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1.the text above mainly discusses about...

a.Republic of Kenya

b.wild life in africa



2.what does the third paragraph tell you about?

a.the language of Kenya

b.the wildlife of kenya

c.the mount of Kenya

c.the culture of Kenya

3.the following statements are true about Kenya, except...

a.the capital city of Kenya is Nairobi

b.the population of Kenya is 35 milion

c.kenyan people can speak English

d. Mount Kenya is the highest in Africa

4.when most people think of Kenya they of the wildlife ( paragraph 3 , line 1). The antonym of the
underlined word is...




5.how is Kenya similar to Indonesia ?

a.it is as large as Indonesia

b.it has two seasons : rainy and dry

c.it has the same population

d. It is comparable in size to france

6.what is the next about ?

a.the earth and the sun

b. Carbon dioxide

c.the sea level

d. Global warning

7. the earth reflects too much of the sun heat because

a.the ice at north and south ple melt

b. The temperature of the world rise

c. carbon dioxide and other gases cover the earth

d. Sea levels rise high

8.planst and animal that are unable to adapt to the higher temperature will become extinct.
The underlined word means
a.large in size

b. Will be strong

c.able to produce

c. No longer existing

9.from the text above we can conclude that global warming is ... for living things.



d. Important

10.what does the text mostly tell us about

a.a fleshy plant

b.a special plant

c.aloe vera

d.a crocodile

11. where does aloe vera grow?

a.in dry areas and warm climates

b.in wet areas and cold climates

c.in the mountain and dry areas

d. In wet and damp places

12.it can be used for curing the wounds caused by burning . from the underlined word. We can
concolude that...
a.aloe vera is medical herb

b. The plant has a magical power

c.aloe vera is fleshy plant

d. Aloe vera can be squeezed

13.what does paragraph three teel us about ?

a.the physical appearance of aloe vera
c.the procedure to plant aloe vera

b.the advantages of aloe vera

d. The reason why aloe vera called crocodiles tongue

14. the text tells you about.....

a. avocado

b. How to mix ice

c. how to make mixed ice

d. How to drink mixed ice

15. you need the following things to make mixed ice, except.....
a. avocado

b. Ice cubes

c. condensed milk

d. Sugar

16. how much coconut water and coconut shavings do you need to make mixed ice ?
a. 1 glass

b. can

c. glass

d. glass

17. how many servings can you get from the recipe
a. one

b. Two

c. three

d. Four

18. you need 3 tbs. Of condensed milk. The underlined word is the abbreviation of...
a. spoon

b. Teaspoon

c. tablespoon

d. Cup

19. what does the manual tell you ?

a. how to grind

b. How to use a blender

c. how to make use a refrigerator

d. How to operate a mixer

20. what is the purpose of the text ?

a. to describe something

b. To tell the procedure of operating something

c. to narrate a story

d. To argue on something

21. how many speed buttons are there ?

a. one

b. Two

c. three

d. Four

22. use PULSE switch for precision blending. The world which is not the synonym of the underlined
world, except....
a. fine

b. Well

c. chunks

d. Excellent

23. when do we plug the cable in ?

a. before placing the container on the motor housing

b. Before putting the lid on

c. after placing the container on the motor housing

d. After pressin the swicth on

24. what do we press when we want a very smooth result ?

a. off swicth

b. On swicth

c. one switch

d. Pulse swicth

25. remove the small lid for adding things in the middle of the blender . the following are the
synonyms of the underlined word, except...
a. cover

b. Top

c. close

d. Cap

26. nobita



: i`m not one certain.


: please, help me to find the look, i need it badly. I have to write something about it

a. Are sure that the newest is still on the self

b. Is the newest novel on the self near here

c. do you feel sure that i want to borrow the novel ? d. Are you convinced that the price of the
novel is cheap
27. pejok

: do you know how to delete viruses in the computer ?


: i dont know, i think suta can help you


: ................


: of course.

a. yes. Certainly

b. I doubt about it

c. are you sure about it ?

d. I m not sure about it

28. sule

: the weather forecast said it would rain tonight.


: .............it`s very hot these days. I think it is going to be dry longer.


: maybe you are right

a. i doubt that

b. I think so

c. of course

d. Not at all

29. galau

: will you go to jakarta by train?

:......because i haven`t got the ticket yet

a. sure

b. Certainly

c. i m not sure

d. Yes, that`s right

30. roro

: can you tell me exactly how high mount agung?

:...................................,but people say it is about 8.850 metres

a. yes, of course

b. Certainly

c. i m not sure

d. I m quite sure

31. mr. Thomas

: we will have a test tomorrow.


: ................................................

Mr. Thomas

: we will have a test tomorrow

a. are you sure ?

b.what we will do tomorrow ?

c. are you certain ?

d. Pardon me ?

32. upin

: our school will have a study tour next week.


: ..................................................................


: our school will have a study tour next week.

a. what did you say ?

b. It`s cool

c. that`s great

d. What a good news

33. yuva

:keid, this is clean, many tourist often stay here

: i think so,..................

a. aren`t they?

b. Weren`t they

c. didn`t they

d. Don`t they

34. mio

: lets join the race, brother!


a. do we ?

b. Won`t we ?

c. shall we?

d. Don`t we?

35. jane

: how do i look with this new dress,tom?

: you look so beautiful.

The underlined sentence express...

a. amazement

b. Agreement

c. sympathy

d. Disagreement

36. tejo

: have you ever visited bali?


: no i haven`t


: ...................the beaches are great

a. it`s marvelous

b. It`s bored

c. it`s horrible

d. It sounds good

37. where is Julia ?

a. in nusa dua island

b. In nusa dua beach

c. in bali

d. In cozy resto

38. what is the purpose of the text?

a. to tell lucy about the hotel

b. To share the joy of Julia`s birthday

c. to inform lucy about Julia`s plan

d. To tell lucy about Julia`s activity in bali

39. what is so special about the hotel?

a. it has very large swimming pool

b. It is so close to the beach

c. it make Julia feel home

d. It has so many rooms

40. what did Julia`s mother buy ?

a. wooden accessories

b. A painting

c. a statue

d. T-shirt

41. the text is about...

a. effective cough syrup

b. Eye drop to relieve irritation

c. how irritation in eyes happen

d. A warning not to rub eyes when its


42. this productshould be kept in.....

a. cold place

b. Hot place

c. cool place

d. Dry place

43. this product can relieve the following,except.....

a. itchy

b. Fever

c. irritation

d. Annoyance in the eyes

44. the world original can be best replaced by.....

a. genuine

b. Man-made

c. artificial

d. Pure

45. when out switch the off you light are


The correct arrangement is.................

a. 1-4-7-8-5-3-6-2

b. 1-6-8-5-3-4-7-2

c. 3-5-4-7-1-6-8-2

d. 3-5-6-8-1-4-7-2

46. if have i much money will buy an airplane i


The correct arrangement is...........

a. 1-3-2-4-5-9-6-7-8

b. 1-3-2-8-5-9-6-7-9-4

c. 1-2-3-4-5-9-6-7-8

d. 1-3-5-4-5-9-6-7-8-2

the text is for number 47 49

here are some (47)......on how to be a successful English learner. First, dont be (48).......of making
mistakes. Second, use every (49)....to practice your English. At last, be an optimistic person.
47. a. Tips

b. Clues

c. plans

d. Rules

48. a. A fraid
c. brave
49. a. Advantage
c. opportunity

b. Proud
d. Shy
b. Programme
d. Meeting

50. arrange the sentences below into a meaningful procedure text


Speak normally
Press the call or send button
Turn the phone on
How to use a cell phone to make a phone call
Dial the number you want to call
When you finish, press the end key to hang up
Wait for the ringing sound, let the person you call say hello



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