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e©iso WH 4852903 Ob4b354 308 mt ISO 668:1995(E) Annex A (normative) Corner fittings Comer fitting locations (centre-to-centre distances and diagonal tolerances) are given in table A.1 and figue A. Table At Ft wa Pe Kno oe) cominer 4 Sitar, [om [tm [am [s » | om |» | m | AAA T ‘an MT ses [9 axe |2ae|7 asim] 1 | ae | wo | oe he 7365 mf yaw [a vw [raw |s ase] w | se | to | ae tk ice te | ses fro 2%ne Jaan |> sane) mo | ae | wo | op 1 [2m |e vale) asm) wo | oe | wo | ae NOTE — Atwrion ot manocras & Gann re vial Foponmos of oney wang te leas Gans SiS nd? ee howe les tbe esi to ard Poe sone yt lores shown fe ol 2} eileen tetwoan Bs rere y= 1 M™ 4851903 Ob4b35S 744 me ISO 668:1995(E) eso Length Cy) Comer fitting measurement 101.5 mm $5 101 (4 in 98,0 Co Comer fitting measurement 89 mm gy tm (31/2 ind 5 Distance between centres of apertures, or projected referonce points therefrom, of diagonally oppost tings, resulting in six measurements Dy, D,, Dy, Dy, and De 1 Overall heat 1. External length of the container P With betwoen centres of apertures in comer fittings 5 w comer fit- Length between centres of apertures in comer fittings Extemal width of the container NOTE — Dimensions L, H and W are measured along the appropriate edges. Figure A.1 — Comer fitting locations