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Gexandria Univevsity ulty of Engineering Production Engineering Department 18" of January, 2010 Advanced Machining Technology PEST 4" Year, Production Engineering =] Septays dane Haigh ts CEN) ase 2010 ty EAST patel JASS Un gg OM ates deat Fime allowed: 3 Hours Beud tot Dh Oeie 3 Sp IS de Co H " Answer all questions using whenever possible: (60 marks) oo Q-1.15 marks) 1. ‘State some environmental hazards that are associated with machining by LBM. 2. Compare between contouring USM and EDM milling 3. Estimate the machining time required to eut a square shape 4 mm <4 mim in WC, S mm thick. Pe are 20 microns rains, static stress is 0.15 Ninwn’. and oscillation amplitude 35. jm. machine operates at frequi What woud be the machini Q-2 (15 marks} Compare using sketches between: y of 35 © Plasma beam and plasma torch * The geometry of holes drilled by ECM and ECL + EDG and AEDG operations 2. During elecizon beam machining (IM) the volun spot diameter was 0, Th © The cutting s; Q-3 (15 marks) Show how the material is removed during mackini mm, Calculate peed used to cut a through-stot in th power delivery, in and Ky=0,18. Caleuta Q-4 15 marks} J, Caleutate the time ta insert 10 mm” by Ft the surface roughness il K: the machining eurrent w G. Assun electrolyte conductivity i 0.025 0" mm, and the gr Show using diagrams how kaminat Show asuitable method for ma winted circuit b VRE, = 59 FSH REE VEE kilz. The compressive fracture strength of WC is 2 time ifthe shape required isa tunic of diameter 10 mne © a current efficiency: 0.9 and the 1 astinding is 10 % ef the total mass removed. The density of ins 10 Nisa pM etic remove este was 20 mnv/min. Hf the beau fime taken to drill through hole ina stee! plate of 8 man thickness. he same thickness, ing by LBM Compare using sketches between top dewn and bottom up manuficturing, stimate the time required for drilling a through hole of 1 mm \ 10mm by EDM, at mm thickness plate, Assume R= mune 1508 002. C 19 WP, Vig 200V. Vy 10 grind 2 mor la fiom the face of a hard ste! ss of metal removed by mechanical is S wem’, gap voltage [2 volt de nding wheel wrt size is 200 tem object modeling (LOM) is aved to build 3-D shapes? boards, Exam Commitee 1. EbHofi, MH. Yousset 2B Soliman, aed WE EL: Dardeery Mlevandria fete ovsity rat on Engineering Department mars. 2019 Flective Course Knowledge Engineer wash Yea: Prediction Answer the followi schematies and or; ug questions in the same order, clear hand wri good anization are essential requ ‘ments of this exam: ver sheet perforny tasks which reyuire some Know led we hase systems are offen called expert systems he experts Traditional program :impemen 8 languages ts a vollectinn of software p Sand tools ased to design. and maintain expert systems 4. Motor skills knowledge often culled shatlow knowledge si donrain We HL Unvolves just @ baste understanding of Theoretical Know ledge 1s not suited for knowledye-haser! dom L:apert systenis are limited domain systems Knowledge enginger cat provide plan for dowtain faratarzation alysis pal on the “use! zy for seatching the rule base in vel expert system that be, \d searches the rule hase te arrive at a conclusion wt is Uoually a subset of the knows ledue Gamat 9. Backward chaining is a strat ns with the mation entered by the use J Inference engine allows the ES to interact with the wer 2. Conthet resolution used when than one rule provide conflicting conclusions te complex comains. the rule-base night be mple and easy to verify and validate. 4. Documents knowledye will almost never be se Tivient to provide the knowledge hase far a expen system, The most important braneh of knowledye elicitation 1s knowle ue acquisition 6. Synthesis syster end to focus on one hypothesis at a time: while analysis system tend looks at all facts before proceedin, Rule-based techmiques classified to daiadriven reasuring and 18. Dyemon: pally ven reason ore less readable but faster and more independent then rules Case hase system's more abjective and the Edvon Sath papgtus is an ancient f egtion 2 [15 Marks Complete the following sentences: (Answer in the answer sheet) The expert systems mainly used in fos and Eypett Systems Development Tools and Techniques ae, Knowledge a ynval than the exper’s interpretation (knowledge of splat tes: pers) and nvledge socroted with eginecrs. seientsts. and physicians called. persistent practice of task called a. khowledve a dletined ay the strateyy used to search through the rule base fv an expert system eas, for chaiaing, popular form of know ledge represen -xpert know led. fi To amain goals of AT are on expert systems is a. tues which Mi Hlaindy bbsany page 13 Question 3 {20 Marks| Match between column (4) and (B): (Answer in the answer sheet Column (A) | Column (8) tupac uapor knowledge enaine backwwirde Theor-tieal Knowledge Perso with extensive experien _doma a nam applcation “Person that piays @ Tiaison function between upplicauon domain and system . > Perso that implements a knowledge system on & parte et piattorm 6. Pers« that ntert wit the prospective expert system | Perse That afiected indireeily SR Ne computer program that eaptures soveruise of 3 human i limited domains of icnow edge 9) The Sady of how to make computers do things that people are better at or would be better _ 4 0 ection of knowledge in an AT system that is) wanizing expert system edge into chunks: the relationships are based on shaved determined by the u _ 12. Try 1 prove a conclusion by working backwards trom says fo prove it Obes ving knowleds ert system Obra ing Knowledge froma human expert forse in oy expert systert se backward chaining b Solve 1ew problem by making an analogy to an old | apa iy solution tothe euentsution | | ' sacl 3H, Sy mb emoniputation fanguge, ctiona approach, yegueiwe uf evalustion of finetion-expressions | «Question 4 [12 Marks, Mlustrate using neat sketches the following: 1 The knowledge hierarchy 1d pes of Inference Engines 3. Eapert system archit ture +L Main components of ease-based systems SE ilam.y Blwany me fega Corporation ty considering three options for managing its dats processing operation: continuing ».ith its own, siait, luring an outside vendor to do the managing (referred to as outsourcing). or using a combination of its ow staff ond an outside vendor. ‘The cost of operation depends on future demand. The annual cost of each option «an housands of datlars) depend on demand as follow ; I Reman | Salting igh [Siem | to i “ 0.2) WS) | 40.3) ‘Own stall 6st 650 ON) Outside vendor 7 900 600" “3007 Combination sm" T5017 s00 | os information, shat devistons and sts value would be made y the The minimax criterion? bo The muanmin eriterton? The minimus What el criterion’? the expected vate of the best decision? What is the value of the decision? Question 6 [15 Marks, Sauict Vilage, Ine. as considering # $$ million research and WARED) p at Smait Village’s president is convened because the probs eosful wsonly 5, Sevonsily. she prestlont kinotts th dutld a new production evelopn) ject. Profit projection appear lity that the R&D project wilh be even Hf the project ts successtid, it will reysured Us te erlity at a cost of $20 nnltion in order to manufacture the product, t nd and dws uncertainty abwut the profit shat wall be realized Lhe revenue for the companys products are shown below ny ross abos a the spected demand and th Medium Tow | fer option is that if Ge R&D project is suecesstiel, she company could sell the red revenue S25 million, Under this option, the corspany woul not build the $20 millio Is 10 the product 107 produetton facts with a guaranteed profit re to carefully label the brariches hi the company does no: make the RD project, it will invest in an alter i S2 milion, What deci ho twee and prov ive vent on should be made, using the decision tree analysis? Be ete value at each node, Mlustrate the deetsion table