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I Apprerciation of God's Plarn for the Family ]

Goals: To realize that God has a special plan for our families
To g:ive tire members a picture of a Ohristian family


1. Before: the ;ectivily starts, tt'e iPl-1/Speaker ':an hide the drawings

of the
thr area
drawirrgs otr'a forrndation of a house, pot, :ihe hillf of a pair of slippers,

6 missing c'bject in



stair steps)
The iF'Hlspr:aker will then distribute to each member a given picturer of:


A house without a dor:r

A flovyer wr,thout a


A slipper u'ithout a pair

Stairs;with broken steps

A house lacking one 0f its oundation

The rnembr:rs will be given 5 rninubs to look for the drawn missing
object,s around the area.




H/Speaker will lead them tc grorrp disicussron.

Guide Questions,:
1. Horl do you see youir families? ls it lacking in scme things?
2. What do you think will make it "perfect" or "com'plete"?
The game ear ier allowed us io see pictures of things that wera not
complete. Just lik.e what ycu shared, the pictures are symbolisms of trings
that may be lacking in your f,amily


A house withc,ut a door there,

flr) serrse of openness among the

family members, good coxmunication an;ong them is not establis;hed
A flcrwer lvithout a pot - not grciunded/rooted on Christ
A slipper without a pair incomplr;te parentr; or incomplete parent


Stai-s with brcrken steps

- brokenness by among family members,

con{licts the family is dealing with

A house lacking one of its foundation - lack of love

- no sense of


You were all asked how you think your families will be perfect and
cornplete. lt is GoC who can do it for us. When Hrl created our farnilies, He
had a beautiful plan in mind,
A family that nurtures us with Christian values
A family that is a source of love and care
A family that promotes heal ng


God' purpose for us is to respect our fiather and mother. God's

purpose for our parents is to protec;t, provide, pastor and love us. Flight now,
our families may be completely diflerent from the picture perfect family. lt

may be different f,rrm the ideal family shown to us through the family of
Joseph, Mary and,esus.
This doesn't mean that we should be ashamed of our families or be
hurt when they don t act the way that we want them to. We must all rcmember
that God has a plan and we must hang on to His promise. God will slowly flx
our families as we iive day by day What we can do now is to start F,raying for
it. t-et us pray to God and ask for the grace to understand our familiers, and be
palient in waiting for the fulfillment of His plan for our families.

Action Plan:
List 3 concrete things that you will do to help your family become
Christian family. Pray for God's grac,e as you try to act on those things.