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Guinto, Julius Carlo T.


Eng 2-H

Topic: Nuclear Energy

Title: Nuclear Power Plants are beneficial to the Philippines
Forming Question: Why are nuclear power plants needed in the country?
Subordinate Questions:
1. What gave rise to the need of using nuclear power plants in the Philippines?
2. What are the advantages of using nuclear power plants as compared to other sources of
3. What are the negative views on nuclear power plants and why ARE these views (are)
Thesis Statement: The country needs nuclear power plants because nuclear energy is a
sustainable energy and it contributes less environmental impact than conventional sources of
I. Introduction
A. Statement of the Problem
1. The supply of fossil fuels is diminishing since the global energy demand
increases with industrialization.
2. The country relies on energy imports because the countrys energy demand is
higher than what it can produce.
B. Objectives of the Study
1. The study aims to identify reasons why the country needs nuclear power plants.
2. The study aims to compare and explore the advantages of nuclear power plants
with other power generation plants.
3. The study aims to change the outlook of the people towards nuclear energy.
C. Significance of the Study
1. With the knowledge of nuclear power plants, social awareness and acceptance
of the plant will follow.
2. With the energy that can be produceD from nuclear power plants, the price of
energy will decrease and the country need not rely on energy import any
II. Body
A. The insufficient energy supply of the country comes from different power generation
1. The country has renewable sources of energy which includes geothermal and
hydroelectric power plants, solar cells, and wind farms.

2. The country has non-renewable sources of energy which includes coal-fired

power plants and natural gas fields.
B. Nuclear power plants have some advantages over the conventional sources of energy.
1. Nuclear energy is a sustainable energy.
a. Nuclear energy utilizes grams of uranium to produce equivalent amount
of energy from tonnes of coal.
b. Nuclear energy utilizes uranium which will still be present after 200
years as compared to fossil fuels which will be gone after a couple of
2. Nuclear energy contributes low environmental impact.
a. Nuclear power plants have a relatively low gas emission.
b. Nuclear power plants have a relatively low effect on living things.
C. The society has negative views on nuclear energy.
1. Nuclear power plants are prone to explosion which was evident on the
Chernobyl and Third Mile Island tragedies.
2. Nuclear power plants are sources of radiation which can cause mutation and
3. Nuclear power plants are sources of toxic wastes which have issues on
III. Conclusion
A. Summary
1. The energy produced from renewable and non-renewable sources in the country
is not sufficient since the demand is high.
2. Nuclear power plants produce nuclear energy that is sustainable and safe to the
3. The society has negative views on nuclear energy that are erroneous.
B. Conclusion
1. A further comparison of nuclear power plant with other power generation plants
is recommended.
2. The Philippines should put up nuclear power plants to address the problem on
energy sustainability.