The Human Energy Field and DNA: How

You Choose Your Genes
Posted on 2014/04/5
Tags: Aura, Bruce Lipton, David Wilcock, DNA
by Brandon West
Every human being has an energy field around their body. Some people call it the aura,
or the luminous energy field, or simply the human energy field. The purpose of this article is
not only to prove the existence of the human energy field, but also to explore the function of
our DNA, the interaction between DNA and the unified field, and the influence of the human
energy field on that relationship.
Ultimately, if the science is indeed correct, this is a first step to health, healing, and possibly
human evolution.
“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and
– Nikola Tesla

Human Energy Field and DNA – The Origin of Health

In the Western world our doctors go through almost a decade of schooling, and in that time
they become masters of human biology, anatomy, and physiology. They become adept at
understanding disease, and diagnosing all forms of illness, yet in a large majority of cases,
what is their prescription? Drugs or Surgery.
All illness has a spiritual/energetic origin. When you do not cleanse your human energy
field your energetic field becomes distorted, stagnant, and impure. It becomes extremely
imbalanced and charged with low-energy vibrations which cause disease in mind, and spirit,
and eventually in our bodies. But why?
The reason why this occurs is because one of the major functions of our DNA is that it
receives and transmits energy. This has been shown to be one of the major functions of „junk
DNA‟ (which make up about 95% of the human genome) which is what it was called before
they understood what it was all about, but now it is beginning to be shown as the an essential
component of our biology and DNA.
One of the new discoveries in DNA as Bruce Lipton talks about is epigenetic control, which
means literally “above-genetic” control. Thus the new understanding of DNA is that the
genes which our DNA codes is dictated as a response to the environment. In essence we are
in a perpetual process of adaptation, which means that we have the potential for continuous
evolution in our environment, moreover, spontaneous evolution.

their energy is oscillating the human energy field which restructures the geometric patterns within space according to that energy. emotion. Amazingly he found that when positive thoughts. or hateful thoughts and emotions were directed towards the water. or in some cases with words directly. Then when the water is flash frozen. Then the frequency of our energy radiates throughout space (or it is transmitted non-locally – I truly have no idea) and it restructures the field in accordance with our energy. . (The source for this section is The Hidden Messages in Water by Dr. It receives energetic signals from the environment and interacts directly with the information and codes encoded within the unified field. beautiful. he found that there was no more coherent structure. In other words. and gratitude create highly coherent geometrical patterns in the field which creates crystals that are truly perfect. emotion. and the crystals that are formed as a result. kindness. or ears. joy. and it is a truly enlightening book. we have to look to water.) His tests involve him sending specific thoughts to water (or getting others to do so). Masaru Emoto from Japan for the last number of years has been doing some truly revolutionary work with water. Masaru Emoto. Whereas when negative. What do you think happens to DNA when the human energy field is all polluted by negative energies? To answer this question. What is going on with these water crystals is that when an individual thinks a certain thought. and (2) That the type of energy matters.9999% empty space. and then our DNA codes and/or activates the appropriate genes suitable for the environment we are in. they formed beautiful. energies. highly coherent crystals. and then he flash freezes that water so that he can take a look at the crystal formed. and words were directed to the water. speaks a certain word. or feels in a certain way. and that the crystals froze with no sacred geometrical pattern.More specifically. As we have seen from the images. What he is doing is researching the effects of human thought. the highest emotions of love. and intention. what is it that our DNA responds to in order to determine the nature of our environment? Our DNA does not have eyes. so it cannot see or hear what is going on. This work proves two things: (1) That our thoughts and emotions influence reality directly. Consciousness and Water Dr. angry. and this restructures the field – the space – around the water molecules because atoms are 99. and examine the relationship between the energy/thought/emotion sent to the water. it freezes along the geometric pattern created in the space around its molecules by human thought. there was no coherence. Instead it determines the environment by „reading‟ the energy. reads them. and harmonic which resonate those emotions within us as we observe them. and intention (directed attention) on the structure of water.

it becomes negative to us. and ability to heal is directly affected. It was discovered by Dr. disease. and feel to be true about our environment determines how we perceive our environment. But the opposite is also true. then how do you think the energies within the human energy field are impacting our DNA. and possibly the cutting edge of genetic sciences is working with epi-genetic control. Peter Gariaev who put DNA in a tiny quartz container and zapped it with a mild laser. which create crystals that radiate a sense of ugliness. then we perceive our environment to be the same and thus what we attract is much different. the latest. our health.160-163 of The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock) What does this mean? . The Phantom DNA Effect Another important piece of evidence that helps us to understand really what is going on when our DNA interacts with the unified field and with consciousness is known as the Phantom DNA Effect. and most relevant of all. In other words. Perception So if our bodies are 75% water. any illness or disease which may appear in our body. and absorbed the photons storing them in a cork-screw shaped spiral. meaning that our DNA and the genes which are coded are determined by the energy of our environment. If we live in a state of love. He then observed the DNA with equipment so sensitive it could detect a single photon. and in essence. it is these ones. it is our perception of what is out there.Negative energies on the other hand seem to distort the natural structure of the field. All aspects of our lives are determined by the quality of our consciousness. and if we are 99. and inner peace. Well. After he finished his experiments he removed the quartz vial with the DNA in it and left. He found the DNA acted like a sponge. what we believe.999% space. The human energy field directly informs our DNA and is directly responsible for the genes coded. what determines our environment? It is not what is out there which has the greatest impact. imperfection. memory. If it is possible for water crystals to look sick. and even our intelligence. happiness. vibrating the field in a discordant fashion. and literally diseased. Yet to his utter amazement when he returned to his lab he discovered that the machines were still detecting the photons of light spiraling in the same cork-screw spiral as if the DNA was still present. and if our genes are bio-oscillating crystalline structures which read and interpret energy. ill. our health? As I said before. think. dis-coherence. (Source: p. So if we think the world is negative. even though he had removed it from the machine! The spiral was visibly for a further 30 days.

. and between our DNA and the field. spiritual. an interface between our biology and the unified field.I believe that we can safely make these deductions based off of the evidence at hand: . body. It means that an interesting function of DNA is to store light (which is information).This process infers that to some degree the DNA molecule is like a biological computer chip. is infinite. . with our source. In other words. and compassionate the person‟s energy. and imagine the effect of that highly coherent energy on our DNA. As a continually growing body of information related to energetically driven evolution is suggesting. Could it be the field responding with the codes necessary for the DNA molecule to adapt to its new environment? .This strongly suggests that the DNA molecule and structure is resonant with the structure of space-time. we are embodying this energy which clears all the negativity and energetic disturbance within us manifesting health in mind. and spirit. we become the epitome of mental. energy. And when we are young or when our energetic fields are pure and unpolluted. the universal mind. actually stores information. all the codes. and that this structure leaves a particularly strong energetic imprint onto the fabric of space-time. energy. the unified field. our energy resonates most clearly with the universe in this state causing an unobstructed communication between our consciousness and universal consciousness. If our emotions were negative or incoherent. for that is the highest energy that we have a name for. imprints. Maybe even that the process of the DNA storing energy activated an energetic construct already present in the unified field. loving. whatever you choose to call the infinite energy density of the vacuum. but it also seems that our DNA is not just informing the field and leaving an energetic imprint on the human energy field. As Masaru Emoto‟s work shows. in this case a mild laser. the higher the degree of coherence in the water crystals. and information may very well be stored directly in the energetic field which creation emanates from. In other words its structure is somehow coherent as to cause the field to interact with it in this way once it is charged with energy. . conscious awareness. it is love. and it is this above all which evidence is suggesting is the source of all disease. but that the field is informing our DNA right back. that would be disrupting the communication between the field and our DNA. within light itself. The field of intention. which in reality are all the same thing. the more positive.The evidence also suggests that there is communication going on between our DNA which stores energy/information/light. the fact remains that the energy of space all around us. When this communication is undistributed. in essence. Imagine what these positive energies do to our bodies which are 75% water. and thus with our higher self. and light. and physical health.The structure of the vacuum. When we align with this energy.

and applying that knowledge so that we can embody our highest potential. Connect with Brandon on Google+.Albert Einstein Author Bio Brandon West is the creator of Project Global Awakening. live our dreams.” . This is not philosophy. A website dedicated to the research of a variety of scientific and spiritual disciplines. Match the frequency of the reality that you want and you cannot help but get that reality. Image Credit THIS ARTICLE IS OFFERED UNDER CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE. IT’S OKAY TO REPUBLISH IT ANYWHERE AS LONG AS ATTRIBUTION BIO IS INCLUDED AND ALL LINKS REMAIN INTACT. .“Everything is energy and that‟s all there is to it. or Twitter. and evolve consciously while collectively changing the world. this is physics. It can be no other way.