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A collection of 2010 predictions from the world’s top psychics and astrologers.


Roxanne Halderman……………………………………………………………………………………………….. 3

Christopher Renstrom……………………………………………………………………………………………… 6

Joshua The Psychic………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 9

Hans Christian King…………………………………………………………………………………………………. 11

Carmen Harra…………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 13

Dr. Patricia Bell……………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 18

Laura Scott………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 20

Donna Henes…………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 23

Derek Calibre…………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 25

Phyllis King………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 27

Zachary Selig…………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 30

Jane Doherty……………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 32

2010 Psychic Predictions by Roxanne Elizabeth Halderman, N.Y. Times Best
Seller List, Famous Author!

World, National & Local Financial Psychic Predictions

Global financial corporations and banking institutions in the U.S.

and around the world will begin merging together.

The stressful diplomatic relations with North Korea, China, Iran,

Russia, Venezuela, (two other countries not yet identified) will lead
to serious confrontation and possible nuclear warfare.

A dirty bomb exploding in a large metropolitan city, Los Angeles,

New York, or Chicago.

Israel-Iran confrontation will increase.

There will be an Earthquake in the San-Francisco or San Bernardino area however, it will be less
severe than the one that will take place in the next generation.

The eco-system will soon be in a crisis. High levels of toxic chemicals and other pollutants such
as estrogen filling the eco-water system will cause major health problems and water shortages.
Because of human consumption and being careless with the environment that surrounds us,
there will be more drastic negative environmental changes, such as another tsunami.

Inflation overload will cause higher food prices.

Assassination of a prominent government official.

Terrorism is on the rise.

Gold & Silver 2010 Psychic Predictions About All Precious Metals

Gold is soaring to all time highs. Silver will move higher than current market price. Oil will
fluctuate up and down , and then "Go Through The Roof!" Higher than ever expected.

The birth of a new gold-backed world currency will soon begin. The new monetary system is
now being developed. Silver will also play a part in the new currency though, not to the extent
of gold.
Economic Psychic Predictions & Issues With The Economy for 2010, 2011 & 2012

A sharp downturn in the economic recovery & inflation, will create a boomerang effect. This
effect will be felt throughout the world, yet a few countries will be free from the effects and
there will be a re-visiting of an 1920's style depression however, it will be in a more chaotic

A banking crisis such as failing banks, bankruptcy, long lines, rioting in the streets will increase.

Celebrity Psychic Predictions for 2010

A very famous celebrity who has been experiencing continued health problems will become
very ill. Sadly they will then pass away. When this takes place it will signify the "beginning to the
end of the world", her first name being Elizabeth, for integrity purposes, the full name is not
shown, though it is documented.

UFO, NASA, Alien & Extraterrestrial Psychic Predictions for 2010, 2011 & 2012

Unusual Extraterrestrial sightings will take place throughout the next 2-3 upcoming years.

Good & Evil Psychic Predictions

The fight between "good and evil" will cause a raising of consciousness for some, chaos and
calamity for others. Enlightenment therefore has the magical ability to create less severity and
counteract some of the negativity that will take place.

Roxanne Elizabeth Halderman is a world class psychic who has claimed notoriety because of her
accurate psychic predictions, for her clients and in the world. She is an author, parapsychologist
and metaphysician who has been seen on such places as Fox News Channel (for her accurate
worldwide predictions for the new-millennium), Roxanne has also accurately accounted and

consulted for financial and wall-street stock predictions for The new York Times, CNN, and
Nightline and has consulted for world events for.

Astrological Psychic Predictions for 2010 by Christopher Renstrom

2010 Economy: Psychic & Astrology Predictions, Planet Saturn

& Astrology Virgo

Believe it or not the economy is looking better for 2010. That’s

because Saturn, the planet of trials and tribulations, left Virgo
in October 2009. There’s always a downturn in the markets
whenever Saturn is in an earth sign. Saturn entered Virgo on
September 2, 2007 and it didn’t leave until October 29, 2009.

Saturn & Libra, 2000 & 2001, 2011 & 2012

The last time that Saturn was in an earth sign was from 1999 to 2001 when it was in Taurus
(remember “dot.bomb?”). Now that Saturn is in Libra, we’ll see a return to lending and
spending, but you may want to keep some of your money safely stuffed in the mattress from
April 7, 2010 through July 20, 2010. This is when Saturn retrogrades back into Virgo (which is
really quite rare) so we can expect another downturn then. After that the economy should be
on the road to a full recovery by the end of 2011, early 2012.

President Obama, Leo, Mars & 2010 Obama Under Siege

Mars, the planet of willpower, turns retrograde in the sign of the lion on December 21st 2009
and will continue its backwards motion until March 10, 2010. Barack Obama is a Leo and
Mars’s retrograde could spell trouble for him and Leos everywhere as they see the advances
they’ve made since October 2009 suddenly go up in smoke. This would be due to conflicts with
power grabby men in power who just can’t get enough. A show of strength will be needed in
both February and April 2010.

2010, 2011, 2012 Predictions On The Fashion Industry

How long can you expect a girl not to shop? At a certain point the new frugality gets old which
means we’ll see a different kind of surge (this time for the stores and cosmetics counters) in
January, June, August and September 2010. This is due to Saturn being exalted in Libra, the
sign of beauty and luxury. There’s money to be made when Saturn is in Libra (which is good
news for Librans everywhere). Libra is also the zodiac sign of partnership, so expect to see a
flurry of shotgun marriages involving production companies and fashion franchises from
January through April 2010 and then again from August through October 2010. Anyone ready
for “So You Think You Can Model” and “America’s Worst Face-Lift”? This trend lasts through

Predictions On The International Tensions

On June 7th, 2010, Jupiter (the planet of beliefs) will conjoin Uranus (the planet of revolution
and change) in the zodiac sign of Aries. Aries is ruled by Mars, named after the Greek god of
war, so you don’t have to be an astrologer to read the writing on that wall. It clearly spells out
a summer full of ideological conflict when things will get both heated and dicey. Hot spots will
be July 30 and 31, August 7 and 8, August 13 and 14, and August 19 and 20. Thankfully peace-
loving Venus in Libra should ameliorate the effects so that people return to their better senses
by early September 2010.

Healthcare & The Democrats Hit A Speed Bump

The summer of 2010 will see the rise of a new generation of rabble-rousers as President
Obama’s opponents begin to resemble the colorful villains in a superhero’s rogues gallery. Like
super villains, they don’t have to do much more than toss a monkey wrench into the works to
make a mess out of things. Much of this will be due to the mishandling of the healthcare policy
that will likely take place on or around April 26, 2010. This plants the seeds for Venus’s
retrograde in Scorpio which lasts from October 8th through November 18, 2010. Venus
retrogrades are famous for intrigues and betrayals so the end result will be a heavy Democratic
loss in the midterm elections. Ironically this may prove to be an even heavier loss for the

Going Green, Civil Rights, War & Healthcare Predictions

Civil rights, an unpopular war, and national healthcare aren’t the only 60s themes to make a
reappearance courtesy of the Saturn/Uranus opposition (the last time these two planets
opposed each other was 1965 through 1966)—environmentalism is on the ascendancy too.
And like many things in the 60s it will be revolutionary movements that wind up dictating
government policy. Some of this is to be expected as the conversion to solar and wind energy
becomes more popular and accessible (look for real advances in April and August) and some of
it will take on an interesting twist as marijuana looks like it could become a source for taxable
revenue as early as the fall of 2010.


Saturn, the planet of rules, will be in Libra, the sign of partnership, from 2010 to 2012. Usually
Saturn has a more conservative take on things, but it’s exalted when it’s in Libra and exalted
means that it will be on its best behavior. This means that, Saturn likes to see people married
when it’s traveling through Libra and so we will start to see a more practical slant on the gay
marriage debate. In other words it will become less ideological and more civil—as in civil
unions. Churches shouldn’t be forced to do anything against their beliefs (like marrying gays)
like society shouldn’t be forced to adhere to beliefs it doesn’t support (like not marrying gays).
This is the sort of nuanced debate fair-minded Libra is famous for and chances are it will be
settled—and settled amicably-- in April or October 2011.

Christopher Renstrom is the creator of Rulingplanets.com, the first online, interactive astrology
magazine. Chris Renstrom writes the daily horoscope for the San Francisco Chronicle
and SFGate.com.

2010 Psychic Predictions on Numerology, Astrology & Celebrities by Joshua The

A Full Moon starts the New Year. This creates a tug

of war between the inner and outer security which
will inevitably result in balance for the universe.
Because of this people will be feeling more secure
within themselves. People in general will attract
more abundance throughout 2010.

The numerology of the year (2+0+1+0=3) offers us

plenty! The creation vibration of the number three
not only signifies abundance, but casts a glow of love over our perception. With our perception
changing collectively, we should see the economy improving by at least 30%. Likewise, we'll see
lots of "new" things being born this year that bring joy into our lives such as babies will be on
the rise, as will new musical instruments, and electronic devices which will contribute
to creative expression.

There will be another option available to enrich people's lives. Something along the lines of
stocks, bonds.

With Saturn (the astrological taskmaster) in Libra (the sign of Justice), the two Supreme Court
Justices will be replaced.

Psychic Prediction About Madonna & Other Celebrities

There will be new love around Madonna, but overextension in the Springtime will prompt a
new-found serenity and deeper interest in metaphysics, perhaps as a psychic, healer or

Major tension will happen between Ellen & Porcia Di Rossi and Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie,
whose kids will be disbursed outside of the two of them. Brad Pritt will reunite with Jennifer

Lots of greens and purples in fashion will come into play. Items that give a nod to the
sensibilities of the 30s and 40s such as pleated ankle-length skirts but they will be updated with
distinctive and rare colors.

Bert Reynolds dies

Joshua the Psychic started reading professionally at 17. Having undergone serious psychic
training at The Original Tremont Tearoom, the world's oldest and most reputable psychic
institution in Boston. His talents as a psychic, astrologer and handwriting expert have garnered
him attention by national and international media. As a NYC psychic, Joshua received the
highest rating in a psychic expose by Time Out New York! He is available for private
consultations, phone readings and parties; find out more about Joshua at

2010 & 2012 Psychic Predictions by Hans Christian King

GLOBAL PSYCHIC PREDICTIONS: Predictions On The World in 2010 & 2012

- Hillary Clinton will take a larger role on the diplomatic world

stage than expected due to unexpected international tensions,
leading to her nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.

- The US economy will begin it's long awaited return to growth.

- China and India will begin to move OPEC and the EU towards
a basket of currencies to pay for petroleum, instead of oil being
based on the US dollar.

- This is the beginning of India and China being the 'power brokers' in the world as the USA
slides into its role as a debtor nation.

- Oil will climb back above $100 / barrel, but will not affect the world economy until 2012!


- A major scandal involving the Bush administration including Rumsfeld and the defense
department, will come to light.

- Obama's popularity rebounds as employment picks up once again!

- Democrats will most likely lose their 60 seat majority, however, there will be a surprise move
by several Republican senators to vote for Obama's spending packages.

- More Americans will learn that "less is more". The American people will not return to their old
spending habits and instead will find new ways for personal and family fulfillment.


- Three of Hollywood's most loved actors will pass.

For over 50 years, Hans Christian King has been sharing his extraordinary talent: the ability to
communicate with men, women and children who have passed onto the realm of Spirit. Hans
Christian King works in a partnership with four spirit guides to bring through information that is
relevant to your life. Hans is gifted with the rare ability to bridge the gap between the physical
and the spiritual worlds. A very important part of his work is devoted to providing comfort to
those who have lost loved ones, and he brings back powerful messages from the other side.
Find more information about Hans Christian King at http://www.HansKing.com.

2012 Predictions and 2010 Predictions and The Global Crisis by Carmen Harra

The truth is, as we get closer to the turning point of 2012, the global
crisis we're facing are going to put more stress on us. But my positive
message is that: knowing that even harder times are coming gives you
some sense of control over them (it prepares you), and second, 2010
is the year when the wheels start turning because finally, people on a
large scale are going to wake up to this tremendous planetary crisis
we're in. It's only when you acknowledge it that you can start to do
something about it. I have faith that humanity is waking up in time to
turn the ship around before it hits the iceberg and all of humankind becomes extinct, but every
one of us needs to do our best to wake up and start the work of evolving a higher

2012 - The Beginning Of A New End - Doomsday

2012 marks the beginning of a new era of human consciousness. We should not fear 2012
because: It is a turning point, both an ending to an era and a beginning to another. We're
turning away from suffering, darkness, and violence and toward harmony, joy, and light. IT

The crises in the world will get better in 2012, but especially as we get closer to 2018. So you
see, 2012 is not a doomsday, it's a shift point. The real challenge is the next couple of years and
we're already in the thick of it and realizing, it is bad. In some ways, 2009 was one of the worst
years because so many people were in denial of how bad things are. The denial has been our
biggest problem and 2010 is the year when we stop living in denial.

From our suffering will come something very, very good. The human experience is going to
change for the better in ways it's hard to imagine.

2010, 2011 & 2012 Predictions on What's Going To Happen In The Next Few Years

I don't see H1N1 (swine flu) or other diseases being the big, devastating epidemics that people
are talking about. I see many medical breakthroughs in the next few years, particularly with
diabetes. I do think the healthcare bill will be passed in some form but because there's been so
much resistance and opposition, it's going to solve some problems, yes, but it'll also create a lot
of other problems. It's going to be an ongoing struggle to create a healthcare system
in America that works because too many people do not understand something really basic that
is CRUCIAL to this 2012 evolution of human consciousness:

We are in this together. What happens to you affects me. What happens to me affects you. I
can't be healthy and at peace when my neighbor is sick and being denied medical care. This is a
core understanding we must all develop in order to fix ALL our broken systems, whether it's
global warming or finances. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. Separation is an illusion. This focus
on "I just have to take care of me and forget everyone else" has to stop because it's killing us.


We live according to manmade laws, not the eternal divine principles. We think our laws will fix
our problems but they never do because our laws are inferior to divine laws. If we embrace the
Universal Law of Totality, for example, we recognize that we're all one at the level of
consciousness. I don't hurt you or do something that will harm someone a continent away, or
someone who will be born in the future, because if I do, I'll be hurting me. If we lived by that
law, we wouldn't need laws about deficits, polluting other people's land, stealing people's
investments for their old age, and so on.

Global Events & Predictions For 2010, 2011 & 2012

Many people are operating from fear of major terrorist attacks, but we don't need to fear
them. I do NOT see major terrorist attacks or nuclear bombs being set off. We think by sending
troops to Afghanistan it will help that situation but it won't. It's not terrorism or nuclear war
that are the threats to our well being, it's our low level of consciousness We have experienced
terrorism and we face the possibility that someone could use nuclear weapons because we're
supposed to realize we all have to work together! Terrorism affects everyone. Nuclear war
harms everyone, even people thousands of miles away. We're trying to solve problems with
violence and laws and armies instead of with a shift upward in consciousness. That's the real
solution in the middle east.

What Should You Be Doing As We Approach 2012?

1. Acknowledge that all of humanity is undergoing a monumental transformation, an
evolution of consciousness. If you can do this, you are contributing to the raising of awareness.
Acknowledge your fear and then create a feeling of hope. Humanity has evolved and gotten
through many crises in history.
2. Be kind to the earth. Do whatever you can do to respect and honor our home planet. We've
been abusing her and that's why we're seeing so many severe weather events and will see
3. Reach out to others. Find common ground. Get past this red state/blue state mentality, and
get past the idea that my way of life is better than yours. Don't put people on the defensive by
telling them "You're wrong, I'm right." Let go of anger and fear and fill yourself with love, faith,
and hope. Have a peaceful intention whenever you interact with others.
4. Apply the 11 Eternal Principles. Stop trying to fight the world and claim your little corner of
it to defend against anyone else. Be in harmony with the world, with each other, and with the
divine force of creation.

5. Value wisdom over knowledge. We're embracing opinion and knowledge, not wisdom. Be
introspective. Slow down, listen, and process the information that comes in, not just from other
people, but from the voice of your inner wisdom and intuition. Then you won't be distracted by
your fears.

Predictions About Financial & Business Throughout 2010, 2011 & 2012
The financial system is going to collapse. Years ago, I predicted Europe would have one
currency, and now they have the Euro. I can't tell you what will replace our financial system. I
can tell you we won't have mortgages, paper money or banks and financial institutions as we
know them. There will be a very different system. This is good because it means the end of
financial injustice. How this applies to you. Don't try to get out of debt right now. Instead,
build up a financial cushion of cash you can access. If you feel you can buy property, do it, as it
will increase in value. You'll be safe investing in gold and things that are tangible.


2010 is a year with an energy of 3 representing stability (think of a triangle and how stable it
is),creativity, and awakening. This is the year that huge numbers of people will wake up to the
concept of a monumental shift in the human experience. We start to recognize our opportunity
for positive change. Resistance and denial ends.

World leaders will come together and make some serious progress in solving our global
financial crises. They'll truly realize that no country can fix their problem on their own and
we've got to start erasing some of the debt that is crippling everyone. We'll see the beginning
of major changes in the financial system globally.

President Obama, big crisis and challenges to his presidency in April and October.
He planted some seeds in 2009 and needs to see that things didn't work the way he thought he
thought they would which leads to these crises. He needs to reevaluate and be more flexible in
his decisions, for his own good and the good of everybody.

We'll experience earthquakes and hurricanes that are more intense than in the past. I see a
major earthquake in California.

We are going to wake up to the reality that we can't resolve anything by being in the middle
east or Afghanistan, that these wars can only continue to harm us and others.

In 2010 and in 2011, we'll get a clearer picture of how we're being affected by global
warming; it may not affect us exactly how we thought it would. Our understanding of it will

We'll be less caught up in celebrities because we'll find it increasingly difficult to distract
ourselves because our problems are so big. We'll be hearing from new voices, not the same
old people giving us their opinion.

This is a time of preparation for big changes and we sense that. We are going to embrace new
ideas and become more creative in our responses to what's happening. The first response was
fear and denial and now we're getting busy and creative and the energy supports that.
Around Oscar time, in Feb., something major will happen that will affect the presentation of
the Academy Awards, that will take our attention elsewhere, to the news stations.

Psychic Carmen Harra Biography

I was born in a northern region of Romania known as Transylvania. Growing up, I became
fascinated with the ancient teachings of Kabala, the mesmerizing science of numerology, and
the remarkable ability of the mind to transcend linear time and predict the future. I was also
greatly captivated by the possibility of communicating with those who have passed on. Though
a renowned singer throughout Europe during my youth, I decided to extend my knowledge and
graduated Babes-Bolyai with a degree in philosophy and one in philology.

I first came to America because of a singing contract, but soon realized that I was destined to
remain here permanently and pursue a very different career as a metaphysical intuitive and
counselor. I decided to sharpen my metaphysical skills by attending Albert University and
earning a Ph.D. in Hypnosis and Alternative Healing. Afterwards, Afterwards, I attained a Ph.D.
in Clinical Psychology from Somerset University and began to write my first book, Everyday

As a metaphysical intuitive, I have made many successful predictions privately and publicly. I
have been featured in the New York Times, New York Post, New York Daily News, Vogue, New
York Magazine, US Weekly, V Magazine, and Elle Magazine. I have appeared on the following TV
programs: Good Morning America, The View, Fox News, The Today Show, The CBS Early Show,
What's the Buzz on ABC, Telemundo, America Vive, Channel 11 Morning Show, Good Day New
York, NBC 10, QVC (with my own jewelry line), Happy Hour on ProTV International. I was also
given my own TV show in Romania on ProTV International, called "Happy Hour Special with
Carmen Harra." I have been featured on QVC since 2003 and am currently working on a new
jewelry line.

Over the last three years, I have hosted my own radio shows on Sirius Satellite, Healthy Life
Network, and Contact Talk Radio, where I currently host the show "Decoding Your Destiny. I
have also been featured on Barbara Walters' radio show. I have been fortunate to meet (and
even coach some) members of the elite Hollywood circle, including Candice Bergen, Jennifer
Lopez, Whoopi Goldberg, Ben Affleck, Liza Minnelli, Kathy Najimi, Caroline Rhea, Jerry Springer,
Denise Rich, and Courtney Cox.
I'm the author of 6 books: "Everyday Karma ", "Decoding your Destiny"," The Trinity of Health",
"Signs, Symbols and Secrets", "The Eleven Eternal Principles "(just released by Random House)
and "The Woolliness" to be released in 2010.

Additionally, I am a wife and mother of three grown daughters and have two dogs and three
cats. I divide my time between New York and Florida.

2010 Psychic Predictions from The World's Most Gifted Clairvoyants, A Master
Of Healing Meditation & Breathing, Dr. Patricia Bell

Dr. Patti Bell talks about Mercury, Pluto, Mars, New Years Eve
of 2009 - Approaching The Year Of 2010, Special Dates, Such As
Dec. 25th, Dec. 26th & More!

It is the time of year when we leave behind yesterday and begin

thinking about tomorrow. This has never been as true until now
and what is about to happen in the sky for this New Year!

Our story starts with Mercury going retrograde in the sky

December 26th. This means no last minute shopping because it
will all be wrong, too difficult, and not what you wanted. So,
take a deep breath and ask yourself the question “What am I
doing this Holiday?”

The truth of the matter is that your creativity and passion is within each and every one of us
more than ever. This is the childlike innocence that lets the world be brand new. But what is it
that we really want?

On December 25th and 26th we feel as though we get stopped in our tracks and are forced to
look inside our bodies, mind and spirit. Things are not the same and we are reinventing
ourselves on this new journey with our souls and spirits.

As we push ourselves along to New Years Eve, we find our dreams and emotions are up with
our futures. With Mercury and Mars retrograde we have been given a time to review what this
is all about. Yet, on December 25 when the sun conjuncts Pluto, a seed was planted that the
very structure of our lives was going to change. Do not despair…the year 2010 is a year of
courage to be who we are and love ourselves in the process. This is a must to find all the
treasures that you have buried deep in your heart. It is also the time to transform fear into
moving forward.

Although there will be some stumbling along the way, we are going to be able to let our true
selves shine as never before. Remember, it is up to you to be emotionally intelligent and find
the passion to make things move forward. Mars goes direct March 10, 2010 and the energy of
spring time will awaken us from this cocoon of creating ourselves anew.

By August 1, 2010 it will be a clear knowing that the future is ours to create. Many things in the
outside world will take place to push our buttons one way or another but ultimately it’s what’s
going on in the inside of each and every one of us that will allow ourselves to manifest our
dreams. Let go of the past, and with courage, know that you have what it takes to plant your
own seeds of happiness.

2010, 2011, & 2012 Psychic Predictions by Laura Scott

2010 Economic Psychic Predictions

The first quarter of 2010 continues to show economic lift off and
calming. Economic healing is the theme of 2010. Think tanks and
summits for creation of jobs include repair and restoration of roads,
bridges, and infrastructure. Cities find federal incentives to update
outdated power systems and infrastructure and it will begin the
creation of jobs. The process of rebuilding America is long term.

2010 Political Administration Predictions

The administration simultaneously begins to fund education and stressing math and science, as
jobs in those sectors continue to grow, privately and publicly. Ideas for mandatory national
recycling are put forth to create new jobs in hard hit areas like Florida.

IRS & Tax Predictions

The IRS and tax system is going to be earmarked for an audit and major overhaul as part of the
new job growth. This will take several years to complete the muddle it has become. People will
like it.

United States Post Office Stamp Predictions

The United States Postal Service discontinues Saturday service and raises stamp prices to 50+
cents per letter.

Pharmaceutical Predictions
Look for more medications coming out that are administered via oral film, dissolving on the
tongue. Gene-isolation therapy makes breakthroughs in several auto-immune and cancer
treatments. Radio wave technology work to treat cancers begins to get international
momentum and become more widespread.

Healthcare System Predictions

Job sectors hiring in the new year are heavy in medical research, medical transitioning, and
streamlining of medical databases to accommodate the new day of healthcare coverage and
changes. Healthcare companies continue to monger fear and lobby hard against losing the
income stream that has bankrupted and held the American people hostage. Healthcare reform
is an urgent, national need, and begins with gusto in 2010.

2010 Jobs & Education

By mid-summer 2010, changes are taking effect and positive. There is much resistance and the
administration will do a good job managing and educating the public. Those who oppose the

national health care will mostly convert to the other position, once they see its benefits versus
it's challenges. There is some egg on their face for denying care and coverage to constituencies.

National Defense & War

There will also be a reorganizing and hiring for military contractors making modern technology
used in national defense. Some existing programs will be scrapped before completion in order
to meet demand for newer technology needs for weaponry and war.

Housing Growth, Real Estate - 2010 Predictions

There will be more new housing growth. The real estate market has bottomed out and will be
doing some quicker business in 2010 than we have seen in past 1.5 to 2 years. Properties in
foreclosure glut the market, causing a flood of affordable housing for those previously renting
or unable to afford. Realtors who have languished will re-launch, but in a different market.
Gluttony by realtors who seek to hoard business with bank-owned properties and control their
emergence into the market is a problem.

Credit Crunch, 2011 In The USA

The credit crunch that consumers are feeling is taken up by congress, pressing for further
regulation of banks and credit card companies and their unfair practices of changing rates,
playing with credit limits, etc. Each time congress closes a loop hole, the banks quickly try to
jump thru a new one. This continues throughout the year, and improves in 2011 when
loopholes are becoming a thing of the past.

Afghanistan, War, and The USA - 2010

News attention shifts firmly onto the Afghanistan area, insurgence of troops, and continued
comparison with previous administrations leaving the Iraq war mishandled, and spending
wasted. Fighting in the Afghan region intensifies during 2010, however, results are swift and
successfully...thereby fueling the comparison between this president elect and his predecessor.

Tiger Woods, George Clooney, Elizabeth Taylor & Other Celebrities In 2010
Tiger Wood's wife files for divorce in 2010. George Clooney marries in 2010. Elizabeth Taylor
exits. Convictions are coming for Michael Jackson's doctor. Pop singer Fergie will file for
divorce after further allegations of her husband's infidelities.

Laura Scott is an internationally-renowned author, psychic, spiritual teacher, and channel for
healing and clearing, who specializes in the work of the soul and providing insight on your life
journey. Laura Scott has been lecturing, teaching, and reading for private clients as a
metaphysician for over 17 years and is a recognized leader in the field, regularly compared to
Sylvia Browne, Edgar Cayce, Louise Hay, and others. Laura Scott's work has touched people
from all walks of life, including, Emmy winners, Olympic athletes, political figures, CEOs, and
folks like yourself or your neighbors. Her insightful private telephone readings and warm,

down-to-earth style attract clients from all over the world. Visit Laura Scott at

Psychic Predictions for 2010, 2011 & 2012 – Tarot Card Readings by Shaman
Donna Henes

2010 Tarot Card Readings & Predictions

A 13 card tarot reading was composed for the
year 2010. The 2010 predictions that the Tarot
Cards foresee are:

Dangerous Disconnect From Nature

There will be a dangerous new awareness of our
disconnect from nature. Sincere attempts will
be made to bring together greater alignment
with the natural order of the universe.

Medicine, Technology & Energy

Necessity will challenge us to make new scientific breakthroughs in medicine, technology &
energy. This will further our efforts to heal what has been damaged.

2010 & Women Predictions

There will be a worldwide surge of feminine wisdom, feminine influence and feminine power
which will result in a reassessment of: quality of life issues and movement toward a more
humane way of living.

Intuitions & People

Intuition will be respected more and will join forces with logic. This means the two ways of
thinking will be joined to achieve the best possible results.

Social, Personal & Environmental 2010 Effects

People will be more emotionally available and open to creative change on personal, social and
environmental levels.

Integrity & Ethics

Ethics will be scrutinized. It will be crucial, to uphold integrity on every level. This is a major
challenge and we must rise to meet it.

Spiritual & Material Rewards

There will be growth in the economy (material rewards) and also in the aspirations and hopes
of people (spiritual rewards).

Spirits & Ecstasy Of 2010

Spirits will lift. There will be more lightness of being, play and even ecstasy. People will feel less
burdened and more rejuvenated.

2010 Predictions & Expectations
All in all, we will see more balance between men, women, intuition, logic, hard science, soft
nurturing, work / play, mental focus and emotional intelligence.

Donna Henes is an internationally renowned urban shaman, award-winning author, popular

speaker and workshop leader whose joyful celebrations of celestial events have introduced
ancient traditional rituals and contemporary ceremonies to millions of people in more than 100
cities since 1972. Donna Henes has published four books, a CD, writes for The Huffington Post,
UPI Religion and Spirituality Forums. Mama Donna, as she is affectionately called, maintains a
ceremonial center, spirit shop, ritual practice and consultancy in exotic Brooklyn, NY. Donna
works with individuals, groups, institutions, municipalities and corporations to create
meaningful ceremonies for every imaginable occasion. Contact Donna Henes at

2010 Psychic Predictions on Current Events, Politics & Hollywood by Derek

2010 Predictions on News & Current Events

The economy will moderately recover, especially in Asia.
Nations are going to be pulling together like never before, in
a major humanitarian effort.

There's a reason to fear or avoid the beach in the summer.

A significant breakthrough is made in the treatment or

cause of Autism.

CA has a stellar wine year.

A plane drops something, or loses a part, then safely lands.

One nation stands defiant throughout autumn.

One of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded most affects a country with the letter "p" in its

A missile is fired from east to west.

Ecotourism to the poles is increasingly popular.

A hole in the ozone is highlighted like never before.

Activism is alive and well.

Psychic Predictions On MARIJUANA

Marijuana will become a hot topic throughout the USA & Politics.

2010 Predictions on Real Estate

Home & Real Estate prices millimeter their way upward.

2010 Psychic Predictions On The President

A former president will pass away.

Politics & President Obama - Predictions of 2010

President Obama is under the most intense pressure of his presidency. Obama rather
dramatically and suddenly recovers from a challenging year, probably by managing an issue
well. Controversy surrounds Michelle Obama over her handling of an issue or a new role she
seeks. Sarah Palin demonstrates the lengths she will go to, to make or raise money.

Hillary has one reason to celebrate, and one to cry.

2010 Predictions On Hollywood & Celebrities

Meryl Streep takes the stage.

A religious story causes controversy with a celebrity.

An iconic action hero passes.

A new child prodigy wows us.

A Scandal erupts over who fathered a child.

Product placement is increasingly prominent on film and TV.

Psychic Derek Calibre is an internationally recognized teacher and psychic with 10 years
experience in New York, Tokyo and Honolulu. Derek has been featured on CNN and NBC News
8's "Psychic Hawaii". Derek Calibre hosts Comcast's "Psychic Workshop" for On Demand
Video. Derek has taught meditation at the YMCA and psychic development at Kapiolani
Community College. He specializes in careers, relationships and decisions, and works from
Manhattan's Upper West Side. Visit Derek Calibre online at www.derekcalibre.com.

Psychic Predictions 2010, 2011 & 2012: Phyllis King

Past Psychic Predictions of 2009

"The Year of Muddy Waters and Roaring Rivers"
2009 was the year of the "gooey gooey." Energy was slow moving,
dense, and it was very difficult to feel as if we were making
progress. Many of us felt in the dark about our present and future
plans. We weren't certain if what we were doing was valuable or if
the plans for our futures were solid.

2010 Psychic Predictions

2010 is a different year then 2009 but similar in some ways. It will
feel like a dark year to some people. We may still question our
security and the viability of our future plans. The biggest
difference is that in 2010 the energy is no longer slow moving. We
will hit the ground running in January, and it will not let up the entire year.

The Mantra of 2010 Predictions

The mantra should be "buckle up and hang on for the ride." Many will still find it hard to "see"
their path or future clearly. This is why I call it the year of the "Muddy Waters." We're moving
from thick mud-like energy to thin muddy water. Still dark, but no longer thick.

The Secrets Of 2010

This will be a year of action, events, changes, progress, and mistakes. The type of 'defining'
energy overall is movement. Movement is what will set apart 2009 from 2010.

The United States Of America has wanted to see "change" from its leaders. My Psychic
Prediction is that President Obama will not disappoint in that regard. If you have felt President
Obama has been slow to act or not definitive enough, that is all about to change. Specifically,
the healthcare reform bill will continue to define itself for the future.

President Obama & Afghanistan / International Relations

President Obama will release his upcoming 2010 strategy for Afghanistan. It will include not
only a plan for stabilization but for withdrawal of troops. President Obama will continue to act
aggressively with the economy which will please many but anger others. The President's true
beliefs and intentions will begin to show themselves overtly in 2010.

President Obama's actions will scare some people and relieve others. Year 2010, The President
will be in action and he will continue to take bold steps, especially in international relationships
with Iran, Syria, North Korea and Pakistan. Some of his choices will be shocking as others might
seem amazing, this all depends upon your perspective.
2010 Mother Nature & The Individual
On the individual level, many of us will still wonder if we're going to "get through" these tough
economic times. Because of the fast moving energy throughout 2010, we will not have a lot of
time to dwell on anything. Topics of conversation will change very quickly. It will be extremely
rare for a news story to dominate the news for more than a day or two, before another story
will take over. The planet is also reacting to these fast moving vibrations and will produce a lot
of weather related storms and disasters. Earthquakes will be plentiful throughout Asia this

2010 The Positive Outlook & Psychic Predictions

On the positive side, this is a year to make great progress in your personal and professional
life. The force will be with you to influence, make change and have the energy to push your
projects to the next level!

Historically speaking, we are in 'changing times.' The rules of the game have changed. We will
never be able to go back to the type of philosophy that we are alone on the planet. We will see
the need to become more involved in our politics and in our communities, especially as
differences around the world become more a part of our daily lives. We will begin to recognize
that we can make a difference and are obligated too.

President Obama, Americans & International Relations

The world is getting smaller for Americans. Obama has an intention to lead in a manner that
will unite countries around the world regardless of our differences. Expect fireworks from
those who disagree with him. He will create a foreign policy that will be followed for the next
23 years!

July, September & December of 2010

The rhythm of the year looks consistently fast, choppy and spirited. The slowest moving
energy months are July, September and December. This is absolutely a year to put your energy
into projects and new career aspirations. It is a time to go back to school if you have been
thinking about it and a time to continue to develop your listening skills. Not just listening to
others, but the ability to hear your own inner voice. The muddy waters will require that you are
"tuned in" to your own voice, and flowing with life, not trying to control it. Those who can do
this effectively will be most successful.

Good Economic News VS Bad Economic News 2010 - 2011

Look for more good economic news, followed by bad economic news. For the most part, the
worst is over. There are still minefields of energy that will need to be absorbed in 2010. 2011 is
the year economic growth will take root in a consistent pattern.
Look for more battles over gay marriages. There will be major success for gay people in this
area. Also, as our attention is required on global issues, people will find it less important to put
their attention on this issue, there-by procrastinating and pushing these issues aside.
Expect several more major celebrity deaths throughout 2010. Both young & old individuals who
have played a significant role in our popular culture will choose to exit. Their era has either
ended, or their vibration is such they choose not to exist in a time when the energy of our
planet is revving up to greater intensities. Many high profile "artist" types like Michael Jackson,
will not want to be here anymore and when they go we will feel the loss of them.

Upcoming Year of 2010 - What Should You Be Doing?

In general most people will be breathing easier and feeling a greater sense of calm as 2011
approaches. We will be learning how to adjust and adapt to the new vibration on our planet.
Thereby getting on with the business of living with new perspectives and inside of new skill
sets. We will step away from worry more and move more into taking action and using our
strengths because it will be required.

Start your projects, go back to school, spend more time trusting and learning about yourself.
Look at the unseen part of life. Begin to answer the questions for yourself about what it all
means, and how you can make the intangible work for you in your life. You will have
tremendous energy this year to get things done. You will see results very quickly. Some will
inspire, some will show you what you need to work on, therefore stay open, trust people and
2010 may be one of the best years of your life.

Phyllis King is the Common Sense Psychic. She is best known for her work as a radio psychic.
Phyllis' syndicated talk shows air in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix and New York
City. Her down to earth, practical advice, given with compassion, makes her a favorite for
listeners coast to coast. Phyllis King is the author of A Psychic Perspective, 10 Steps to Love,
Wealth & Personal Happiness, the co-author of Collective Wisdom, Powerful Stories and
Practical Advice or Achieving Success, Bouncing Back, Thriving in Changing Times, with Dr.
Wayne Dyer, and Impressions, Simple Truths for Practicing Abundant Thinking. Contact Phyllis
King at www.phyllisking.net.

2010, 2011, and 2012 Predictions by Zachary Selig

2010 Unexpected Predictions

The Unexpected:
There will be a global epiphany via Internet that creates a new
union amidst chaotic natural and manmade events.

2010 Economic Predictions

The Economy: The governance of economic power and directives
for global financial stabilization will be divided between Europe
and Asia. The US will continue to restructure itself into new
models of commerce that integrate with this foreign system for
another 3 years. The U.S. will begin to eliminate the concept of
an individual commissioned-based 'broker', 'expert', or 'middle-
man' with new organized Internet-driven service agencies that
provide direct access for consumer to product, and vice-versa for
products to market.

2010 Social Predictions

The Society: The prioritization of human rights values will be at forefront to balance former
injustices. Old spiritual and political laws that are prejudice or hateful will become obsolete.
The world becomes obsessed with knowing the truth in all matters of life to gain a sense of true
identity with fairness. Honesty becomes the celebrated value.

2010 Political Predictions

Politics: The heads of power or those of legal authority that lie or are selfish will fall quickly
with immediate exposure. New leaders will rise to power that are sincerely compassionate. The
negative imbalances in governments will swiftly self-destruct. Many new ideals will come into
political plans. Those that are practical will work, while the Utopian ones will be sent back to be

2010 Health Predictions

Health: Many diseases and epidemics will become more acute and prevalent, while astonishing
healings and new cures will occur through alternative applications in traditional medical
models. New effective cures for disease will be on the rise and quickly administered.

2010 Nature & Environment Predictions

Nature & The Environment: There will be an unusual high number of hurricanes, floods, and
tornadoes in the Gulf and South East U.S. There will be 2 tsunamis in Asia and Australia,
flooding in Europe, and several large earthquakes in Latin America. 2010 will have volcanic
activity all over the world where populations must be prepared.

2010 Spirit Predictions
Spiritual: The poorer nations will lead the world as role models of Faith-Based Cultures, and
many affluent countries will use these cultures as examples in the media to instill principles of
faith free of religion.

2010 Media Predictions

The Media: More sophisticated, challenging entertainment properties and programming will
occur to feed a more informed public that requires clever entertainment platforms.

About Psychic Zachary Selig

Zachary Selig's background as a Spiritualist, Kundalini Master, and Yoruba Priest has established
him as a leading Psychic, Paranormal Consultant, and Healer. A consultation with Zachary can
address and help structure a solid plan with prescriptive solutions for optimum peace, health,
love, and wealth that can advance your life.

As a clairvoyant who works through his Ancestral Spirit Guides, Zachary is able to answer a
client's inquiries by accessing the Akashic records that clearly relate to the soul of an individual.
Through this innate gift, he is able to identify the root cause in any given challenge. Zachary
delivers specific spiritual diagnostics and prescriptions to correct relationship, health, and
business imbalances.

After a near-death experience in the tropics with encephalitis in 1977 where traditional
medicine could not cure him, Zachary was miraculously healed by a group of Tarascan Indian
shaman-healers near Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico that he later apprenticed with for three
years. These adept teachers were a treasury of spiritual knowledge, who enabled his soul to
awaken to its purpose through activating his innate connection with the spiritual world of the

2010 Psychic Predictions by Jane Doherty

2001 - 2010 How Energy Has Changed Directions

Change, truth, and learning how to be flexible, are the key words
to remember as we begin 2010. Since 2001, energy has been
swirling in various directions trying to gently pry us from our
attitude of complacency in order to move us towards the truth.

New Portals & Energy

Have you felt blocked from moving forward in your life during
the past 3 or 4 years? The "new" energies of 2010 will finally
help you to move forward. A "portal" opened at a Native American Sacred Site in Arizona near
the date of 9-9-09 has allowed the higher energies to begin to enter our world. Think of this
energy as "positive", "light" or "angelic" and paving the way to help push us out the dark,
confusing, negative, swirling energy, which has kept us "hostage" and stagnant to this "dark
energy" that has thwarted many for years from accomplishing their goals.

2010 Shifts Of Energy

These "shifts" in energy offer us an opportunity to release things we no longer need in our lives.
Those sensitive to energy will feel it and recognize it more directly. Others will recognize the
different energy by becoming sensitive and emotional, sometimes to the point of feeling

How Will The Energy Of 2010 Affect You?

How the energy of 2010 will affect you is directly related to how much responsibility you take
for your life. It is important to think about what you want in life and to implement those goals
to be successful. You can no longer just coast along 2010 dealing with whatever comes your
way. The new energies will assist you in creating your destiny rather than waiting for what fate
brings to you.

How Will You Treat Others?

People will start to look at others differently and will begin to see the hidden agendas of
friends, acquaintances, peers and family members exposed.

Corruption, Government & The Secret Deal

Look for corruption in all forms being exposed during the year, especially in the government.
Another member of congress is exposed in a corruption scheme involving money. Barney
Frank's name is in the press for an illegal secret deal.

President Obama, 2010 & International Leaders

President Obama's popularity plummets more during 2010. An international leader becomes a
thorn in President Obama's side because of his critical attacks of the President.

International Terrorism In 2010

International terror attacks increase in 2010. A London bombing reveals and averts a much
bigger terrorist plan involving several countries. Terrorists still have their eyes on the U.S.
Another attack will be attempted. A terrorist disguises himself as a delivery man and enters a
public government building to carry out his plans. A small bomb goes off which alerts
authorities to another planned attack.

Pirates, International Waters & The United States

Pirate attacks on ships escalate and spread to other international waters. U.S. cargo ships will
become targets and several countries come together to plan a strategy against the Pirates
which includes representatives of countries forming a task force to formulate a strategy of
protection which includes heavy bomb tactics.

Israel, War, Iran & 2010 - 2011 Predictions

Israel and Iran will engage in a battle towards the end of 2010 or in the beginning of 2011.
Explosions are exchanged in both Iran and Israel. This can lead to an Obama stance that
infuriates Israel.

2010 Environmental & Natural Disasters

There will be an increase in hurricanes and other natural disasters. The Florida keys are hit by a
category 4 hurricane which floods the area, but spares lives. Earthquakes in the Pacific Ocean
causes flooding. Iran experiences a major earthquake.

Politics & 2010

Political unrest increases in the United States due to the economy and unwanted changes.
Protesters become more vocal and some violence erupts.

2010 Economy
The economy improves, but we can't see it until after September 2010.

Iran, Nuclear Bombings In 2010
Iran remains a major nuclear threat in 2010 defying all attempts for Nuclear disarmament.

2010 Global Warming

Global Warming alarms abate as some pundits of global warming are prosecuted for faking
statistics in order to financially gain green jobs and trade laws.