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Thi gian lm bi: 180 pht

PART I. LISTENING (15 points)

I. Listen to the recording and complete the notes. Write ONE WORD or A NUMBER
for each answer. (5 points)
Culture and Society

2004, on the global teenager hypothesis (i.e. values of teenagers in

the world are similar)
Is there a global culture?
One special aspect of the study: (1) ____________ in three cultures


(2) __________ high school students.

14-17 years
Three countries: China, Japan, USA


Number of statements: (3) ______________

Three examples of statements:

Statement 1:

It is really true that (4) ______ can make you happy.

Statement 2:

My dream in life is to be able to own (5) _________ things

Statement 3:

Having the right (6) _____is the most important thing in life

Examples of results:
Statement 1:

nationality which agreed most strongly: (7) ________.

Statement 2:

nationality which agreed most strongly: (8) ________.

Statement 3:

nationality which agreed most strongly: (9) ________.

General conclusion:
The global teenager hypothesis is not (10) __________ by this research
More research needed
II. Listen to the recording and complete the notes. Write NO MORE THAN THREE
WORDS or A NUMBER for each answer. (5 points)





Health centre

North Campus

650 charge for

All students within

North Campus

Up to (2) ________

the (1) ______ zone

All students

(3) ______ Campus

consultations free

By phone: call (4)


Sports centre
South Campus
(5) _____ each year All students
III. Listen to the talk and answer the following questions by choosing A, B, C or D. (5
1. What will the head of science probably do?
A. arrange the visit to the festival

B. confirm the school placements

C. provide information about the festival

D. receive confirmation of the school

2. The student teachers should arrange visits that last ___

A. one or two days

B. two or three days

C. all three days

D. more than three days

3. The most important purpose of festival visits is to ___

A. get better exam grades

B. create enthusiasm for science

C. enable students to have fun

D. help students realize the benefit of scientific inventions
4. The central features of our scientific age are ___
A. inventions and improvements

B. interesting and unusual events

C. interest and enthusiasm for science

D. occasional and unusual events

5. What kind of specialists are teaching Math?

A. physicists

B. biologists

C. chemists

D. businessman


I. Choose the word or phrase that best completes each sentence. Write your answer
(A, B, C or D) in the numbered box. (10 points)
1. Anns encouraging words gave me ____ to undertake the demanding task once again.
A. a point

B. an incentive

C. a resolution

D. a target

2. We are going to build a fence around the field with ____ to breeding sheep and cattle
A. a goal

B. an outlook

C. a reason

D. a view

3. He sat in a soft armchair and watched the world _____.

A. go by

B. pass on

C. walk along

D. fly past

4. The doctor _____ all night with the patients in the hospital.
A. sat out

B. sat up

C. sat in

D. sat on

5. You'd better not place a bet on Stallion. In my opinion, the horse doesn't _____ a
chance of winning the race.
A. win

B. stand

C. rise

6. - How do you like your beefsteak done?

A. Very much

B. Not any

D. play

- _____.
C. Very little

D. Rare

7. If it hadnt been for the hint that the professor ___, nobody would have found out the
correct answer.
A. dropped

B. cast

C. threw

D. flung

8. The international conference of the Craniological Association has been ____ in Cairo to
discuss the revolutionary discovery of Doctor Gonzales from Mexico.
A. deployed

B. collected

C. mobilized

D. summoned

9. His parents have always wanted Philip to set a good ____ to his younger brothers both
at school and at home.
A. form

B. model

C. pattern

D. guidance

10. We have to __the hard times hoping that things will charge for the better in the future.
A. maintain

B. endure

C. persist

D. outlive

11. Alex was ____ enough on becoming a professional sportsman and he didnt want to
listen to anyone elses advice.
A. intent

B. eager

C. definite

D. certain

12. What is the verdict of the report? Has the cause of the catastrophe been _____ yet?
A. specified

B. informed

C. accounted

D. judged

13. Anything he does is in _with the law and thats why I have suggested him for the post
A. compliance

B. obedience

C. commitment

D. responsibility

14. Beyond all ____, it was Alice who gave away our secret.

A. fail

B. conclusion

C. dispute

D. contradiction

15. Patrick is too ____ a gambler to resist placing a bet on the final game.
A. instant

B. spontaneous

C. compulsive

D. continuous

16. What you are saying is quite ____, so give us, please, more details on the situation
A. famous

B. accustomed

C. obvious

D. familiar

17. Its not easy to make Stanley furious, the boy is very gentle by ____
A. himself

B. personality

C. reaction

D. nature

18. Ever since we quarreled in the office, Janice and I have been _____ enemies.
A. assured

B. confirmed

C. defined

D. guaranteed

19. He seemed very quiet, but it would be a mistake to ______ his intelligence.
A. devalue

B. depreciate

C. underrate

D. minimize

20. The jury _____ her compliments on her excellent knowledge of the subject.
A. paid

B. gave

C. made

D. said

Your answers:
II. There are ten mistakes in the following passage. Find and correct them. Write
your answers in the space provided below. (5 points)
One of the main problems faces the environmental movement is that it may become a
victim on its own success. It is now generally accepted that issues such as global warming
needs to be dealt with seriously, and that the Scandinavian forests are being destroyed
thank to the effects of acid rain. Views as these have now become an accepted part of the
politic scene, and consumers are constant bombarded like with green or environmental
friendly products. But, this does not mean that environmentally groups can now afford to
relax. In the contrary, a green movement must consider how the momentum will be
sustained when the current enthusiastic has passed. The environment must not be allowed
to fade from people minds, because the process of ecological collapse has already been set
in train, and so far very few has been done to reverse it
Your answers:


III. Complete each sentence with a suitable particle or preposition. Write your
answers in the numbered spaces provided. (5 points)
1. He never told us he was Italian and that his real name was Franco. We all knew him
____ the name of Eddie.
2. When the police discovered his history of drunk driving, they took ___his driver's
3. We are in ____ a lot of trouble unless George manages to repair the radio station.
4. Before you go and check your abilities ____ practice, you must learn to follow the
traffic regulations.
5. There are plenty of exceptions _____ this view in this country.
6. Richard the Third wasnt the only king who died ______ battle.
7. The Greenpeace movement is going to launch another campaign _____ whaling.
8. You should have asked Tom to install the pipe in your bathroom. He is very clever ____
every kind of mutual work.
9. The police arrived immediately after the call and caught the burglar ____ the spot.
10. The Browns and their neighbors were examined at the police station in connection
____ the burglaries in the district.
Your answers:
.. .. .. ..
.. .. .. ..
IV. Write the correct form of the words given in the brackets. Write your answers
in the spaces provided below. (5 points)

1. Mary has no practical experience in treating sick animals. She only has (book)
_____knowledge of the subject.
2. Will the Euro sport channel provide any (cover) __for the approaching Tour de France?
3. I think Arnold is (use) ______ hid great musical talent by signing in a country band. He
should have become an opera soloist.
4. The residential districts (habit) ______ by the Pakistani families are subsidized by the
5. Write a paragraph about Tet Holiday (person) ______, that is, as though you are not
involved in the Holiday.
6. Patricias skill in playing the piano is quite (compare) ______. No other child in this
group can play the difficult pieces with similar mastery.
7. Politeness is one thing. Real kindness is another. You must learn to (different) ___
between the two.
8. Janes been granted a one year (school) ______ at one of the most renowned
universities in Europe.
9. His disappearance is very strange, in fact, quite (explain) ______.
10. The witness claimed she was capable of discovering the mans evil intentions from the
(murder) _______ look in his eyes.
Your answers:
V. Fill in each numbered blank

.. .. ..
.. .. ..
with ONE appropriate word. Write your answers in

the spaces provided below. (10 points)

In many Western countries, girls are more (1) ___ to smoke than boys. It's the girls who
want to look "tough and grown-up." The result is that (2) ___ lung cancer in American
men has fallen for the first time in 50 years, the disease is (3) ___ in women. The decrease
in the disease among men is attributed to a decrease in smoking among men since the
government's first warning of a (4) ___ between cigarettes and disease in 1964. On the

other hand, lung cancer is now expected to overtake breast cancer (5) ___ the principal
fatal cancer among women. (6) ___ your son or daughter is a non-smoker, there is another
good reason for rejecting a smoker as a life-long mate. Smokers don't just ruin their own
health by (7) ___ up. They are a menace to (8) ___ Second-hand smoke is lethal. As the
18th report on smoking by the United States Surgeon General: "Involuntary smoking is a
cause of disease, including lung cancer, in healthy non-smokers." (9) ___ to the report, at
home, the children of parents who smoke (10) ___ the effects in their respiratory systems.
Smokers make their own kids sick.
Your answers:
PART III. READING (30 points)




I. Read the text below and decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each space.
Write your answer (A, B, C or D) in the numbered box. (10 pts)
If you ask anyone who invented television, they will tell you that it was John Logie Baird.
While Baird was, of course, extremely important in the history of television, it would be
more (1) _____ to see his role as part of a (2) _____ of events which finally led to television
as we know it today.
The history of television really begins in 1817 with the discovery by Berzelius, a Swedish
chemist, of the chemical selenium. It was found that the amount of electric current that
selenium could carry (3) ____ on how much light struck it.
This discovery directly led to G. R. Carey, an American inventor, (4) _____ up with the
first real television system in 1875. His system used selenium to transmit a picture along
wires to a row of light bulbs. This picture was not very clear, however.
Over the next few years, a number of scientists and inventors simplified and improved on
Carey's system. It was not (5) _____ 1923 that Baird made the first practical transmission.
Once again, the picture was (6) _____ through wires, but it was much clearer than Carey's
had been almost fifty years (7) _____.

The Second World War (8) _____the development of television. After the war, television (9)
_____ began to flood the market, with the first mass TV audience watching the baseball
World Series in the USA in 1947. Within a few years, television had captured the (10) _____
of the whole world.
1. A. particular

B. accurate

C. specific

D. real

2. A. connection

B. cycle

C. link

D. chain

3. A. resulted

B. affected

C. depended

D. relied

4. A. going

B. making

C. coming

D. doing

5. A. until

B. after

C. up to

D. then

6. A. pushed

B. sent

C. transferred

D. transported

7. A. ago

B. before

C. after

D. later

8. A. abandoned

B. cancelled

C. delayed

D. waited

9. A. sets

B. boxes

C. machines

D. models

10. A. observation

B. awareness

C. notice

D. attention

Your answers:
II. Read the passage below and

.. .. ..
.. .. ..
choose the best answer to each question. Write your

answer (A, B, C or D) in the numbered box. (10 points)

Reading to oneself is a modern activity which was almost unknown to the scholars of the
classical and medieval words, while during the fifteenth century the term reading
undoubtedly meant reading aloud. Only during the nineteenth century did silent reading
become commonplace.
One should be wary, however, of assuming that silent reading, came about simply because
reading aloud was a distraction to others. Examinations of factors related to the historical
development of silent reading have revealed that it became the usual mode of reading for
most adults mainly because the tasks themselves changed in character.
The last century saw a steady gradual increase in literacy and thus in the number of
readers. As the number of readers increases, the number of potential listeners decline and

thus there was some reduction in the need to read aloud. As reading for the benefit of
listeners grew less common, so came the flourishing of reading as a private activity in
such public places as libraries, railway carriages and offices, where reading aloud would
cause distraction to other readers.
Towards the end of the century, there was still considerable argument over whether books
should be used for information or treated respectfully and over whether the reading of
materials such as newspapers was in some mentally weakening. Indeed, this argument
remains with us still in education. However, whatever its virtues, the old shared literacy
culture had gone and was replaced by the printed mass media on the one hand and by
books and periodicals for a specialized readership on the other.
By the end of the twentieth century, students were being recommended to adopt attitudes
to books and to use reading skills which were inappropriate, if not impossible, for the oral
The social, cultural and technological changes in the century had greatly altered what the
term reading implied.
1. Reading aloud was more common in the medieval world because______
A. people relied on reading for entertainment.
B. silent reading had not been discovered
C. there were few places available for private reading
D. few people could read to themselves.
2. The word commonplace in the first paragraph mostly means ______ .
A. for everybodys use

B. most preferable.

C. attracting attention

D. widely used

3. The development of silent reading during the last century indicated______

A. an increase in the average age of readers. B. an increase in the number of books.
C. a change in the nature of reading

D. a change in the status of literate people.

4. Silent reading, especially in public places, flourished mainly because of______

A. the decreasing need to read aloud

B. the development of libraries

C. the increase in literacy

D. the decreasing number of listeners


5. It can be inferred that the emergence of the mass media and specialized reading
materials was an indication of_____
A. a decline of standards of literacy

B. a change in the readers interest

C. an alteration in educationalists attitudes D. an improvement of printing techniques

6. The phrase a specialized readership in paragraph 4 mostly means ______
A. a requirement for readers in a particular area of knowledge
B. a limited number of readers in a particular area of knowledge
C. a reading volume for particular professionals.
D. a status for reader specialized in mass media.
7. The phrase oral reader in the last paragraph mostly means a person who______
A. is good at public speaking

B. practices reading to an audience

C. takes part in an audition

D. is interested in spoken language

8. All of the following might be the factors that effected the continuation of the old shard
literacy culture EXCEPT ____
A. the inappropriate reading skills

B. the specialized readership

C. the diversity of reading materials .

D. the print mass media

9. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE according to the passage?

A. Reading aloud was more common in the past than it is today
B. Not all printed mass media was appropriate for reading aloud
C. The decline of reading aloud was wholly due to its distracting effect
D. The change in reading habits was partly due to the social, cultural and technological
10. The writer of this passage is attempting to______
A. explain how reading habits have developed

B. change peoples attitudes to reading

C. show how reading methods have improved

D. encourage the growth of reading

Your answers:





III. Choose the most appropriate heading from the list A- G for each part (1-5) of the
article. There is one extra heading which you do not need to use. The first has been
done as example. (5 points)
Lists of Heading
A. Stay calm

B. Be organized

C. Vary the way you revise

D. Remembering the difficult bits

E. Write down the main points

F. Reward yourself

G. Set yourself targets

0 _______G_____
Its always good to know what youre aiming for, so that you know if and when you get
there. By having an aim for each week, or even each day, it will help you check your
progress and show you if you need to change your plans.
1. ___________
Rather than have to work through masses of notes very time you revise something, try
nothing down things you want to remember on a piece of paper. It doesnt seem as much
to learn that way, but it makes sure you dont miss out anything important. Once youve
learnt the main points, rewrite them on another piece of paper without looking at your
2. _____________
There is nothing worse than being disorganized. If you have a plan and stick to it, you
wont end up cramming all your revision into the last few hours!. Make a list of your
exams and what you need to learn beforehand, and then drew up a timetable covering all
the topics. You can then work out what you need to do on a weekly basis and when you
are going to do it.
3. ______________
By now

youll probably have discovered the method of revision which suits you best.

But every now and then it might be helpful to try a different method. You could try
working with a group of friends, or using a different book which covers things from a new
angle. Whatever it is, just try something different occasionally.

4. ______________
Some things are almost impossible to remember, so you may need to do something
unusual to help you remember. Try writing them down in large letters and bright colors
and sticking them on the fridge, on a mirror or on the bathroom door. Try recording them
onto a cassette and keep playing it back to yourself- on a personal stereo if you have got
5 . ______________
Not too many people like exams and most of us get nervous. But if youve followed your
plan and put the effort into revising, then there is not need to worry or panic. Hopefully
these tips will have helped you. Give it your best shot- thats all that anyone can expect of
Your answers:





.. .. .. ..
IV. Read the following text and then choose from A-F the best phrase to fill each of
the blank. One of the suggested answers does not fit at all. (5 points)
Hay fever is the most common allergy there is. It is widespread among children and
teenagers, you are also prone to hay fever if you have another allergy and, like other
allergies, it seems to run in families. Whats more its on the increase- studies throughout
Europe show a steady growth in the number of sufferers in the past 20 years.
Hay fever has little to do with hay. Its actually caused by pollen from trees, grasses and
weeds (1) ___. When sufferers come into contact with pollen-laden air, their immune
system starts working overtime which is dispersed into the air during spring and summer
which trigger all the classic hay fever symptoms- a stuffy, runny nose, sneezing, an itchy
or sore throat and watery eyes. Although the hay fever season peaks in June and July,
some people are allergic to trees pollens releases in February and March (2) ___.
Weather is all-important. It determines when hay fever season starts (3) ___.The cooler
and drier the spring, the later the season. Pollen counts are lower on dull, damp days- (4)
___- and higher on hot, dry days. Wind dilutes pollen, so sufferers should make for the
coast where sea breezes blow the pollen away. Mountain regions are another haven (5)

___. Cities also have lower pollen counts than country areas. In low-lying grassland
regions the counts can be five times higher than in cities, although theres now evidence
that city pollutants can bring on hay fever symptoms.
A. and others react to weed pollens that are around from spring to autumn
B. when less pollens is lifted off the plants
C. and how much pollen is in the air each day
D. as their climate and altitude keep counts low
E. although they often grow out of it
F. which can make the problem worse
Your answers:





.. .. .. ..
PART IV: WRITING (20 marks)
I. Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the
sentence printed before it. (5 points)
1. My brother works better when he is pressed for time.
The less..........
2. The team is the same as it was for last Sundays match.


3. There arent any other books that explain this problem so well.
_ In few .............
4. Math was my worst subject at school.
There was............
5. It wasnt my fault that she lost the money.
Through ..........
II. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first
sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. (5 points)
1. More rubbish is being recycled as a result of people's greater environmental awareness.

As they .. more rubbish.

2. They plan to demolish this building in the near future.


This building ................................................ soon.

3. It's very difficult to hear the difference between their voices on the phone. apart
Its very difficult ......................... on the phone.
4. Global travel is on the increase.


There are . around the world.

5. Books are just as popular nowadays as they used to be.


There books.
III. Write a paragraph about the quantities of a good teacher ( 200 words) (10pts)