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This bibliography is far from complete; it is meant only as an aid to graduate students at the
University of Illinois who wish to prepare a field in military history for the preliminary
A candidate for a major field in military history should command roughly 70 volumes, while 35
volumes is a useful rule of thumb for those pursuing a minor field. Please prepare a personal
bibliography of the works for which you intend to be responsible, and discuss it with your
advisor. Items printed in bold type on this list are particularly suggested for inclusion on a
reading list for a major in the field.
Simply reading a series of books does not constitute an adequate preparation for the examinations.
A knowledge of fact is necessary but not sufficient. Through reading, coursework, and
discussions with other graduate students and faculty you are to identify and probe the major
historigraphical issues and debates in military history.
Your four-hour written preliminary examination in military history will be divided into three
sections, each containing three questions. The three sections break down as follows: ancient and
medieval (to 1500), early modern (1500-1815), and late modern (1815-1982). A student pursuing
a major field must answer one question in each section. Someone choosing military history as a
minor field must answer one question from the late modern section and any other two other
questions on the examination, provided that not all three answers come from the late modern
section. This gives those with a minor field in military history the option of not preparing in the
ancient and medieval time periods if they so choose. For both major and minor fields, at least one
question must contain an extensive discussion of the historiography of the issue discussed.
We advise that those who wish to prepare a major field in military history and who have not taken
an undergraduate survey course in the field audit History 281-282, War, Military Institutions, and
Society, before taking the preliminary examinations.


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Students should be acquainted with important commentaries:
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N.B., Professor Mitchell requests that students approach the examinations in ancient military
history with certain themes in mind. Students should examine the ties between citizenship and the
military role in the ancient world. They should be able to discuss the organization and tactics of
phalanx and legion, and how these related to politics and society. They sould be able to discuss
the military foundations for the rise and fall of empire in Greece and, particularly, in Rome.
Students should also inquire into the nature of the sources, and the degree to which they allow for
historical conclusions.
For these purposes, the following articles in bold type should be read:
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Since 1914
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