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Bauan National Agricultural and Vocational High School

San Agustin, Bauan, Batangas

1. Listed below are some life skills, which any tech voc student needs to develop. Please choose five from
the list, which your school/division is emphasizing by checking the appropriate space. In case there are
other life skills you are focusing on, please indicate on the blank provided.
( ) Nurturing relationships
( ) Concern for others
( ) Conflict resolution
( / ) Cooperation
( ) Planning/organizing
( / ) Wise use of resources
( ) Critical thinking
( ) Problem solving
( ) Stress management
( ) Healthy lifestyle choices
( ) Managing feelings
( / ) Self-discipline
( / ) Marketable skills
( ) Self-motivation
( ) Community service volunteering
( / ) Responsible citizenship
( ) Others
2. How are those skills integrated in the Tech Voc curriculum?

Through the practice of group activities or team-building Cooperation is being integrated in the
Tech-Voc curriculum. Though STVEP is mainly characterized by Individual Instruction and Individual
Learning cooperation is employed to address the issue of shortage in resources. Cooperation among
group members is evident with planning and organizing to arrive at the targeted result. Every member is
challenged to work collaboratively to have correct output. Each member is responsible for the success of
the group. Every group activity is an individual experience for a life-long learning.
Wise Use of Resources
Wise utilization of resources as integrated in the Tech-Voc Curriculum is evident when students
make use of limited resources in achieving their outputs. The trainee-student is taught on being thrifty
and economical without jeopardizing the quality of output.

Appropriate values towards work are highly emphasized in Tech-Voc curriculum. Studenttrainees are taught with proper human relations. Self-discipline is manifested in a patron-trainee
relationship during laboratory works (as in Cosmetology).
Marketable Skills
Students are trained on how to make their outputs/products and services salable to the targeted
market. Students undergo assessment by the TESDA and given the NCII certificate which is a proof of their
competence in their field of specialization.
Responsible Citizenship
Students are not only taught with the skills but the right attitude towards work, to their teachers
and workmates. This serves as their preparation to the real world of work after completing their study.

3. How are those skills taught in your school?

The students and teachers have adopted the innovation of technology. Outputs and activities are based
on the needs of the workplace. There is an integration of values. There is also an introduction of the
higher order thinking skills activities to measure the level of knowledge and skills.

4. How are those skills assessed? How do you know if you are successful in developing the skills?

Using rubrics, performance criteria, evidence plan, are some of the criteria. The method to assess
those skills if there is a transformation between basic skills competencies to core skills competencies
among students. If students are ready enough to embark on a competitive world or global arena. If when
students have passed on the assessment given by the TESDA and have attained a certain level of

Submitted by:
Principal III

5. What best practices are you implementing in integrating those skills in the Tech-Voc Curriculum,
teaching-learning, and assessment?