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... through Bertha Dudde

Different spheres in the spiritual kingdom....
Immediately after physial death the soul lea!es the "ody and
mo!es into the spiritual kingdom #hih$ depending on its maturity$
an "e lose to or far a#ay from earth. %his should not "e
understood in a three&dimensional sense$ the distane is the result
of the differene "et#een the spheres
#hih indeed "elong to the spiritual kingdom "eause they are
a#ay from and outside of the earthly&material #orld and the
immature soul has to tra!el a long path in time "efore it arri!es in
the spheres of light.
By omparison$ a mature soul arri!es in these spheres as fast as
lightening after its physial death sine it re'uires neither time nor
spae to o!erome the distane from earth into the light spheres. It
only needs the strength #hih its state of maturity has a'uired.
(o#e!er$ imperfet souls annot separate themsel!es as s#iftly
from earth$ partly "eause they are too #eak to ele!ate themsel!es
and partly "eause their senses are still attahed to earthly
matters. %hey do not #ant to lea!e earth and thus remain lose to
earth for a long time$ mostly #ithin the surroundings they used to
oupy during their lifetime.
)u"se'uently they annot al#ays feel their hange from the earthly
into the spiritual kingdom either. %heir surrounding still appears
earthly to them and the souls are fre'uently una#are that they are
no longer physially ali!e. *e!ertheless$ they find it strange that
they annot esta"lish a onnetion #ith the people on earth any
longer$ that they annot make themsel!es heard and are ignored "y
%his ondition gradually makes them a#are of their situation$ they
ome to understand that they no longer li!e on earth "ut that they
are "eyond earth in the spiritual kingdom. But as long as the soul is
still earthly minded it annot remo!e itself from this surrounding+ it
is still grounded and e,perienes this as a painful ondition "eause
e!erything it desires or "elie!es to possess it unattaina"le.
-nd no# it slo#ly has to o!erome its desire for earthly
possessions+ only #hen it has sueeded in doing so #ill it
gradually mo!e a#ay from earth$ the spheres #ill take on a
different appearane$ and depending on the soul.s maturity it #ill
no longer see earthly "ut only spiritual reations$ i.e. the spiritual
!ision of the soul #ill "e a"le to see spiritual reations #hih the
immature "eing annot see e!en though they are present.
But #hen a mature soul departs from earth it an instantly
distinguish its surrounding in the spiritual realm sine its maturity
has a'uired the a"ility of spiritual !ision.
)uh a soul #ill also reognise the souls it meets in the "eyond
#hilst immature souls are una"le to do so$ i.e. they only reognise
souls #ho #alk in darkness like themsel!es$ #ho are in the same
imperfet state. (o#e!er$ "eings of light are in!isi"le to them$ and
e!en #hen these disguise their light and ome lose to them they
annot perei!e them....
)piritual !ision only de!elops during a ertain state of maturity "ut
then the souls are also surrounded "y light$ #hile those #ho are
una"le to see due to their unde!eloped spiritual !ision are
surrounded "y spiritual darkness.
(o#e!er$ the earthly items they desire are !isi"le to them+
ne!ertheless they are mere illusions #hih do not really e,ist "ut
#hih appear due to the soul.s longing$ only to disappear again like
a mirage as soon as the soul #ants to touh or use them$ "eause
their fleeting nature should make the soul understand that it ought
to stri!e for higher !alues than temporary earthly possessions.
/onse'uently$ no "eings of light #ill ome lose to the soul as long
as it still desires suh "elongings$ sine earthly minded souls #ill
not listen to the "eings of light #hen they arri!e in disguise to "ring
the Gospel. In this situation they can only be helped by the
prayer of another human being, only then #ill they turn a#ay
from matter and look for an alternati!e in the spiritual realm.
%hen "eings #ho are #illing to help #ill meet them$ instrut them
and diret them to the path of asent. -nd the more #illingly they
aept the light "eings. instrutions the sooner they #ill a'uire
spiritual !ision and are thus deli!ered from darkness.... they ha!e
entered the spheres #here they may reei!e and gi!e light.
%hey ha!e tra!elled the path #hih an take a short "ut also a !ery
long time$ depending on the soul.s determination for material
possessions #hih keep it attahed to earth until they lose their
appeal$ and are then introdued to the pure truth "y the "eings of
light in order to #ork for the kingdom of God in the "eyond "y
sharing the kno#ledge #ith needy souls #ho are still li!ing in
spiritual darkness....
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