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Teacher: Andy Class: EP3 Toadstool Week: 1 Dates: 03/11/14-07/11/14

Anuban Weekly utl!ne

Sitapatr School
Th!s "eek "e are learn!n#:
Act!$!ty T!%e
Use hangman to review previously studied vocabulary from old topics. Good warm up to activity time.
Use bingo to review numbers, picture association, short words.
Rock paper scissors and thumb war to teach win/lose vocabulary.
Noughts and crosses can be played on a large board with the whole class and used in conjunction with flashcards.
aking medals from ribbons and chocolate coins to reward children who succeed ! stage a pri"e#giving ceremony.
$taged sportsday style event with competitions.
%olouring competition ! winners and losers.
For the first few weeks of semester 2 we will use a variety of new games
to review all of the previously studied vocabulary from semester 1. The
students will learn the rules for these new games and compete in contests
while recapping and I will check that they remember all of the vocabulary
and grammar that they should so that we can move forward with the
syllabus. There will be a small amount of new vocabulary concerning
competition introduced as well.
P1 Preparation
(T. Mike)
This week in phonics we will start
Pelangi book 3. We are going to
introduce new blends and words ('cr'-
crab crib! '"r'- "rog! 'pr'- pra#! 'dr'-
dru# drag.$ We are going to write
these blends onto the board and
practice building the# up and
pronouncing the#. We will the# write
down a series o" words beginning with
these blends and practice spelling
reading and saying the#. We will then
use the reader books to point and
repeat as a group and then go on to
co#plete the e%ercises in the
workbook. We are going to play splat
on the board with the new words and
the clap clap ga#e to practice the
new #aterial..
This week in &aths we will "ocus on
nu#bers 1-'0 practicing #atching the
words to the nu#bers and then writing the
words. We will also look at nu#bers
between 1 and 100 and drill this with the
students until they are co#"ortable
counting up to 100. We will then do an
e%ercise where the students ha(e to "ill in
the blanks which are nu#bers leading up
to 100.
Parent &ollo" '( / 'se)ul
Webs!tes / *o%e"ork:
&he students will be set
homework each week from their
maths and phonics books, please
could all parents help their
children to complete their
homework promptly and neatly to
assist the teacher. 'ny e(tra time
you can dedicate to speaking
)nglish at home will also be a
great help to the students getting
them used to being back at
school. &hank you*
C!rcle T!%e +e$!e"
)n circle ti#e we will use old ga#es like
hang#an the corners ga#e and the slaps
ga#e to re(iew the (ocabulary "ro#
se#ester 1 and to continue the the#e o"
ga#es that we are studying in acti(ity ti#e.
The students will re(iew all ani#als and their
young locations prepositions "a#ily and
"ood words that they should re#e#ber and
practice using the corresponding gra##ar.
,e" -letters/sounds/$ocabulary.
Rock, paper, scissors+ &humb ,ar+ -angman+ .ingo+ Noughts and %rosses.
,inner//oser ! 0 am the winner, 0 have won, 0 have lost, we have drawn etc.
Reviewing previous vocabulary using these games ! rainforest animals, sea
animals, town and country etc.