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Fairfax County Democratic Committee

January 2010 Biennial Reorganization Meeting, Bylaws Amendments

FCDC does on occasion amend our Bylaws to remain contemporary and revise our structure to reflect the will of the
membership. The current intent and rationale for proposing Bylaws amendments: 1) refocus attention to our primary mission
defined in our Bylaws, 2) formulate Bylaws contemporary for the times, 3) improve operational transparency of actions as a
Committee, and 4) increase and improve our leadership / management structure so that is directly responsive to members
and grass roots concerns.

By the nature of the hierarchy of the Democratic Party, we follow, are guided by, and must be compliant with the Party
Plan (of the Democratic Party of Virginia, aka DPVA). Bylaws that we approve every two years must be submitted to DPVA
for approval.

Amendments to the FCDC Bylaws are guided by Article XII (note that at our biennial reorganization Article XII, Section 2
applies). It is further very important to note that amendments proposed, submitted and duly made notice of may NOT be
amended at the meeting, but only voted for or against.


Section 2. The Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting
at the biennial reorganization meeting of the County Committee. Amendments to the Bylaws
considered at the reorganization meeting may not be amended from the form mailed to

Thirty-six (36) amendments to the FCDC Bylaws were duly proposed, submitted and made notice of.

One amendment submitted, designated Amendment ‘U’, is in the form of an entire Bylaws proposal, with many
changes throughout; however, two items (Article VIII, Section 7, and Article VIII, Section 9b) contained in that
single amendment are legally out of compliance with the Democratic Party of Virginia Party Plan. FCDC
Bylaws must be in compliance with the Party Plan, and there is no modification allowed for a submitted

• From the State Party Plan "Section 10.5 Quorum. A Quorum of thirty percent (30%) of the members of
any Democratic committee or convention shall be required to take any action . . . " Only a few years ago,
FCDC fought the State's old 40% requirement. The best we could get was 30%.

 Amendment U: Article VIII, Section 7

The presence of 25% 30% of the members of the County Committee and each of its committees
shall constitute a quorum for the conduct of business.

• From the State Party Plan "Section 8.11 All meeting of the county or city committee shall be open to the
public . . . " The FCDC Bylaws make specific exceptions for discussion of paid staff and for litigation. The
Vice Chair of the State Party for Rules was on the FCDC Bylaws Revisions Committee and confirmed that those
specific exceptions would be approved by the State Party at that time.

 Amendment U: Article VIII, Section 9b

the Steering Committee may decide, by a two-thirds vote of all present its members, to meet in
closed session if the nature or the issues discussed is made public.

All thirty-five (35) other proposed amendments are referenced for purposes of understanding the changes that would be
made if adopted.

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