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Alexandria University - Faculty of Engineering Term Exam — January 2011 Theory of Structures — First Year ~ Production Engineering Department 1)Calculate the internal forces in members a, b and ¢ 130%) 2) Draw the B.M.D for the ; given horizontal beam 2m 2” 2™ then calculate the internal forces N,Q and M at section S, [20%] 3) Recalculate the given reactions at A and draw the N.F.D, S.F.D and B.M.D of the given three hinged frame ACB {50%} e r_ 4 Alewandkia University Fircl Exc Faculty of Engineering Précuction Dap ‘Answer the following questions - 1. The following figure views of flange in fir jection, Assemble two flor the perts written in the given table below to produce ¢ flange coupling Drow full size the following views ows angle levation al side view showing four ruts cnd the threads af the bolts be R3, Hidden missing dota and din e the tile block and pi i 19 chain double-rivoted bull jomt yy three methous emeloyed for preventing nute from ott 2 Draw freehand si 2 Show by means ef n Ing a hole basis systern, find ali cal sutions of Lasic ¢ fit 5A 84 mm shaft rotat bearing, The tolerance for both shaft and pearing is 0.07! minimum clearance is 0.01 1am. Determine the dimensions of the shatt, hole system. Give the values using a schematic diagrain. Views G at sketc g figuras ia und | b?, complete the 7 i? g6 THT 6 is Fg 09 | HB Alexandria University Faculty of Engineering Production Engineering Department January 2014 Applied Physics First Year ented ob Agel ay ll Gas y ae pas I yay (Img ) AiSted) aalS aang gle 0 anal High 4S a agateas! a yd Jp ont SMeV os SSI 4S pal fap Uma S (25 BYP gt! shall Sa yy SSI) Jit Le (2=3) oh JN fall bo jill ode 3 ots, cS) GU Ayslal 5 yi) BRN iy gs op. ye Coll signa y 4S Cia pls hata god Syl) yelled ¢ pal Us pl» cal e( 24.8 x10 m) me 2 Ag Sad pal py peKll agally aie iy 56 pa fib Dati Gs! (2 eV) delet eh et Taga Lyne ee (GOKV) anal seat plies Wy N Gui ey A abe Galuay Lads dab giggle ld oP tah julainal) Sa Us tes ia (3H) =O uc6O wajlies 24V