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Course on

‘Mergers & Acquisitions: Issues and Techniques in

24th – 26th August, 2009
The NADT warmly welcomes the participants of the Course on ‘Mergers &
Acquisitions: Issues and Techniques in Assessment’! We are happy about this
opportunity to host this and are leaving nothing to chance in ensuring that your
stay and other arrangements made are rewarding and stimulating. Please let us
know by calling Extension No. 250 if anything is amiss or additionally required.

About the Course: This Course is in line with the Department’s concerted moves
to deepen its core areas of competencies and expertise towards attaining its goals
of tax revenue and taxpayer service maximization. It seeks to examine what
Mergers and Acquisition deals mean to investors and to the Department by
discussing the forces that drive companies to buy or merge with others, or to split-
off or sell parts of their own businesses. Knowing the different ways in which these
deals are executed will help one know if should cheer or weep when a company
one owns buys another company – or is bought by one. And seen against the
backdrop of Mittal Steel acquiring Arcelor, Tatas acquiring Corus and Vodafone
acquiring Essar-Hutchison, Indian M & A deals have come to assume international
ramifications, resulting in International Taxation, Transfer Pricing and Tax Treaty
related issues. These need to be beneficially debated and analyzed. As a
Departmental officer, one also needs to be aware of the tax consequences – for
companies and for investors – so that understanding dawns in respect of the
accounting, financial and statutory meanders that result from M & A deals. These
will help reduce malpractice, detect income concealment and minimize tax
evasion. One also needs to understand from a more holistic viewpoint, how these
impact the various entities and sectors within the national economic matrix, and
what tax angles result from such multiplier effects and need to be investigated and

The Course is slated to occupy a timeframe of 3 days from 24th August to 26th
August, 2009 and will be inaugurated by Shri M. Tirumala Kumar, Addl. Director
General – II, NADT between 10.00 AM to 10.30 AM on 24th August, 2009 at the
Central Hall, Ground Floor, Faculty Building, NADT.
Accommodation: Arrangements for accommodation of the participants
have been made in the officers’ hostels, viz., Takshashila & Nalanda at
NADT. Food will be served in the Officer's Mess. The timing of the Mess will
be as under:

Breakfast: 08:30 A M - 10:00 A M; Lunch: 01:30 P M - 02:30 P M: Dinner : 08:00 P M

to 10:00 P M
The participants will be provided with tea in their rooms in the morning and
evening. Provisions for room attendants in the hostel have been made from
06:00 AM to 09:30 AM and 06:00 PM to 10:00 PM. The tariffs and other
payables during the stay are as follows:

A flat sum of Rs. 500/Rs. 300/Rs. 200 per person per day will be
payable towards mess charges for Chief Commissioners/Commissioners,
Addl./Jt. Commissioners and Dy./Asst. Commissioners, as the case may be,
respectively. Billing is done on this basis, irrespective of whether food is
actually taken or not. Rs. 40 per day per person will also be required to be
paid towards room rent.

All participants are also required to make the following contribution to the
Welfare Fund and the same will be collected by the Caretaker of the

For Stay up to 2 days: Rs. 50/- For Stay from 3 to 5 days: Rs. 100/- For Stay
above 5 days: Rs. 200/-

All are requested to make the necessary payments and settle their
dues before leaving.

Other facilities: The facilities of the NADT library are available to all the
resource persons and participants. The library has about 40,000 books on
various subjects. Any participant may take two books at a time and are
requested to ensure that the books are returned before the end of the
course. The C. C. Ganapathy Indoor Complex that houses a Health Club and
facilities for other indoor games is open to all resource persons/participants
from 06:00 PM to 09:00 PM.
NB : Participants are requested to please switch off their mobile
phones in the lecture hall. They are also expected to attend all sessions
and maintain punctuality, discipline and decorum. NADT also has renovated
archives that depict the rich history of training in the Income Tax
Department. All are requested to visit the archives.