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Alevends ernity ‘apaepy aa Faculty of Engineering eg) His Production Engineering Department hy hata ab Jan, 2008 Tesh oy ‘Machine Teol Elements Design-l (PE261) Y= Ga CAT al ppt Second Year jan a Time allowed: Three hours eke Od gat Cc _____ Answer all the following questions 1 T= a) Use only neat drawings to show the difference between the following types ok Keys: = Plain taper key. = Gib head taper key. = Woodruff key. b) A rectangular key with 12 mm wide and 9 mm deep is used to transmit 680 N.m torque from a 38 mm diameter shaft. The steel key has an allowable stress in tension and compression of 110 MPa and an allowable stress in shear of 57.5 MPa. Determine the required length of the key. {take factor of safety = 2) (12 Grades) 2+ a) What are the main types of couplings? (Give examples for each type). ) Use only neat drawings to compare between sleeve coupling and compression coupling. c) A flange coupling fits in 2 50 mm diameter shaft, Four machined bolts are used in a bolt circle of 125 mm diameter. Ifthe bolts are made from the same materia! as the shaft, with an ultimate tensile strength of $50 MPa and a yield point in tension of 345 MPa. Determine: = The maximum torque capacity of the sha. - The necessary diameter of the bolts to have the same capacity as the shaft in torsion. - (12 Grades) * 3+ The following data apply to the C-clamp of the shown figure. 1SO Metric Threads Pitch = 1.75 mm (single-threaded) Outside diameter = 12mm Root diameter = 9.853mm Root area = 76.25 mm? Coefficient of threcd friction = 0.12 Coefficient of collar friction = 0.25 Mean collar radius = 6 mm Load W = 4600 N Operator can comfortably exert a force of 80 N at the end of the handle. Given that: 2) Find the torque required to rotate the screw against the load. ) What length of handle, L, is needed? c) What is the maximum shear stress at section A-A? 4) What isthe direct compressive stress at section B-B? c) What is.the bearing pressure on the threads? (12. Grades) Exam Committe: Prof Hassan Rogab, and Dr. Sabi Bache a2) 4-2) Using neat sketches to show the tecth profile ofthe following threads: = Square = Modified Square. = Buttress. = ACME. by An eccentric loaded joint is shown in the following figure. JL F itthere is only one bolt at each row, prove that the maximum shear stress in bott (1) is: we (Or eat (12. Grades) Tmax = Faso p+ 5- a) Use only neat drawings to compare between single riveted lap joint and single riveted double sirap butt joint. ') Two plates of 20 mm thickness are jointed by @ double riveted double strap butt joint (chain riveting). The pitch of each row of rivets is 100 mm, ‘and the rivets are 25 mm diameter. Assume tensile strength = 200 MPa, Shear strength = 100 MPa, and crushing strength = 150 MPa.(Take factor of safety = 2) = Make neat sketch for the joint showing the necessary dimensions. fe = Find the shearing resistance of the rivets. . = Find the tearing resistance of the joint. 1 (12 Grades) Exam Committee: Prof. Hassan Ragab, and a2) Alexandria University Risa Zag Faculty of Engineering ee dasa is Production Engineering Department EN ha pad Jan, 2008 2008 iy ‘Theory of Metal Cutting, PE232 589 Say GAD pa 2" Year And yd Aad Time allowed: 3 hrs. fash ] “The Exam ie In Two pages Answer All Questions: _(Marks: 30, 20, 20620) QI- a Classify the different Manufacturing proces b- Draw the Block diagram for a Horizontal Coordinate Axes on the Machine. 6 Explain the necessary procedure to construct a Machining Time Chart for a Center Lathe. 4 Classify the different types of carbide tools and compare between them regarding the Chemical and mechanical properties. & Draw the Tool geometries for a Twist Drill and a Milling Cutter. f Illustrate the difference between Blind hole and drilled hole regarding the following; Chip cross sectional area, - Cuting Forces and Cutting Torque. 8 What are the different types of coolants and their advantages.? . (Only classification) illing machine, showing the Q2- A sicel shaft of 105 mm diameter and 150 mm length was tumed with 11.S.S. tool of 20 rake EE ———r———— depth masses, the surface quality was found to be out of accepted values, The cutting speed was changed to be 1.6 m/sec, the same value of the surface quality, as the previous cut, was obtained after 4 passes only Caleulate the Taylor constant “k” and the too! life at a cutting speed of | nmin our results graphically on log-log chart, Q3-& For the following grinding wheel description, state what does each symbol stand for? “C 360 L 5 yr & Explain the Composition Triangle Diagram for designing a Grinding wheel © State the necessary equation to calculate the chip cross sectional area for eylindrical Grinding Process, ‘The arbor speed (r.p.m.) The main cutting force, iii) The table f iv) The consumed power (KW), Exam Committee: _Prof. M. Al-Maky and the committee a2) . you are requested to draw the tions in Vertical Milling pro gainst the contact angle. be For the shown posi Force performance curve 8} Good Luck. Exam Committee: Prof. M,Al-Mahy and the committee Qn) Mesandeds « Ayal Hay Pacall of Easing Kaiya ys « Mechanical Lay. be paciene HRsad Lasigh pad Jan, 2098 we 2008 say Course titie & umber: (ME x32) (ME 332) 5 gi hay A pt Fluid Mechanices Gd is 2" Yeaw Production Bug. GN Ranting ad cele 3 sal ba lowing Questions: HQuestion: 1 (42 Marks) Differentiate clearly between the following items, illustrating your answers using sketches, diagrams, equations........1 1. Bourdon (ube and stream tube, 2. Dynamic viscosity and kinematic viscosity. 3. Unsteady flow and Non-ugiform flow, 4. Laminar flow and turbulent flow. 5. Minor loss and major loss, 6. Operating point and design point for a pump. Hon: 2. (12 Marks) A hydraulic lift In a car service station has a 32.5 cm diameter piston slides in a 32.52 em diameter under ground cylinder. The annular space is filled with oil of S.G. 0.88 and 100 est viscosity. If the piston is traveling upward at the rate 0.1 m/s a Find the frictional force when 3 m of the piston is engaged in the cylinder. b+ Calculate the air pressure to lift a car of 20 KN assuming piston weight SKN. & Calculate the shear stress for both piston wall and cylinder wall assuming linear velocity in the annular space. #Question: 3. ( 14 Marks) a How can the flow rate between two tanks be increased without changing the energy difference between them ( Hy ™ constant ). Suggest FIVE methods. b+ Water Is discharged from a reservoir into the atmosphere through a cast iron pipe 39m long. There is a sharp entrance to the pipe and the pipe is 50 mm for the first 15m. The pipe is then enlarged suddenly to 75 mm diameter for the remainder of its leagth . Taking minor loss into considerations 1. Calculate the difference of level between the water surface in the reservoir and the pipe exit which will maintain a water flow of 3 lits, 2. Draw the TEL & H.G.L. 4. Tits required to increase the flow rate by 40% under the same difference of level, by replacing the pipe by another one having the same length but of a constant cross sectional area. Find the new pipe diameter ( assuming f= 0.03 for this case only) wr 40 sal ss lay digs an) wQuesti tars ) centrifugei pamp performance, show on curves the operating point “J by the static Wft variations for a given system within the pump tthe. best operating point for a given performance? pump has the following performance at working speed: What is meant by and how i js stiecte’ 0 20 30 28 28 70 | 88 gave a maximum discharge of 30 lis in & piping system where the static This pump. rift is 18 m. 1 Gaaimate the discharge wien the delivery level rises Sm. 2. ifthe statle It became 10 m what would be the discharge at nd shaft power? « requive:d to have a flow rate of 30 its in case (2) » ‘what you have to do? 3. Mil (auggest «wo different solutions ) juucstion 5 ( 44 Marks) ‘ae Pumps are widely used in our Ife. ramming to pumps classifications? Sketch each type and state w necording to its flow rate, iread and fiquid type? tb The performance curves of two centrifugal pumps are af follows: What are the pumps used In cars? What are thelr types nen it is used generally Pump (A (@ciivs) |e 6 12 i8_| 24 | 30 36] “Hig (m) [22.6 | 21.9 303 i77 | 142 | 9.7 | 39 Eff. (%) 0 3h 74 86 85, 66 28 Pump (B 6 12 18] 24 30 36 ies | 1.6 | 10.7 | 90 | 64 14 | 34 | oo | 80 80. 0. 1 through 3.2 m vertical distance and One of the above pumps is required to lift wate and coefficient of friction (0) the pipe to be used is 21 m long, 10 em diameter is 0.005. Select the more suitable pum the shaft power. p for this duty and justify your selection by calculating Goop LUCK Dr. A. Abdel-Naby weit ae seas giaey Sad a2)