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Visa Application Pack for India

Dear Traveller(s),
Monarch Holidays has recommended CIBTvisas to assist you in applying for your visa(s).
Please ensure you read the following information thoroughly. To complete your visa application you will need to:

Use the instructions in this Visa Application Pack as a guide to help you gather your application documents.
Send your application documents to CIBTvisas (we recommend you retain copies for your records).

On receipt of your application, should you provide an email address, we will email you a confirmation of receipt. If further
information or additional documents are required, we will contact you accordingly. Applicants are encouraged to provide a valid
email address so as to receive the automated progress updates.
If you have questions, our visa consultants are available by email at info@cibtvisas.co.uk or by calling 0207 963 3873. When
contacting us, please mention that you are travelling with Monarch Holidays.
The information in this Visa Application Pack pertains to British Citizens. Foreign nationals should contact CIBTvisas for visa
information for their nationality.

CIBTvisas is committed to processing your order quickly, securely and as easily for you as possible. We appreciate your business
and look forward to being of service.

Visa Application Requirements

You Have Requested:

Requirements For:
Type Of Visa:
Traveller Nationality:
Account Number:
Information Valid As Of:

Tourist, Multiple Entry, Up to Six Months
United Kingdom
Monday, November 03, 2014

Important Information:
Consular Closings
The Embassy is closed on 6th November.
Processing Fees
The India Visa Application Centre provides a mandatory SMS notification service to all visa applications. This is
charged at 1.33 + VAT per application and is in addition to the consular and VFS fees quoted.

You Need To Provide:

The applicant's actual passport. The passport must:
Have at least two blank visa pages
Be valid for at least 180 days beyond exit date
Upload your photo with our Digital Photo Service and we will print it to the exact specifications required for
this visa. Follow http://cibtvisas.co.uk/photo-service.php to upload your photo. The cost of this service will be
Two Indian passport sized colour photographs. The photographs must:
Measure 5cm x 5cm excluding the borders
Have a white background
Be taken within the last six months
Be identical
CIBTvisas can assist with resizing your standard passport type photographs. Please indicate on the
Order Form if you would like to use this service.
You Need To Fill Out:
Visa Application Form
One fully completed and signed application form. The form must be completed online
at https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/ then printed, signed and sent to CIBTvisas with all your other
application documents. For more details, please see the separate instructions sheet contained in this Visa
CIBTvisas can assist with completing your Visa Application Form online on your behalf. Complete
the enclosed version of the Visa Form and indicate on the Order Form if you would like to use the
transcription service. Please allow up to an additional 10 working days for this process.
Letter of Authorisation
A letter of authorisation permitting CIBTvisas to submit and collect the applicant's visa application is required.
This letter must include the applicant's original signature and can be found within the CIBTvisas Application

Visa Application Requirements

This May Pertain To You:

Processing Time
Visa approval will be sought from officials in India for applicants of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, Iraq,
Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia or Sri Lanka origin (regardless of current nationality). The processing time
for these applicants may be several months and travellers are advised not to finalise travel plans until the
visa has been obtained.

Applicants who are self-employed, lawyers, researchers, commercial pilots or applicants with occupations in
the media, the army, the health service, the civil service, the police, charity organisations and members of
the clergy must also submit a letter of undertaking (this is a short, typed letter, on company letterhead,
addressed to the India High Commission, signed and dated by the applicant's supervisor/manager. The
letter should confirm that the sole purpose of travel to India is tourism and the applicant will not be
representing the company/organisation). These applicants are likely to be issued a single entry tourist
visa, valid for one to three months. Additional documents may be requested and the processing time can
be considerably longer.
Under Indian law people of Indian origin who have acquired foreign nationality are required to surrender
their Indian passport to the High Commission of India before submitting their visa applications. Please
contact CIBTvisas for further details of this process prior to submitting your application.
Travellers visiting restricted areas in India will be required to submit additional documents and are advised
to discuss their application with their tour operator prior to submission.

Applications should be submitted to CIBTvisas no earlier than 3 months prior to the date of entry into India.
Applicants under 16 years of age must submit additional documents. Please enquire with CIBTvisas prior to
sending your application
Dual Nationals
Applicants born outside of the UK and holding dual nationality must apply on the passport of their country of
birth. Applicants whose other passport is a UK passport must supply a copy of the information page of their
passport but do not need to supply utility bills.
Cruise Passengers
Applicants must supply proof of travel arrangements. These must be provided as:
A copy of the itinerary showing the applicant's name
A copy of the booking confirmation showing the applicant's name

Visa Application Requirements

Processing Fees:
India Tourist
5 Working Days
Consular Fee
CIBTvisas Fee

excl. VAT

incl. VAT



Consular fees and CIBTvisas fees are charged per traveller. CIBTvisas fees and third party fees are subject to
VAT charges. Where applicable, third party fees are included in the Consular fee quoted.
The total price of your order will depend on the services you select, the number of travellers and the
number of business days you allow to have your order processed.
The discounted pricing (as listed above) is available to you when you send your application to
CIBTvisas at least 8 business days prior to the date you require your passport(s) to be
Despatch and Delivery Method:
To CIBTvisas
To make sure that your visa is the correct validity and you receive your passport in time for travel, CIBTvisas
recommend that you apply as soon as possible but no earlier than 90 days prior to entry into India.
We recommend that items be sent to us via Royal Mail Special Delivery or other secure and trackable delivery
services. CIBTvisas is open from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm to receive completed applications.
Send to:
By Royal Mail Special Delivery
By Courier
Special Services
Special Services
Skyline House
PO BOX 61745
200 Union Street
London, SW1V 1UT
London, SE1 0LX
From CIBTvisas
CIBTvisas will despatch your documents by DX Secure Mail (deliveries take place Monday to Friday, between
9am and 6pm) unless you have selected another method. Additional charges apply for international shipping,
weekend, same day, timed and after hours deliveries. Please do not send pre-addressed, pre-paid Royal Mail
Special Delivery envelopes to CIBTvisas for the return of your passport(s).
CIBTvisas Customer Care:
CIBTvisas Customer Care specialists are available to assist you with your application or questions on your
order. Contact CIBTvisas by email at info@cibtvisas.co.uk or by calling 0207 963 3873. You should receive a
response to your emailed queries within 2 hours during normal business hours although complex or unusual
enquiries may take longer.
CIBTvisas Terms and Conditions:
CIBTvisas will make every effort to secure the visa or visas you require for your trip, and for the date
requested. However, it is important that when we return your passport and documents to you, that you
verify that all the visas you require for your trip have been obtained, that the visas for each country you
intend to visit are valid for the dates of your visit, and that your passport is valid for the appropriate time you
are abroad. The responsibility of applying for the correct type of visa, validity and number of entries lies with
the applicant. By engaging CIBTvisas you agree that the sole remedy against CIBTvisas for damages in
connection with the failure to obtain a requested visa or visas shall be the return of the service fee charged
(up to a maximum of 250). The fees quoted on the visa pack are correct as of the date of production but
the total fees charged may vary. Days on which an embassy or consulate is closed are not considered
"business" or "working" days. Embassy fees, postage fees, processing times and requirements are subject to
change without notice. The application form contained in this visa pack may be valid for use only through
CIBTvisas. Cancellations incur a 20+VAT surcharge per person. CIBTvisass full terms and conditions can be
found at: http://www.cibtvisas.co.uk/terms-of-use.php

Online application form - Instructions

The form must be completed online at: http://www.indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa

(please read the instructions below as they will help you complete the application form online correctly)
If you prefer to complete the form by hand, please use the application form contained in this pack. CIBTvisas will then
transcribe the form online for you. The additional cost of this service will be 19+VAT per person. The form will be sent back to
you in order for you to sign and return to CIBTvisas. Please allow at least an extra two weeks for processing.

General Notes:

The India Mission on the top of the page is UK-LONDON (select this from the drop down menu).
All questions with an asterisk must be answered.
British Citizens should select UNITED KINGDOM as nationality.
Please enter NA where this may be the case (i.e.: if you are "retired" and have no employer details).
Education: if none of the options apply, please select "Professional".
Please select Tourist / 6 Months / Multiple Entry.
Previous India visas: if you have travelled to India perviously but do not have the previous Visa Number readily available,
please input "unknown" or "visa in previous passport". You must provide a Date of Issue (even if approximate).
When asked for parents names please enter their full names and surnames and nationality (you must provide their
details even if they are deceased; do not write deceased).
Please do not enter your email address or mobile number when completing the form online.
Applicants with a hyphenated surname should leave a blank space between each surname as opposed to entering a
If your religion does not appear in the options, select "Other" and type your religion in the box which appears.
If the applicant is a "housewife", select "spouse" from the options and type the employment details of the other spouse
in the box which appears.
You must supply the full contact details of one referee in the UK (it can be a relative, friend, neighbour, etc).
The referee in India cannot be the British High Commission. Please provide the full hotel details, or name of the
receiving tour operator or port agent (for cruises). Your tour operator/cruise line will be able to assist you with this
Press Continue at the bottom of each page.
Some of the answers you type online may not appear on the printed form (for example, the point of exit). This is
normal. Please do not add information which may seem to be missing onto the form. Also, the online form will not ask
you for hotel details and section H of the application form will print blank.
Once you have answered and reviewed all questions, please click on "Verified & Continue", then on the new page click
on No then print form. Do not hit the "refresh" or "back" buttons in your browser.
Please do not book an appointment nor make a payment online.
Print the application form on two separate sheets, sign (in the spaces on page 1 and on page 2) using a black ink pen
and send to CIBTvisas with your Order Form.
It is absolutely essential that both signatures on the form (in the box on the front and across the dots at the bottom of
the second page) match the one shown in your passport.
The completed online application form will usually expire after 4 weeks; please complete shortly before you submit your

Should you spot any mistakes after you have printed the application form, you cannot amend these; instead, you will have to
start a completely new application form (this will not affect the success of your application).
Do not use a pen to add answers which appear to be missing. Any handwriting on the printed form will invalidate
the application form.

If you are completing the application form online, please discard the "manual" application form which follows as the content and
sequence of questions may differ from the online form.








Manual Visa Application Form to be used with CIBT only

You only have to complete this form by hand, if you are not completing it online

Please see the instructions sheet contained in this visa pack





















Town & Country of Birth






Six Months








Letter of Authorisation
Date: ____________________

Dear Sir/Madam,

This letter is to confirm that I, _________________________________________________________

(Full Name of Applicant)
Date of birth ______/______/______, Passport number_____________________________________

give permission to the _______________________________________________________________
agency to submit and collect my processed passport for Indian Visa from India Visa Application
Centres operated by VFS.

Yours faithfully,

___________________________ (Applicants Signature)

___________________________ (Applicants Name)

Visa Order Form


This Order Form must be submitted to CIBTvisas with your documents

Applicant Information

Traveller 1

Traveller 2

Name & Surname

Passport Number
Passport Expiry Date
Date of Birth

Contact Information (the person CIBTvisas will contact to discuss the visa application, if required)
Contact Name
Phone Number
Email address (mandatory if collecting from CIBTvisas)
Services Required

Entry Date

Exit Date

Costs Per Person (Circle to indicate service required)

Visa Type

# of entries


Multiple Entry

Optional Services
Indian Photo Resize: 12.5+VAT

Consular fee: 92.20
CIBT Handling fee: 38.14+VAT

Indian Form Fill:


Return Instructions (do not enter an address if you wish to collect in person from CIBTvisas)

DX Secure Mail (UK Only): 12.45+VAT


International Courier: 55+VAT

Collection From CIBTvisas

Post Code
Date you require your passport(s) back by:
("ASAP" is not acceptable)


Payment - a 3.9% payment processing fee is applied to all credit card payments (but not to debit card payments) - CIBTvisas does not accept payment by cheque or cash
Name On Card

Card Number

Start Date

Expiry Date

Issue Number


I authorise CIBTvisas to charge a variable amount to my card. I confirm I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions as detailed at http://www.cibtvisas.co.uk/terms-ofuse.php


Please note: CIBTvisas highly recommends the Passport Replacement Service. If you lose your current passport, CIBTvisas will assist you in obtaining a replacement. A
charge of 9.95+VAT per person will automatically be added to the fee paid for all UK passport holders. Visit http://www.cibtvisas.co.uk/passport-replacement-service.php
for coverage details. Check this box to decline coverage: