their
information with other students. -t enables a student to provide his6her information
to others and also get information about other students. This Project is useful for
%1+0 )ngineering and 5iploma "nal year students. .&P Projects %ajor #perations:
The following are 9;:
+irline Booking &ystem
<ull free .ava projects available for +irline Booking &ystem with source code
downloading. This download "le contains <ull .ava &ource code0 Bord document and
Power point presentations also available. Project +bstract : The main objective of this
application is to decrease the manual mistakes engaged in the commercial airline
booking process and create it practical 9;:
+ndroid %obile based &earch )ngine in PHP
#ur +ndroid based mobile search engine is developed in PHP. -n this project you can
search jobs and information. 5ownload this php project for free of cost. Project Title :
+ndroid based %obile search engine 1oding language : PHP Back$end : %y&*l Project
5escription : +ndroid operating system is an software foundation and operating
system 9;:
9%1+ Projects: #nline eam website source code in
This is an #nline eam website2s source code developed in PHP. This eclusive
project is for %1+0 )ngineering and <inal year Polytechnic students. Be have
included Projects source code0 documentation and Power point presentation. PHP
%ini Projects free download Projects Title : #nline )am Bebsite Project (anguage :
PHP Back$end : %y&*l %ore PHP projects 9;: