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Samartha Sadguru Sparsha Meditation

Give two ahuthis at sunrise and sunset every day with a few grains of rice and ghee mixed
During sunrise:
1. Om Suryaya swaha, idam suryaya idam namama
2. Om Prajapathaye swaha, idam prajapathaye idam namama
During sunset the two ahuthis are
1. Om Agnaye swaha, idam agnaye idam namama
2. Om Prajapathaye swaha, idam prajapathaye idam namama
Now meditate on the meaning of the below 4 sutras of Patanjali just after the ahuthis
Sutra 24. Klesha Karma Vipaka Ashayaih Aparamrushtaha Purusha Visheshah I shwaraha.
Iswara is a particular Purusa who is untouched by the afflictions of life, actions and the results
and impressions produced by these actions.
Sutra 25. Tatra niratishayam sarvagya beejam
In Him is the highest limit of Omniscience.
Sutra 26. Sahapurveshamapi guruhu kalena anavachedat.
Being unconditioned by time He is Teacher even of the Ancients.
Sutra 27. Tasya vachakaha pranavaha
His designator is AUM.
(For more detailed meaning of the above four sutras you can visit
Before going into the process of Samartha Sadguru Sparsha meditation, let us learn about the
chakras as at each chakra you need to do SAMYAMANA Combination of Dharana, Dhyana
and Samadhi. Trayam ekatra Samyamaha.
Now let us deal with each chakra and their Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi separately.
1. Muladhara Chakra
a. Dharana : Sound-LAM, Colour Red, Prithvi tattva, Tanmatra-Gandha(smell),
Gyanendriya Nose, Karmendriya Anus, Four petalled, Yantra Chatushkon/Square.

b. Dhyana : Vaahan Airavat, Dev Brahma, Dev shakthi Dakini, Loka Bhur
loka, learn patience, forbearance, hardworking and forgiveness from earth and you will develop
health, be best among men, attain bliss and excel in poetry and literature.
c. Samadhi : All the above mentioned characteristics are present in Shunya of prithvi tattva.
After completing AUMmmm merge with the shunya of prithvi.
2. Swadhishtana Chakra
a. Dharana : Sound-VAM, Colour Sindoor, Jala tattva, Tanmatra-Rasa(taste), Gyanendriya
Tongue, Karmendriya Sex organ, Six petalled, Yantra Chandrakar(moon-shaped).

b. Dhyana : Vaahan Makara, Dev Vishnu, Dev shakthi Rakini, Loka Bhuvah
loka, Qualities to be developed learn to help those who are below us just as water flows from a
higher plane to a lower one, as water is essential to sprout a seed so is swadhistana for
sprouting any innate qualities of your choice, fit in any circumstance and be cool always like
water and you will find yourself free from ahamkara, relieved from moha and develop creativity,
control on indriyas and maha sankalpa shakthi.
c. Samadhi : All the above mentioned characteristics are present in Shunya of jala tattva.
After completing AUMmmm merge with the silence, shunya of jala.
3. Manipuraka Chakra
a. Dharana : Sound-RAM, Colour Nila/Yellow, Agni tattva, Tanmatra-Roopa(colour and
shape), Gyanendriya Eyes, Karmendriya Legs, Ten petalled, Yantra Trikon/Triangle.

b. Dhyana : Vaahan Ram, Dev Vriddh Rudr, Dev shakthi Lakini, Loka Swaha loka, we
should learn from agni that whatever is offered into it becomes agni(be it a piece of gold or
waste) and also becomes manifold and spreads to the entire universe, agni always burns in the
upward direction however a person might try to turn it downward, similarly we should learn to
remain loyal to noble ideals even under adverse situations. As long as fire is burning, it gives
light and warmth, similarly we should not lose our zeal and enthusiasm to work during all times.
Our body will also be reduced to ash one day and hence we should remember to lead a
meaningful life by being aware of the limited time we have on this earth. By practice we will get
the ability of vachana siddhi which will manifest every word you utter.
c. Samadhi : All the above mentioned characteristics are present in Shunya of agni tattva. After
completing AUMmmm merge your consciousness with the silence, shunya of agni.
4. Anahatha Chakra
a. Dharana : Sound-YAM, Colour Green/Aruna, Vayu tattva, Tanmatra-Sparsha(touch),
Gyanendriya Skin, Karmendriya Hands, Twelve petalled, Yantra Shatkon/Hexagon.
b. Dhyana : Vaahan Deer, Dev
Isha Rudr, Dev shakthi Kaakini, Loka Mahah loka, learn to spread and give whatever you
have just as air spreads everywhere, spread your smile, goodness and love to all. You can attain
many yog siddhis like parakaaya pravesh also.
c. Samadhi : All the above mentioned characteristics are present in Shunya of vayu tattva.
After completing AUMmmm merge yourself with the silence of vayu.
5. Vishuddhi Chakra
a. Dharana : Sound-HAM, Colour Blue/Smoky, Akasha tattva, Tanmatra-Shabda(sound),
Gyanendriya Ears, Karmendriya Tongue, Sixteen petalled, Yantra Golakaar/Circular.

b. Dhyana : Vaahan Elephant, Dev Pancha mukhi Sadashiv, Dev shakthi Shakini, Loka
Janah loka, learn from lives of great people to become like them, grow like the vastness of
space. You will have prolonged life with tejaswitha and can also attain siddhis like trikaala
c. Samadhi : All the above mentioned characteristics are present in Shunya of akasha tattva,
after completing AUMmmm merge yourself in akasha.
6. Ajna Chakra
a. Dharana : Sound-AUM, Colour White/Indigo, Maha tattva, Two petals, Yantra

b. Dhyana : Vaahan Naad, Dev Jyothi ling, Dev shakthi Hakini, Loka Tapah loka, Get
the ORDER(agna) from your GURU, the one inside you and follow HIM and you can achieve
everything and anything.
c. Samadhi : After completing AUMmmm immerse your consciousness, your jeevatma into
the akhanda mandalaakaaram, the Paramatma.
Sit in a comfortable posture, preferably Padmasana or Sukhasana with your backbone straight.
Keep your hands in chin mudra. Close your eyes. Calm your mind by taking a few long and deep
breaths. Now take a long deep breath and while exhaling chant AUM and concentrate on
Muladhara chakra(1) numbered as shown in the image below. Inhale again and chant AUM
exhaling and now concentrate on Swadhishtana chakra(2). Go in the ascending order from below
till Ajna chakra(6) and now come down in descending order to Muladhara chakra(11). Start
ascension again and this time after completing Ajna chakra(16), concentrate on Buddhi(17).

When you concentrate on Buddhi(17) remind yourself to surrender your decision making ability
to the GURU and let the GURU be there, not YOU. Now move to Chitta(18) and prepare
yourself for the inner journey, the antar yaatra. Next go to Ahamkara(19) where you have no
form, no name, no place, you are akhandamandalakaaram, the atma swaroopa, experience it.
Now come back to Chitta(20), Buddhi(21) in the successive breaths and stay at Ajna chakra in
the end of the dhyana.
As you meditate on each chakra before chanting AUM, stop at each chakra for some time,
remind yourself of the dharana, dhyana and Samadhi of each chakra and utter AUMmm in
Samyamana and feel the presence of the Guru, the touch of the omnipotent, omniscient and
omnipresent GURU.
(Note: Description of the chakras from Pandit Sri Ram Sharma Acharyas Akhanda Jyothi
magazine June 1948)