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The Residents Association

Dear Member/Resident
The Burges Estate Residents Association would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and
a Happy New Year. It has been some time since our last newsletter to members, but that
does not mean that as a committee we have not been busy, and we are taking this
opportunity through this article to give everyone a brief update.
COVENANT ADVICE Well over 1,000 residents have now taken up the option to either
purchase their freehold without restrictive covenants or are purchasing out the restrictive
covenants if they are freeholders. These are now going through the final few and if yours has
not been completed then follow up with your solicitors.
The Committee, in conjunction with the Estate Freeholders, has now sent out reminders to
householders who have not yet taken up the offer, and this opportunity will close at the end of
November. These are in the minority and any householder who has not taken up the offer
could be subject to the control of the new estate managers in the future.
The Association
Peter Croysdill, Chair of the North Thorpe Bay area and his committee, have been up and
running for some time and are energised in dealing with their local issues. Many more
residents have become members, especially now that they are aware of the organisation and
have their own committee to contact with any problems.
As Peter is part of the main BERA committee, Ron Woodley is part of Peters committee,
sharing the problems and issues that cover all the areas BERA is involved with. We are still
looking for a Chair and a committee to cover the West Shoebury area and would welcome
any volunteers. You wont be alone as there are willing members to help organise and get the
committee up and running.
All our members share a positive vision as to how our area should be maintained, improved
and developed. The Council having been reminded of their civic responsibility to maintain an
attractive street scene, including our parks and open spaces, have responded accordingly.
We can all see the improvement as there has been a sudden and dramatic change of

emphasis by the Council. This should continue as the Councils budgets now reflect their
commitment to maintaining our street scene, parks and open spaces. BERA is determined to
continue leading the way in protecting our recreational areas and open spaces. One certain
aspect of this would, of course, be the previous Councils proposal to build a sea defence on
Shoebury Common. As an organisation we are against the previous administrations
application and will work closely with the Council to produce a proposal that is acceptable to
the majority of residents.
Policing Issues
The latest information concerning crime in Southend is as follows: Theft down 14%, Burglary
down 18%, Shoplifting down 9%, Vehicle crime down 8%, Robbery down 55% and Criminal
Damage down 10%. However, violent crime is up by 23%, of which 85% are assaults and
nearly half are through domestic abuse. As many members know we have a positive
relationship with the police and are being kept informed of any local problems as they arise.
We do have a supply of personal and panic alarms, as well as Select DNA kits, enabling
residents to invisibly mark valuable property, which is then registered to your home address.
BERAs Web-Site has now attracted over 15,455 hits; see www.bera.co.uk for updates on
such subjects as the tram stop shelter, which the committee is fully supporting. We hope to see
this important building being brought back into use and that the charity that has been set up is
successful in its attempt.

Planning Issues and Applications are constantly monitored to ensure that the integrity and
uniqueness of the area is maintained and where necessary to support local residents if
requested to do so.
The committee would like to thank every member that contributes with their annual renewal
fee. This enables the committee to fund various activities, including planting new trees and
repairing shrub boarders, which help to maintain our local street scene. Once again we are
working with the shop owners in The Broadway for a Christmas Community Extravaganza, by
planning to have lights on the lamp standards and the Tree in The Broadway. If you feel that
you would be interested in joining the association then please contact us on the details listed

Ron Woodley, Chair BERA, 91 Tyrone Road, Thorpe Bay, Essex, SS1 3HD
Contact details 588662 or e-mail ronwoodley@hotmail.co.uk or www.bera.co.uk