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Paths of the Free Man

Tomb Raiders (Diplomat)

The Tomb Raiders are an ancient organization that has been in existence for as long as Medinaat AlSalaam has. The Tomb Raiders have no direct loyalty to any one nation or person and every nation
or person of power has an interest in what the Tomb Raiders can dredge out of the sands.
Technique Rank: 2
Requirements: Lore: Tombs 2
Technique:Add your Athletics skill rank to your Armor TN while you are in the Defense and Attack
stances. You gain a +1k0 bonus to any roll to uncover a hidden object, place, or information.
The Thieves Guild (Warrior)
A shady group of cut-purses and vagabonds, the Thieves Guild is an organization that operates just
outside the authority of the city and chooses to irritate those in charge by referring to themselves as
a legitimate guild. The Thieves Guild is an ancient organization that has existed almost as long as
the people of Medinaat Al-Salaam have had heavy purses that need lifting.
Technique Rank: 2
Requirements: Sleight of Hand 2
Technique: When you are making an Agility/Sleight of Hand (Pick Pocket) skill roll against a
person your opponent suffers a -1k0 penalty to their roll for each Status Rank they have above
yours, up to your Insight Rank.
Bodyguards (Warrior)
This group of men and women is an organization that has existed in one form or another within the
city for generations. They line their pockets with contracts to the wealthy to whom they put their
lives on the line to protect. The Bodyguards do not often have any interest in the exact details of
why a person needs protection, they simply offer good protection. For the right price.
Technique Rank: 2
Requirements: Defense 2, Integrity 3.0 or higher
Technique: Your Water Ring is one rank higher when determining your movement rate while you
are moving in someone's defense. In addition you get a +1k0 bonus to damage rolls against an
opponent who attacked the person you are guarding this round.
Militiamen (Warrior)
The Militiamen are a group of irregulars who serve at the whim of the Sultan and Caliph in the
defense of the city. Unlike the City Guard irregulars they have no duty to enforce the laws of
Medinaat Al-Salaam Their only duty is to protect the city in the remote occasion when it finds itself
attacked by an outside force. For the most part this is a cushy job with no real danger. But during
the Awakening the Militiamen found themselves vastly out of their league against the threats they
were facing.
Technique Rank: 2
Requirements: Battle 3
Technique: You gain a bonus to your Armor TN equal to your Insight Rank. While you are in the
attack stance you may spend a void point to give all of your allies in the attack stance within 10 feet
this benefit as well. This effect does not stack.
Financier Guild (Diplomat)
In a city as large and as wealthy as Medinaat Al-Salaam, it is inevitable that there will be some
people who have wealth but have no interest in keeping track of it themselves. The Financier's fit
into this niche by assisting those who have no talent for finance keep track of their large sums of
money. For the most part this group does not cheat their employers out of money. But skimming
from the bottom of the fund does happen and the leaders of the group are generally more than happy
to look the other way as long as they get a cut.

Technique Rank: 2
Requirements: Commerce 3
Technique: After being given access to someone's financial records you may make a contested
Intelligence/Commerce(Mathematics) roll against the person who's finances you are reading. If you
succeed you get a +1k0 bonus to any social or commerce roll made against that person for a day.
Alternatively, you may make an Intelligence/Commerce (Mathematics) roll against a TN of 25. If
you succeed any time you are making a social or commerce roll on that persons behalf you get a
+1k0 bonus to your roll for a day
Fire Brigade (Warrior)
Fires are not immensely common in the Burning Sands, which is no small part due to the fact that
many structures are not built of wood. But in the dry and hot environment, fires that do start can
quickly blaze up and become a hazard. The Fire Brigade are the brave, and some would say
suicidal, men and women who fight these flash fires and are often called upon to jump into the most
hazardous of situations to save lives. The Fire Brigade knows no fear.
Technique Rank: 2
Requirements: Athletics 2
Technique: You gain a +1k0 bonus to all rolls against Fear, Intimidation, and any roll in which you
are resisting being frightened.
Grand Performer's Guild (Artisan)
While one of the names of the city is The City of One Thousand Tales, that is not to say Storytellers
alone rule the city streets. This guild makes their living by entertaining the throngs with displays of
talent with instruments. The Grand Performer's Guild has been in existence for several centuries and
has helped to expand the arts within The City of Peace during their tenure.
Technique Rank: 3
Requirements: One Perform skill that is not Storytelling at 4
Technique: You gain a +1k0 bonus to all Perform skill rolls you have ranks in. You gain the
Sensation advantage. These effects do not stack.
Al-Din's Knife (Warrior)
This formidable group is the premier dueling school that is open only those who are able to prove
their ability in the art of dueling. Al-Din's Knife has perfected their technique over the decades of
their existence and uses that skill to deadly effect. Members of Al-Din's Knife are expected to treat
dueling as the sacred art that it is.
Technique Rank: 3
Requirements: Tahaddi 4, You must defeat a member of Al-Din's Knife in a duel.
Technique: During a duel, if your Assessment roll exceeds the total of your opponents roll by 8 or
more you gain a bonus of +1K1 on the subsequent Focus roll.
Jarad's Mercenaries (Warrior)
Perhaps the most feared of independent contractors within the city, Jarad's Mercenaries are a highly
trained, well organized, and morally scrupulous. They don't particularly care for politics and will
hire themselves on with whomever pays them their contract fee. Being as disciplined and trained as
they are, the Mercenaries are a relatively small group, with perhaps only 60 men in their employ at
any given time.
Technique Rank: 3
Requirements: At least one rank in all weapon skills or Warrior's Hands.
Technique: You may spend a Void Point to make attacks with the weapon you are wielding as a
simple action for the remainder of the skirmish.
Storyteller's Guild (Artisan)

One of the older guilds within the city, the Storyteller's Guild is an elite group that is very picky
about who they allow to join their illustrious group. Those that are allowed to join get a number of
perks that many lesser Storytellers could only dream of. Clearance to tell a story at almost any time
in almost any location, and best of all, private shows to high ranking officials.
Technique Rank: 3
Requirements: Perform: Storytelling 4, Must impress a member of the Storyteller's guild.
Technique: When making an Awareness/Perform: Storytelling roll you may declare a special raise.
For each raise you made you may choose one person that heard your story and purchase them as an
ally for one point less. In addition you gain a +1k0 bonus to all Perform: Storytelling and Etiquette
skill rolls.
Rat Kings (Warrior)
The Rat Kings are a group of thieves and vagabonds that have honed their skills through experience
and a hard life on the streets. The Rat Kings are rather exclusive as well, only allowing those that
they know and trust into their fold to learn their secrets.
Technique Rank: 3
Requirements: Stealth 4, Athletics 4
Technique: When making a Stealth or Athletics skill roll, if you do not have the relevant emphasis
in that skill you may re-roll any die as though you did possess the emphasis. If you do have the
relevant emphasis you may re-roll 1's and 2's.
Hayreddin's School (Warrior)
Hayreddin was a skilled swordsman during the Awakening who showed both his skill and his
compassion repeatedly over the tumultuous events. When everything was over, Hayreddin was
asked to form a school to teach others what he knew, so they could better defend themselves.
Heyreddin reluctantly accepted the offer and the school was formed. It faced some resistance from
groups like Jarad's Mercenaries, but after Hayreddin defended his school against their depredations
the Mercenaries reluctantly accepted the school's existence. Hayreddin himself still runs the school,
though the years are beginning to take their toll on him.
Technique Rank: 3
Requirements: One weapon skill at 4
Technique: Making attacks with weapons with the Warrior keyword are a simple action for you.
Merchant Guild (Diplomat)
There has been a long and drawn out financial war between the Dahabi and the Merchant Guild.
The Merchant Guild threatens the monopoly that the Dahabi have over the city, and many in the
Merchant Guild have no interest in becoming lackeys of someone higher up in the food chain than
they are. The men and women of the Merchant Guild are strong willed individuals who simply wish
to live their lives following their own wishes and not having to worry about a boss.
Technique Rank: 4
Requirements: Commerce 5, Must defeat a member of the Merchant House in a Commercial affair.
Technique: In a contested Commerce skill roll or Social skill roll you may spend a Void point to
give your opponent a -2k0 penalty to their roll.
Serpent's Bite (Ninja)
The Serpent's Bite are a group of blades for hire that were once the premier assassins of the city
long ago. Since the Assassins of the Mountain have come into the city however, their fortunes have
changed. Often times the Serpent's Bite fulfills contracts which the Assassins have no interest in or
when the money isn't good enough to buy an Assassin of the Mountain.
Technique Rank: 4
Requirements: Knives or Brawling skill at 4
Technique: Making attacks with a Knife or unarmed are a simple action for you if the target is

unaware of your presence or alone.

Black Masks (Warrior)
The Black Masks are a notorious group whose exact membership is unknown to all but their leader.
All members where black hoods over their faces so that they cannot be recognized by anyone
during the course of their duties. What exactly the Black Masks do is torture. Their knowledge of
the human body and how to push it to its breaking point is beyond most other groups.
Technique Rank: 4
Requirements: Lore: Anatomy 4, Integrity 3.0 or less.
Technique: You gain a +1k0 bonus to damage rolls. Effects that ignore or reduce Wound Penalties
are ignored by the damage you deal.
Crimelords (Diplomat)
The premier of the underworld, the Crimelords are the people who own places like the Maze and
other places where most people fear to tread. They wield fear as a potent weapon that they turn on
any who would oppose them. No one does business in the underworld without their knowledge and
Technique Rank: 4
Requirements: Lore: Underworld 5
Technique: You may make a contested Willpower/Intimidation (Bullying) roll, resisted as normal. If
you succeed on this roll your opponent suffers a -3k0 penalty to all rolls made against you can
cannot call raises or use free raises in rolls made against you for one hour.
Bounty Hunters (Warrior)
The Bounty Hunters are a relentless group that are often hired on by the City Guard to collect
criminals that they do not have the manpower available to apprehend themselves. They are trackers
without peer and are known to hunt their prey relentlessly until they are brought in.
Technique Rank: 4
Requirements: Hunting 5
Technique: Once per day you may nominate a target for the remainder of that day. You get a +1k1
bonus to all Hunting or Investigation rolls related to your target and you may use the Disarm
maneuver against your target for one raise.
Rangers (Warrior)
The Rangers spend most of their time outside the confines of the city, scouring the desert for signs
of life which may lead to new opportunities for themselves and their city. The Rangers are skilled
with bows, as many creatures in the Burning Sands are deadly enough to kill if they get close
Technique Rank: 4
Requirements: Archery 4
Technique: Making attacks with a bow is considered a simple action for you.
Sages (Diplomat)
The Sages are the Loremasters of Medinaat Al-Salaam. There are few things that they do not have
knowledge of and they jealously guard their secrets from those who are not members. Even among
members, information is a hassle to get out of another as paranoia can run rampant among their
ranks. Still, any information that can be found is always of use.
Technique Rank: 5
Requirements: Two Lore skills at 6, Must have the Forbidden Knowledge advantage.
Technique: You gain a +1k0 bonus on any non-combat roll that is related to a Lore skill that you
possess. This ability stacks.

Shadow (Ninja)
The Shadow are a little known organization of thieves that hides deep in the underbelly of society.
They are difficult to find, and even harder to get in contact with unless they have an interest in
speaking to you. The Shadow serves in any number of different functions, from information
gathering, to assassination, to simple burglary. There are few things that the Shadow does not have
its fingers into, and it is impossible to say where one might appear next.
Technique Rank: 5
Requirements: Stealth 6, you must sneak in and out of a highly secured location without being
Technique: If you fail a Stealth skill roll or are spotted while attempting a Stealth skill roll, you may
spend a Void point to re-roll. You must keep this new roll.
Sworddancer (Warrior)
The Sworddancers are some of the greatest weapon wielders of all time. Each member has proven
his skill with a blade and is able to make it dance across a battlefield, both awing and terrifying his
opponents. The Sworddancers have existed as a group for centuries and have a very small
population, considering the stringent requirements to join.
Technique Rank: 5
Requirements: A Weapon skill at 6, Perform: Dance 5
Technique: The number of raises you may call on an attack or Perform: Dance roll are not limited in
any way. In addition, you gain a +2k1 bonus to your attack roll so long as you call a raise for a
First thing you probably noticed with a number of these paths is that they are generally more
powerful than the ronin paths of L5R. My reasoning for this is pretty simple. In Rokugan, ronin
have to fight for daily survival and are constantly being shoved down and generally not given any
funding, or time, or just general students, and because of these reasons can't make many really good
paths. In Medinaat Al-Salaam, these problems are considerably less for anyone that is looking to
build a school. With the right talent, or the right bribes, most of these problems can be overcome
and the general result is a stronger path.
Caravan Guard (Warrior)
If it is the duty of the City Guard to keep the peace and enforce the laws inside Medinaat AlSalaam, it is the duty of the Caravan Guard to protect the blood that keeps the great heart pumping.
The Caravan Guard serves as bodyguards for large caravans, protecting the priceless goods heading
to and from the City of 1,000 Tales from brigands and thieves. The duty of the Caravan Guard has
remained mostly unchanged for centuries; the only difference is in where they go. Recent increased
trade with the Ivory Kingdoms led many down into those fertile lands. But in more recent years
contact with the Kingdoms has been cut off completely and stories of destruction and war are all
that come North. The recent upheaval of the Senpet by the Yodotai and the continuing rebellion has
limited that trade route. Most interestingly, the caravans they guard are beginning to edge closer to
the Emerald Empire.
Benefit: +1 Strength
Integrity: 5.5
Skills: Defense, Commerce, Swordsmanship, Archery, Investigation (Notice), one Weapon skill, any
one skill.
Outfit: Longsword, standard bow, 20 arrows, one weapon, Light Armor, clothes, traveling pack, 5
Rank 1: Falcons Eyes
The Caravan Guard must always be on the lookout for danger. You gain a +1k0 bonus to all

Perception based rolls and attack rolls.

Rank 2: Gorillas Strength
The Caravan Guard must be prepared to crush trouble as soon as it arrives. Your Strength is
considered to be two ranks higher when determining damage for Spears and Polearms.
Rank 3: Owls Wisdom
A Caravan Guard will spend most of his time out in the sands, learning all that there is to know
about them. You are considered to have the Way of the Land Advantage as long as you are outside a
city. Your Strength is considered to be two ranks higher when determining damage for Swords.
Rank 4: Foxs Swiftness
Caravan Guards must be capable of attacking repeatedly so they can finish an enemy quickly and
move on to the next. You may make attacks as a simple action with any weapon for which your
Strength is increased when determining damage.
Rank 5: Jinns Power
You must be able to strike a blow as though you were a mighty Jinn in order to properly protect
your caravan. You may spend a Void point to add +2k1 to your damage roll. In addition, Your
Strength is considered to be three ranks higher when determining damage for Heavy Weapons.
It would have been considerably easier to simply state that they get a +Xk0 bonus to damage rolls
for that weapon type, but considering the Rank 4 technique and how I wanted the two abilities to tie
together that would have left the technique easily abused, since it's not all that hard to get a +1k0
bonus to an damage roll.
Qabal Paths
Master of the Seal (Sahir)
The Masters of the Seal are the undisputed rulers of the Qabal, their magical prowess and wisdom
means few can compete against them, and with the respect they have garnered, few want to. For the
moment, the vast majority of the Masters of the Seal are Traditionalists, but as the older generation
retires and the newer generation comes into their powers, more and more Progressives are seeping
into their ranks.
Technique Rank: 6
Replaces: Qabal Summoner 6
Requirements: Spellcraft 7, Status 6.0 or higher, Elected by Council of Masters.
As a Master of the Seal, you have an intimate knowledge of the workings behind Hakims seal and
can use it in ways some would have thought impossible. You may now cast spells as a simple
action. Additionally you still learn three new spells.
Assassin Sahir
During the dark times of the rule of the Immortal Caliph, she had many opponents. Chiefly among
these enemies were the Qabal and the Assassins. It comes as no surprise then that after their
dissolution at the hands of the Caliph and her Qadi, the Qabal turned to the Old Man of the
Mountain for some assistance. The result of this alliance for the Assassins was the training of
several of their order in the use of Hakim's Seal. Since the fall of the Immortal Caliph the Qabal has
broken most of their ties with the Assassins, but training continues regardless and many Assassin
Sahir are still loyal to the Mountain.
Benefit: +1 Perception
Integrity: 1.5
Skills: Athletics, Calligraphy, Spellcraft, Knives, Stealth, any two skills.
Outfit: Kindjal, Staff, Fine quality robes, sandals, traveling pack, 10 Copper.
Secrecy and speed are the cornerstones of the Assassin's way of life. This has been carried into their

work as Sahir as well. At each School Rank, you may select a type of spell. You may cast spells of
that type with subtlety without the need for a roll. You only learn two new spells per school rank.

Re: Homebrewed LBS Schools

by Caius Maximillian Thu Oct 14, 2010 3:38 pm
Well it will be a bit before I get to the Yodotai, as I'm posting the schools in chapter order. But I will
get to them by the beginning of next week.
Here we have the Nomads of the Burning Sands, those people whose home is everywhere and
The RaShari also count as nomads.
Moto, +1 Agility. The Moto are perhaps the most feared of all the Nomadic tribes. Easily the largest
and most powerful, they scour the Burning Sands in search of new habitable lands for their flocks
and themselves, occasionally raiding caravans or serving in various more legitimate endeavors in
the Burning Sands. It is said nothing happens on the sands without the Moto knowing about it.
Recently, a great number of the Moto have either left or been killed. When the Kami Shinjo awoke,
she took many Moto with her when she left for Rokugan, many other Moto died during the attack
on Medinaat Al-Salaam As such, the Moto do not wield the power they once did.
Tirkak, +1 Strength. The Tirkak are a smaller band of nomads which reside in the Burning Sands.
Mostly their movements are on the fringes of the Western Wastes and they tend to stay away from
the larger civilizations. Legend says that something slumbers deep within the Western Wastes and
has been for centuries. It is the Tirkaks duty to guard it and make certain none come close. With the
weakening of the Moto, the Tirkak have come into greater prominence in recent years.
Joth, +1 Reflexes. The Joth are the bane of merchant caravan and RaShari alike. These ruthless
nomads make their home in the Great Void that serves as the major trade route between the Ivory
Kingdoms and the rest of the Burning Sands and often raid the caravans that pass by in an effort to
enrich themselves. It has worked, and the rulers of the Joth command more respect and power today
than they ever have in their known history. But the hammer is preparing to fall upon the Joth now
that Medinaat Al-Salaam is no longer under the control of the Khadi, and if they are not careful in
how they move now it might be the end for the upstarts.
Nomad Schools:
Tirkak Guardian (Warrior)
The Tirkak have patrolled the Western Wastes for centuries without end. Many wonder why, only
they, the RaShari, and the Ashalan, know why. Early in the sixth century, the Book of the Dead was
stolen from its tome in the Senpet Empire and made its way South. Eventually the Book of the
Dead was in the hands of an immensely powerful Sahir who made the Western Wastes his home.
The sorcerers true name has been lost to time, but he is now called the First Khadi. The First Khadi

grew to be immensely powerful as he learned more and more from the Book until finally he came to
the attention of the Ashalan, the Qabal, and the RaShari. Working together the three groups
managed to seal the First Khadi away in his fortress, but they could not kill him. One caravan of
RaShari then offered to forever guard the fortress and make certain that none disturbed the
creatures imprisonment. The Tirkak were born then and continue in their eternal vigil. During the
reign of the Immortal Caliph, Qabal records on the First Khadi were destroyed by the Qadi. During
the Awakening, many ancient creatures that had been slumbering within the wastes awoke. Now the
Tirkak fear that the First Khadis tomb has been opened and the immortal evil is biding its time
before it strikes, but no scouts that the Tirkak have sent have come back.
Benefit: +1 Willpower
Integrity: 4.5
Skills: Horsemanship, Swordsmanship, Archery (Horse Archery), Defense, Spellcraft, Lore: Khadi,
any one skill.
Outfit: Long sword, Horsebow and 20 arrows (any type), Dagger, any one weapon, light armor and
helm, riding horse, traveling clothes and boots, traveling pack; 5 copper.
Rank 1: One with the World
One of the first lessons a Tirkak learns is that they are always connected to the world. Select two of
your school skills. You get a +1k0 bonus to each of these skills.
Rank 2: Stand against the Magi
The Tirkak have learned that in order to properly fight the first Khadi, they must be able to defend
themselves from magic. You may increase or decrease the TN of a spell cast against you by your
School Rank. In addition, you gain a special Reduction of 3 which is only effective against magic.
Rank 3: Once is not Enough
Redundancy is important in the desert, and that is reflected in the way Tirkak go into battle. Making
attacks with a bow or a weapon that uses the Warrior keyword is a simple action
Rank 4: The Desert Shifts
In the ever shifting world of the Burning Sands, a Tirkak warrior must be ready to shift with them at
a moments notice. If you are in the Center Stance you may spend a Void point to immediately shift
to any other stance. By doing this you lose all benefits from the Center Stance.
Rank 5: Assert the Will of the Sands
At this rank, the Tirkak has become one with the Sands enough that she can emulate the unrelenting
nature of sand. You may choose one Element. If you are targeted by a spell of that element you may
spend a Void Point to increase the TN of the spell by 20.
Your anti-magic school, pretty much. But when the enemy you're meant to oppose is pretty much
just as powerful as Iuchiban, yeah it's needed. In my mind, there is no way Iuchiban managed to get
the Book of the Dead by himself and since the Burning Sands book said it was stolen only shortly
before he became a Khadi, I decided he had some inside assistance from someone who was just as
ambitious and powerful as he was. Which of course meant neither trusted the other and they quickly
parted ways.
Joth Nightstalker (Ninja)
The Nightstalkers are perhaps one of the most feared things in the Great Void. Every RaShari

storyteller has at least one story that deals with them, and even the Assassins are wary when their
name is uttered. The Nightstalkers rarely take a part in battles, preferring instead to ambush unwary
travelers, slit their throats, steal their goods, and disappear back into the night. Rumors abound that
the school was first started by the Old Man of the Mountain, but there is nothing to suggest that is
actually true.
Benefit: +1 Reflexes
Integrity: 1.5
Skills: Athletics, Swordsmanship, Hunting, Knives, Stealth (Ambush), Sleight of Hand, any one
Outfit: Two knives, clothes and books, set of dark clothing and black paint, 10 copper.
Rank 1: Unmoved as the Desert Viper
The Nightstalker must close with their target quickly and silently. You gain a +1k0 bonus to all
Stealth and Athletics skill rolls. In addition, moving in stealth does not affect your movement rates.
Rank 2: Strike in Silence
The Joth learn from an early age not to give their targets a chance to strike back, and that basic
tenant is advanced upon in the first rank. When attacking a foe that is unaware of your presence
using the Full Attack posture, you may make the Extra Attack maneuver for 3 raises instead of 5.
Rank 3: The Inherent Weakness
Learning their targets weaknesses before they strike is important for the Nightstalker. You may
study a target while in the Center Stance for a number of rounds equal to your School Rank. For
each round you study the target you gain an additional +1k0 bonus to the benefits gained from the
Center Stance.
Rank 4: Speed of the Desert Viper
Speed and precise movement are the essence of surviving as a Nightstalker. Making an attack
against a target that is unaware of you or alone is a simple action.
Rank 5: The Turn of the Moon
Even the greatest first strike can still leave a Nightstalker surrounded by enemies. So the
Nightstalkers have perfected this technique. After you kill an opponent, any excess damage from the
killing blow can be divided among any opponents within 10 feet.
Able to ruin your day if you don't see them. If you do see them, many of their techniques become
nearly useless.
Nomadic Preacher (Sahir)
One tie that holds the nomadic tribes together is their worship of their ancestors, which in turn
means the Preachers tie the nomadic tribes together. The Nomadic Preachers serve their people in
many ways, from foretelling the future or as advisers to the leaders to healers or as a keeper of the
history of the tribe. Nomadic Preachers often play a quieter roll in nomadic life, but it is a vitally
important roll that ties their tribe to their past.
Benefit: +1 Intelligence
Integrity: 4.0
Skills: Divination (Omens), Horsemanship, Spellcraft, Theology, Meditation, any two skills
Outfit: One weapon, desert robes and boots, riding horse, traveling pack, 5 copper.

The Nomadic Preacher may learn spells from the Five Disciplines as a Qabal Summoner, but do not
use Hakhims Seal. Instead the Nomadic Preachers pray to their ancestors in the other realms, who
in turn bring their blessings to the Preacher in the form of visions. You may spend a Void point for
an immediate precognitive flash which can reveal almost anything. You gain two spells per school
Theban, standard +1 Void.
Libral, +1 Stamina. The Libral live in a land that would be unfamiliar to most of their Senpet
brethren; the High Steppes are an unforgiving landscape of hills and plateaus with little plant life,
nearly the opposite of the flat landscape that many Senpet are used to. For all that difference
however, the Libral are incredibly loyal to their Empire, and even now are one of the strongest
resistors to Yodotai rule. This is not to say they are all adamant in their resistance, there are many
who remember the tales of how they once resisted the Senpet when they first arrived, and they
wonder if these new rulers will be as the old.
Kishan, +1 Strength. The Kishan lost the most in the war against the Yodotai. Living East of the
Capital, the Kishan were in the direct path of the Yodotai war machine and as such the majority of
the 20 year long war occurred on their lands. Entire towns were destroyed in the fighting, but the
Kishan do not blame the Yodotai alone for their troubles, the Senpet who were all to eager to throw
Kishan lives into the battles take their fair share of blame as well from the Kishan. The survivors
are a rough lot that are mostly more interested in rebuilding their homes and their lives than fighting
for one side or the other.
Pent, +1 Awareness. The Pent are a nearly nomadic group of people living at the Southern edge of
the Senpet Empire. It is the Pent that have had the most contact with Medinaat Al-Salaam, and
therefore it is little surprise that they have been the most corrupted by the reign of the Immortal
Caliph. Ghuls have also become more prevalent, an eerie sign that the usual duties of killing such
beasts are either not being properly taken care of, or there is a sharp increase in the number of
Ghuls. Furthermore rumors abound that many Khadi are being hidden by the Pent in return for
power. It is impossible to say if such allegations are true, but it has been enough to keep the Pent
under a watchful eye.
Senpet Schools
Senpet Marksmen (Warrior)
The Senpet Marksmen are some of the premier archers in the Burning Sands, and some would argue
in the world. The Archer has focused upon honing their skills with an arrow, nearly to the exclusion
of all other weapons, usually only carrying a knife to defend themselves with on the slim chance an
enemy gets close enough to strike at them. The Senpet Marksmen have served for hundreds of years
and during the war against the Yodotai they featured prominently. In the end it became apparent that
it would not be enough. Some Archers defected to the side of the Yodotai, others simply
disappeared into the shadows, and the rest died in battle or were taken captive. Since the Yodotai
conquest of the Senpet, the Senpet Marksmen have mostly been working as mercenary troops for
their new lords but some units still remain with the resistance.
Benefit: +1 Reflexes
Integrity: 4.5
Skills: Archery (Composite longbow) 2, Defense, Hunting, Knives, Theology, any one skill.
Outfit: Composite longbow and one hundred arrows (any type), Sikin, Adaga, Chain shirt, tunic and
sandals, traveling pack, 10 copper.

Rank 1: The Gods Hands
The bowmans hands are guided by the hands of the Ten Thousand, as the temples of the Senpet
preach. You gain a +1k0 bonus to all Defense and Hunting skill rolls. In addition, you may add your
Theology skill Rank to the total of all attack rolls.
Rank 2: Sting of the Gods
The Archer must strike precisely, even if that means giving up some of the power of the blow.
Before your attack you may sacrifice a number of rolled damage dice no greater than your School
Rank and roll that many additional dice on your attack roll.
Rank 3: Divine Guidance
Senpet Archers feel the guidance of the Ten Thousand at all times, assisting them in their battles.
Making attacks with a bow is a simple action.
Rank 4: Yoroths Arrow
The deity of the bow, Yoroth, is known for never missing his mark no matter what gets in his way.
When you spend a Void Point to enhance a ranged attack roll you gain an additional free raise on
that roll.
Rank 5: Ten Thousand Arrows
A true master of the bow can empty his quiver as quickly as the blink of an eye, according to Senpet
doctrine. If you have attacked twice this round using a bow and hit two different targets you may
make an attack with a bow as a free action against one of those targets.
An archer school for the Burning Sands, and it can really put out the death. Concerning the 4th rank
ability, I have adopted an errata to Void expenditure that allows people to spend a Void point to get a
free raise on a roll that is only usable for a maneuver or for effect, they can't use it to get a +5 to
their roll. Also, although they do get a brutal third ranged attack, I hope I've put enough limitations
on it that it is relatively sane.
Senpet Assessor (Diplomat)
Before their fall, the Senpet used slave labor to complete many of their grand works. It was the job
of the Assessors to go out into the world and buy the proper slaves, ensuring that the glory of the
Senpet Empire continued. The Assessors also served as valuable diplomats, keeping ties between
the Senpet and their neighbors cordial, even as they bought them as slaves. When the Senpet fell
upon hard times it was the Assessors that came to Medinaat Al-Salaam and worked out deals with
the Immortal Caliph, and when the war with the Yodotai began, it was the Assessors which tried
valiantly to hold the Yodotai at bay with threats of allies, but for the crime of enslaving those with
the same blood as the Yodotai unknowingly, they were offered no quarter. Since the fall of the
Empire, the Assessors have been forced into the world at large, desperately searching for allies that
might help them take their home back.
Benefit: +1 Awareness
Integrity: 4.5
Skills: Courtier, Commerce (Appraisal), Deceit, Etiquette, Theology, any low skill, any one skill.
Outfit: Fine Tunic, Knife, Sandals, Traveling Pack, 15 copper.
Rank 1: A Careful Eye
The Senpet Assessor must always have an eye out for a useful slave, and an Assessor that cannot is
looked upon poorly by their fellows. You may make an Awareness/Commerce (Appraisal) roll with
a TN of 15. Success results in learning one of the target's Traits or Rings. Raises may be made on
this roll to learn more information by one per raise.
Rank 2: Assurance in Duty
You are so certain of your superiority over those you are negotiating with that they begin to doubt
themselves. Opponents in a contested Commerce or Courtier skill roll must make an additional raise
(for no effect) in order to make the roll.

Rank 3: 10,000 Words

An Assessors faith in the 10,000 is absolute, and for this faith the 10,000 whisper to the Assessor
when they sense falsehood. Attempts to lie or mislead you suffer a -2k0 penalty to the roll. In
addition, when using A Careful Eye and can use raises to determine skills in the same manner as
Rank 4: Speaking for All
The Senpet sometimes make use of cats-paws, getting others to do their will while they remain in
the clear. You may make a contested Awareness/Courtier (Manipulation) roll against your
opponent's Intelligence/Etiquette (Courtesy). If you succeed you have tricked your target into
agreeing with you on a subject of your choice (subject to GM approval).
Rank 5: Know the Enemy
By the time an Assessor has gained this much knowledge, they can, with a glance, know what their
competition will say before they even know themselves. You may call four raises when using A
Careful Eye against someone. If you succeed you gain a +5k0 bonus on all rolls against that target
for the rest of the day. You may also use A Careful Eye to determine advantages and disadvantages,
the GM determines what advantages and disadvantages are learned.
Still actually one of my favorite schools that I've made. I love the idea behind their ability. It is
slightly changed up from how assessment in Iaijutsu works, since the assessment phase is really
only useful for seeing if you get the +1k1 bonus now and is in my opinion way too difficult to be
able to reliably get information like this ability is supposed to do.
Senpet Architect (Artisan)
The Great Eye of the Desert ranks among the largest cities in the entire world, and it is not by
chance that this occurred. At the beginning of the Senpet Empires birth, the Pharaoh declared that
The Great Eye would be the most spectacular city to have ever existed. The architects of the city
took his challenge and did extraordinary things. Pillars were built high enough that it seemed they
almost touched the clouds; giant paintings covered the extensive walls of the vast pyramids meant
to entomb dead pharaohs. Everywhere you looked in The Great Eye of the Desert there were signs
of the glory of the Senpet. Since the Yodotai have come in, the city has fallen into disrepair. The
great drought left the city wallowing in thirst, with little time for maintaining what had already been
built, let alone expanding further. Furthermore when the legions of the Yodotai took the city, many
citizens fled to the South. The population of the city has shrunken dramatically and though the
drought has let up some, the current population is barely being supported by the water available.
Through all this disaster, the Architects have survived. Many still live in The Great Eye, trying
desperately to recapture the spark that was there. Others though have moved on, some to Medinaat
Al-Salaam where they are attempting to build a new home that is grander than the last. Some have
even gone to the Yodotai, bringing their artistic talents to the already rather spectacular engineering
feats of the Yodotai.
Benefit: +1 Intelligence
Integrity: 6.5
Skills: Calligraphy, Theology, Engineering, Craft: Masonry, One chosen Artisan Skill (Painting,
Sculptures, Weaving, Pottery), one high skill, any skill
Outfit: Tunic, sandals, crafting tools, traveling pack, 15 copper.
Rank 1: The First Stone
A Senpet joining the Architects always receives training on the schools main areas of focus, but the
school also allows the student some leeway in choosing which other Artistic path to pursue. You
gain +1k0 to all Craft: Masonry and Engineering rolls and to all rolls with the Artisan Skill you

chose as a School Skill. Whenever you are socially interacting when in the presence of your own
work (inside or right before a construction you worked on or somewhere where your Art is
exposed), you gain a bonus equal to twice your School Rank on all social rolls. You may share this
bonus with one other character by declaring during the construction or artworks creation that you
are dedicating it to that character.
Rank 2: 10,000 Careful Eyes
A Senpet Artisan learns not only to create his own constructions, but also to decipher those created
by others by trusting in his skills and his gods guidance. After spending at least 1 hour examining a
building from the inside or 2 hours examining it from the outside, you may make an
Intelligence/Craft: Masonry Skill Roll at a TN of 20 (for inside examination) or 25 (for outside
examination). If you succeed, you gain a +2k0 bonus on Stealth, Investigation, Craft: Locksmithing
and Craft: Trapsmith rolls made inside of or related to the building. You may increase this bonus by
+1k0 by calling one Raise on the roll; the maximum bonus you may have is equal to your School
Rank +1. These bonuses last for 1 week.
Rank 3: The Foundation
By this time in his training, the Senpet Architect has taken to heart the schools teaching that the
secrets to a buildings beauty and durability lies in its foundations. The bonus received to Craft:
Masonry and Engineering rolls and to rolls with your chosen Artisan skill increases to +2k0. When
constructing a Medium or Large Stone Structure (A small house or bigger) you may make a Craft:
Masonry Roll at a TN of 25 to add a number of Wounds to the structure equal to your School Rank
x 25. You may add another School Rank x 25 Wounds to the structure for each 2 Raises declared on
this roll.
Rank 4: To Make a Name
The Architect has now grown so popular that his art may stand in for his own position and
importance, as well as influencing others impressions of those who receive it. Whenever you create
an artwork or work on a building or other construction for someone, you may spend 1 VP to
increase or decrease the Reputation of your works receiver by a number of points equal to your
Theology Skill rank or your School Rank (whichever is lower). Your own Status and Reputation are
considered 1 rank higher for all purposes whenever you are in the presence of your own work
(inside or right before a construction you worked on or somewhere where your Art is exposed).
Rank 5: The Keystone
A Master Architect is knowledgeable in all secrets of the Senpet styles of construction and art, and
can now use his abilities more freely and with reduced effort. The bonus you receive to Craft:
Masonry and Engineering rolls and to all rolls with your chosen Artisan Skill increases to +2k1.
You may choose any one further Craft or Artisan Skill; you may use all effects of your Senpet
Architect techniques with this skill. Construction times and costs for all stone construction projects
and all artwork created with Craft: Masonry or your chosen skills are reduced by 10%; you may
raise twice on the rolls to create the projects or artwork to reduce both cost and the time needed by
an additional 10%.
Senpet Paths
Brothers of the Black Shield (warrior)
The Brothers of the Black Shield are an elite unit of guardsmen whose duty it is to protect people of
importance within the Senpet Empire and to protect the ideals of the Empire. This group was
founded in the Seventh Century by an enigmatic duo of brothers who saved the Pharaoh from a
coup attempt by a traitorous general. Since that time, the Brothers of the Black Shield have
defended Senpet citizens from high nobility to lowly peasant. After the fall of the Empire, the
Brothers stayed, continuing to defend those who cannot defend themselves.

Technique Rank: 2
Replaces: Senpet Legionnaire and Senpet Charioteer 2
Technique: You may guard an ally against a number of opponents equal to your Insight Rank. In
addition, the person you are guarding gains an additional bonus of +10 to their Armor TN.
Priest of the 10, 000
Religion is all important to the Senpet people, and this path emphasizes this importance among all
their citizens, from the mighty warrior to the talented sahir. In an age where each Senpet must be
able to both wield a sword and be capable of gathering allies, the Priests have become a powerful
way to do this as well as remind each Senpet of the gods they refuse to let fade away.
Technique Rank: 2
Replaces: Any Senpet Rank 2 technique.
Technique: You gain two free raises every day. These raises may only be used for attack,
spellcasting, and social skill rolls. Once used the raise is gone until it refills the next day.
Any Yodotai may purchase the Magic Resistance advantage for one point less and are able to
choose what type of magic it resists. In addition, Yodotai may purchase additional ranks of Magic
Resistance after character creation.
Hanif, +1 Strength
Grekoi, +1 Awareness. The Grekoi are a great example of the lengths to which the Yodotai will go
to avoid water after First Crusade. The Grekoi were across a small sea from the Yodotai civilization,
perhaps 20 miles away or less. The sea could have been easily crossed. Instead the Yodotai sent
their troops through five hundred miles of dense forest and high mountains as a display of strength
to the Grekoi. It worked incredibly well and only after one battle the Grekoi capitulated and joined
the Yodotai. The Grekoi are a philosophical people, more interested in the sciences and the nature of
the relationship between humans and the gods than they are warfare. Their culture adapted quickly
to the Yodotai and their engineering and scientific feats were turned to a more military outlook.
Since then the Grekoi have served loyally with the Yodotai and proven their worth numerous times.
Cartagi, +1 Willpower. The Cartagi were one of the toughest fights the Yodotai ever faced. Five
hundred years ago the Cartagi and Yodotai first came into contact with one another. Both were
mighty empires by that time that were intent upon expanding and so the meeting came to blows
almost immediately. War raged for 30 years and for a time it looked as though the Yodotai might
actually lose. The death of the then Warlord, Scipius, refueled the Yodotai efforts then, and victory
eventually became theirs. The Cartagi are a mostly sea-faring race, which was part of the reason the
Yodotai had such difficulty with them. Since their defeat, the Cartagi have maintained a small
defensive fleet that is manned by the remains of the Cartagi people.
Gallim, +1 Agility. Until the defeat of the Senpet, the Gallim had been the latest acquisition by the
Yodotai. A semi-nomadic people, the Gallim were fairly quickly overrun by the Yodotai war
machine, but that does not mean they were quickly adopted into the fold. The Gallim are a proud
people that generally prefer not to have outsiders interfere with their lives, and so the Yodotai rule
was a thorny element for a long time. Many Gallim tribes continue to be nomadic in nature,
traveling where they please, though taxes and tribute are still given to the Yodotai periodically.
Mostly the Yodotai let such excesses go so long as they follow their gods and pay the taxes. It
would be incorrect to say that the Yodotai have tamed the Gallim.
Yodotai Schools
Battle Tactician (Warrior)
The Battle Tactician comes from the days of the defeat of the Grekoi. Turning to a more military

bent, the Grekoi eventually made the Battle Tactician School, which has served the Yodotai cause
incredibly well. Many major victories in the recent Senpet campaign were thanks to the Battle
Tacticians, and it was Battle Tactician siege engines that brought down the walls of Medinaat AlSalaam The Battle Tacticians study not only war, but history, as well as politics so they may better
serve the Yodotai and prove themselves to be great masters of various arts.
Benefit: +1 Intelligence
Integrity: 4.5
Skills: Lore: History, Engineering, Battle (Mass Combat), Investigation, Lore:(Choose one Faction),
any weapon skill, any High skill.
Outfit: Chain shirt, Gladius, 2 Pilum, Pugio, shield (scutum or parma), tunic, sandals, toga, travel
pack, 10 copper
Rank 1: Skill Over Force
Tacticians are trained to overcome their own weaknesses and faults. You may spend a Void Point to
turn the penalties to your dominant hand for wielding a shield in your off-hand into a bonus for you
and any allies within 30 feet for the rest of the round. In addition, you gain a +1k0 bonus to all
Battle and Engineering rolls.
Rank 2: With My Brothers
The Yodotai fight, even beyond death, and with the help of the Tactician they do so even better.
During a skirmish, at the beginning of each round you may add your ranks in the Battle skill to your
attack rolls, defense rolls, or initiative. You may spend a Void point to give this bonus to an ally
within 30 feet instead.
Rank 3: The Weak points
As a Tactician, you are trained to strike quickly at an enemy and not give them a chance to strike
back. Making attacks with a Yodotai or Warrior keyword weapon is a simple action for you.
Rank 4: Shepherding the Fools
The Grekoi were well known for their deceitful tactics in war that goad the enemy out of position in
order to be hit by a second blow. In a Perception/Battle (Mass Combat) roll, if your roll exceeds
your opponents by 3 or more you are considered to have the advantage. In addition, during the
Determination phase of Mass Combat you may double or halve your Water ring to determine your
Rank 5: Conquests Strategy
When the Yodotai go to war, it is never without knowing their enemies as well as their enemies
know themselves. You no longer have to spend a Void point to activate the Rank 1 and 2 techniques.
In addition, any opponent within 30 feet which belongs to a faction for which you have the relevant
Lore skill suffers a -2k0 penalty to all skill rolls, to a minimum of 1k1
Yodotai Raider (Warrior)
The Yodotai rarely rely upon honorable combat to achieve victory, they are far more pragmatic
about warfare. That is why the Raiders were first created. The Raiders come from a Cartagi descent,
taking from the army schools of their defeated foe and learning from them. The Raider School
teaches brutal combat and fast action as they will more often than not be serving behind enemy
lines to further the Yodotai cause. Unlike the other military schools of the Yodotai, the Raiders
receive little open recognition or praise, but it is well understood that they are an important part of
the war effort. The Raiders also serve as the majority of the crews on the small fleet the Yodotai
keep. More recently, the Raiders found use against the Senpet Empire and it was their subversive
actions that kept the Senpet Empire from bringing its full force to bear against the Yodotai.
Benefit: +1 Reflexes
Integrity: 2.5
Skills: Athletics, Sailing, Defense, Swordsmanship, Knives, Stealth, any one skill.
Outfit: Gladius, Pugio, Composite bow and 20 arrows, Lorica Segmentata, Parma, boots, tunic,
toga, travel pack, 5 copper

Other Notes: Only a member of the Cartagi may join this school.
Rank 1: The Lone Sail
The Raiders first lesson is that they will have to fight wherever is necessary, with whatever is on
hand, and that they will almost always be outnumbered. You suffer no penalties for off-hand
fighting or two weapon fighting when wielding a knife in your off-hand, nor for uneven terrain
penalties less than your School Rank x 5. Opponents gain no advantage when flanking you or attack
from higher ground.
Rank 2: The Waves Stand Strong
A Raider is very rarely in the presence of many other allies; as such he must do his best to make
certain those allies can hit their enemies. If you strike an opponent their Armor TN is reduced by 5
until the reactions stage of the next round. This effect does not stack.
Rank 3: Swift as the Ocean Breeze
You may make melee attacks as a simple action.
Rank 4: Move as the Sea
The Raider knows that in battle they will always be outnumbered, and so they must even the odds.
During the reactions phase of a combat round you may choose an opponent that attacked you this
round. During the next round you get a +3k0 bonus to attack rolls against that target.
Rank 5: Vengeance of the Mighty and Merciless Sea
While it would be wrong to say that the Raiders worship the Deity of Fear, they hold a great respect
for her power. When facing opponents in combat you may spend a Void point to gain a Fear rating
of 4 for the remainder of the skirmish.
Advance Scout (Warrior)
The Empire is always expanding, and to keep expanding the empire must always know what is
outside its borders. This role is filled by the Advance Scouts. For centuries the Scouts have been
one step ahead of the Empire, telling them everything they need to know about what is beyond the
horizon. Without this vital component, the war effort would slow to a halt as the Yodotai would not
know what enemies they would be facing next. The Advance Scout School has recently undergone a
change with the acquisition of the Gallim tribes, showing their ingenuity and willingness to take on
the better elements of the cultures the Yodotai take over; much of the training a Gallim scout would
have undergone has been taken into the school.
Benefit: +1 Perception
Integrity: 4.5
Skills: Athletics, Hunting (Survival), Horsemanship, Lore: Geography, Stealth, Swordsmanship, any
one skill.
Outfit: Gladius, Pugio, Lorica Segmentata, Horse, tunic, toga, sandals, traveling pack, 5 copper.
Rank 1: The Edge of Danger
The Scout must move quickly to survive. You gain a +1k0 bonus on all Hunting skill rolls. After
spending a week in an area you may purchase the Way of the Land advantage for that area for one
point less.
Rank 2: The Quick Strike
While you are in the Attack stance if you strike an opponent, your Armor TN against that person
increases by 5 until the reactions stage of the next round. When you spend a Void point to increase
your Armor TN your Armor TN is increased by 10 plus your School Rank.
Rank 3: Surviving in a Strange Land
You may spend a number of days equal to your School Rank with only 4 hours of sleep and two
meals a day with no penalties. In addition you start combat in the Full Defense posture unless you
state otherwise.
Rank 4: The Second Blow
You may make attacks with weapons that have the Yodotai or Warrior keywords as a simple action.

Rank 5: Veil of Deceit

The Scout is ever vigilant for dangers both to himself and the Empire. You may spend a void point
in a situation where you would be unaware of an incoming attack to immediately become aware of
the attack. In addition, you may spend a Void point to raise your Armor TN at any time.
Yodotai Surgeon (Warrior)
The art of surgery is a well honored tradition in many lands outside of Rokugan, but in few places is
it more prized than among the Yodotai. Lacking a magical tradition of their own, the Yodotai
suffered from bad battlefield losses that did not plague their foes. In their usual ingenious manner,
the Yodotai discovered a solution. Surgery, though it takes a great deal of time and can leave the
patient in bed for a week, is the equal of almost any of the magic the Yodotai have encountered.
Battlefield medics turned from short-term wound healers to an integral part of the Yodotai strategy.
Surgeons are highly prized among the Yodotai armies and are often defended to the death by their
compatriots, for if their surgeon falls, who is it that will heal them when they fall.
Benefit: +1 Intelligence
Integrity: 4.5
Skills: Lore: Anatomy, Divination, Medicine (surgery) 2, Swordsmanship, Theology , any one skill
Outfit: Gladius, Pugio, Lorica Segmentata, Shield (Parma or Scutum), tunic, toga, medicine kit,
surgeons kit, traveling pack, 5 Copper.
Rank 1: The First Cut
Young Surgeons often find themselves directly on the front lines, finding it is their duty to staunch
wounds enough that a soldier can keep fighting. You get a +1k0 bonus to all Medicine skill rolls. In
addition, when making an Intelligence/Medicine roll to heal wounds, you may call raises to
decrease the time needed to properly bandage your patient by one turn per raise, to a minimum of
one turn when using the Wound Treatment emphasis. When using the surgery emphasis you may
call raises to decrease the time needed by 10 minutes per raise, to a minimum of 20 minutes.
Rank 2: To be the Wall
Yodotai Surgeons often find themselves on the field of battle, and they have learned to protect
themselves and their charges as best as possible. When you are in the Full Defense stance you may
make an Intelligence/Medicine (Wound Treatment) roll as a free action. In addition, you double the
Armor TN bonus from shields except when on full attack.
Rank 3: Master of the Arts
By this level in their training, a Surgeon knows their patients bodies better than they do. You may
add your Lore: Anatomy skill to the result of all wound treatment rolls.
Rank 4: You Cannot Fall
On the field of battle, a surgeon must be prepared to fight and to protect his fellow soldiers. You
may make attacks with weapons that have the Yodotai or Warrior keywords as a simple action.
Rank 5: Brotherhood of Fidelity
The loyalty of the Yodotai soldier is beyond all doubt. Encouraged and emboldened by the
Surgeons, a soldier can fight well beyond his normal capabilities. You gain an additional Nicked
wound level. You may spend a Void point at the beginning of a skirmish to grant all allies within 30
feet an additional nicked wound level for the duration of the combat. Wounds taken do not
disappear with the wound level.
Surgery- You may work on an injured person for one hour, during which time neither person can do
anything else. You cannot treat a given person more than once a week. Once this is done, you must
make an Intelligence/Medicine (Surgery) roll versus a TN of 15. If the roll is successful you may
roll 3k2 to determine how many wounds are treated.

Yodotai Paths
The Yodotai are an army that is almost always on the offensive. Occasionally however, they come
across an opponent who strikes out just as hard as they do. To deal with such situations, the Triarii
were formed, an elite unit of spearmen who serve alongside the other legionnaires.
Technique Rank: 2
Requirements: Spears 2
Replaces: Yodotai Legionnaire 2, Battle Tactician 2, Yodotai Mercenary 2
Technique: You are given a spear. While you are on Full Defense and carrying a shield if an
opponent makes a melee attack against you and misses they suffer a number of wounds equal to the
difference by which they missed up to your School Rank + 5. You may spend a Void point to give
all allies within 10 feet that are wielding a shield and in the Full Defense stance the benefits of this
technique. Add the School Ranks of all those that activated this ability together to determine the
maximum wounds taken.
Constant warfare has made one thing perfectly clear, it is always better to be able to hit your enemy
before they hit you. The easiest way to do that is with range. The Pilum is a dangerous tool in the
right hands, and these soldiers are trained in their use to be deadly opponents.
Technique Rank: 2
Requirements: Athletics (Throwing) 2
Replaces: Yodotai Legionnaire 2, Yodotai Raider 2, Advance Scout 2
Technique: You are able to throw a pilum 80 feet without penalty. Those struck by a pilum you
throw reduce their Armor TN by your School Rank until the Reactions stage of the next round. You
may spend a Void point to give all allies within 10 feet that are wielding a Pilum the benefits of this
technique. Add the School Ranks of all those that activated this ability together to determine the
Armor TN reduction taken.
There was a reason the Romans threw their pilums just before they charged you. It was because
you'd be too busy trying to get the spear out of your leg to notice them stabbing you.
Equitatus Lancearii
The Yodotai are not well known for their cavalry, being mostly based around their infantry. But they
long ago realized the danger of heavy cavalry. Yodotai Cavalry therefore are meant more as a
deterrent against enemy cavalry than as a force to attack enemy infantry.
Technique Rank: 2
Requirements: Horsemanship 2
Replaces: Yodotai Raider 2, Advance Scout 2, Yodotai Surgeon 2
Technique: Your mount moves as though it had one more rank of Fleet. While you are mounted and
attacking a mounted opponent you gain a +1k0 bonus to your attack roll. You may spend a Void
point to give all allies within 10 feet that are mounted and attacking a mounted opponent the
benefits of this technique.
Pretty good cavalry, but really only meant to go against other cavalry. Not good for much else.
The Engineers are the lifeblood of the Yodotai empire. It is the Engineers that oversee the
construction of the highway system, the construction of new cities and fortifications, and the
construction of siege equipment. Without engineers, the steady progress of the Empire would
screech to a halt.
Technique Rank: 4
Requirements: Engineering 5

Replaces: Battle Tactician 4

Technique: You gain a free raise on all Engineering skill rolls. Raises you make on Battle or
Engineering rolls are not limited by your Void.
Because hey, someone has to build the roads. Might be giving this a boost somewhere.
It is the destiny of all Yodotai to lead; this path exists to help them along their path to leadership so
that they may better serve the Empire. The Centurion is the man on the front lines, encouraging
their brothers to dive further into the fight and refusing to back down in the face of overwhelming
odds. The casualty rate for Centurions is rather high, but that does not discourage more from
attempting to achieve such a prestigious position.
Technique Rank: 4, 5
Requirements: Battle 5
Replaces: Yodotai Legionnaire 4, Yodotai Mercenary 4, Battle Tactician 4, Yodotai Raider 4,
Yodotai Surgeon 5, Advance Scout 5
Technique: Wound penalties do not affect your initiative score. You do not need to spend a void
point to swap your initiative with an ally. All allies within 30 feet of you are affected by these
Ebonite Schools
Ebonite Magician (Sahir)
The Ebonite Magician is a tradition that has been within the Order of the Ebon Hand since they first
arrived in Medinaat Al-Salaam They wielded strange magics and gave new insights into the
burgeoning magical talent within the city. As the centuries passed, the Magicians became more of a
hybrid between the old Ivory Kingdoms magic and the magic of Hakhim's Seal. The Magicians
have also become more specialized, becoming experts at destroying the undead. With the
destruction of the Qabal during the reign of the Immortal Caliph, the Ebonite Magicians remained
one of the few places where one could safely practice magic, as even the Caliph was hesitant to
bring her power against the Ebonite Order. Since the fall of the Caliph and the supposed destruction
of the Jackals power base within the city, the Magicians have been left with a much easier duty
within the city of attempting to clean it of what Ghuls remain.
Benefit: +1 Willpower
Integrity: 6.5
Skills: Calligraphy, Spellcraft, Theology, Lore: Ghuls, Lore (Choose one), Swordsmanship, any one
Outfit: Ebonite Armor, Ebonite Longsword, Sturdy clothing, Traveling pack, 10 Copper
Technique: Stand Against the Darkness
The Magicians duty above all else is to protect the innocent and confront the wicked. You gain a
Free Raise on Earth spells. You may choose one of the following bonuses each day. Gain a +1k1
bonus on spellcasting rolls that help or heal allies or known innocents or gain a +1k1 bonus on
spellcasting rolls that injure or hinder known criminals or Jackals. You may learn two new spells
with each School Rank.
Really not sure on this technique. This will quite possibly change once I can figure out what else I
want it to be.
Ebonite Applicant (Warrior)
Not all who join the Order of the Ebon Hand are destined to become Templar or Magicians. For
every person that passes the Test there are two who will never be given the option, for they do not
have what it takes to pass. Eventually, some of these Applicants will be given the chance to take the

test, but the majority never advance past this state. They can still find purpose within the Order.
Applicants often take up duties that the Templar cannot, thus serving the Order in their own way. An
Applicant's training mostly consists of learning how to shut down their opponent, keeping them
from gaining any advantage until help can arrive. During the reign of the Immortal Caliph, the
Applicants found a great deal of use as the Order of the Ebon Hand had to rely on less direct
methods to assist people, since those times the Applicants have found themselves used less and less
on the front lines and are more often relegated to serve as support to their more public brethren.
Benefit: +1 Strength
Integrity: 4.5
Skills: Athletics, Defense, Tahaddi, Brawling, Lore (choose one), Swordsmanship, one Low Skill
Outfit: Longsword, knife, Bow and 20 arrows, Sturdy clothing, Light Armor, Traveling pack, 5
Rank 1: Strength in Courage
Applicants learn how to properly use their strength in all situations, giving them a slight edge over
foes that do not usually get such training. In any contested Strength roll, you gain a +1k1 bonus to
the roll. In addition, your wound penalties are reduced by your Earth ring.
Rank 2: Stand Against Evil
An Applicant must learn that they can give no thought to their own life, it is the life of those they
are protecting that is the most important. You gain a Reduction rating equal to your Earth Rank.
Rank 3: Move against the Pain
At this level of training, the Applicant learns how to strike against their enemies with twice the
speed. You may make unarmed attacks, or attacks with a knife or weapon that uses the Warrior
keyword as a simple action.
Rank 4: Break the Attack
Against the worst that can be put against them, the Applicant must be able to protect themselves and
others against this power. You may declare two raises on an attack roll against someone in the Full
Attack posture. If your attack is successful, they lose all benefits of the Full Attack posture.
Rank 5: Simple Maneuvers
An Applicant, by now, is able to read the movements of their opponents so well that they can avoid
most blows. When an opponent in combat performs a maneuver which require raises against you,
the number of raises needed to perform the maneuver are doubled. This includes damage raises.
I think the word "Tank" appropriately fits the bill for these guys. They can't kill three guys before
breakfast, but done right they can slow down a considerably more powerful foe.
Ebonite Paths
Jubal's Technique
Jubal was perhaps one of the most premier applicants in centuries, and his fight against the foes of
the Ebon Hand was an absolute success. Jubal has now used what he learned in years out in the field
to teach the next generation.
Technique Rank: 2
Requirements: Brawling or Knives 2
Replaces: Applicant 2
Technique: When you are unarmed or using a knife, you gain a +2k0 bonus to all damage rolls.
Simple, elegant, painful.
Ebonite Qadi
The Order of the Ebon Hand has it's own police force which acts in tandem with the Qadi of
Medinaat Al-Salaam These men and women have been trained to rigorous standards that means
they are just as good as the average Qadi, some would argue they are better.

Technique Rank: 5
Requirements: Lore: Law 5
Replaces: Templar 5, Magician 5
Technique: You gain a +4k0 bonus on any contested roll against a low skill.
Assassin Ranged Weapons
Use L5R 4th edition rules.
Throwing Stone
Use L5R 4th edition rules for Tsubute
Horse Bow
Keyword: Medium
Strength: 3
Minimum Strength: 1
Range: 400'
Price: 20 Copper
You'll note, there is no penalty for using it while mounted or while using it on foot.
Composite Bow
Keyword: Medium
Strength: 2
Range: 200'
Special Rules: Increase the TN of all attack rolls by +10 if used on horseback.
Price: 10 Copper
Keyword: Medium
DR: 5k2; 4k1 if armor piercing bolts
Range: 200'
Special: Requires two rounds to reload, if you do not have any ranks in Archery, you are considered
to have one rank in the skill while using a Crossbow. If loaded with armor piercing bolts, the attack
ignores the Armor TN bonus from armor.
Price: 10 Copper
I actually decided to take a different, and more realistic, approach to Crossbows. The reason
crossbows were popular wasn't that they were made to pierce armor. It was because you could
pretty much pick one up off the ground and be able to reliably use it. I tried to weaken it in other
places to keep it from becoming overpowered.
Keywords: Large, Yodotai
DR: 7k4
Range: 700'
Special: The Scorpio is immobile, uses Agility instead of Reflexes, requires four rounds to reload,
ignores all Armor TN bonus from armor and shields as well as all natural reduction.
Price: The Scorpio is not available for private ownership, in fact the Yodotai will likely come

looking for you if they find out you have taken one of these.
Ah, the Scorpio. As a houserule, I have declared that if one of these bolts hits you in the head, I do
not care what your Earth ring is at, unless you are a deity you are dead.
Keyword: Small
Strength: 2
Range: 100'
Special: Not usable on horseback, uses Athletics (throwing) skill, Stone ammunition is 0k1, iron
ammunition is 1k1, lead ammunition is 0k2
Price: 1 Copper
Naphtha Grenade
Keyword: Small, explosive
DR: 5k3
Range: 30'
Special: , Uses Athletics (throwing) skill, Naphtha grenades ignore the Armor TN bonus from armor
and shields, any target next to a target struck by a Naphtha grenade must roll Reflexes at a TN of 20
or be struck for 2k2 damage, any object or person struck by a naphtha grenade continues to take 1k1
damage from fire until they take two complex actions to douse the flames.
Price: The Naphtha grenade is not available for civilian ownership, on the black market it is going
to be very pricey.
Another strictly restrained weapon, the Naphtha grenade is a nasty little thing. Another house rule,
two characters can take complex actions to douse one object that is on fire to put it out in one turn.
Also, there are rumors that the Yodotai are experimenting with a new weapon using naphtha that
will allow it to be fired in a jet.
Chain Weapons
Weighted Chain
Use L5R 4th Edition rules for Manrikukusari.
Heavy Weapons
Heavy Club
Use L5R 4th edition rules for Dai Tsuchi.
Use L5R 4th edition rules for Masakari.
War Axe
Keywords: Medium
DR: 4k2
Price: 3 Copper
War hammer
Keywords: Medium
DR: 2k3
Price: 15 Copper

Keywords: Small
DR: 2k1
Special: Opponents need to make an additional raise when attempting to disarm you if you are
wielding a Katar.
Price: 3 Copper
Keywords: Large
DR: 0k4
Price: 20 Copper
Keywords: Large
DR: 3k3
Price: 12 Copper
Keywords: Large
DR: 3k2
Price: 10 Copper
Use L5R 4th edition rules for Lance.
Use L5R 4th edition rules for Yari. Add Keyword: Warrior
Use L5R 4th edition rules for Nage-Yari.
Military Fork
Keywords: Large
DR: 0k2
Special: May be used to initiate and maintain a grapple.
Price: 6 Copper
Use L5R 4th edition rules for Scimitar.
Keywords: Large, Yodotai
DR: 1k4
Special: Minimum of Strength 3 to wield
Price: 30 Copper