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Trust Receipt Form No : ________________

Date Issued
: ________________
Place Issued
: ________________


Received in trust from _____________________________(ENTRUSTER) the
following goods per order of the undersigned ENTRUSTEE:


Unit Price


Total: Php ________________

DUE DATE:_______________
Undersigned ENTRUSTEE hereby agrees, undertakes and commits to hold in
trust for the ENTRUSTER the above goods, to dispose of or sell them for cash and
receive the proceeds thereof in trust for the ENTRUSTER, to turn over and remit the
proceeds of the sale of the goods to the ENTRUSTER on or before the above due
date, at the net amount indicated above, or to return the goods to the ENTRUSTER in
the event of non-sale on or before _____________ or upon demand of the
The ENTRUSTER may cancel this trust receipt agreement and take possession
of the above goods or of the proceeds realized therefrom at any time upon default or
failure of the undersigned ENTRUSTEE to comply with any of the terms and conditions
of this trust receipt agreement. It is however, understood that should there be goods
remaining unsold on __________, the ENTRUSTER may, at his/her option, extend in
writing the operation of this trust receipt agreement to another date under the same
Any court action arising from this agreement, the same shall be brought in the
proper court of Bukidnon to the exclusions of all other courts.

(ENTRUSTEEs printed name and signature)