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Shepherd of the Pines

Lutheran Church
1950 125
Street NW
Rice, MN 56367
Phone: 393-4295
Pastors Home/Study Phone: 320-363-1323
Email: sotpministries@jetup.net
2014 Church Website:
As we enter the month of November, the word han!sgiving immediately
"o"s into our minds# As $hristians who believe in a loving, %aring God the
word than!sgiving hel"s us to fo%us on the love and %are our &ord "ours
out on us ea%h day on "lanet earth and for the marvelous blessings
awaiting us as we enter into our heavenly home#
Psalm '(:)*+ en%ourages us to give than!s to our &ord# Come, let us sing
for joy to the Lor! let us shout "lou to the #oc$ of our s"l%"tion. Let us come
before &im 'ith th"n$sgi%ing "n e(tol &im 'ith music "n song. )or the Lor is the
gre"t *o, the gre"t +ing "bo%e "ll gos.,
Here is a "rayer to !ee" in mind this month: ,-ather God, as we
a""roa%h han!sgiving, we .oin our hearts in "raise and
gratitude to /ou# 0e are grateful for family and friends, for
times together, and for memories of "ast blessings and for
%urrent blessings# 0e give /ou than!s for our lives, for our life
together, and for eternal life# -ather God, no matter how we
%ome to /ou * whether staggering from the battles of life, or
stoo"ed in weariness, or sin!ing to our !nees in re"entan%e * we %ome to
"raise /our name, to as! for /our forgiveness, and to "ray for /our
strength# -ather God, amid our over 1owing bas!et of blessings, we "ray
for those who are hungry, for those who are in "ain, for those who are
o""ressed, and for those who serve abroad in our armed servi%es# 2ay our
than!sgiving not sto" with words, but show in our a%tions# 3n 4esus name#
Have a wonderful November, and let us en.oy han!sgiving, and all the
blessings the &ord has given us6
*r"titue gets us through the h"r stu-.
.o re/ect on your blessings is to rehe"rse *o0s "ccomplishments. .o rehe"rse *o0s
"ccomplishments is to isco%er &is he"rt. .o isco%er &is he"rt is to isco%er not just goo
gifts but the *oo *i%er.
*r"titue "l'"ys le"%es us loo$ing "t *o "n "'"y from re". 1t oes to "n(iety
'h"t the morning sun oes to %"lley mist. 1t burns it up. 23"( Luc"o, 4ou0ll *et .hrough
Joint Board of Lay Ministry/Executive Ministry Team
Pending Approval Minutes
October 16, 2014
BOLM members present: Juli Popp, Brent Betker, Brad Jasmer, Keith Hackett, Keith Peterson,
Wayne Johnson, Jay Saldana, eb !rdmann and Pastor Bob"
Properties: #on Bulthius and $om Ollman
!M$ members: Brenda Hackett and Michelle Motchke" %bsent Maria $raut,
Brad Jasmer called the meetin& to order at ':()pm" Pastor Bob opened *ith prayer" Brent
Betker read the mission statement"
+hapter , o- %cts *as read and discussed"
Treasurers report *as re.ie*ed and discussed" Brent made a motion to accept the report
-ollo*ed by a second -rom Jay Saldana" Motion carried
Properties met last *eek and discussed the kitchen" Preliminary plans *ill be dra*n up
and presented at the annual meetin& in /o.ember" iscussion *as had on replacin& the
scrub beds *ith concrete" Properties team continues to look into di--erent *ays to
impro.e the sound in the -ello*ship hall" $he back side door o- the church has been
replaced" #eplaced a -e* outside li&ht bulbs and need to replace some o- the eyes
because they don0t &o o-- *hen they should"
EMT Reports:
Worsip Team: Michelle Motchke" 1(2, musicians schedule has been made up"
$hanks&i.in& ser.ice on /o.ember 13
*ill be at 3:4(pm" +hristmas !.e ser.ices *ill be
4pm, ,pm and 5pm" $here *ill be no +hristmas ay ser.ice" Ser.ice %*areness Sunday0s
hi&hli&htin& the di--erent ministry &roups are &oin& .ery *ell" Stop by the tables each *eek
and check them out" %ppreciation 6ce +ream Social ni&ht *ent *ell"
43 members attended"
!ma"" #roup: Brenda Hackett" Sunday school is &oin& .ery *ell" Bibles *ill be handed out to
all 4
&raders" i--erent ideas *ere discussed on ho* to &et our youth e7cited about youth
!ervice Team: Maria $raut absent8no report"
!ecretarys report$ eb read the report" Motion *as made by Keith H" and seconded by Jay
to accept the minutes" Motion carried"
1(2, proposed bud&et *as discussed *ith !M$"
#eports -or annual meetin& are due to Karen by /o.ember 4
/ames -rom the +all +ommittee bo7 *ere read" 6t *as decided to lea.e nominations
open until Sunday October 13
" 6- you *ould be *illin& to ser.e on the Pastoral Search
+all +ommittee please si&n up"
9inancial Peace :ni.ersity is &oin& *ell" More classes *ill start in January i- you *ere
not able to attend this one" 2; people are attendin&" Kick o-- -or the Momentum *ill be
in September and it *ill be 5 *eeks lon&" Pastor0s sermons *ill be on Momentum alon&
*ith the Small <roups and Sunday School classes usin& it"
+losed *ith prayer -rom Pastor Bob8!M$ e7cused"
%"d Business:
BOLM completed the 1(2, proposed bud&et"
/ominations -or BOLM *ere read" /ominees *ill be contacted by a board member to
accept their nomination"
&e' Business:
Worship schedule *as re.ie*ed throu&h /o.ember 14rd"
/e7t BOLM meetin& *ill be $uesday /o.ember 2)
$hank you card -rom St" Paul0s +hurch #oyalton *as read"
Jay Saldana made a motion to donate =,(( to*ards Maria and >ach $raut0s mission trip
to Haiti" Seconded by Wayne" Motion carried"
Pastor0s +omments" Pastor Bob thanked the board -or their time and patience" Blessin&s on
your ?ourney"
Leaders +omments" /one"
Motion to ad?ourn meetin& *as made by Jay and seconded by Juli" Motion carried" Meetin&
ad?ourned at 2(:;,pm"
+losed *ith circle prayer"
#espect-ully submitted by eb !rdmann, Secretary
We have been praying for our
church family each week as we go
through our church directory from A
to Z. As you go about your daily
tasks lift a prayer for the family of
the week as the Lord brings them to mind.
In November we will be praying for:
&ovem(er ) * Joyce Saldana
&ovem(er + * Scott @ Kris Schlichtin&
+hildren: Jordan @ Jerad
&ovem(er ,- * Shaun @ $onya Scraut
+hildren: %ustin, %lyssa, Kiara @ %li.ia
&ovem(er ). * +ameron @ Jeanie Schroeder

&ovem(er ./ * Sherry Sco-ield
+hildren: Joshua, Kaisha, /ate @ +aleb

73$E A7EA -889
hursday, November
at the 8ld <illage
We 'ill be 5uilting on
6o%ember 17
"t 8hepher
of the 9ines from 2:00pm
until ::00pm. Cont"ct
;relle for more info "t :<:2<=<=.
forget to
set your %lo%!s ba%! )
hour on
Sunday, November
8"eration $hristmas $hild
>ust " fe' things: 6eee
items: .oothbrushes ?"s$ your
entist@, '"sh cloths, "n items
for boys "ges 10 to 14. We h"%e
until 8un"y, 6o%. A to bring
items. .h"t follo'ing 'ee$ 'e
'ill meet to p"c$ bo(es. ;nyone
'ho '"nts to help, ple"se t"l$ to
me "n 'e0ll set it up for " night
'hen the most people "re
"%"il"ble. L"stly, be '"tching
for gre"t s"le "n cle"r"nce
prices "t stores "s 'e nee to be
collecting things "ll ye"r.
Remem(er te dead"ine to donate items is
&ovem(er +
he annual
meeting of S8P
will be held
between servi%es
on Sunday,
November =+, =;)> at ':+;am
in the %hur%h san%tuary# .he
ser%ice times for 8un"y 6o%ember 27r
'ill be =:00 "m "n 11:00 "m. .h"n$ you
for "ttening "n lening your %oice.
)eel free to cont"ct "ny current bo"r
member 'ith "ny 5uestions you m"y
I know we have a
little time,
but the
Christmas season
will be upon us
soon. I am
looking for
volunteers to plan and lead
the Children's Christmas
Program. If you are
interested, please contact me
or Karen Ellefson. hank you,
!ennifer "etker
How do I become a member of
Shepherd Of The Pines?
We offer membership classes to those ho
ould li!e to become members of
"hepherd of the Pines and #oin us on our
#ourne$ ith %esus& 'he class consists of
to "aturda$ sessions& 'he ne(t ones are)
March 14
and March 2*
201+& ,oo! for
more information coming in 201+& -ach
class ill be from *).0am to 12).0pm ith
a brunch included& Our goal is to help each
person ta!e steps into /od0s good plan and
to discover and live out /od0s onderful
purposes for our lives& 1f $ou have an$
2uestions contact Pastor 3ob at .4.5424+&
&ope oes not put us to sh"me,
bec"use *o0s lo%e h"s been poure
into our he"rts through the &oly 8pirit,.
#om"ns <:<. *o continues to be
"'esome in so m"ny 'onerful '"ysB
We continue to gi%e th"n$s to churches
in the "re" "n others! She"herd of
the Pines monthly on"tions of
?@+#;;, 7edeemer &utheran ?=(,
"n rinity &utheran*$lear &a!e
monthly on"tion in %"rious "mounts#
Awesome God indeed6
Cible 8tuy continues for us
3on"ys "t < pm "n .hurs"ys 11:70
"m. We gi%e th"n$s to stuy le"ers
such "s Pastor Holm, Pastor
omhave, Pastor -innern, and
Pastor 2oAuin. We "lso gi%e th"n$s
to elicious me"ls ser%e by 2arlene
Holm, 2essiah 0omenBand 2ary
and Cill Heddins for eli%ering these
me"ls, "n Carry <anburenD&oly
Cross. Eery elicious '"y to stuy "n
We h" " 'onerful e(perience "n
%isit 'ith 3essi"h Luther"n the l"st
8un"y of 8eptember. 8tuents ;ly
"n >"$e sh"re their thoughts "bout
L8) "n 1 sh"re other items "bout L8).
3essi"h put together " 'onerful &F*G
ispl"y of p"per goos 'hich 'e use
"ily "t the house. .&;6+ 4HF 8H
3FC&B 1f you 'oul li$e our stuents
to come "n sh"re "t your church
ple"se let us $no'. G%en if "t the en
of your 'orship ser%ice or uring p"rt
of your Cible stuy time. 1t '"s re"lly "
8ur%eys continue to be "n e(cellent
pr"ctice "n me"ns of re"ching out to
the stuents. G"ch 'ee$ 1 meet ne'
peopleB .o"y " young Luther"n,
stuent from 3"ine is intereste in
"ttening 'orship. 8he s"i she h"
been going 'ith her roomm"te to "
i-erent church "n esire inste" to
come to 'orship "g"in in the Luther"n
f"ith. ;nother stuent c"me up behin
"n sh"re her e(periences 'ith
se%er"l other churches "n she too is
loo$ing for " church home to c"ll her
o'n. 9le"se pr"y they 'ill be le by
the 8pirit to s"%ing f"ith, lo%e "n
forgi%eness our Luther"n Church
3issouri 8yno churches o-er. We
neen0t s"y "nything furtherIle"%e it
to the &oly 8piritB
.h"n$ you for your pr"yers "n your
help in so m"ny '"ys. 3"y *o bless
"n $eep e"ch of you in &is f"ithful,
lo%ing &"ns. 9le"se $eep the L8)
ministry in your pr"yers.
1n Christ, C"rb"r" &ertling, JCG
On November 22
, Kids Against
Hnger is ho!ding an event at the
"iver#s $dge $vent %enter in St&
%!od ' ()$ A"$ THANK*+,( is a
food pac-aging event for or entire
commnit. to come together and
pac- food to be shipped to ,iberia to
serve the thosands who are nder
/arantine there de to the $bo!a
virs& P!ease consider coming ot to
!end a hand ' perhaps a positive
fami!. event as we approach
Than-sgiving and !oo- at a!! we have
to be than-f! for& Pre'register at
;s 'e remember
;meric"Ks %eter"ns
on 6o%ember 11,
'e 'oul o 'ell to
re" "g"in the thir
st"nL" of +"therine
Lee C"tesK ;meric" the Ce"utiful:
MH be"utiful for heroes pro%e in
liber"ting strife,
Who more th"n self their country lo%e,
;n mercy more th"n lifeB ;meric"B
3"y *o thy gol reNne, till "ll success
Ce nobleness, "n e%ery g"in i%ineBM
N8<E2CE7 N83S/
We 'ill be t"$ing up our noisy
o-ering on 8un"y, 6o%ember
, for the #ice ;re" )oo
.h"n$ you for
support "n


4oin us on
0ednesday, November =:, at
for our han!sgiving Eve
Servi%e at She"herd of the
Pines# 1n Gphesi"ns <:1A "n 20,
the ;postle 9"ul encour"ges us to,
spe"$ to one "nother 'ith ps"lms,
hymns "n spiritu"l songs. 8ing
"n m"$e music in your he"rt to
the Lor, "l'"ys gi%ing th"n$s to
*o the )"ther for e%erything in
the n"me of our Lor >esus Christ.,
LetKs bring pr"ise "n gi%e th"n$s
to our Lor for 'h"t &e h"s one
for us.
8ur S8P /outh Grou" got
oD to a slow start but is
gaining momentum in
a%tive involvement * Praise
God6 0e are blessed with
some amaEing young
"eo"le in our %hur%h family
who need all of us to
en%ourage and su""ort
them as they grow in their
faith and relationshi"s with
our &ord and Savior, 4esus
$hrist and with one
another# 0e a%%om"lished
the %leaning of the dit%hes
in 7i%e and are now
fo%using on beginning our
=;)( %alendar sales#
0at%h for the beautiful
%alendars to arrive soon
**"sst**G7EA $hristmas
)orship Shepherds
November 2 Brent Betker
November 9 Wayne Johnson

November 16 Deb Erdmann
November 23 Keith Peterson
November 30 Jui Po!!
November 2 8:00am Keith & Brenda Hackett
10:30am Troy & Deb Popp

November 8:00am !ordie "tay & Deb #rdmann
10:30am Br$ce & "andie %e&ch

November 1' 8:00am Tom & !enni(er )**man
10:30am %ich & %obin Hemp*e

November 23 8:00am Keith & #vie Kirchner
November 30 8:00am %andy & Donna K*aphake
10:30am Pat & +aro* %o*ph
November 2 "#00am $i%e Ee&son

November 9 "#00am Jordie 'tay
10#30am 'andie (es%h

November 16 "#00am Barb Ee&son
10#30am )eissa *inders%hied

November 23 "#00am Pe+ )anea
November 30 "#00am ,ois Pereber+
-aro .rinkein
November 2 ,arry -oido*t

November Kevin & !anet .a*e&ka

November 1' "cott & Pe/ .anea
November 23 %on & Barb .cKeever

November 30
NO0$12$" %O+NT$"S
Deb #rdmann0 +$rt Kvamme0 "andie %e&ch
1( it i& yo$r t$rn to &erve (e**o2&hip0
p*ea&e brin/ &ome treat& to &hare and
arrive ear*y to he*p &et $p3 1( yo$r name
i& (ir&t on the *i&t0 p*ea&e arrive 30
min$te& prior to the 8:00am &ervice to
make co((ee3 The direction& (or makin/ co((ee are po&ted
on the b$**etin board in the kitchen3 4hen yo$ &erve
(e**o2&hip0 p*ea&e p*an on &ervin/ co((ee and treat& and
c*eanin/ $p the kitchen a(ter the (ir&t &ervice3 The other&
&ervin/ 2ith yo$ 2o$*d appreciate it5
November 2 / P0 .s%hida1 B0 )ots%hke1 D0 Dieh1
(0 Krei&es1 '0 (ee
November 9 / B0 Ee&son1 B0 Betker1 ,0 2rain+er1
B0 Paradeis1 'a0 $nderson

November 16 / K0 Kir%hner1 K0 Ee&son1 '0 Douvier
(0 Brut%her1 J0 *endri%kson1

November 23 / B0 Jasmer1 (0 (o!h1 D0 Koe!1
-0 Koe!1 $0 3o+e
Noember 30 / )0 ,attimer1 '0 (i%hter1 .0 Po!!1
(0 )%Keever1 D0 Dirks
November 2 6 1 "am$e* 3:1611
-$ke 8:7618
November 6 !ob 33:17618
!ohn 17:2862'
November 1' 6 1 !ohn 7:163
-$ke 21:32633
November 23 6 Habakk$k 2:163
#phe&ian& 3:18621
November 30 6 P&a*m 7':9611
-$ke 1:2'678
3!ie %!asen, Peg *eia,
%har.! )a!berg, Sand.
November 2 "#00am .ony 4mann
10#30am Noah Ee&son
November 9 "#00am Bi Paradeis
10#30am )atthe6 Neut7
November 16 "#00am )ike ,attimer
10#30am Noah Ee&son

November 23 "#00am Dennis $rntson
10#30am Denise ,eahy
November 30 "#00am .ony 4mann
10#30am )atthe6 Neut7
&%&PR%01T %R#$
2$!$ P%!T3#E
R15E6 M&
PERM1T &%$ .)
#!$:#/ S!#A6+!S #!B:!S$!
Jesus Is Always With...
Bob Trinklein, Pastor
Church Phone: 393-4295 Pastors Home Study: 320-363-1323
Email: sotpministries@jetup.net
Church Website: sotpministries.com
!%TP B%3R4 %0 L37 M1&1!TR7/EL4ER!
Brent Betker, AiceCPresident ,);C)2'(, eb !rdmann, Sec" 454C;1'5, Keith Hackett 454C;,42, Brad Jasmer, President ,);C,'),,
Wayne Johnson 1,4C5(1(, Juli Popp, $reas" 454C44,4, Jay Saldana 454C1'51, Keith Peterson 151C;(('
#on Bulthuis, +hurch Properties 1,4C;314
E8E52T19E M1&1!TR7 TE3M
Brenda Hackett C Small <roup $eam Leader, Michelle Motschke C Worship $eam Leader, Maria $raut C Ser.ice $eam Leader
In case of church cancellation due to bad weather listen to !" #$%N&'( !".) *+I'I& !,.! -#L. )/0.1 W2$N ),0/
or call the church office and listen to the message.
!eperd of te Pines Mission !tatement: 5onnecting Peop"e to #od:To %ters:and To !ervice
$he purpose o- this con&re&ation is mandated -or us by our Lord and Sa.ior, Jesus +hrist, as -ound in the *ords o- the <reat
+ommission DMatthe* 1)E, namely -irst o- all to <o" $o lea.e our *alls o- re-u&e, &oin& into all the *orld, comprisin& o- our -amilies
and nei&hbors" We plan to achie.e our purpose by identi-yin& persons *ith *hom *e are particularly *ellCeFuipped to ser.e and reach
*ith the challen&e o- becomin& isciples o- +hrist"
Second, to Make isciples or in the *ords o- St Paul, G$o eFuip the saintsH D!phesians ;:21E" $his is to be understood as helpin&
people to li.e the +hristian li-e here on earth" Preparin& and encoura&in& youn& and old alike to -ind and to use their <od &i.en &i-ts
and abilities -or the e7tension o- His Kin&dom, and to &ro* in -er.ent lo.e -or <od and -or others"
$hirdly, to BaptiIe as commanded by Jesus Himsel-" %s <od reaches do*n to mankind *ith His means o- &race, He *ould ha.e us
baptiIe His people, brin&in& them into His -amily and Kin&dom, &rantin& to them li-e, -or&i.eness o- sins, and eternal sal.ation"
%nd lastly, to continue stead-ast in His Word, $eachin& them to obser.e all thin&s *hatsoe.er 6 ha.e commanded you" % continued
Ieal -or the study o- His Word, the Bible, is necessary -or the &ro*th o- any +hristian con&re&ation" $hus, the Word o- <od *ill be
tau&ht and studied in -ull measure and His Word shall be the rule and norm o- this con&re&ation0s -aith and li-e"
$o that end, our e.ery e--ort and ener&y *ill be used in moti.atin&, trainin&, and puttin& to use our time, and talents and treasures
to Make isciples"