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1. Informant: Someone is shouting Fire ...firefire and inform to Safety In-charge about
the fire location.
What time fire drill started?
Is the shout fire fire fire noticed by anyone?
Is the location properly identified communicated through to safety officer in charge?

2. Safety in-charge informs the Crane Operator (Ronald) to raise the alarm continuously. At
the same time he informs the emergency situation and the fire location to SSO
Is crane operator contactable?
When does the crane operator contact SSO?
Is there standard procedure of reporting?
What is the gadget used for the above communication?
When does it take for crane operator to raise the fire alarm?
How far is the crane to the fire location?
Is the location of fire announced?
After crane operator raise the alarm, what are their follow up task ?
Do the cranes position themselves to assist the fight of fire?
Do they ship the lifting cage immediate to use just in case the gangway is obstructed?

3. Safety In-charge informs all the workers abandon the ship and go to EAAs (Emergency
Assembly Areas) immediately for evacuation.
Is emergency escape safety plan been hanged on board all around?
Is the EAA location announced or declared?
Is there any safety officers guiding the people to the assembly point?
Is the assembly point being barricade specifically for the workers from the fire vessels?

4. Respective department Head/Supervisor/sub-contractors in-charge is responsible for

head count of their workers.
What time headcount carried out by dept. head?
Is there any list of workers movement into and out the vessel?
Is the attendance taken?

Does the contractor supervisor have a name list to advice the safety in charge on who is
Any ID to establish who is still onboard
Is the total number of workers for each department identified?
Who carried out the headcount?
Do contractor worker helmet have ID no. on the helmet to ID the person?
Does safety officers spot check and ask the people name to see if matching the list?

5. SSO informs the DGM Production about the emergency situation and immediately
activates in-house fire fighting team.
Who assessed and reported to SSO the fire condition?
What does SSO report the fire to the DGM?
When does SSO inform DGM production about the emergency situation and activates in-house
firefighting team?
What is the gadget used for the above communication?

6. DGM Production will decide to form MST command post and inform to DGM
Commercial to form MST command post.
When does DGM activate MST command post by informing DGM commercial?
What is the gadget used for the above communication?

7. DGM Production instructs the Operational Manager to organize the Roll call and Head
Count and get security for assistance.
Where is the operational manager?
Is operational manager being instruct by DGM to organize roll call and head count?
When does the roll call and head count start?
When does the roll call and head count completed?
Does all the dept head report the result of headcount?

8. Operational Manager gets information from a Supervisor at EAAs that a worker is

missing, last seen in engine room.
Who reported the loss of worker?
What has been reported on the loss worker?
What is the last seen location reported?

9. DGM instructs SSO for search and rescue operation.

When does DGM instruct SSO for SAR operation?

10. SSO instructs the Fire Fighter Team go to the fire location first immediately.
When does the Fire Fighting team start to go to the location and fight fire?
What appliances is the fire fighting team being utilized with?

Is fire pumps being checked of its pressure?

11. SSO instructs the Rescue Team go to rescue the worker who collapsed inside the tank.
Does the leader has brief the team of the rescue plan?
Does SAR team carry the search plan for the ship?
Does the leader of the team communicate with the ground while doing rescue? What mean of
communication do they have?
Is the search plan being protected?
Is the SAR team standby on site?
How many numbers in the SAR team?
What appliances is SAR team being utilized with?
When does the SAR team start operation?
Is there any deficiency in the rescued operation?
When is the casualty found?
How does the casualty being identified?
Does the team leader request ask the team if they are ready for SAR?
Is the bottle check of its pressure?
Is the breathing apparatus tested?

12. Rescue Team hand over the casualty to First Aid Team in the car and brings him to
Safety Clinic directly.
Is the casualty properly handled?
Is the car on standby at the location?

13. SSO informs the DGM Production that the fire out of control.
When does SSO inform DGM of the fire out of control?
What has been reported on the about the fire?
What is the gadget used for the above communication?

Does SSO roll call the fire fight team to ensure all ppl are out to retreat from the fire?
14. When the fire out of control the DGM Production instructs the Operational Manager to
call Batam Fire Brigade to the Shipyard and inform MCT to liaise with authorities and
When does DGM instruct the operational manager to call Batam Fire Brigade?
When does DGM inform MCT to liaise with authorities and medias?
When does Operational manager informed Batam Fire Brigade?
When does Batam Fire Brigade reach the yard?

15. Security guides the Batam Fire Brigade go to fire location and assist to control at EAAs.
Does security guide the fire brigade to fire location?

16. Batam Fire Brigade do fire fighting by using Fire Engine and after it takes several minutes
the fire can be extinguished and SSO informs DGM Production that fire under control.
17. DGM instructs SSO to cordon the affected area for investigation and instructs all trade
to resume work at non affected area.
Does the DGM request SSO to cordon effected area?