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4 International Mobile
Innovation Screening 2014

19 21 NOVEMBER 2014
AUT University City Campus,
WG Sir Paul Reeves Building Level 4,
2 Governor Fitzroy Place, Auckland,
New Zealand
6 DECEMBER 2014 - 4.30pm

MINA International Innovation Screening,

Nga- Taonga Sound & Vision, Te Anakura Whitia-hua,

84 Taranaki Street, Wellington, New Zealand

Te Rewa o Puanga
School of Music and Creative
Media Production
College of Creative Arts - Toi Rauwharangi


For the 4th edition of the International Mobile

Innovation Screening MINA is honoured to
announce Robert Cahen as creative patron.
Cahen is recognized as one of Frances foremost
video artists and has produced a distinguished
body of work for cinema and television since 1972.
His dreamlike journeys depict fleeting glimpses
of a transitory reality, transformed in time within
the pictorial frame. Reviewing the MINA On the
Move Program, which is curated by Max Schleser in
collaboration with Gerda Cammaer (Canada),
he said:
A new artistic moment of mobile movingimage production is born. MINA creates
a new vision embracing movement in
mobile video.
The #MINA2014 showcases the contemporary
artistic vision of the mobile, camera and smartphone
filmmakers from around the world who increasingly
produce projects on the move.

Te Rewa o Puanga
School of Music and
Creative Media Production
College of Creative Arts Toi Rauwharangi

max @mina.pro

ISBN 978-0-473 30095 -1


The Mobile Innovation Network

Aotearoa [MINA] is an
international network that
promotes cultural
and research activities to expand
the emerging possibilities of
mobile media. MINA aims to
explore the opportunities for
interaction between communities,
content and the creative
industries within the context of
Aotearoa / New Zealand and






features award winning mobile, smartphone and

pocket films from MINAs partner festivals around
the world. We are proud to present works from
the IPhone Film Festival (Hollywood USA), Super
9 (Portugal), SeSIFF (Korea), Cinephone (Spain),
Mobile Film Festival (Macedonia) and Mobil
Film Festival (USA). The International Screening
Program also includes Departure (USA), Calling
Soon (Spain), Classified (Canada), Study on
Persistence (Brazil), Sequence 09 (New Zealand
/ Aotearoa) and the MINA mobile filmmaking
workshops videos (New Zealand / Aotearoa).
The films for this program were selected as a
provocation to open up a debate at the MINA
International Mobile Innovation and Creativity
Symposium. This work is not only making use of
the smartphone in creative ways, but it also offers
a critical perspective.
The theme of the MINA program this year is
On The Move. In response to an open call for
submission more mobile, smartphone and pocket
films were submitted than ever before. This year
already in its 4th edition, the MINA showcase
includes micro-movies and micro-formats on
travel and mobility, as well as various adventure
films. Mobile cameras are more obiquitous
than ever before, and their vastly improved
technical standards are beginning to seriously
challenge DSLR still cameras in terms of image
treatment. While any lens can be mounted onto


smartphones, DSLRS and high end cameras still

and artists is as diverse as the program itself. It

do not fit in your pocket.

is especially encouraging to see work from young

filmmakers who will define the next generation of

This years program spirals from intimate and

creative genius.

personal spaces to a global reach, from static

and still frames to works showcasing increased

The aim of this MINA show-reel is to demonstrate

mobility and speed, from homebound stories

the current state of mobile filmmaking and its

over city trips to records of traveling abroad and

contribution to the field of media, arts and design.

far away adventures, freely moving between

As a new genre it has achieved an international

fiction and reality. Imaginative storytelling is at


the core of every mobile filmmaker, who explore

illustrates once again the innovative capacities

the limitations of the camera as an opportunity

of mobile media. Moreover, this show-reel aims

for a creative intervention.

to inspire young filmmakers to explore the world





of mobile images. While we all carry the tools to

Mobile media can transport people to different

make films in our pockets, the challenge is now

worlds both large small, or particular and

to convince institutions and creative industries

universal. In the process, time and space are

to put this new form of creative practice and

compressed or extended, depending on the

storytelling onto their agendas, and embed them

mood and purpose of the piece. These mobile-

into their policies and day-to-day businesses.

moving image works are self-reflective, the

stories told can be up close and personal,

In the spirit of making mobile filmmaking more

or distant and unfamiliar, and everything in

accessible the #MINA2013 eBook, which features

between. The mobile images in this program


are as introverted and extraverted as people

on iTunes as a free download http://bit.ly/

can be. They remind us of old solitudes and







tell us about new connections. While some

of the mobile films showcased explore new

There is also a Special Issue of Ubiquity, the

formats including geo-locative storytelling and

Journal of Pervasive Media, published by Intellect,

all smartphone productions using apps, other

dedicated to MINA. It explores the unique mobile

remind us of Marshall McLuhans the mobile


medium is the message. As a lens-based

production aesthetics, forms and formats that

communication medium it becomes part of

emerged in the last decade. Various opportunities

our self-expression via social media in the 21st

for communities and forms of cultural and creative


mobile media production are explored through









The films were produced in Australia, Canada,

studying creative practices and situating these

Columbia, Italy, Japan, Spain, USA and the UK.

in broader cultural contexts. In synch with

The background of the filmmakers, designers

Ubiquities understanding of pervasive media


these technologies and associated practices

Special thanks also to MINAs partner film

open up new understandings of the world.

festivals: IPhone Film Festival (Hollywood USA),

This Special Issue on MINA offers perspectives

Super 9 (Portugal), SeSIFF (Korea), Cinephone

on creative innovation with an emphasis on the

(Spain), Mobile Film Festival (Mazedonia) and

growing international recognition of mobile

Mobil Film Festival (USA). We are also looking

media as creative arts tools. Four feature articles

forward to work with Mobile Motion Film Festival

focus on the contemporary cultural conditions

(Switzerland) and Film Pocket Film (Sweden) in

in which mobile media operate and provide


a framework for negotiating how they can be

situated within a glocal (global local) discourse.

The program will be introduced by Assoc.

Prof. Gerda Cammaer (School of Image Arts of

This year, the fourth edition of the MINA

Ryerson University in Toronto) and myself, Dr.

Symposium is centered around the question:

Max Schleser, co-founder of MINA, who were the

What are current, potential and inspiring mobile

creative team behind the final screening program

opportunities for the future of universities, of

of #MINA2014.

the private sector, of individuals and digital

communities?It is our aim to answer this question

With very special thanks to Laurent Antonczak,

through paper presentations, panel discussions,

co-founder MINA, the School of Art & Design

workshops, performances and mobile screenings.

(AUT University), CoLab (Creative Technologies

Anders Weberg, whos work was screened for the

Research Institute for the Faculty of Design and

last four years in the MINA festival, will present

Creative Technologies at AUT University)and the

the opening keynote.

School of Design, School of Music and Creative

Media Production in the College of Creative Arts,

We hope you enjoy the program and would like to

Massey University for their continued support.

use this opportunity to thank the MINA screening

committee: Laurent Antonczak (AUT University,

Dr. Max RC Schleser

New Zealand), Dr Marsha Berry (RMIT University,

Co-Founder MINA & Director of the MINA


screening committee





University, Canada), Felipe Cardona (Pontifical

Xavierian University, Colombia), Matthijs Clasener
(Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, Netherlands), Dr.
Seth Keen (RMIT University, Australia), Assoc.
Prof. Andre Ktori (Massey University, New
Zealand), Dean Keep (Swinburne University of
Technology, Australia), Dr. Patrick Kelly (RMIT
University, Australia), Dr. Stefano Odorico (Leeds
Trinity University, England), Dr. Miriam Ross
(Victoria University, New Zealand).



Dr Max Schleser
Massey University, New Zealand
Laurent Antonczak
AUT University, New Zealand


Coordinated by Laurent Antonczak
[by alphabetical order]
Laurent Antonczak

[by alphabetical order]
Laurent Antonczak
AUT University, New Zealand
Assoc. Prof. Frances Joseph
AUT University, New Zealand
Dr Max Schleser
Massey University, New Zealand
Assoc. Prof. Charles Walker
AUT University, New Zealand
Coordinated and curation by
Dr Max Schleser
Massey University, New Zealand
Assoc. Prof. Gerda Cammaer
Ryerson University, Canada
[by alphabetical order]
Laurent Antonczak
AUT University, New Zealand
Dr Marsha Berry
RMIT University, Australia
Felipe Cardona
P. Xavierian University, Colombia
Matthijs Clasener Grafisch Lyceum
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Dr. Seth Keen
RMIT University, Australia
Dean Keep Swinburne University of
Technology, Australia
Dr Patrick Kelly
RMIT University, Australia
Dr Stefano Odoricor
Leads Trinity University, England
Dr Max Schleser
Massey University, New Zealand
Dr Miriam Ross
Victoria University, New Zealand

AUT University, New Zealand

Assoc. Prof. Chris Bennewith
Massey University, New Zealand
Prof. Ilona Buchem Beuth
University of Applied Sciences,
Felipe Cardona P. Xavierian
University, Colombia
Dr Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath
IT University, Denmark
Dr Thom Cochrane
AUT University, New Zealand
Dr Ella Henry
AUT University, New Zealand
Assoc. Prof. Craig Hight
University of Waikato,
New Zealand
Assoc. Prof. Mark Jackson
AUT University, New Zealand
Prof. Isa Jahnke
Ume University, Sweden
Assoc. Prof. Frances Joseph
AUT University, New Zealand
Desna Jury
AUT University, New Zealand
Helen Keegan
Salford University, England
Nick Konings
Animation College, New Zealand
Assoc. Prof. Andre Ktori
Massey University, New Zealand
Dr Mark McGuire
University of Otago, New Zealand
Dr Dermott McMeel
University of Auckland,
New Zealand
Danni Mulrennan
AUT University, New Zealand
Richard Pamatatau
AUT University, New Zealand
Marianne Patera
Salford University, England
Dr Max Schleser
Massey University, New Zealand

David Sinfield
AUT University, New Zealand
Daniel Wagner
Unitec, New Zealand
Assoc. Prof. Charles Walker
AUT University, New Zealand
Bo Wang
New Zealand
Anders Weberg
Artist and curator, Sweden
Assoc. Prof Gerda Cammer
Ryerson University, Canada
Dr Marsha Berry
RMIT University, Australia
IT Support Crew AUT University
Harry Silver
Colab AUT University, New Zealand
Judit Klein
AUT University, New Zealand
Auckland, New Zealand
Harry Silver
Colab AUT University, New Zealand
Monish Patel
Wellington, New Zealand
Victorio Burcio-Martin
AUT University, New Zealand
Justin CR
AUT University, New Zealand
Auckland, New Zealand
Alistair M c Cready, Daniel Ido,
Felicia Irene
AUT University, New Zealand


MINA Partners

Nga- Taonga Sound & Vision

Screening Partner

Maison Vauron (NZ)

Commercial Partner

Sesiff (Korea)
Festival Partner

Super 9 (Portugal)
Festival Partner

Cinephone (Spain)
Festival Partner

Film Pocket Films (Sweden)

Festival Partner

International Mobil Film Festival (USA) iPhone Film Fest (USA)

Festival Partner
Festival Partner

Virtuo (NZ)
Commercial Partner
Virtuo is an intelligent collective
of experts in serious experimental
play. www.virtuo.co.nz

Commercial Partner
AlphaByte is a multidisciplinary
design studio in Auckland

Mobile Film Festival (Macedonia)

Festival Partner

OCTANE Digital
Commercial Partner
It offers digital copying, wide
format, Digital Printing and
other services.


4 International Mobile
Innovation Screening 2014
19 21 NOVEMBER 2014
AUT University City Campus,
WG Sir Paul Reeves Building Level 4,
2 Governor Fitzroy Place, Auckland, New Zealand

6 DECEMBER 2014 4.30pm

MINA On the Move Screening,
Nga- Taonga Sound & Vision, Te Anakura Whitia-hua,
84 Taranaki Street, Wellington, New Zealand

MINA International Mobile Innovation Screening 2014Y /9

International Screening Program

Festivals Countries
------------ IPhone Film Festival

Hollywood USA

Super 9






Mobile Film Festival


Mobile Film Festival


Departure Trailer
Study on Persistence
Sequence 09
Film Pocket Films


MINA mobile

Aotearoa / New Zealand

filmmaking workshops

MINA International Mobile Innovation Screening 2014 /10

MINA Program On The Move


Title / Filmmaker / Country



Absent / Anders Welbrg / SWEDEN


Numb / Anders Welbrg / SWEDEN


Self portrait video 2014 / Carlo Giuseppe Zuozo / ITALY


#Selfie #NoFilter / Patrick Kelly / AUSTRALIA


Tell me about yourself (6:43) / Simon ONeill / UK


Requiem / Jeffrey Turboff / US


1+1 / Lesiji Wei / AUSTRALIA


City Transit / Taien Ng-Chan / CANADA


High Rise / David Cowlard / NEW ZEALAND


Skyward / Anne Massoni / US | ITALY


Tofu Man / Andrew Robb / AUSTRALIA


Decombres: A mobile bricolage poem for Duchamp / Dean Keep / AUSTRALIA




Towards Santiago / Maria Donata Napoli / SPAIN


NYC / Joshua Faisandier / NEW ZEALAND


InTransit@NeedHelp? / Gerda Cammaer / CANADA


Double time / Kaihei Hase / JAPAN | AUSTRARIA

Here and There. Manchester-Bogot, ver 0 31032014 / Felipe Cardona /

David Hockney At the Met/ Large Interior, Los Angeles, 1988 /
David Scott Leibowitz / US


SYNC / Alberto Corral / US


Fly Away / Luis Juarez / US

Classified - Short Film
Dan Balcaban
When the survival camp is overrun and not all the
occupants make it out alive, all you can do is fight for
your life. Dan is known for playing lead roles in the
feature films Nowhere Else and 25th Reich. He
has also appeared in Neighbours and the critically
acclaimed show Underbelly. Dan has given detailed
portrayals in many character roles, most notably as
the nerdy Jewish character Private Eli Ishbak in the
cult film 25th Reich written and directed by Stephen
Amis. Dan has also appeared in many commercials
and corporate videos and is sought after for his
work ethic and professionalism. Dan has worked
extensively as an actor in the UK, Australia and
Canada. TORONTO, CANADA / Edited on FCP7 /
Zoom Q3 HD

Calling - Short Film

Xavier Satorra
A phone call can change your life forever. Barcelona,
1979. Founder and Creative Director of
thevisualsuspects.net since 2003. Social Entrepreneur,
Digital Media Consultant, Producer. Award-winning
author with an international portfolio.
BARCELONA, SPAIN / Final Cut, After Effects,
ProTools / iPhone5

Sequence 09 - Experimental
Ian Clothier
The movie is intended to reveal both the connected and
fragile state of the environment in humble splendour.
The main shot is a hand held walk through a Japanese
Study on Persistence - Experimental
maple and garden, where the out of focus material is the
camera lens hitting the leaves. The audio is a mix of whale
A collection of amateur self-portraits taken by
audio, bubble chamber diagrams played through Audio
anonymous people during intimate situations, all
Paint and sun audio. Static, clicks and glitches are native
of them shot with the flash lights on. The images
to source. The project is asking us to reconsider our
are edited as to emphasize the attempts of people
relationship to the environment, to look at what surrounds
trying to capture the present as a continuous
us, the minutae of natural forms sitting in a soup of life
memory. KREFER (Brazil, 1987). Lives between
from whales to quanta. We have access to all this in the
So Paulo and Curitiba. Presentations of his work
humble backyards where we live, in the plants we see
include the Oscar Niemeyer Museum (Brazil),
growing every day. It is important to understand that we
Loop Barcelona (Spain), AIVA Video Art Festival
are connected to the environment, through chains of
(Sweden) and awards at the Hong Kong Intl
co-existence. We have an impact with all we do.
Mobile Film Awards (China), Naoussa Film Festival
NEW PLYMOUTH, NEW ZEALAND / Premier, Audition,
(Greece) and Vivo arte.mov Mobile Art Festival
Audio Paint / Canon Vixia Mini
(Brazil). In 2012-2014 he curated the Multiolhares
experimental film & video art section at the Olhar
de Cinema - Curitiba Intl Film Festival.
/ Various (anonymous mobile phone and pocketcamera found-footage)

Absent VIII - Experimental
Anders Welbrg
A homage to Maya Deren by Anders Weberg. Anders is an artist working in video,
sound, new media and installations and he is primarily concerned with identity. The
human body lies at the root of projects that formally and conceptually chart identity and
its construction as a preamble to broaching matters of violence, genders, memory, loss
or ideology in which personal experiences co-exists with references to popular culture,
the media and consumerism.

Numb - Experimental
Anders Welbrg
In memory of my son
Andr Weberg

Self portrait video - 2014 - Short Film

Carlo Giuseppe Zuozo
A self portrait video filmed with a Samsung Galaxy S3 camera phone edited with a PC
(Sony Vegas) Software. The Images of the author are mixed with other ones shooted
from the train during a trip along Italy. Carlo Giuseppe Zuozo is an italian artist and
videomaker. Born in Naples in 1973, after primary and secondary schools he attends the
Architecture dipartment at the
University Federico II of Naples where he graduates in 2005. His video works are
influenced by the Fluxus movement.They are made with different tecniques as shoots
from the real, machinima from the virtual worlds, re-edited footage from web-archives,
VJ-style clips, animations and footage created with camera phones.
ITALY / Samsung Galaxy S3

#Selfie #NoFilter
Patrick Kelly
The short experimental film #Selfie #NoFilter (2014) utilises mobile video, Instagram,
screenshots, and After Effects to prompt a series of questions concerning the nature
of contemporary mobile self-portraits, or selfies. In doing so, the film engages with
concepts surrounding the areas of modernity, social media, mobile photography
aesthetics, ego, celebrity, co-presence, and self. The film depicts the pre-production,
production, post-production, and exhibition stages of creating a selfie on Instagram,
ultimately providing a representation of the mechanical process of modern
photography. Patrick Kelly is a filmmaker, writer, and academic working in Melbourne.
He completed his PhD in Creative Media at RMIT in 2013. The practice-led project
had a focus on auratic experience, Slow Media, transmedia storytelling, and social
networking. He produced a feature-length documentary for the project, entitled Detour
Off the Superhighway, which is currently being prepared for commercial release. Patrick
currently serves as a Co-Director of Critical Animals creative research symposium, which
takes place in Newcastle during October of each year, as part of This Is Not Art festival.
COLLINGWOOD, AUSTRALIA / iPhone 4s / After Effects

Tell me about yourself - Comedy

Simon ONeill
Actor Steve Hayes has been asked to make an audition video for a role he desperately
wants. His brief from the director is to Tell me about yourself. It should be a simple
enough task... in theory. Simon ONeill is a writer, copywriter and filmmaker based in
Dublin, Ireland.
PECKHAM, UK / Shot on an iPhone 4S / iMovie 8


Requiem - Animation
Jeffrey Turboff
A routine walk home triggers bittersweet memories of a lost love. Jeffrey Turboff is an
award-winning editor who also makes his own films, including his new documentary
Modworld and the animated-on-live-action music video Fools Parade by Trumpeter
Swan. Hes currently in pre-production for a live-action supernatural horror short film
entitled Jimbo with other projects in the works as well.
NEW YORK CITY , US / Made with iPhone 4s, O Snap / Toonpaint, iMovie

1+1 - Short Film

Lesiji Wei
I was planning to make a short video that reveals the intimate relationship between
people, while adapting the quality of intimacy that were provided to us from mobile
phones. The faces of the characters will be not showed but only their hands in the video.
All the shots were close-ups filming in close distance for the purpose of demonstrating
the mobile phones are our intimate friends, who witnesses our everyday life nearby.
In order to simulate the mobile phones perspective, the phone was left recording in its
usual places where I normally put, such as, on my lap, on the dashboard, or on the table.
Also the video indicates the mobile phones work as an important connection between
people. My name is Lesiji Wei, I am from China, I graduated from Swinburne University
of Technology in the degree of Bachelor of Multimedia Design. I am currently doing my
Master of Communication degree at RMIT.

City Transit - Experimental

Taien Ng-Chan
These four videos are a meditation on riding the city transit system; they explore
urban travel through patterns and rhythms, faces, sound and light. It is about the visual
elements of poetry and narration, the intersections between text and voice, sound and
image. The four sequences are all shot on low-resolution cellphone and digital camera
video, then blown up to emphasize the abstraction of form and movement. An added
bonus was that the digital noise often obscured the faces of the anonymous commuters
that I caught on camera (I asked friends to be extras for the other close-ups). These
four specific sequences explore the ubiquitous sounds of cellphones, the movement
of sunlight, people caught sleeping in transit, and a spoken word rumination on the
brief interactions experienced on the bus. Taien Ng-Chan is a writer, artist, and scholar
in the Ph.D. in Humanities at Concordia University in Montral, Canada. Her work
investigates everyday urban life through locative media and mobility, particularly the
act of commuting. She has published two books of poems, edited two anthologies, and
produced a multimedia CD; as well, she has written drama for stage, screen, and radio.
Her video and media works have been shown across Canada, in the US, Korea, Sweden,
and the UK. For more info: www.soyfishmedia.com.
MONTREAL, CANADA / Mobile phone, pocket-camera

High Rise - Experimental

David Cowlard
High Rise takes a personal look at two of Aucklands iconic Modernist office towers,
exploring their unique forms and place within the skyline. David Cowlard is a
documentary photographer, filmmaker, field recordist and educator. He has a broad
interest in architecture and the urban contemporary urban condition and currently lives
in Auckland. He teaches photography, video and intermedia at Whitecliffe College of
Arts and Design and is a professional teaching fellow at the University of Aucklands
School of Architecture and Planning. He shoots on an iPhone5 and can be found on
various digital platforms as @photourbanist
AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND / iPhone 5 / Adobe Premiere CC

skyward - Experimental
Anne Massoni
Stand still and look up. With our phones always pointing out at the word, we rush
to capture our experiences, sometimes at the expense of actually experiencing the
world around us. Weve seen (and participated) for example as tourists filming and
photographing rather than looking and taking in the sights we often times paid
handsomely to see. And while these moments are captured for posterity can we say
that we truly remember being in these spaces, that we can remember what it sounded
and looked like when we stood still for a moment? This short film turns the camera
upward, towards the ceilings and atmospheres we seem so rarely to stop and admire as
we rush through our lives phones/cameras pointed outward. Anne Leighton Massoni,
is the Program Director of Photography at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania. Massoni graduated with an MFA in Photography from Ohio University
and a BA in Photography and Anthropology from Connecticut College. Her work
relates to ideas of both real and fabricated memories, using a variety of film and digital
US | ITALY / iPhone / iMovie

Tofu Man - Documentary

Andrew Robb
Tofu Man is an unexpectedly candid portrait of Duc Nga, a former Vietnamese
refugee who came to Australia, seeking a better life after being orphaned at 14
years of age. Weaving Ducs story with his tofu making business makes for a film
of surprising poignancy. Receiver of Sunshine Film Festival, Melbourne 2013;
First Prize, Mobile Category Shepparton Short Film Festival 2014 Winner
Best Documentary; Setting Sun Film Festival (Yarraville) 2014 Winner, Best
Documentary, Cultural Diversity Award, Peoples Choice Award; VietFilmFest
International Vietnamese Film Festival, California USA, Official Selection. St Kilda
Film Festival 2014 Official Selection. Andrew Robb has been making short films for
the past ten years. He returned to Australia in 2012, after a long period of working
as an actor and making films in London. His quirky films tell simple stories with a
common thread usually managing to warp the laws of physics and nature. Credits
include the award winning shorts Leave Me Alone and Cook Book. Tofu Man is
Andrews first documentary, and fourth short made using a mobile phone.
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA / Samsung Galaxy S2 / Adobe Premiere CS6

Decombres: A mobile bricolage poem for Duchamp - Experimental

Dean Keep
An old mobile phone becomes a wunderkammer, a techno jewel box brimming with
the artefacts of a lost past. Decombres mash up of text messages is used as a basis
for freeform prose, its verse randomly selected from the phones text messages
and layered over images in a game of poetic Russian roulette that favours bricolage
over narrative structure. This work remixes the mobile aesthetic to illicit the state of
drifting through places and spaces. In this floating world, words drip as the digital skin
of the mobile image reveals its pixilated flesh, revealing portals to other places and
long forgotten memories. Decombres is an experimental mobile film, it is the sum of
its parts, the debris from our interactions trapped within the heart of the machine.
Dean Keep is a lecturer in digital media at Swinburne University, Melbourne. Dean has
been actively researching mobile media, and producing mobile film and photography
since 2004. Dean has exhibited mobile film and photography in both national and
international forums.
AUSTRALIA / Apple iPhone and Nokia 6880 / Premiere Pro CS6 - Super 8 By
Paramount Digital Entertainment


DEAD TV - Experimental
Seth Keen
In this work I used an iPhone 4S to document over an extended period, abandoned
television sets on the side of the road. The portability and accessibility of a smartphone
in my pocket enabled me to record these dead TVs, as I saw them walking, riding
and driving in the inner north suburbs of Melbourne. In the edit I was interested in
replicating the rhythm of multi-touch screen actions used to select and delete photos
on a smartphone. Seth Keen teaches New Media at RMIT University in Melbourne,
Australia. He holds a MA (by Research) and is in the final stage of his practice
based PhD (Communication). Seth works with video to explore the nexus between
documentary practice and new media technologies. His practice is interdisciplinary
across media, art and design. He produces video works for exhibition, broadcast,
screening and online publication. Interested in social and environmental change, Seth
collaborates with organisations on the design of frameworks to create web interactive
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA / iPhone 4S / Final Cut Pro

Towards Santiago - Travel Film

Maria Donata Napoli
In 2012 we completed the Camino de Santiago, walking from Sarria to Santiago de
Compostela. This is, in short, the av-logbook of that part of the journey. Maria Donata
Napoli studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania, Italy. Since the beginning of
Nineties she is interested in video, photography and painting taking part in reviews,
personal and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad. She studies the mass media
system and the music video field and teaches Teoria e metodo dei Mass Media at the
Academy of Fine Arts.
GALIZIA, SPAIN / iPhone / Built-in camera app

NYC - Travel Film

Joshua Faisandier
I used my phone (iPhone 5) to capture all the great moments and experiences. The
iPhone video performed well, however it didnt like the cold that much as it keep
turning itself off. I edited the video on Adobe Premiere Pro and used Illustrator for the
titles. I decided to put it in a 2.35:1 ratio because thats my favourite ratio for video, well
for film that is. I like the style of raw sound straight from the phone that is chopped and
cut up as it helps keep the memory real, instead of using music.
NEW ZEALAND / iPhone5 / Premier Pro - Illustrator

InTransit@NeedHelp? - Experimental
Gerda Cammaer
Short experiential video shot on iPad about the experience of being in transit when
travelling and how this affects our perception of time and space. Gerda Cammaer is
a film scholar, curator, and filmmaker with a particular interest for documentary and
experimental film. She has developed a special interest in the differences and similarities
between analogue and digital technologies. Her films have been shown at national and
international film festivals, and she gathered some awards and special mentions for her
work. Since 2007 she teaches film at the School of Image Arts of Ryerson University, in
Toronto. She is also a free-lance film programmer for art galleries or artist collectives.
CANADA / iPad (camera)
Double time - Experimental
Kaihei Hase
This work consist of the materials that when I had shot in Australia and Japan.
The shots of Journey was made a positive difference in my life. [Vimeo Password is
1234] To my joy, my work attend MINA last year. Thank you!
After submit to Mina, my works were selected another Film festivals. For example
Videoforms (France), Mobile Film Festival (U.S.A) and other.
JAPAN | AUSTRARIA / Smart phone / Final Cut 7

Here and There. Manchester-Bogot, ver 0 31032014 - Documentary
Felipe Cardona
A Mobilementary made by Morgan Royle in Manchester (UK) and Felipe Cardona
in Bogota (COL), using mobiles and apps, introducing mixed reality into the regular
documentary production. Twitter: @fluipe @reelednskinned. http://felipecardona.
blogspot.com. UK-COL2014. Lecturer-researcher in Xaveriana University, previously
Social Communication-Journalism Television Area coordinator, at Colombian Externado
University. Invited speaker at FELAFACS 2012, Lima University (Lima, Peru http://
bit.ly/10ANC9F) and MINA Symposium (since 2011 to 2013) in Massey University in
Wellington, New Zealand (http://bit.ly/ZJDjw5). Social Communicator Journalist from
Autonoma University (Cali, Colombia), Master in Information and Knowledge Society at
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain),

took screenwriting course in EICTV

San Antonio de los Baos (Cuba), and Robert McKees Story seminar (Bogota), Diploma
in Audiovisual Business Management at Externado University (Bogota). Winner of the
Colombian Culture Ministry film calls (Bogot, 1998) in feature film for television, Automatic fund winner to attend the Buenos Aires Talent Campus (BSAS, Argentina 2005).
BOGOT D.C. COLOMBIA | MANCHESTER, UK / iPhone 4S, iPad 2, Go Pro / iMovie,
Sphere, NodeBeats, Facebook, Youtube

David Hockney At the Met/ Large Interior, Los Angeles, 1988 - Experimental
David Scott Leibowitz
A short film by David Scott Leibowitz pays tribute to the most famous Mobile Digital
Artist, David Hockney and his Large Interior, Los Angeles, 1988 hanging at The
Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. Shot using an iPhone 5S and the app Time
Piles, this tribute to Hockney plays to the Beatles With you and Without you. David
Scott Leibowitz brings over forty years of fascination with photography, video art, and
experimental filmmaking to his current position as a pioneer in the developing medium
of Digital Art. Mr. Leibowitz is part of a new generation of artists who are redefining
the boundaries of both fine arts and popular culture. Having come of age during the
information revolution, his work merges an appreciation for the plastic arts ( film, video
and photography), with an affinity for advanced computer technology.
NEW YORK CITY, US / iPhone 5S / iMovie

SYNC - Short Film

Alberto Corral
Even in a backwards world, love finds a way.
LOS ANGELES, US / iPhone 4 and a Steadicam Smoothee / app FiLMiC Pro,. Edited on
Adobe Premiere and Magic Bullet.

Fly Away - Music Video

Luis Juarez
Christafari is a reggae band from Los Angeles founded in 1989 by producer and singer
Mark Mohr. Christafari music video Fly Away is a video shot in 4 sequences of 1
minute (non stop) and played in backwards. Luis Juarez born in Guatemala. He started
his creative career as musician and music producer. In 2001 he moved to Los Angeles,
CA to pursue his dream of becoming a filmmaker. During that same period he founded
his business Media-7 which allowed him to expand his talents as a Graphic/Web
Designer. In 2008 he graduated from the New York Film Academy with great reviews on
his work. In 2009 he founded Indiefone the first ever iPhone Film Festival.

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This special edition

explores the unique
mobile media qualities, characteristics
and mobile media
production aesthetics, forms and formats
that emerged in
the last decade.
Opportunities for
cultural, creative
media production
and engagement in
community settings
are explored through
practice-led research
and creative practices
that also engage with
broader cultural
contexts. In sync with
Ubiquities analysis
of pervasive media,
these technologies and associated
practices open up
new understandings
of the world, this
Mobile Innovation
Network Aotearoa
(MINA) Special Issue
examines perspectives about creative

Ubiquity: The Journal of Pervasive Media 2.1/2

innovation with an
emphasis on the

This journal is for creative and transdisciplinary

practitioners interested in technologies, practices
and behaviours that have the potential to radically
transform human perspectives on the world.
The journal anticipates the consequence for
design and research in a culture where everyone
is connected, and will offer a context for visual
artists, designers, scientists and writers.

creative arts and the

international recognition of mobile media.
Four core articles setout the contemporary
cultural conditions in
which mobile media
operate and provide
a framework for the
negotiations within a
glocal (globallocal)

Mobile Media Making in an Age of Smartphones

Edited by Marsha Berry, Max Schleser
ISBN: 9781137469816
Publisher: Palgrave Pivot
With the rise of smartphones and the proliferation of applications (apps),
the ways everyday media users and creative professionals represent,
experience, and share the everyday is changing. With the overlay of
location-based services, these experiences and representations are
providing new social, creative, and emotional cartographies.
This collection discusses the prospects of the proliferation of mobile and
digital filmmaking opportunities, from videographic citizen journalism to
networked, transmedia collaborative filmmaking and photography, and
the embedding of filmmaking and photography in social media practice.
The contributors reflect on emergent creative practices as well as digital
ethnographies of new visualities and socialities associated with smartphone
cameras in everyday life.


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