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Alexandria Universit Faculty of Engineering Production Engineering Department Time Allowed 2"™ year Production June 2012 Design of Machine Element (2) 3 Hrs ‘Answer the Following Questions : i-a-Draw neat sketches to show 5 “Open and closed flat belt drive. *Timing belt drive b-A rope belt drive transmits 85 KW from a pulley of one meter effective diameter which runs at a speed of 100 rpm . Given that the angle of lip is 160 degrees , the angle of groove is 45 degrees , the coefficient of friction is 0.28 , the centrifugal tension is 533 N , sand the allowable tension for each rope is 2400 N. Determine the required aumber of ropes « 2-a- Draw neat sketches to show : *The effective throat thickness of a fillet weld . *A single and a double transverse fillet welds . * 4 longitudinal fillet weld b-Derive expressions for the unit second moment of area and the unite second polar moment of area the fillet weld shown in Fig (1—a). ¢-A 50 mm diameter solid shaft is welded to a flat plate as shown in. Fig( 1 - b) If the size of the weld is 15 mm , find the maximum normal and maximum shear stress generated in the weld. ow by neat sketches the different methods used for lubricating chain drive . b-Calculate the center distance of a chain derive having 0.625 in pitch , chain length of 84 pitches , driving sprocket pitch diameter of 86 4 mm and velocity ratio of 3.47. Make a neat sketeh to show : ¢ tooth parts nomenclature of a spur gear * The effect of the pressure angle on the shape of the tooth of a spur gear b- A spur gear set consists of two full depth , 20° pressure angle spur gears having 18 and 36 teeth . The module is 3 mm . Calculate the contact ratio of this set. 5-a-With the aid of neat sketches show the interrelation between the gear face w tooth face width and the face advance of a helical gear. b- A helical gear set having velocity ratio of 1.5 and 125 mm center distance .If the helix angle is 20° , and the module is 4 mm , find the outside diameter of the pinion . ith, the 6-a-With the aid of neat sketch show the main parts and angles of a bevel gear b- A pinion bevel gear having outer cone distance = 3 back cone radius is used in a right angle bevel gear sct Determine the velocity ratie of this set. a Lave T-a-Write down : ions required for proper running of a worm gear ich ensures the self — locking characte b- The center distance of a speed reducing unit contai mm. The reduction rati istic of a worm gear set. g. a triple threaded worm is 155 $121, and the lead of the worm is 72 mm . Find the number of teeth of worm gear and the pitch diameters of the worm and g All row ae dt2te a oN Rigid, Fig(1-a) ee Alexandria University Electrical Enginecring Faculty of Engineering Time allowed: 3Hrs ‘ond Year Production F June, 2012 Answer all following questions: L.a) Derive an expression for maximum effiency condition in D.C. generators. (10 marks) b) A separately excited D.C, generator is characterized by the following magnetization curve when the machine at 1000 rpm. : 0 02 04 06 08 1.4 (ampere E 8 30 TOS (volt) The field resistance R, is 100 Q , armature resistance Ry = 0.14 Q and field voltage V; = 100 Volt : = Ifthe generator is running at 800 r.p.m.,. what is the no load terminal voltage ? - Ifa 1 Q load resistance is connected to the genarator terminals, al voltage? aided with diagrams, how the power and power factor are determined in three-phase loads using only two wattmeters, (10 marks) bb) For the three phase system shown in fig(1) . find = phase and line currents - total power consumed = the power factor 3. Find the current I required to establish u Mux of O=2.4x10" wh in the magnetic cireuit shown in fig(2). The material is sheet steel having the following B-H curve B 0.05 0.78 1.13 1.27 1.33 whim’? iy 0 100 200° 300 400 AT/mt Fig? (2) 4.a) Using Nodal analysis find the power dissipated in the resistor Ry for the circuit (3) shown in fig( uuperposi rent through resistance Ry in the cireuit shown in fig(4) the circuit show given v(t)= 141.4 sin(3 149 volt find ~The current i(t) = The power factor - The power consumed = The resonance frequeney ~The current at resonance Alexandria University Faculty of Engineering Production Eng.Department JUNE , 2012 Theory of Maci 2°" Year Time allowed: 3 Hours ine PE..... FINAL EXAM ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS :- (70 MARKS) 41. The driving crank AB of the quick-return mechanism, as shown in figure revolves at a uniform speed of 200 r.p.m. Find the veiocity and acceleraticn of tne tool-box R, in the position shown. What is the acceleration of sliding of the block at 8 along the slotted lever PQ? Find DOF for this mechanism. Use scaies’-i om = 5 om = 0.2 nvs = 25 mis* Or assume your scale. (22 marks} 2. Two shafts A and B are co-axiai. as shown in figured. A gear C (56 teeth) is rigidly mounted on shaft A. A compound gear D-€ gears with C and an internal gear G. D has 20 teeth and gears with C and E has 36 teeth and gears with an internal gear G. The gear G is fixed and is concentric with the shaft axis. The compound gear D-E mounted on a pin which projects from an arm keyed to the shaft 8. prove that the number of teeth on internal gear G is 105 teeth, assuming that all gears have the same module, If the shaft A rotates at 110 r.p.m. and gear G is fixed, fing the speeds of sh. Bile. arm) and other gears (C,D.E G) and shaft A. (12 marks) 3. The turbine rotor of a ship has a mass of 3500 kg it has a radius of gyration of 0.45 m and a speed of 3000 rpm. clockwise when looking from stem. Determine tne gyroscopic couple and its effect upon the ship; when the ship is steering to the left on a curve of 100 m radius at a speed of 36 km/h. (8 marks: 4, A Proell governor has equal arms of length 300 mm. The upper and lower ends of the arms are pivoted on the axis of the governor. The extension arms of the lower links are each 80 mm long and parallel to the axis when the radii of rotation of the balls are 150 mm and 200 mm. The mass of each ball is 10 kg and the mass of the central load is 100 kg, Determine the range of speed of the governor. With the same data determine the range of speed of the governor in case of Porter and Watt designs. (12 marks) 5. A.cam operating a knife-edged follower has the following data: The basic radius of the cam is 50 mm. The axis of the follower passes through the cam axis, Draw the profile of the cam when’ a. Follower moves rise through 40 mm during 90° of cam rotation: constant veiocity. b. Follower dwells for the next 60° c. Follower returns to its original position durin: motion d. Follower dwells for the rest of the rotation. (16 marks: ih moditied ¢t 180°. with simple harmonic GOOD LUCK, HELALY Alexandria University Faculty of Engineering Production Eng.Department Sy sy dala, ear JUNE , 2012 © 2012 sn Theory of Machine PE.. FINAL EXAM PE... SG 2" Year Apu Aad Time allowed: 3 Hours cota 3: cast 500 Internal gear Compound gear GOOD LUCK, HELALY Alexandria University us 4 sa oe ee 2 TE var sae June 2012 oa 7 SS ee ‘2012 sm oe we Time allowed: 3 hours Stel BE 2D Answer the following questions Question (1) ft) | _F Prove that L; = x) dx (2) Prove shat Lf } jrova and! . {5 + | (c) Use Laplace transform to evaluate f ax (b) atuate uf! Question (2 (a) Use Laplace transform to solve the following equations Wi) Y"(t) 4 y(t) + 4 y(t) = te?* , yO)=y'(0) =O Gi) ey"(N ety) yi) = +37, y(0)=0, y'(O)=1 {b) A string is stretched between two fixed points x = 0 and x =, The string has initially the shape u=sinxand released from rest at t=0. Find the shape of the string at any instant. re (tint: 24 28) oe ax? (a) Sketeh the function f(x) = x? +1, ~—1< x <1, for a full period. Then, expand it in Fourier series and hence show that + z PLEASE TURNOVER > Page 1 of 2 Question (4) (2) ) Prove that : Ax[Ax(AxB)]=(A A)(Bx 4) (b) fA = xy? 7 K find Vx(VxA). () Find the equation of a plane passing by the point P (1, -1, 2) and parallel to the two vectors U/ sit+j-k and Vai+37 Question (5) (a) Verify Stokes’ theorem for the vector field F=-3y 7 +3x 7+ 2k overthe surface S of the hemisphere x* + y* +z’ = 4 above x-y plane and C its trace or the x-y plane. (b) Show whether or not the vector A is solenoidal A=(x?+y)? + ysinz i+ (-2xztcosz)k. ‘Question (6) (a) Determine whether the vector 7 = 8x y 7 +12x?y*z 7 + 4x7y? K is irrotational oF not. Find the work done by the vector V along the helix #(t)=2cos/i +2sin Gtk from the point (2,0,0) to (1, V3, 74) (b) Using the divergence theorem of Gauss evaluate GF fds for xyTs2yeityh over the surface S bounded by the cylinder y*+ z =4 and the planes x = 0, x = 3 y=Oand z=0. +. , Alexandria University By pied heal * Faculty of Engineering gl tS Production Engineering Dept sty Aa ad Material Technology-Il (PE2?5) (PEQ25) 11-9 yi bay ale Final Exam - 2" Sem. 2011/2012 lS goal yall Led FN late! Duration: 3 Hours hela 3 gbGedl sae Answer the following questions (Tota! 90 Marks) 1. Use the template providee in yau he (T) for correct statem ats and ( [No] u answer sheet and shade ‘for the fa (23 Marks) Statement \ E10 weight rao compared to forming steels | High strength aluminium alloys have str jcture wit optimal stip dircetions Cold working of magnesium and alunisiuns alloys is possible at the same temperature [ang because heir melting points are smi [2 (aeiaasaa un be formed easily dee 10 B.C 4__| Non-Heat-teatable wro {alloys to void stretchin fieantly in chentieal compositions from cast Zirconium in ZK alloys is used ss grain vein 14 | AMalloys are preferred WAZ Both Ti and Mg Pa al jo ropie chiaracteristies i Ti can be fon easier tha «Ti 17 |aP Tralloys are the most commion!; used duc fo their high sweagth to weight “aio gen that reduces its stengt ' cutuble and cold workable Phosphate coatings are uses Examiners Commitice 1 applied to carbon steel, 1ow * column in answer sheet Statement Py | Anodic oxidetion of aluminum builds aluminum « side co © | ofnegaive erect on the appearance ofthe ausrinoesehon i romating poduees a thin Film that offers ssc: oso sistance than anodiving “om § (0 25 jan i | Thick snodizo. Th [i te Chroniete coatings are applied Phosphating is one of the most usa! now metal esium to increase wear resistance —_____| | Anodizing processes can "esl i ough surface Finish compan properties bg | Generally, nts © acid asouli7.ng is prefisted to chunmie scl anodizing die to higher (2 thicknesses and more seritch resistance tocatelytic plating, the Coa thickness tendy to be mifavsn compared to electroplating roless plating | wher oil-based Lubricants shoul be avoided ‘materials ste nickel ulivys an! iron/chromium alloys i" [ena ae ai at of the coatings [EE [obtains throueh anoclizing processes ‘ction, electron beams, and [= « teetive hardening processes can be done by Tame ial laser besan [ductive hhardcuiag is usualy utilized Tor [ hardening is used for small components wee deep surface hardening while flame The components distortion after S nitriding is greiter dan val occurring in carburizing due t the higher process het and evaling rate 45_ The saensth of polym ————+ 4 46 _| Comunerciel polymers have degree of poiymeriza ion between 10" to 107 147 | Viscoo | Purl-erystalline polymers contact sharpiy while passing thevug temperatures astcity isthe combined elastic and viscous havior ef polymers 149" | “Glisses eon contains a minimum of 90% co cooled siti Examiners Committee S\ (Yo 2a 2. Choose suitable answeris) among the given terms or values: (25 Marks) 5.2 3 column in answer sheet sponge is mainly (b) Intermediate Ti product with some imporities (©) TIC, Ud) THOM), Aluminium is produced using (a) chemical! extraction method (b) Kroll Process | {c) Hall's electrolytic process. (¢) electric arc furnace 225°C (ep 350°C (d) 660% 53 Aluminium can fort very high cee alloys by adding: OF “fay My+Si_(b) Cu (©) Mn @) Zn 55, The matin strengthening mechanism for heat treatable AL-alloys is (a) grain fining thy work hardening —(c} solid solution hardening (a) precipitation hardenin; AL rooin temperature, wrought Mg alloys are primarily deformed fay by twinning _(b) by slipping on — (yon pyramidal planes_(@) wone eee a ree °Y a) HSLA stools (by IE steels (e) Heat treatable medium earbon ste 60 _ [ISLA Steels contains alloying elements Below (a) 10% ib) 8% (6) 14 4) 0.1% fy _ | Ssumless sel should contain at least [OPN Cr (OY ENE (6) 1G Ni#Cr (eh 11% Mo Go | ine most corrosion resistant stainless steels are O° | tay Ferrie (a) austenitic (c) martensitic cd) duplex vga, The family of stainless steels with highest formability iy {austenitic (b) ferritic (c} martensitic (d) duplex 41 Duplex stainless steels are mninly Git high strength _(b) pitting resistance eldubility - | An advaneed | £8) AMSO (b ast Mg alloy with very high toughness and fatigue strength is: | WES4 ic) AZ30 (dl) AZIID Paints, cements and fused powders belone (0 ictal ic (dv organ 69 | Wr sulphuric anodizing the buildup thickness is of the total coating thickness ais Oy UB Ww) N2 MIB 0 The depth to which carbon and nitrogen penetrate in extort ‘ding varies with (a holding tite (b} temperature (c) quenching rate (@) alloying elem The main families of polymers include i sha ps othe hams aston Solve the following problems: (10 Marks) a) The lower yield point for an iron that has an average grain diameter of 5x10? mm ic 135 MPa, Ata grain diameter of 8x10” nim, the yield point increases to 260 MPa At what gran diameter will the lower yield point be 208 MP? Use Hall-Petch relationship ‘perimentally, it has been observed for single crystal of a number of metals that.ihe critical resolved shear stress is a funetion of the dislocation density according to the relation: 7,,, =2,+A¥p, . For aluminium, the critical resolved shear stress of undeformed crystal is 0.72 MPa while « dislocation density of 10* per mm? is Freasured, Compute the critical resolved shear stress for lumtinium, ifthe material dislocation density is increased to 10° duc to Ueformation up to the yield point. Uise 1,/Al) = 0.073 MPa. 4. Give brief notes on the following topies: (20 Marks) Use bullets, short sentences, max. 5 lines When necessary, use diagrams or sketch to clear your answer ‘The deformation mechanisms of Mg-alloys in hot and cold forming operations Allotropy in Tialloys ‘The main functions of surface treatment provesses The two main comminution methods the differences between cust and wrought aluminum alloys ‘The steps of producing a fine ceramic component Most ceramics are known as compounds ‘The role of alpha and gamma stabifizers in stginless steels i). Properties of ceramics are porosity dependant i) Precipitation hardening procedure Use fully labelled neat sketches to show the following (20 Marks) 8) Mechanical alloying techniques used in PM b) Injection moulding process of polymeric resins ©) The problem of density variation in PM and its possible solutions ) The principles of sintering mechanisms in metal powders €), Doctor bkide method for producing ceramic sheets t) Slip easting of ceramics g) Thermoforming operation of polymeric sheets hy, Vacuum bag forming for composites i) Filament winding method for PMC tanks i) Types of polymeric structures. Indicate the main family represented by exch stew ie Best Wishes Dr. Islam El & the Examiners Committee Faaminers Committe