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Weather Underground
Advanced Online Advertising Solutions
We understand that advertisers require innovative targeting solutions in order to stand out from the
crowded online marketplace.

As well as offering traditional demographic and socioeconomic targeting tools, Weather Underground
can provide advertisers with unique targeting opportunities based on our detailed weather
information, delivering target-driven content to a loyal, affluent user base.

Such targeting capabilities mean that our advertisers enjoy strong ROIs. Let Weather Underground
improve the cost effectiveness of your online advertising and reach your target audience come rain
or shine.

Richard Lowden

Eric Strong

Matt Coy

Casey Saran
Media Kit


Site Profile
Weather Underground is one of the largest online weather providers, with over 9 million unique
visitors in the US per month and 13 million worldwide.*

Founded in 1995 as the Web’s first online weather service, Weather Underground has grown into the
most comprehensive, user friendly weather site on the Web today.

As well as providing users with detailed weather conditions and forecasts for locations around the
globe, www.wunderground.com has a number of alternative online weather products such as a
sports weather service, a trip planning tool, ski reports and marine weather.
* Source: Quantcast, November 2008

User Profile
Weather Underground has built a large and loyal following among Internet users. These are well
educated and affluent people, typically with professional or management level jobs, who are
comfortable doing business online.

Online 18+ www.wunderground.com

Subcategory Name Composition % Composition % O
nline Index US pop Index

Household Income HHI: $100 K+ 25.9 30.2 117 140

Occupation Professional / Management 31.3 41.1 131 155

Standard Education Post Graduate 23.0 30.0 131 175

Type of Residence Own Single Family Home 71.9 78.2 109 127
Source: @plan, Winter 2008/2009

Loyal Audience Brand Building

Weather Underground is committed to providing Weather Underground provides advertisers with
all the weather information that our users need the opportunity to build strong brand awareness
in three clicks or less, ensuring that first time and recognition, because our core users check
visitors invariably return. the weather on a regular basis.

As a result, our advertisers enjoy profitable

exposure to their campaigns through our loyal
user base.
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Targeting by Weather Conditions

With the vast amount of weather information at our disposal, we can target based on the ever
changing conditions and forecasts. This offers weather related products exposure to the right
audience at precisely the right time:

.: If the forecast for the upcoming weekend predicts snow then we can trigger your ad for all weather tires

.: If it’s raining and under 60 degrees in Portland then we can trigger your ad for vacations in

.: If your restaurant experiences a downturn in sales when it’s raining, then reverse the trend by
advertising a special promotion whenever rain is forecast in your area.

Geographic Targeting
Zip Code, City, State, Region, International DMA, Country and IP.

We are a zip code based Web site which allows us to finely target specific areas of the US.

Internationally we can target based on post codes in both Canada and the UK, as well as country
specific DMAs.

We also have an extensive database of City, State and Country IP addresses which allows us to
reach the target audience best suited for each of our advertisers.
Media Kit


Demographic Targeting
Through the use of ESRI’s Sourcebook-America
database and our zip code platform, we have We can reach:
the ability to target US neighborhoods based on • 65 segments
their socioeconomic composition.
• 12 life mode summary groups
Weather Underground has the ability to reach • 11 urbanization summary groups
our users based on the life mode they are in, • 20 areas of user interest
whether they live in the city, suburbs, small
towns, or in rural environments.

We can target based on the users’ median As a result, we can help advertisers target
household income as well as their interests the specific demographic audience that their
ranging from auto/home loans to lawn & garden products and/or services are designed for.
and beyond.

Travelers Languages
Advertisers can target both the domestic and Weather Underground translates into 76
international traveler through our ability to track languages, enabling advertisers to target our
users who run searches for weather conditions international users and run campaigns in multiple
out-of-state or abroad. You can reach this user languages.
group as a whole or further target users that are
searching for weather in specific locations.

We also have a Trip Planning page that allows

users to search on historical weather conditions
for any location around the world on any given Time of Day /
date - a useful tool for anyone planning a trip,
whether for business or pleasure - and another Day of Week
opportunity for advertisers to target the world’s
Weather Underground can target by time of day
and/or day of the week to maximise advertising
exposure for a specific product.
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Target-driven Content

Weather Underground can help advertisers deliver more targeted messages with interchangeable
ad creatives.

Advertisers can provide us with a number of different creatives that can be automatically switched
in and out of ad space according to weather conditions.

For example, a fashion retailer could feature its summer collection in an ad when the weather is
sunny, but automatically switch to feature a sweater if the temperature drops below a certain level,
or to a waterproof jacket if the forecast is for rain.

Advertisers can also provide targeted ad creatives to different geographic markets.

Dynamic Content

Weather Underground can also provide content delivered dynamics within ad creatives, enabling
advertisers to further engage their target audience.

For example, if you were advertising vacations in Hawaii to users in Chicago you could display up-
to-the-minute weather conditions for both locations within your banner.
Media Kit


Creative Specifications

• Dimensions: 728x90 and 468x60
• Images, Java Script & IFrame accepted
• GIF or JPG File Size – 20k max
• Flash File Size – 30k max
• Rich Media on approval

Medium Rectangles
• Dimensions: 300x250
• Images, Java Script & IFrame accepted
• GIF or JPG File Size - 20k max
• Flash File Size - 30k max
• Rich Media on approval

• Dimensions: 120x600 and 160x600
• Images, Java Script & IFrame accepted
• GIF or JPG File Size - 20k max
• Flash File Size - 20k max
• Rich Media on approval

Square Buttons
• Dimensions: 125x125 box
• Images, Java Script & IFrame accepted
• GIF or JPG File Size - 10k max
• Flash File Size - 25k max
• Rich Media on approval