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2, 1932



_ EUGENE e. amante, or naar marron, cormncrrcur, .A'ssIGNon or otra-rennais: To.'

application mea :member a1. reso. sex-m n_n. 50am.

. My invention relates more particularly to been em loyed from which the cartridges
that class of firearms having a stock adapted are raise and then pushed forward into the
to be supported against a portion, as the breech of the barrel. My improved firearm
shoulder, of Ja Person operatlng the device, embodies a magazine tube extendin for
L5 and an object o m invention, among others, wardly underneath the rear end of the arrel
' . is the production o a firearm of this type that and from which the cartridges are moved

shall be particularly simple in construction backwardly and then upwardly and then for

and in-_method of operation, while at the wardly into the openm in the breech of

same time havin eiiicienc to a marked de

the barrel, my improved oading mechanism

o` grec both as to its operatlon and as tothe bein so constructed that this operation is
safety of such operation.
. satis actoril performed in a manner not
f One form of a rearm embodying my in heretofore eemed possible in an automatic
vention and in the construction and use of firearm.
Such a irearm is illustrated inthe Idraw
which the objects herein set out, as well as

15 others, may be attained is illustrated in the ings herein in which the numeral 10 denotes
the stock that may be of any suitable form
accompanying drawings, in which


Figure 1 is a view m lengthwise vertical and material and constructed to receive a

_. section through the breech portion of a fire frame 11, which parts are secured together
arm on a plane denoted by the dotted line as by means of screws in a manner that will
20 1-~1 of Figure 4, the front portion of the be hereafter described. The stock 10 is re-~
stock and rear portion of the barrel being >cessed in an ordinary manner in its upper
side to receive the frame and it is also re
Figure 2 is a view in side elevation, of the cessed on the under side'tc receive a trigger



3 is a/ view in section on a plane

denoted by the `dotted line 3-3 of



guard plate 12 having the usual trigger guard

projecting downwardly intermediate _its

l. ends. This plate is secured at its front end

as by means of a screw* extending upwardly

re 4 is a similar view on a plane de

note by the dotted line 4.-4 of Figure 1. .

into a lug 13 projectin downwardlyl :from`

Figure 5 is anotherview in cross section the frame 11 whereby tie front end of the
30 on a plane denoted by the dotted line 5-5 trigger guard is drawn into its recess in the
stock and the frame is drawn downwardly
of Figure 1.
Figure 6 is a view in. horizontal section on 'to its seat in the stock.

a plane denoted by the dotted line 6-6 of


re 1.

85 ' igure 7 is an isometric view of the cart


feed block.


A frame head 14 preferably roundl in

cross-section is seatedr in a

oove in the. u l

per4 end of the frame at its back end,


groove being of a shape to t the head.- The'

igure 8 is an isometric view of rtions ead is supported at its rear> end by the end.
of the frame and breech bolt head with parts of a recess in the. stock 10. A head screw'15
disconnected therefrm but shownyin their projects throu h the _back end of the frame
into. said hea , thereby securing the latter
relative ' positions.

My improved firearm is of the magazine firmly in lace. A screw 16 passes from the

' type, .that is, one in which a plurality of under si e of th tri ger guard plate 12

l cartridges are placed to be successively tired through said plate'an into'a threadedre
and it is semi-automatic in that when the cess in the screw 15 thereby" securing b'oth
trigger is pulled ring takes place, the empty ' the rear endsof sai lateaiid frame to the
cartridge shell is ejected and another car stock. >A receiver 1g ofl generell round
tridge is inserted in the breech in the barrel, ' shape in cross sectionh is mounte on the`
the `parts then coming to rest until the trig frame 11 to t the g'roove in the upper sur
ger 1s again pulled. In firearms of this pe face thereof. This receiver isfreduced at its'
50 heretofore made a removable, magazine as rear end to form an 4annular lip to engage a `


flange on the front end of the frame head, lengthwise movement thereof. A firing pinand as shown in Figure 1 of the drawings. spring 40 is located in a recess at the back of
A barrel 18 is secured in an suitable man- the breech bolt and thrusts against the tail 38
ner in a hole opening into t e front end of to hold the pin at the rearward limit of its
the receiver, screw threads being shown here movement. The tail holds the pin from 70
-striking the barrel.
in for this purpose.
A cartridge feed block 41 of generally rec
A hammer 19 of generally round shape in
cross section is mounted to fit a recess 20 in tangular shape in cross section has a car- _

the head 14 and to slide within a breech bolt tridge receiving chamber- 42 comprising a

chamber 21 extending lengthwise within the projection atthe upper back end of the block, 75


receiver 17 . A firing spring 22 i`s located in

a hollow stem extending within the head 14,
said spring projecting int'o a recess in the
rear end of the hammer 19. A spring sup

and as shown in Figure 7 of the drawings.

The upper side of the block is recessed on
a curve to fit the under side of the receiver
17. The chamber is open at its upper side

porting pin projects into said spring from a which opening is provided with retaining. 80
screw threaded plug 23 that closes ths rear lipsY 43 on opposite sides of the chamber .
end of a chamber in the head. The hammer whichv lips terminate intermediate the ends



stem 24 projects backwardlyV from'the ham of the chamber, thereby forming an 'opening
mer through a guide opening 25 extending 44 through which the enlarged rim of a car
from the rear end of the recess 20, and a 'tridge shell may pass, the lips 43 being near
guide 26 is secured to the outer end of said enough. together to'prevent~ said rim from
stem, said guide. fitting the wall of a guide and passing~ out of the rear end of the chamber.
spring chamber 27 hereinbefore mentioned> The forward wall of the chamber is tapered
and in which the spring 22 is located, as upwardly and forwardly to form a guide 45
to cause the nose of the cartridge to travel
shown in Figure 1 of the drawings.
'_A sear engaging notch 28 is formed in upwardly in position to enter the opening in
the hammer, in the structure herein shown vthe breech of the4 barrel.
this notch consisting of an annular groove, The projection comprising the chamber42
closely fits within a hole of the same shape in
extending around the hammer.
A breech bolt 29 of generally round shape the bottom of the receiver, and a feed tube
in cross section as to r1ts upper portion and opening 46 extends from the front end of the


. 00


round at its rear end to it within the breech feed block >into the cartridge receiving cham
bolt chamber 21 in the receiver 17 is mounted ber at the rear end thereof.

for sliding reciprocating movement in said A cartridge feed tube 47 of ordinaryV con
chamber, normally restmg against the for struction has its rear end located in said
ward end of said chamber inproximity to opening, said tube containing the usual spring
the rearward end of the barrel 18. A breech and plunger for forcing cartridges 48 out of
bolt spring 31 is mounted in a recess 32 con

the tube and into the chamber in the feed

stituting a groove extending lengthwise in block,and as shown in Figure 1 of the draw

40 the upper edge of the receiver, a narrow slot 1n

forming lips constituting the mouth of said





L.ne of the lips 43 has a shoulder that forms

recess whereby the spring 31 is retained in an ejector 49 against which the rear end of
place. The back end of the sprin thrusts a cartridge shell strikes when said> shell is
against the screw 15 that acts as an a -utment, drawn out ofthe barrel 'by mechanism to be
and the forward end of the spring is seated hereinafter described.

-. against a shoulder behind the head of `a



A sear 50 is pivotally mounted in a sear

plunger 33, said plunger comprising a stem groove 51 extending ydiagonally upward in
to project backwardly into the spring. Said. the side of the frame 11, and as shown in Fig
plunger is pressed against a lug 34 projecting ures 2 and 8 of the drawings, said sear being
downwardly from the under side of the mounted on a pin 52 projecting from the side


breech bolt near its back end. The bolt is re of theframe 11 and having an enlarged head
cessed on its under surface to create a loading j as shown in Figure 2. The uppei` end of the

'web 35 extending lengthwise of the bolt, in Sear is shaped to engage the recess 2O in the


the bottom and crosswise center of the recess, hammer 19 to retain the latter in its backward
the end of said web engaging'the end of a position against the tension of the spring 22. 120

cartridge for the purpose of forcing it into

the opening in the barrel 18.
'A firing pin 37 has at its reary end a tail 38,
_said pin and its tail being located in a slotextending lengthwise in the breech bolt at its
upper side and downwardly across the end

thereof. A retaining pin 39 extends across

the slot. in the breech bolt and into aslot

in thevring pin for the purpose ofretaining

the latter in place while permitting a limited.

A sear spring 53 is located in a recess inthe l

slot 51 and presses against the sear to force

its upper end toward the hammer. A firing

edge 54 is formed near the l'ower end of the
sear to receive a firing lug 55 projecting later
ally from the upper edge of a sear bar 56
pivotally attached at its _rear end to a trigger
57. Said bar is located in a slot in the head
of the trigger and its forward end is forced


toward the scar as b a sear bar s ring -58 the .side of the receiver into the chamber 30 '
located in a recess in e bottom of said slot. therein. The- forward end of the slot is
The trigger 57 is pivotally mounted in a widened t5 rovide an extracting o ening
A slot in a trigger supporting lug 59 projecting _80.- The handle 78 is used to move the reech

'6' downwardly from the under side of the fram bolt backwardly in its chamber to thereby
-11and as shown in Figure 2 of the drawings. move the hammer into cocked position when
The trigger is retained in its non-firing posi occasion shall require the hammer to be man
tion as y means of a trigger spring 60 hav ually cocked. The end of the -slot 79 termi
_ing its lowger end seated 1n a recess in the nates just back of the rear end of the breech
Il) upper edge of the trigger and its upper end bolt thereby leaving a sight opening 81 75
received on the reduced end of a supporting `through whlch it may be determined whether
pin 61.

or not the hammer is in its cocked or un

A cartridge lifting lever 62 is pivotally

cocked positions.

mounted in a slot?63 extending lengthwise Y A retaining screw82_projects through the

Y _ Il through the forward end of the frame 11 and side of the frame 11 into a cutaway A rtion 80
from the bottom to the top thereof, said slot on the side of the web 35 so that t e end

extending downwardly into the lug 13 and of the pin will rest op osite the end of the

the lower ed e of the rear end of the lever

plunger 33, thereby ho ding the plunger in

being locate in said lug. A pin 64 extends place when the receiver, barrel, feed block
2'0" across said slot and acts to support the lever. and magtazine tube are removed by an up
The' forward end of the lever has a cartridge ward -li ing movement of the barrel after
receiving recess 65 in its upper edge to receive afholding nut on a bolt projectin from the

magazine tube through the foreplece of the

l? out of t e tube 47. A cut-olf 66 projects stock has been loosened. The barrel being

the cartrld es 48 as they are forced backward

o wnwardly

from the frontend of the leverk lifted the lip on the receiver is readily dis-.

- and acts to prevent backward movement of engaged from the flange on the head 14 and

the line of' cartridges in the tube 47 when a the parts just mentioned may then be re
cartridge is being raised into the upper part moved from the frame and the stock.
'if the chamber 42. A spring actuated plunger y When the cartridge lifting lever 62 is op

l 907' 67 rests upon a spring seated in a recess in a erated to raise a .cartridge into the upper 95

screw 68 projecting upwardly through the part of the cartridge receiving chamber 42
trigger guard plate, and as shown in Figure the rear end of the lever that overlies the for
1 of .the drawlngs, said spring and plunger ward end of the scar bar 56 depresses this
being located in a hole throu h the bottom o'f end of said bar, moving the firing lug 55 out
the lug 13. It isv not intender?that this spring of the path of movement of -the lower end
shallact to raise the frontend o_f the lever, of the sear, thereby permitting the latter


but merelyl to. retain thelever in its raised under the influence of the spring 53 to

position after movement by contact of the lug promptly move into position to engage the

34 with an elevating cam 69 on the upper _edge amm'er when the latter is again moved back
40 of the'leverback of the ivot 64. 4The lever after a firing operation.
-The o eration of the gun, briefly described,
also has a lowering cam '0, formed on its up
per edge forward of the pivot 64 by means is as follows, it bein understood that the
of which the lever is lowered into position to parts are in the positlons shown in Figures
receive a cartridge when the breech bolt 1, 2, 6, and 8 of the drawings. The trigger
moves forwardl

to close the breech.


- An extractor 1 is mounted in a slot in the pushe


ulled the lug 55 on the sear bar is 110

forwardly swinging the sear on its

_ side of the breech .bolt in the forward end_ pivot and disengagin 1t from= the hammer

thereof, the forward end of the extractor hav that is forced forwar -by the spring 22 into
ent with the tiring pin 37, forcing
_ ing a lip to engage the rim of -a cartridge shell enga
V and the rear end of the extractor having a. the orward end of the latter into contact
`with the cartridge in the barrel, thereby exknob 72 located in a recess extending
lploding the latter. Thefforces of the explo
wardly from the bottom of the slot 73. ._
The knob is held within the recess to lre sion _cause the breech bolt 29 to be suddenly
`tain. the extractor in place by means of an moved backwardly to the rear end of the
extractor3 retaining- plunger 74 seated against chamber 21, in a manner that will be readily
_a sprin 75 located in a recess 76 extending understood, carrying the hammer with 1t
.inward y from theslot in which the extractor which is immediately re-engaged by the sear
71 _is located, and as shown in Fi re 6 of 50.` _In this backward movement of the
ractor 71 draws the vempty
the drawin . The other 'end of t e spring breech bolt the
_ Ipresses agaimt a handle' retaining plunger cartridge shell om the chamber in the
7' having a tapered end to engage an an-> ybreech of the barrel the back of the shell
nular groove in the reduced inner end of a , at its lower edge striking the ejector 49 that

breech bolt actuatin handle 78 that extends

acts to sna



the empty _cartridge shell from .

into a recess vin 4the reech bolt, and projects the hold o the extractor and >out through
outwardly through a `slot 79 opening through the extractor opening 80, in 'a manner that iso'


will be readily understood by those skilled gaged with the forward end of said head to i
in the use of firearms of this type.

secure the rear end of the receiver in place,

As the breech bolt moves rearwardly the a barrel secured to the front end of the receiv
lug 34 encounters the elevating cam 69 on er, and firing mechanism supported by sald

5 the lever 62 raising the forward end of the

lever and lifting the cartridge thereon into

stock and frame.


3. A firearm including a stock, a frame se

the upper part `of the cartridge receivlng cured to the upper edge of the stock, a frame
chamber 42, the plunger 67 under the influ head secured to the upper side of the frame
ence of its spring retaining the lever wlth at its rear end, a receiver having a cylindrical 10 its forward end in this raised position with chamber with a flange at the end of said cham 75
the rim of th`J shell against the under side ber engaging a lip, on said head to freely
of the lips 43. -

. removably retain the receiver in place, means


Immediately upon reaching the back end

cf the chamber 21 the breech bolt under the
15 force of the spring 31 is nioved quickly for
ward engaging the loading web 35 with the
back of the cartridge, thereby moving the lat
ter forward. 'The nose of the cartridge en

for securing the >forward-end of the receiver,

a hammer of cylindrical form fitting said

chamber, and cooperating firing mechanism

said chamber.

gages the guide 45 directing said 'nose up

4. A firearm including a receiver with
20 wardly into the opening in the rear end of means for supporting it, a breech bolt slid

the barrel, the cartridge rim sliding along


supportedby said stock and frame and in

cluding a breech bolt slidably mounted in

ably mounted in a chamber in the receiver and .

underneath the lips 43 until it reaches the having a groove at its outer surface extend
opening 44. At this point the rim passes- from lng lengthwlse thereof and across- lts end, a
within the chamber and rides along the upper firing pin locatedin said groove and having
25 sides of the lips until the cartridge is fully 'a tail at its end located in the groove across- 90
seated in the barrel. l
~' v
the end of the breech bolt to prevent the for
During forward movement of the breech ward end of the pin from striking the end of
bolt the lug 34 thereon encounters the lower the breech bolt chamber, and firing mecha
ing cam 70 on the lever, forcing the lever nism supported by said receiver.
3 downwardly into position to receive another v5.' A firearm including a receiver with a 95
cartridge from the magazine tube as the line barrel secured thereto and means for support
of cartridges in said tube is forced backward ing it, firing mechanism mounted on said re
ly by the spring in the tube. Backward move ceiver and support, a feed block having a car
j ment of this line of cartridges was prevented

tridge receiving chamber projecting upward

35 while the lever was in its loading position ly through a hole in the receiver to guide
owing to the presence of the cut-ofi' 66 in front cartridges-to the breech bolt chamber in the
of said line. This terminates a-liring action - barrel, a feed tube projecting into >said block


` of the gun and the parts are now in position to securefit in place, said tube communicating
,_ for a repeated aetion of the same.
with said chamber, and means for lifting car 105
40 In accordance with the provisions of the tridges in 'said chamber.
patent statutes I have described the principles
_6. A firearm including a receiver with a

of operation 'of my invention, together with barrel secured thereto, firing. A mechanism
the device which I now consider to represent mounted on said receiver and support, a feed

the best embodiment thereof; but I desire to

have it understood that the device shown is
only illustrative, and that the invention may
be carried out by other means and applied to

block~ having an upwardly projecting- car

tridge receiving chamber extending through

a hole in the receiver to guide cartridges to

the breech bolt chamber'in the barrel, said

block also having a forwardly projecting part

' uses other> than those above setout.

fitting the under sidel of the receiver, and a

1. A firearm including a stock, a frame en cartridge feed tube projecting into a hole in 115


. I claim:

> -


cased in said stock, a frame headiitted to the the forwardly projecting part and communi
upper edge of the frame, a screw projecting eating with the chamber in. said block.
through the frame into said head to secure
7. A firearm including a receiver with a

the latter in place, a trigger plate located barrel secured thereto, firing mechanism 12o
underneath the stock and spaced from said mounted on said receiver and support 'there
frame by al1-intervening part of the frame, a for, and a feed block including an upward

screwprojecting through said plate and into ly projecting cartridge chamber having lips

the end of the first mentioned screw to secure to engage the rim of a cartridge toretain it

the plate and frame to the stock, a receiver, in the chamber, said lips terminating for
a barrel, and firing mechanism mounted on wardly to permit the cartridge rim to rise 1,425
said structure.

\ '

. out of the chamber and ride along the top

2. A firearm including a stock, a frame se edge of said chamber.


cured to the upper edge of the'stock, a frame

8. In combination with the -cartridge feed
head secured to the upper side of the frame at block of a firearm, said block being separate ec
its rear end, a receiver freely removably en ly lformed. from the receiver and fixed against '

movement therein, a pivotally mounted lift

ing lever vertically movable in a slot through

the bottom of the chamber insaid block, a
cut-off extending downwardly from the un
der side of said lever to govern feed of car
tridges into said chamber,_and a connection
-between said lever and the firing mechanism

for operation of the former by the latter.

9. A firearm including a frame having a
-slot in its outer side surface, a receiver mount
fed on the frame and including a head, a sear

mounted in said slot and projecting through

an opening in said head, and firing mecha
YV'nism-including a hammer adapted to be en
lgaged by said sear.

10. In combination in a firearm, firing

mechanism including a trigger, a hammer

and a sear, a sear bar pivotally mounted in

a slot in the upper edge of said trigger and

projecting forwardly to engage said sear,l
and a pivotally mnnted lifting lever hav

ing its end positioned to engage and operate

sald sear bar.



11. A firearm including a breech bolt hav

a slot therein, an extractor~ located in
said slot, a plunger engaged with the ex
tractor, a handle projecting into the breech
bolt, a plunger engaging said handle, and a

spring located between said plungers to force

them in opposite directions.
12. A firearm including a receiver having
a slot therein, a breech bolt slidably mount
ed in the receiver and having its end un
covered by the end of the slot forming an

_opening for examination ofthe interior of

'the breech bolt chamber and a hammer rest

ing against said bolt in the foryvard posi

tion of the hammer.

13. In combination with the firing mecha.

nism of a, firearm including a breech bolt
and an extractor, a loading mechanism in

cluding afeed block comprising a cartridge

feed chamber, lips at the mouth of said cham

ber to retain cartridges therein, one of said
lips including a projection acting as an ejec
tor in the path of movement of a cartridge

_shell under the influence of said extractor,

and a stock to support said mechanism.