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Alexandria University Paculty of Engineering Production Engineering Department 16 January 2010 Dimensional Metrology (PE241) Second Year ‘Time allowed: Three hours shel SDB ye nination are 0 Number of pages of this ont The use of dimensional tolerance tables or any other external mater js mot permitted Question One a) Differentiate between the following terms. illustrate your answer with meat skei possible: i. Standardization and Speciti error and Random error iii, ‘Traceability and Uncertainty. iv. Dimension to be measured and Direetion of measurement b) Define each of the following terms: Sensitivity — Accuracy — Precision With an example, state how to determine the value of each of the above termns for instrument ©) Two similar measuring instruments (A & B) have the following charseteristies when e: standard height sation. measul awd for a a 0.010 UB 6.000" instrument is more reliable to perform measurements with an allowable error g Ez l State which. A ONG mim? and why? (23 Grades) Question Two a) Evaluate the maximum and minimum Limits of size tor the diznension (1) of the part shu using arithmetic and statistical sum methods. ‘Then briefly discuss the mesits and draw bucks » tolerance accumulation methods. b) With the aid of a neat drawing explain what is “Selective Assembly”. Chirliy its importance and het should it be used ©) With the aid of a neat drawing explain the design prineiple of taper limit gauges, Clarity the dimension being inspected when using taper gauges. fi sszo0te, 2osooe1 20200: : pte OOO (22 Grades) Tr — | Se) Page 1 of 2 on Examiners: Prof Af, Damir, Dr. A. Khalil, Dr. S. Bachar, and Commitice ance far both holes and 10.009 mun. The size to shafis (Ty; and H's) is 36 im. ‘The holes and shafts are to be assembled to avin ¢ condition of clearance fit with a maximum clearance of 30 pm pones that achieve the ebov ¢ mentioned ¢2rcition, i. Mustrate the holes and shafts toleran ii, Evaluate the minimum and mean clearances, b) Design a set of unified system limit gauges to inspect the size of « group af shals Giameter of 240 + 0.023 mm. Hustrate the gauzes dimensions on a clear drawing, a) The following parts are used in amplification systenss of mechouical comparators. Using cat skeiches show how cach of these parts can be used io amplitying smali displecerents in comparative measrement, Theo, find the amplification of eve syster i. Lever with toothed sector. ii, Reeds b) Use only neat drawings to show i. Two different examples of pneumatic gauging apphievite ii, The main prineiple of the Eden-Rolt comparator iii. How ean Linear Variable Displacement ‘Transduce displacements in corparative measurements A S ULVDTs) be used 10 ovale saat! (22 Gradesy Page 2 of 2 Exa Alexandria University Faculty of Engineering Production Engineering Department January 2010 te ining Technology f Second year Production Fime allowed: 31s, Answ ail the following question: a) The following products are produced by forming processes For each product, suggest the most sutable forming process that can be used in its manufacturing = Connecting rod Raiiways ~ Beverage cans + Large diameter sings ~ Aero planes wings sw thread b) Draw the stroke versus the load during the following forming processes: i+ Upsetting i Continuous direct extrusion i: Bending in V-die 6) Mention and sketch three different methods used n reducing the ‘a nollow work piece thickness of oo SO The product shown in gues proced ultimate tensile of the stee! used is 600 MPa. aa i] 2) The manna tization factor 5 b) The required shearing force for one product 3+ a} A.cup 60 mm in diameter, 60 mm in height, 2 mm bottom thickness and 0.5 mm wall thickness 's produced from stainless stee! 316 strips, calculate: i) The required blank diameter. i) The drawing force, neglecting blank holder pressure. 'b) sketch a combined biankirg and deep drawing die and label all ts parts 2+ a) Sketch three methods of elongating tube and reducing its thickness and diameter. b}_ Ina rolling process of a iew carbon steel sheet 300 mm in width . the roll diameter is 300 mm and the roll speed is 50 rpm. If the yield strength of the steel is 350 Mpa, and the power Used is 200 KW. calculate the reduction in thickness 5+ a} Sketch the following forming processes: Bulging - Curling - Starnping - Tube entargement bj A steel sheet 3 mm in thickness and 100mm in length is bent in V-die 20 mm in width, caicuiate: the final bending angie and the bending force, given that the die angle 60°, the spring back factor 0.8 and the benaing strength 450 Mpa, Examiners: Dr. Gaber Kershah Page lof2