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We are dedicated to the production and export of tropical dried fruits, the name of the
company is Disfuit SAC .Our plant is to be located in Lima (Per) in the district of Villa El
Salvador, is close to our supplier which has its offices in Lurin, likewise access the old
Panamericana Sur.
Disfruit S.A.C is a company founded by 3 professional of Global Business Administration of
Ricardo Palma University, the desire of these professional is satisfy the need to have a
healthy life through of our product
Provide consumers a quality and healthy product. Create an environment that contributes to
the development of employees, also committing to the community and the environment
Positioning as leader in the export of Peruvian Dried Fruit in the country of Brasil (Sao Paulo)
in the next 5 years and then expand into other international markets.

Quality: The Company will be the attention always offers high quality products
that meet the high demands of the customers.
Creativity: The company to focus on the search for innovative alternatives for the
presentation of your product in our market.
Confidence: The Company will perform the work in the best way, in order to
satisfy each of our clients.
Commitment: With our clients, to provide them with quality services, to society,
to bring stability to the families of our staff, and to the environment, to respect
and comply with all requirements of this care.





Increase our sell in 3% in the second year and follow increase according to the
market .
Recruit to staff qualified .
Stablish a good relationship with our distributors and suppliers.
Continually staff training.


Our product is healthy.

We have different suppliers due different seasonality of dry fruits.
We use different fruits for different seasons.
We have qualified professionals and employees for each area of the company for
bring quality product to our market.
All our suppliers have SENASA /DIGESA and HACCP certification.
We have good marketing professionals.


We are a new company and brand.

We havent experience in the market.
Our company doesnt have HACCP certification yet, however we are planning
implement a HACCP certification according to DIGESAs regulations.
We havent certification of fair trade (FLO), but we will be implementing this


Political and legal environment

TLC Per-MERCOSUR: From January 1, 2012 all Peruvian products destined to

Argentina and Brazil has a 100% tariff preference, ie zero tariff to enter these
Year: 2012

Economic environment

In Brazil Congress raised the living wage to U.S. $ 314; so Brazilians have more
purchasing power to buy or consume more of our product.

Source: http://www.larepublica.pe /23-02-2014/el-sueldo-minimo-en-el-peru-uno-delos-mas-bajos-de-latinoamerica


Brazil's economy grew 2.3% in 2013.

The economic advance of the Brazilian GDP is far from homogeneous.
Year: 2013

Social and cultural environment

Brazil is a country with a high obesity index, so at this moment consumers are looking
for healthier foods.
It is estimated that 92% of mothers are willing to pay extra for higher quality
67% consider the reputation of the brand before buying a product and they are loyal
to their brand: We are a new company so we havent any reputation.
64% state that lead to eating less fast food to their children.

Brazilian population looking for a healthier life style, eating products low calorie for
health care.

There is a high consumption of dried fruit in this country.

Brazilians made quite sport looking to care for your body and figure.

Year: 2011
Technological environment

There is accessibility in technology for processing the raw material in our company,
because there are companies that are of the same activity so this industry are
growing for this reason have developed the technology.


1. Our product is healthy
2. We have different
suppliers due different
seasonality of dry fruits
3. We have qualified
professionals and
4. All our suppliers have
senasa and HACCP
5. We have good
marketing professionals.

1. We are a new company
and brand.
2. We havent experience
in the market.
3. Our company doesnt
have HACCP certification
4. We havent certification
of fatrade (FLO)

We pay zero tariff to
enter Brazil.
2. In Brazil Congress raised
the living wage to U.S. $
3. Consumers are looking
for healthier foods.
4. 92% of mothers are
willing to pay extra for
higher quality products.
5. There is a high
consumption of dried

1. The economic
advance of the
Brazilian is far
2. 67% consider
the reputation
of the brand
before buying a
product and
they are loyal
to their brand.

Reach to the consumer of

healthy product also to the
mothers indicating that quality
of our product provenance from
its cultivation.(O3,O4:S4).

Use of our marketing

to establish at the
customer of dried fruit
like an important food
(basic food) for their
health and nutrition,
so not let to be
consumed neither
crisis time.(T1:S1,S5)

We will be implanting
certification to have a
good reputation like a
new company .




It has 41,252,160 inhabitants according to the IBGE census of 2013 and is the richest state of
Brazil. Its economy is the largest in South America after Brasilia.

The state of Sao Paulo generates 33% of Brazil's gross domestic product.
The State of So Paulo exported 52.000 million (26% of Brazilian exports).
Of the total number of products exported, 89% were industrial products and designed for:
MERCOSUR (19%); European Union (17%); countries of the Latin American Integration
Association, less MERCOSUR (16%); Asia minus the Middle East (12%).
The Paulista Agency for Investment Promotion and Competitiveness, was created by the
Government of the State of So Paulo in order to attract investment for the state and increase
the competitiveness of the state's economy, promoting the generation of jobs, income and
technological innovation.
SOURCE: http://www.easyexpat.com/es/guides/brasil/sao-paulo/panorama/economia.htm

Brazil is one of the greatest countries in South America, one of its principal attractions is the
largest pool of consumers and the purchase power they have, and we are going sell our
product to Sao Paulo which is one of the city with the major economic activity in that country
and that is important for us because people who live there see as a luxury to buy and get
products for abroad no matter if they have to pay more for this products.
Also in this city we find a large number of malls and supermarkets, this is important because
we are going to sell to wholesalers to start, in the future we are going to open a own office to
distribute our product there, because Brazilians prefer to make business with company that
already establish there.
Brazil has an encouraging economic outlook, powered by the external sector via increased
exports and reduction of trade deficit. Likewise, an increase of GDP is expected to top 3% in
the coming years, which will lead to an increase in domestic demand, especially in sectors of
food that Brazil does not produce.
We want that our costumers inside that country are people from 20 to 50 because they are
people who care about their health and body, we mean; this people look to eat healthy food,
do sports, also in this age we find people who already have family and try to give them the
best quality of life and food.

For us does not matter the gender, because women and men can eat our product, also the
profile for our customers have to be people who does not have problem to try new flavors
pay the necessary for a product with a high quality, people who prefer eat something nutritive
that something cheaper and no good for their health.

Percent/Amount of sales volume in the sector

The import in this sector has increase with the reduction of tariff this is a benefit for us
because there is a high demand and facilities to get into this market

SOURCE: Global Agricultural Trade System

What they want (psychographic segmenting whenever available)

They look for food the helps them to keep their weight or maybe lose it. They just not want
food to satisfy their hungry, they want food to keep their energy.
Also there is a group of people who eat our product to keep their health we mean maybe
people who is between 45 to 50 ages, this people a lot of time have to care their heath
because they have some diseases that do not let them to eat sugar or products with a lot of
this ingredient.
Also they want a product with vitamins:


How they use product

They use our product not just for eat, they look in our product a way to maintain their health,
they want a product that when they eat it think in the flavor and not in the calories they are

How to reach them

In order to achieve successfully inserted in the market of Brazilian, we are going to identify
leads and points, find opportunity to export business, developing a strategic plan and then an
action plan to enter the market.
Keep a business deal in Portuguese, in discussions as brochures and materials
Adapt the packaging and labeling requirements and local market needs.
As far as possible, deal with local importing companies, which count with storage
facilities that can provide support and technical and distribution.
Give low prices compared with our competitors

Having availability of products and volumes necessary to develop a long-term

A distribution channel is the path a product to move from producer to final consumers,
stopping at various points of his career. Basis on this statement we can say that our business
anger aimed at meeting the popular consumption which will satisfy finally the necessity o the
final consumer.
Our chain selling our product will be as follows:

We found four companies that import our product to this city, also we want to put our product
in two supermarkets and in the future we want to be present in some gyms.

Alimenko Importadora e Exportadora Ltda.
Direccin Ciudad Estado
Rua Leonor F. Costa Zacharias, 2071 So Paulo
CNPJ 03375846000366
Telfono Fax: 55 11 69052728 55 11 69052890 Email: alexandre@alimenko.com.br
Contacto: Alexandre / Marcelo
Nivel de importacin: entre US$1 milln a US$10 millones.

Camil Alimentos Sa
Direccin Ciudad - Estado
Rua Fortunato Ferraz 1001/1141 So Paulo
CNPJ 06490429500010
Telfono Fax: 55 11 3649-1000 55 11 3649-1100
E-mail: jrubens@camil.com.br Sitio Web: www.camil.com.br Contacto: Jose Rubens
Nivel de importacin: de US$10 millones a US$50 millones

Comercial Hecodil Ltda.
Direccin Ciudad Estado Rua Assunco, 67 77 So Paulo
CNPJ 02711915000130
Telfono Fax: 55 11 33117600 55 11 33120596
Email: hecodil@hecodil.com.br Sitio Web: www.hecodil.com.br
Contacto: Elcio Evelisio
Nivel de importacin: hasta US$1 milln

Comercial Meirinhos Importao e Exportao Ltda.
Direccin Ciudad Estado Rua Pedro Cristi, 62 So Paulo
CNPJ 06205171900010
Telfono Fax: 55 11 38148504 55 11 38144593
Email: meirinhos@ig.com.br
Contacto: Orlando Domingos Lopes Meirinhos
Nivel de importacin: hasta US$1 milln.


SOURCE:http://www.mincetur.gob.pe/ Portals/0/comercio/pom-brasil2013/docs

Estimated demand/Market size

SOURCE: www.trademap.com

Competitor analysis and issues analysis

This is one of the companies that have highest number of sell, they sell not just dried fruit like
snack, and they also sell raisins, figs, prunes, peanuts.
Their slogan is: "The Pleasure of Shopping is a Pleasure to Sell!" Because it means that they
are happy to sell and buy.
Bags of 150 gr 9 R$ (S./6.30)
Bags of 300 gr 9 R$ (S./11.30)

They not just sell a product, they produce and harvested fruits, is one of the most recognize
company. Their products are all from certified organic production. Their goal is that most of
the products that they sell are from their garden.
But as they cannot produce them all, because they have no land or climate to grow with
quality, or simply because they are unable to give attention to this product, for all that are not
produced by them try to find domestic producers.

Bags of 200 gr 7 R$ (S./8.80)

Substitutes Products:

About the market requirement we know that:

As a general rule, Brazilian imports are exempt from administrative control (licenses),
importers must provide a record of the import declaration (DI) in the Integrated
Foreign Trade (Siscomex), in order to initiate proceedings clearance by the Local Unit
FSR where to find merchandise.

Brazil has the conviction that bilateral and regional trade agreements can be a useful
complement to the multilateral system, deepen market integration, strengthen the role
of trade in promoting economic growth and increases in scale for domestic firms. For
all this Brazil continued to MERCOSUR as stone of its trade policy.

Other regulations in the Brazilian market are communication size, consideration of

similarity to the domestic industry, the requirement to use a particular point of entry.

The product labeling should provide accurate information on the product quality,
quantity, composition, price, guarantee, the date of maturity, origin and potential risks
to human health. It should include a translation into Portuguese and the units must be
submitted in accordance with the metric system.


The packgae will contain the infomration about suppliers, telephone,adrress, certifications,
nutritional chart

We use these
colors because the
green refers to
nature product with
out chemicals and
sky blue to low fat

At the time to enter at the market of Brasil the price of the product will be a litlle lower that of
the competitor, with the objective to attract customer .
When we are known for the Brazilian market or we positioned our price will normalize.
Also will made partnerships with other products like energy beverage or beverage sugar free.

We are going to give a price acceptable to enter in the market this mean, lower that our
competitor to make it atractive to the consumers, we are going to give lower price to the
wholesalers in the way that they can get profit from our product.

We are going to sell our product to wholesalers in order to enter in the market with the
backup of someone that already know the market and have a position there, In the future we
are going to put our product in gyms and supermarkets.

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