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Alexandria University Faculty of Engineering Production Engineering Department June 2011 Production Planning and Control gis 44 dhs Code : PE334 PEII4 2 5) Time allowed: 3 Hours HeLa Fs all Sys aly anigll 4S RYN Las aad YY) gy ff. a] write down a short essay on capacity measures as related to input and output in different types of organizations b. Tr-products is trying to decide whether to make-or-buy an accessory item for one of their products. It is projected that this item will sell for LE 10 each. If the item is outsourced, there is virtually no cost other than the LE 6 per unit that they would pay their ‘supplier. Internally, they have two choices. Process A requires an investment of LE 120,000 for design and equipment, but results in a LE 4 per unit cost, Process 8 requires only a LE 100,000 investment, but its per unit cost is LE § Regardless of whether the item is subcontracted or produced internally, there is a 50% chance that they will sell 60,000 units, and a 50% chance that they will sell 100,000 units. Draw the decision tree appropriate to the alternatives and outcomes stated. Using decision trees and EMV, what is their best choice? 2. al Explain briefly the basic methods for measuring forecasting accuracy b. Auto sales at Carmen's Chevrolet (x10 ) are shown below. [Auto Sales i. Develop a 3-week WMA forecast with w ii, Compute MAD and BIAS ts 05, 0.3 and 0.2 3. a] Derive from the first principles an expression for the optimum purchase lot size b. Clement park is buying a chemical water conditioner for its fish pond in an optimal fashion using EOQ analysis. The supplier has offered Clement a discount of LE 0.60 off all units if the firm will make its purchases monthly or LE 1.00 off if the firm will make its purchases quarterly. Current data for the problem are: annual demand is 720 units, ordering cost’is LE 6.00 per order, annual holding cost is 20%of unit cost and unit cost is LE 25. i. What is the EOQ at the current behavior? ii, What is the annual total cost, including product cost, of continuing their current behavior? iii, What are the annual total costs, if they accept either of the proposed discounts? iv. At the cheapest of the total costs, are carrying costs equal to ordering costs? Explain. 4. a] Write down a short essay on the organization structure design showing clearly the application of departmentalization and types of power within an organization b. Patterson Assemblies has a gear assembly that requires part #GA211, with material requirements scheduled as shown below. Average demand is 80 units per week, the cost of placing an order L.E 200, and the inventory carrying charge L.E 1.50 per unit Per week. Holding costs are calculated assuming that average inventory is centered within each week. Week number | 1j2i[3f[a4 os 20 | 120| 80 | o i. Using the lot-or-lot ordering rule, complete the MRP table. Calculate the total of ordering and holding costs over eight periods. 2 ji. Using fixed tot size, calculate EOQ formula and then complete the MRP table. Calculate the total of ordering and holding costs over eight periods 5. a] Explain briety: i. JIT techniques il, Process of green manufacturing b. Compare FCFS, SPT, EDD dispatching rules for the jobs shown in the table | [Job | Processing | L _|__32__] Choose the optimum from the point of view of each of the following performance measures: i. average flow time; ii. average lateness; il, number of tardy jobs Alexandria University Ay pytded Faculty of Engineering fuel 2s Mechanical Engineering Dept. ASS al sill June 2011 2011 Thermal Engineering 3" Year Production om ei ad AR SU all Time allowed: 3 hours Shel 3 slay baa As ume any messing data Answer all the following questions: 1 ) Fill in the missing data for each of the following processes of a closed system between states 1 and 2 (everything is in kl) Q Ww BE, (a) 18 6 oS OO Os—~—SC“‘i‘ OLS (©) “10 ~ 40 @ : 12 25 b) Consider a cycle 12341 in which each process is represented by quarter of a circle periphery on the P-V diagram as shown in figure. Fi process stating whether it is done by or on the system and the net h oye p, beef say] at wan eat woo Ws