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Lots of issues abound, as we await the midterms. In sports-news, Nick Foles doesn't need surgery on his
clavicle and, thus, can return by the end of December, setting-up a possible QB-controversy for the
Iggles; also, as per a video that shows Maryland planers refusing to shake-hands with those of PSU, the
Big Ten punished Maryland for actions in Saturday's game against Penn State.
Rosewater will be Previewed on November 13, with the film followed by a Live Q&A
with Jon Stewart [the film's screen writer, director and producer] interviewed by
Stephen Colbert [Tickets and trailer]. This is promoted because I like Colbert, recognizing
that Jon Stewart attacked the GOP for its ISIS and Ebola ads because they, allegedly,
remitted the [accurate] message that people should vote for us or get beheaded! {Also,
Chris Rock's monologue on "Saturday Night Live" included jokes about the Boston
Marathon, 9/11 and the commercialization of Christmas; I didnt mind.}
Regarding BHOs Scandal-Sheet, an Election News Dump included the DOJs Release of Hidden 'Fast and
Furious' Documents; recalling that this scandal was exposed by Sharyl ATTKISSON, it is noted that she
claims Obama Keeps an 'Enemies List' and that a Forensics team is working to expose which gov't agency
hacked her computer. Also, New Emails Show White House Role in Shirley Sherrod Ouster; a 2010 email
from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said his department was "waiting for the go-ahead" from the
White House before accepting the resignation of employee Shirley Sherrod, despite Obama
administration assertions that her ouster was Vilsack's decision alone. {Also, the VA Secretary Asked the
IG to Alter Findings in Report on Deaths at Phoenix VA.}
Regarding the culture-wars, reverse-racism has gone international [Michael Brown's
Parents [plus Protesters, activists, rapper Tef Poe] are Going To [United Nations
Committee Against Torture] Geneva, Switzerland To Speak Out Against Ferguson Police],
gay-marriage opponents are desperate [it matters not that Children Raised By Married
Parents in Stable Families Attain More Education, Work, and Income], gun-laws should
be preserved [17-Year-Old Daughter Retrieves Family Gun, Opens Fire to Save Mother's
Life], libs continue to try to corrupt education [Time to Fight Back Parents The
Mosqueing of the Public Schools in America], and Missouri Voters will Decide if
Standardized Tests Will Grade Teacher Performance. {Also, Lena Dunham Plans
Childrens Movie With Incest & Beatings.}
Regarding Illegals, political-unrest persists [HuffPo Poll: Plurality of Americans Do Not Want Amnesty for
Illegals, the DHS Released Criminal Illegal Immigrants and Murderers in Texas Cities, Luis Gutirrez
Warned of 'Civil War' Among Latinos if Obama Doesn't OK Amnesty, and Law Enforcement Defines the
Election As Referendum, for Obama's Amnesty Means 'Tidal Wave' Of Illegal Immigration. {Meanwhile,
English lesson - "Listen" and "silent" use the same letters, the words "race car" spelled
backwards still spells "race car," and "eat" is the only word that spells its past tense
"ate" when you take the first letter and move it to the end. Also, the letters in "illegal
immigrants" when rearranged [and with a few more letters added] spells, "Go home you
free-loading, benefit-grabbing, resource-sucking, baby-making, non-English-speaking
twits and take those other hairy-faced, sandal-wearing, bomb-making, camel-riding,
goat-shagging, raggedy-ass bastards with you."

It is again advised, post-election, that an extremely lucid analysis of Pa-Politics be committed to

memory, for it names names and hyperlinks references; it was unique, well-sculpted, somewhat stylized,
replete with content, cogent and meaningful...both with immediacy and long-term impact.
Putative gubernatorial candidate Bob Guzzardi wrote on Facebook, Tom Corbett broke
his promises to those who voted for him in 2010; how can we trust him now? And I am
not alone in thinking this. Richard Tems replied, How can you support Tom Wolf, who
wants to raise all taxes for everyone...and, give total power to the unions? No way, no
how! Bob Guzzardi responded, Richard, it is a straight out lie that I support Tom Wolf
and you know it. Tom Corbett broke his promises to those who voted for him in 2010.
Tom Corbett cannot be trusted. Being against Tom Corbett is not being for Tom Wolf. I
will voted Republican on Tuesday but not for Tom Corbett. It is very strange that so
many ally themselves with an untrustworthy candidate. It is not like this is a close
election, is it? Richard Tems wrote, Your posts support Tom Wolf. Criticizing Corbett
the day before the election does exactly that. We have a binary choice tomorrow, Wolf
or Corbett. The decision is pretty straight forward...and, I know who I am supporting.
Leave Wolf to Det Ansinn and the other fascisti Progressives.
I then weighed-in: If I may....First, Richard, you do not have "clean hands" regarding
this issue, noting that you signed-on to the Corbett petition against Guzzardi despite the
facts that [1]--his signatures were fine, and [2]--his not having filed simultaneously with
the Ethics Commission was a "victimless crime" because the necessary info had been
filed simultaneously [on-line] with the Department of State [and no one told him he had
to do anything else when his entire filing was accepted]. Second, due to the psychictrauma of behavior such as yours ["Et tu Brute...then die Caesar" on 44 B.C.E.], Richard,
it's natural for Guzzardi to continue to remind the world of the rationale for his effort;
presumably, the healing-process will have ended within 24-hours...although you will still
have to answer for your God [absent your customary bombast] for your having
aided/abetted in a discretionary fashion against what you knew was a sincere
initiative. Executive Summary: Richard, the month of Elul and the 10 Days of Awe ended
with Yom Kippur; it's time for you to apologize to Guzzardi [...in writing, and a Facebook
posting would probably suffice].
Additional blogging on Facebook was focused on the import of the elections, as they would affect PA:
Guzzardi and I have long-debated this issue of whether it's preferable to remain in the
"wilderness" and accept the consequences...vs. acquiescing to the party. This is
relevant, today, noting that Rush railed against an article in Politico that claims,
prophylactically, that Establishment-R's will claim victory vindicates opposition to the
TEA [Taxed Enough Already] Party Movement [2014 buoys GOP establishment]. {Also,
vide infra for further discussion of this concern.}
On the one hand, it is hoped that '16 will disprove the notion that the Dems have a lock
on the POTUS-spot [and, thus, that a Wolf win won't install Dems permanently in the
gubernatorial-spot]; on the other hand, we have learned the level of permanence of
damage wreaked in the interim [via BHO's destruction, for example, of the Iraqi
victory...and BHO's creation, for example, of ObamaDon'tCare].

Thus, the conclusion was drawn that, although Guzzardi has a "point well taken," it's
time to get-with-the-program, for Corbett [despite his history, including approval of the
creation of Highmark despite its being both a monopoly/monopsony] would not be
expected to do what Wolf plans to do.

In no particular order [because I must return to the polls, to close them], ponder these political notes:
A typical lib [DICK POLMAN] is in denial [Let's all sleep through Tuesday], opining that
Americans hate to vote more than ever [trying to forget that BHO is responsible for biggovernment].
Can Obama reboot? - Barack Obama is antsy. His aides can see it when he alights from
Air Force One from the all-too-occasional campaign trips [This Politico-piece suggested
the GOP-Establishment is going to claim victory, while BHO evokes sympathy:
POLITICO MAGAZINE: In numerous other states the Republican Party has had a hard
time rallying voters to its side on its issues. The Republicans who win on Tuesday will do
so as anti-Barack Obama candidates, not as Republicans with an agenda worth
Overall, it is already being claimed that 2014 will buoy GOP establishment, instead of
recognizing it will be all-about anti-BHO, rather than reinforcing a positive-agenda.
[Rush railed against this viewpoint, again, today, praising the TEA Party Movement.]
Mainstream GOP sees tipping point vs. insurgent candidates, but Conservatives are
Ambivalent when watching the Establishment claim credit for a GOP Victory
How Big a Night Will It Be for the GOP? Charlie Cook predicts a seven-seat gain.
GOP on the verge of taking over Senate
The G.O.P.s Likely Victory
Megyn Kelly Goes Bottom Line And Tells Us Why Dems Are Going To Have A Major
Problem In The Election [anti-Obama]
A midterm referendum on Barack Obama
Polls: Obama Dragging Down Dems in Battleground States
FLOTUS: No Matter Who's on the Ballot, Our Community Should Always Vote for Dem

Earnest to Garrett: "Not Wise" To Draw A "Broad Conclusion" of Midterm Election

Krauthammer: "This Is Liberalism On Trial," A "Referendum on Obama's HyperLiberalism"
Chris Matthews: People Are Going To Vote Against Obama Due To His "Loss Of Control"
Planned Parenthood Touted Dems Election Ground Game
Non-Citizen Votes May Have Tipped 2008 Election for Obama
George Will: Medias Seinfeld Election Claim an Effort to Preemptively Deny GOP
Palin: Obama Should Be 'Spanked' for Denigrating Stay-at-Home Moms
Sarah Palin: Take Obama's Offer to Vote Against Him in Midterms
Biden: Dems Will Keep Senate, Americans Agree with Obama on 'Every Single Major
Mainstream Media Dismiss Midterm Election as Democrats Stumble
When Democrats Lose Elections the Media Push to Annihilate the Constitution
[Wisconsin Postal Worker Under Fire as Motives Determined For Throwing Away GOP
Campaign Flyers]
Regarding specific senate-races:
No Labels is trying to take out moderate Democrat Mark Udall of Colorado, per cofounder Bill Galston, because Udall's office refused to work with No Labels [after
months of tensions between No Labels and Senate Democrats].
Republicans and a vote monitor in Boulder County, Colorado, filed a lawsuit Monday
claiming a county clerk and recorder refused to comply with election law by denying
transparency requirements by denying access while mail-in ballots were counted.
In Georgia, Michelle Nunn Still Not Saying if She Would Have Voted for Obamacare
Harkin: I shouldn't have said it [in Iowa, attacking Ernst]
MSNBC: Iowa Voters Definitely Down on Obama, Looks Like Ernst Going To Win
Large national environmental groups, women's organizations and unions are barely
lifting a finger for the embattled Louisianas Landrieu, who has close ties to the oil
industry and supports the state's same-sex marriage ban.

Institutional Left Leaves Landrieu High and Dry

Election-Eve Bombshell Memo Embroils NHs Jeanne Shaheen in IRS Targeting Scandal
Two Answers for a Single Question Reveal How Vastly Different Both Parties View Our
Military; in their final debate before Tuesdays election, the New Hampshire U.S. Senate
candidates doubled down on their messages regarding the U.S.s military involvement in
the Middle East to combat the terrorist regime ISIS [per The Weekly Standard].
Incumbent Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D) lamented the prospect of a prolonged stay in
the Middle East. [I dont think we want tens of thousands of American troops as an
occupying force for sixty years, as weve had in Korea, Shaheen said.] But GOP
challenger Scott Brown shared a very different view of our military of which the
electorate should be proud. [With respect to Senator Shaheen, we are a liberating
force, Brown said in his rebuttal. We are not an occupying force, Senator.]
In Kansas, Orman 'stuck in the middle'
Biden Blew Greg Orman's Cover: He 'Will Be With Us'
Bob Dole Accepted Greg Orman's Apology for Clown-Car Comment, Orman Denies He
In e-mail to Dole, Orman explained the difference between a clown and clown car
NC GOP Accuses Hagan Supporters of Pro-Sean Haugh 'Dirty Tricks'
Regarding a future GOP-controlled Senate:
Mitch McConnell's Vision for a GOP Senate Doesn't Focus on Obama Probes; plans
combination of pointing out the things that we disagree on and the things we can
possibly agree on, while being di0smissive of calls from Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and
other Republicans to open Congressional hearings next year into the executive actions
of the Obama administration.
MIDDLE? [typical lib; instead, what will BHO yield???]
3 Reasons Why Angelina Jolie Would Be a Formidable Candidate
Regarding POTUS-16, Ted Cruz, Accused of Being 'Sidelined' for the Midterms, Showed-Off stumping
Schedule, claiming hes frantically sought after on the campaign trail: Since September, Cruz has been
to 40 fundraisers, rallies, and speeches [half in Texas and half out-of-state, including the crucial primary
states of Iowa, New Hampshire, Florida, and South Carolina]. Also, Ted Cruz won the Battle of the
Houston Subpoenas, inasmuch as Houston Pastors told Mayor Annise Parker not to mess with the
Pulpits of America. Also, Senator Ted Cruz covered the gamut of issues on CNBCs Squawk Box and
Barney Frank Praised Ted Cruz For Position On Gay Marriage. [Meanwhile, a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR
ACCUSED PERRY OF THREATENING GRAND JURY WITNESSES by requesting a transcript of Grand Jury

Testimony and, right-on-cue, Rand Paul said the GOP brand is 'broken.'] {Also noted: Earnest: "A Variety
Of Reasons" Why I Won't Say Biden Is Best Poised To Succeed Obama.}

Jonathan S. Tobin
With the midterm campaign coming down to its last days, its been clear for weeks that
the only way Democrats believe they can save some of their endangered red-state
Senate incumbents is to play the race card. Both Louisianas Mary Landrieu and North
Carolinas Kay Hagan have sought to identify Republicans with racism and even, in
Hagans case, with the killing of Trayvon Martin or the Ferguson, Missouri shooting, in
order to mobilize African-American voters. While these tactics are based on outrageous
slanders, the decision to play the race card is logical if not scrupulous. The coalition that
elected Barack Obama to the presidency twice relies on huge numbers of minorities as
well as young people and unmarried women turning out to vote. The outcome on
Tuesday will be largely dependent on whether that turnout resembles the ones of 2008
and 2012 or that of 2010 when Republicans won a midterm landslide. But whether or
not the Democrats race-baiting tactics succeed, the real question facing the party is
whether they are right to do so. And by that I dont refer to whether the decision to sink
this low is ethical but whether it is smart.
The answer from Democratic operatives eager to preserve the partys Senate majority
as well as to lay the foundation for another smashing presidential win in 2016 would
probably be something along the lines of declaring that alls fair in love, war, and
politics. If getting African-Americans to the polls requires cynically recycling racial
incitement, then so be it. Moreover they see it as no more nor less ethical than
Republican hacks employing concerns over issues like gay marriage or immigration in
order to get their base to turn out.
But just as Republicans have learned the lesson in recent election cycles that excessive
pandering to social conservatives has unforeseen consequences in the form of damaging
blowback with moderates and independents, so, too, Democrats need to be wary of
becoming the party of race incitement.
Waving the bloody shirt of Ferguson seems like a good idea to those who believe, not
wrongly, that many African-Americans view such incidents as evidence of the enduring
legacy of the nations history of racism. But the line between sending subtle hints about
such issues and outright race baiting has clearly been crossed when, as Hagan did,
Republicans are falsely accused of playing a role in killing young African-Americans. Nor
did Landrieu do herself any favors by publicly complaining about the treatment of blacks
and women in the contemporary south.
Both parties desperately need their bases to be enthusiastic about elections if they are
to win. But both also need to remember that winning electoral majorities requires more
than mobilization of true believers. Republicans have become obsessed with appeasing
their core voters and paid for it at times by being slammed, often unfairly, as overly

identified with extremists. But it seems never to occur to Democrats that over-the-top
appeals to their base will exact a cost with the rest of the electorate.
In the past two years, weve heard a great deal of Democratic triumphalism about how
changing demographics will ensure them an unshakable electoral majority for years, if
not decades, to come. But as much as they certainly benefit heavily from the
overwhelming margins they rack up among blacks and Hispanics, the notion that this
alone will create a permanent Democratic hegemony in Washington is spurious. In the
end, all parties must win over the vital center of the American public square. As Ronald
Reagan proved, they need not sacrifice their ideology or their principles to do so. But
when they go too far, they inevitably run aground.
Thats the real danger of a reliance on race baiting for the Democrats. Its not just that
African-Americans will grow tired of such obvious exploitation but that by linking
themselves so firmly with such dubious tactics and extreme rhetoric, they drown out
any reasoned arguments they might put forward for their party.
In 2008 and 2012, Democrats were able to rouse their base with positive messages of
empowerment that revolved around the historic and deeply symbolic candidacies of
Barack Obama while at the same time offering an effective if ultimately spurious
promise of hope and change to the entire country. But in 2014, as Obamas popularity
has waned and then collapsed, they are forced to do verbal gymnastics as candidates
seek to distance themselves from the president and his policies while simultaneously
seeking to appeal to minorities that still revere him with negative race-based slurs about
Thus, even if these tactics work to turn out blacksand it is by no means clear that it
will come anywhere close to the 2012 levels that Democrats desperately needthe
party may be doing itself real damage with the public in ways that will harm their
presidential candidate in 2016. As with other misleading memes they have beat to
death, such as the spurious war on women that Republicans are supposed to be waging,
Democrats are finding that they are fast exhausting the electorates patience and are
running out of ideas. As much as playing the race card seems like a foolproof if unsavory
tactic, it may not be as smart a move as they think it is.

You Don't Need A Poll To Understand How Americans Feel About Obama - This Campaign Stop Says It All
Obama Spoke to Nearly-Empty PA Basketball Venue [Temple U] During Campaign Stop

In no particular order [because I must return to the polls, to close them], ponder these foreign-affairs
BHO said, "We are too small minded to govern our own affairs and we must surrender our individual
rights to the world order."
Obama threatened Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the US may opt not to oppose future
hostile UN Security Council votes, unless Israel accedes to American policy demands
Obama Admin: Palestinians Who Throw Molotov Cocktails at Israelis Are Not Terrorists
Rice Mocked Israeli Ambassador: Hes Too Busy Travelling to Sheldon Adelsons Events
U.S. Dismissed Reports of New American Peace Plan
Watchdog: Insurgency Supporters in Afghanistan Still Receiving U.S. Funds
the Iraq War Became a War on Christians and, thus, supporting Syria's rebels may extinguish Christianity
in its oldest environs.
ISIS Snuffed Out Ancient Christianity
Muslim Persecution of Christians, as of June 2014
Free Syrian Army Consolidating Hold on Israel Border Region
Israeli Arab Sentenced to 22 Months for Fighting with ISIS
Plans to Rebuild Gaza Keep Getting Undermined
Sinai Terror Group Swears Allegiance to Islamic State
Sinai Terrorists Using Gaza as Base
Sinai: Terrorist Presence Becomes Full-Fledged Insurgency
Israel Reopened Gaza Crossings
U.S. Supreme Court Heard Arguments in Israel Passport Case
Obama's pressure only begins with Iran
U.S. Officials Believe It Is Advantageous to Have a Nuclear Iran
Iran Views the Fall of Sana'a, Yemen as "The Fourth Arab Capital in Our Hands"
Iran Poised to Choose Nuclear Power over Economic Prosperity
Arabs were Arrested in Jerusalem for Smashing Headstones in Ancient Jewish Mount of Olives
Jewish Heritage Sites in Arab Countries Face Extinction - Old Jewish synagogues and cemeteries in Syria,
Iraq, Libya and the rest of the Arab world are being turned into mosques or completely destroyed. In
Iraq, Ezekiel's Tomb has been turned into a mosque. Most of the ancient Jewish inscriptions there have
been destroyed or covered with cement. Daniel's Tomb in Mosul was blown up by the Islamic State. In
Syria, the Jobar Synagogue in Damascus, also known as the Prophet Elijah Synagogue, was demolished in
May 2014. In Libya, all memory of Jewish life was almost wiped out under Gadhafi's regime. Cemeteries
were destroyed over the locals' desire to use the tombstones as building materials, and synagogues
were turned into mosques or public buildings.
Sinai Jihadi Group Reportedly Pledges Allegiance to Islamic State
Christian Couple Burned Alive for Blasphemy in Pakistan
Egypt, Gulf Arab Allies Eye Anti-Militant Alliance

Germany Threatened Britain with EU Expulsion over the Migrant Issue [if Cameron insists on adopting
quotas that would limit the number of migrant workers coming to Britain].
Swedish Police Released Report Detailing Control Of 55 No-Go Zones By Muslim Criminal Gangs
Monument to Armenian Genocide Begun at Fresno State
University Instructor: U.S. Troops Worse than the Islamic State
A Smoke Screen for Palestine-Pushers
By Martin Kramer
Whenever criticism is leveled at federal funding for area studies in universities
especially those bias-laden, error-prone Middle East centerssomeone jumps up to
claim that this funding is crucial to the national interest. Now its the turn of Nathan
Brown, a political scientist at George Washington University and current president of
the Middle East Studies Associations (MESA).
Brown claims that federally-funded area studies centers are essential for U.S. policy, a
vital national asset, and often the only sources of knowledge when crises erupt in
unfamiliar places. Theyve done an outstanding job of training Middle East experts,
and political criticism of them threatens the ability of the United States to
understand the world and act effectively in it. If you dont like it that an individual
faculty member offends a supporter of a particular political position on the IsraeliPalestinian conflict, should students of Swahili and teachers of Tagalog be caught in the
crossfire? Should programming that is critical of Israel on some campuses endanger all
funding for international education?
Those are valid question, but theyre posed disingenuously. Here are Browns two main
1. The only people who think that these centers are a vital national asset are the
professors who collect the money. Over the years, there have been a series of
government-sponsored reviews of these Title VI programs (reference is to the
authorizing title of the Higher Education Act), and not one review has concluded that
the programs do anything resembling an outstanding job, especially on languages.
(The last major review, by the National Academies, concluded there was insufficient
information to judge program performance.)
The claim that these centers are often the only sources of knowledge on emerging
trouble spots is just untrue. Thats rarely the case, and as regards the Middle East, its
now never the case. Government has had to assemble the full range of capabilities, from
area expertise to language training, in-house. Thats why the Obama administration
yes, the Obama administration!cut the budget of this vital national asset by 40
percent back in 2011. The only lobbying for Title VI funding comes from within academe

2. The political criticism of Title VI Middle East centers is a response to the rampant
politicization of some of these centers by those who run them, and whove mobilized
them against Israel. This isnt a matter of an individual faculty member here or there.
Its a plague that arises from overall attitudes in the field. Brown knows the problem,
which is why he recently issued a letter to MESAs members effectively imploring them
not to drag the organization into a BDS debate.
One obvious effect has been to drive the study of Israel almost completely out of these
centers, into separately-funded and administered Israel studies programs. Some Title VI
Middle East centers, thus relieved of the burden of fairly presenting Israel, have become
even more blatant purveyors of pro-Palestinian agitprop. This fall, for the first time, half
a dozen Title VI center directors openly pledged to boycott Israeli academe. How might
that impact the centers they administer? No one really knows.
A case can be made for Title VI. Not every Middle East center is a shameful disaster, and
most of the funding goes to centers specializing in other world areas. Brown alludes to
some of these arguments. But his broader defense of the Middle Eastern end of Title VI
is a misleading attempt to throw up a smoke screen for the very people who really
threaten the program: radical professors who treat it as a slush fund to promote their
political causes on campus. If Title VI gets rough treatment in the present
reauthorization, students of Swahili and teachers of Tagalog should know whos at fault:
the Palestine-pushers whove fouled the academic nest with their relentless