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News from the Spradlins in South America

More Souls Added to the Body of Christ

October saw more souls being added to the Lords body. Praise Him! We also have some new Bible study
contacts, some new projects are now in the works, and we participated in some very encouraging activities. We
pray this months mission report brings you much joy! God bless! - Troy and Andrea

Marcelo Vega, (pictured at right), Marcelo is the boyfriend of our recently
baptized sister in Christ, Estefania Bogado. He stood up one Sunday
during the invitation song, so I approached him about his response and it
was clear that he still didnt quite understand what baptism was about.
So, I offered to study with him regarding the subject in order to assure
that he was ready. After examining just a few scriptures and offering
some explanations, Marcelo knew what he needed to do and why! This is
one of the real joys of mission work, friends! Getting to watch the Word of
God working in someones life, up close and personal like that is an
absolutely marvelous blessing!
Rodrigo Bogado, (pictured at right, below) is Estefania's little brother. He
had watched his mother, (Mikeah, who was baptized last month), his
sister, his sisters boyfriend, and their neighbor all being baptized, so, he
wanted to know what this was all about. Perry Hardin and Eliezer Perez
sat down with him and his mother to study the Bible about it, but he
suddenly became very timid and just stopped talking! They sat there for
about 45 minutes and finally decided to end the study. A week later, while
Eliezer and William Arzamendia were studying with his family in their
home, Rodrigo opened up and they began to talk about his understanding
of the Gospel. It became evident that he was ready, so they prepared the
baptistery and Rodrigo was added to the family of God that night!

New Songbook Project. The church is currently practicing several new
songs every Wednesday evening and reviewing songs in one of their old
hymnals. It has served us a long time, but most of our copies are
beginning to wear out and fall apart. For the new one, we are going to
make some needed corrections, add some new songs, and eliminate
some that we never sing. It has been fun learning the new hymns and
psalms and we pray the new book will be useful for many years to come.

The owner of the meeting facility that the church in emby rents died suddenly this past month. With that
came uncertainty as to what might happen because no one knew what her family would do in regard to the
building. However, the church soon learned that the owners mother, who lives right next door, would
assume ownership. She said that after a year of observing the church who had been renting the building
beside her, she was very confident in them and more than happy to renew the contract. Vicente Martinez
and Eliezer Perez signed the new one for another year.

Quarterly Report. Be sure and look for the latest Quarterly Report that was just published! Lots of exciting
developments taking place such as a new video conference system, Eliezer Perez coming onboard as full
time staff, and other news. You can access it at: www.paraguaymission.com/asuncion-bible-academy/
Vol. 6 No. 10
Marcelo Vega
Rodrigo Bogado Jara
Evangelistic Contacts / Bible Studies / Activities:
This month, our wonderful and
evangelistic minded youth group
decided to spend several Saturday
afternoons practicing songs and
then they went to a nearby plaza to
sing to the public. They used it as a
means of raising awareness of the
church and making new contacts.
They are planning to do the same
thing again in another month! What
a great idea!
Bible Studies
We have been out to study with
Junior Ortiz, who is the son of our sister in Christ, Magda, and who is struggling with drug addiction
and other problems. Eliezer and I had a real heart to heart with him that we pray will help him. We
have plans to take one of our other brethren, who has overcome drug addiction, out to the study to try
and make a more personal connection with Junior.
One Saturday afternoon, several of us traveled
about two hours outside of Asuncion, to carry the
Gospel to the little village of San Jose de
Arroyos. Vicente Martinez has several family
members there who are eager to hear the pure
Word of God! We are praying this will develop into
a small church plant through several souls
responding to the invitation of Jesus.
Andreas Bible studies in English with Adriana,
Martin, and Oscar are still go at a slow pace, but
they certainly are understanding more clearly
about the kingdom of God.
Beatriz Ortiz continues to ask lots of questions in
our weekly Bible study and she is understanding
more all the time. I am also continuing to study the
Bible in English with Sebastian Garcia. More new
contacts have appeared, we just have to find a
timeslot for them. Were looking forward to the opportunities!
Luis Camacho, who is our stateside coordinator for ABA through Bear
Valley Bible Institute of Denver, returned to Paraguay this past month
to teach class in the Bible Academy. He taught Denominational
Doctrines, preached, and taught Bible class for the church during his
visit. We have grown to be close friends with Luis and always enjoy his
visit! He plans to return this next year and will also be teaching via our
video conference system.

Worship and Bible class attendance (Avenida Sacramento):
Sun am 66 (5th), 61 (12th), 63 (19th), 65 (26th)
Sunday Bible study average 57
Current members: 78 Baptized (48 Family Units)

Worship and Bible class attendance (emby):
Sun pm 32 (5th), 25 (12th), 26 (19th), 25 (26th)
Current members: 14 Baptized (11 Family Units)

Coming Up:
The LAST quarter of studies begins for the students of the Asuncion Bible Academy! Can you believe it?
Survey trip to Ciudad del Este
Several of the youth group went to a nearby park to sing.
Preaching the Gospel in San Jose de Arroyos!
Brother Luis Camacho preaching at
Avenida Sacramento, Oct 26th.

Andrea flew to Brazil this month to attend a special
missionarys retreat, Continent Care Connection (CCC). It is
a weeklong special event that is held every year for
missionaries working in Latin America and designed to be a
spiritual renewal and mental rejuvenation retreat. One year is
designated just for women and the next year is just for men.
The week focuses on ones connection with God, connection
with other missionarys, and connection with the Care Team.
The CCC Care Team consists of brethren who come from
the USA who are former missionaries (who understand what
other missionaries are going through), counselors (who
provide professional help, if needed) and other brethren who
have come just to serve, be supportive, and encourage our
current missionaries. Andrea really enjoyed the time she had
there and made a lot of great connections with women who
understand what life is like as a missionary.
Andreas involvement and activities with the Las Amigas
Club are now extending from the church and back. She has
made one contact within the club who has become a
Christian and now some of her other Christian sisters are
interested in participating in the activities of the club. It is a
great way to be involved in community service, make new
contacts, and be active in social activities.
My mother, AGatha Spradlin, continues to suffer from a
stroke she had, but is showing some improvement. She is
now in a rehabilitation hospital where she is receiving regular
therapy to help her recover the ability to swallow, speak, and
possibly walk. Please keep my family in your prayers. We
would greatly appreciate it.

Personal study:
I have been reading (or, still reading):
Make Your Vision Go Viral by Gary Sorrels
Contextualization and Syncretism by Gailyn Van Rheenen.
I have been studying Revelation and also about Catholicism.

Preaching/teaching opportunities:
I preached one Sunday this month at Avenida Sacramento and one Sunday at emby.
I taught Biblical Greek 2, Ezekiel and Daniel, and a special class on Baptism: Unwatered Down, in the
Bible Academy. I also taught class during our Wednesday evening Bible study hour.
Andrea having merienda with several ladies
from church and from the Las Amigas Club
Andrea with Linda Nealeigh, Trish Sandoval, and Tina
at Continent Care Connection 2014 in Brazil.

Paraguayan Culture Spotlight: Pan de Miel de Caa (Boqueron)
Mmm, delicious pan de miel! It is a sweet little snack that is quite common in rural
Paraguay. It looks like a bagel and it tastes like a spice cake. Sort of. What is
interesting is, no one really knows how or where this sweet bread originated, but the
story is told that the Paraguayan soldiers would eat this bread during the Chaco
War (1932-35). Because it was easily made using unrefined sugar, it would last for
several days without spoiling, and provided a good amount of energy, it turned out
to be the perfect food for an army. The Battle of Boquern was the first major battle
between Paraguay and Bolivia in this territorial border war and so it derived its name from there. While traveling
along the highways heading south from Asuncion, there are several kiosks that sell the bread. No trip is
complete without stopping and purchasing a tres por cinco mil package of pan de miel!
For more information on all things Paraguay, visit this informative website: http://discoveringparaguay.com
Our Mission Goals for 2014:

The brethren at the Avenida Sacramento congregation have set the following goals for themselves for 2014 and have
asked the mission team to help them accomplish these goals. The team will actively support them under their direction.
The goals are:
Evangelism: (1) Hold a Personal Evangelism Seminar, (2) Evangelism campaigns in various plazas, cities, (3) Plan,
investigate, and pursue areas for a new church plant, (4) Offer Learn English using the Bible campaign, (5) Use
"Searching for Truth" book, (6) Post banners that get peoples attention for Bible studies. Long term: (1) Evangelize
each Department/Capital of Paraguay, (2) have a Radio Program.
Edification: (1) Promote the Asuncion Bible Academy for the next class, and/or start a Saturday School, (2) Host a
special Homecoming event involving all congregations, (3) Improve ministries organization, (4) Special Mens Retreat,
(5) Install glass doors at the main entrance, (6) Have a Camp/Retreat with all three congregations, (7) New convert
classes, (8) Skype studies offered by brethren from USA, (9) Conduct new extension courses in leadership, (10)
Develop or obtain materials/courses for brethren with family problems, (11) Develop communication in Guarani for the
brethren. Long term: (1) Finish the building faade. The mission team will assist and coordinate these activities
according to the direction of the congregation.
Benevolence: (1) Offer the course "Comfort in Times of Grief" to the public, (2), Visit the sick / prisoners, (3) Provide a
class on the topic of "Benevolence," (4) Use donations to help some members, (5) Prepare meals for the needy, and (6)
Participate in various activities of benevolence.
These are some wonderful goals and we are so excited to see their growth in leadership. Please pray for the successful
completion of each of these and the continual development of leadership in Paraguay!
Asuncion, Paraguay South America

Troy and Andrea Spradlin
Casilla de Correo 13092
Shopping del Sol
Asuncion, Paraguay
(595) 0981-630-886

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