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Anime/Manga (/anime/) Naruto (/anime/Naruto/)

Consequences of an Honest Enemy

By: Bleedndreamz (/u/1259277/Bleedndreamz) (https://www.fanfiction.net/pm2/post.php?uid=1259277)
What if Naruto chose to stay and fight Sasori instead of chasing off after Deidara and Gaara? A story where Sasori opts to give Naruto the
cold honest truth about his shinobi training, then giving him the knowledge that allows him to redeem it.
Rated: Fiction M (https://www.fictionratings.com/) - English - Romance - Naruto U., Ayame - Chapters: 7 - Words: 53,716 - Reviews: 1,118
(/r/5334913/) - Favs: 2,393 - Follows: 2,298 - Updated: Oct 8, 2012 - Published: Aug 27, 2009 - id: 5334913

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4. The Betrayer Becomes The Betrayed

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Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.

Some of you may want to jump the gun or be surprised by what happens this chapter.
However I ask you all to read my reasoning at the bottom(after you read the chapter.)
to see the reasons behind my actions.
"You have got to be kidding me." at least that was what Naruto wanted to say when he
saw Kabuto. His first instinct wasn't to even trust the man, hell he had betrayed
Konoha. However if Sasori had trusted the man... he had to give him the benefit of the
doubt. Now he didn't want to live his life by every detail in Sasori's books, the fact of
the matter was, who else could he really trust? His friends? His best friend betrayed
him, and the other had been physically and mentally abusing him since he was six.
Those were his best friends, hell one was a romantic interest. He sure knew how to
pick good friends.
What about his teachers? Well they were both complete perverts, one completely
favored his best friend, and taught him nothing. The other tried to teach him
something that he himself didn't understand. Neither were your star teachers. Not to
mention the later rarely taught him anything, he enjoyed spending his time "Gathering
information" which was usually code name for peeping at the hot springs.
Now that wasn't to say Sasori would have been a spectacular teacher if he had been
alive. He likely would have lied a lot. However, the good part of the situation was that,
Sasori was dead, so he had to get his knowledge in paper format. He never realized it
until recently but, books are nice, they can't lie to you. They can only be uninformed.
That was the part that worried him, he didn't trust Kabuto. What is Sasori's
information, his books were uninformed. If the information had yet to be updated yet,
he could have walked directly into a trap.
There were some sudden complications that came up last minute. For example, having
his "replacement sensei" forge him his very own Hiruko costume. Which, much to his
displeasure didn't have any of the gadgets that Sasori's Hiruko had. Of course this was
easy to overcome. He only needed the wood user to know that he had to make Naruto
the wooden Hiruko. Once it was made, he could just easily scrap the mediocre knock
off and replace it with Sasori's personal Hiruko. Than all he would have to do is say
that he stocked the puppet with the weapons he remembered from his battle with

The spy was testing him, it was obvious, at least to him. He had spent the last
equivalent of three years reading the man's thoughts. He however couldn't say too
much, he was wired with a one was microphone, so everyone could hear what he was
saying while they were in hiding. They would step in if they felt that Naruto's cover was
in jeopardy. Of course, Naruto could only hope that they would step in too soon,
because he could probably talk for days with this spy, or get all the information needed
in minutes. They just didn't know that.
As the conversation went on, Naruto would let Kabuto do most of the talking. Sasori
had always worked for his own intentions, and never talked unless it was necessary.
So instead of asking things such as "Where is Uchiha Sasuke." why would Sasori ask a
question he knew the answer to? Something that stupid could be answered with "He's
training." or "He's with Orochimaru." no that was silly. So naturally he decided to ask,
"Which hole are you hiding in now?"
It was a simple question really, where were they located. Sasori had personally worked
with Orochimaru, and when he left, well it was obvious that his leaving didn't put them
on the best of terms. Especially since the snake had ruined a few of Sasori's puppets in
the process. Since the red headed man practically considered his puppets a form of art,
having your art smashed to bits by someone you consider a partner is probably not the
best way to leave a situation.
Kabuto hid his face under his cloak, "We are currently hidden on a small island in a
lake to the north. We will be moving in three days."
Naruto by now was completely on edge, almost jumpy. This conversation was slowly
dwindling down, and the bush had just rattled due to a rabbit. His adrenaline was
already pumping, but then again whose wouldn't be? He was a Genin staring a
powerful missing nin in the face, trying to weed information out of him, all the while
preparing to spring a trap on the spy's even more powerful "master."
The good thing about the puppet he was hiding in was the hat on his head shadowed
his eyes. If they weren't the spy would see him continually looking over the bush that
had a rabbit in it. To him that was out of character for Sasori, and it was something he
wished that he could avoid doing. He knew Sasori wouldn't be jumpy at the sight of a
rabbit, he would likely just pay a mindful eye to the area. Although to be fair, that is
likely gained from active battle. Being completely aware of your surroundings even if
you don't appear aware.
However in the next few seconds hell broke loose. Kabuto was in the process of asking
for some stupid item. However that didn't bother him in the least, he actually
completely stopped paying attention to Kabuto. He caught the sight of the signature
pasty white skin out by the bushes for a split second. His first instinct was to draw a
kunai, which was of course until he remembered the traps he currently had laid out.
The rogue Sannin was one for being theatrical, probably why him and Sasori got along
so well. It could be considered an art form. Who else would honestly shunshin into a
conversation, with snakes out saying "Your conversation seems quite amusing, you
wouldn't mind if I joined in would you?"

Naruto however wasn't going to be over surprised by theatrics. If he was, then the
man had a leg up on him. So the second Kabuto jumped to Naruto's side, he batted
him backwards with his tail shouting, "Cover me!" It came out in a gruffer, raspier
voice than normal. It didn't really sound like Sasori at all, from the brief widening of
Orochimaru's eyes for a moment, Naruto could only assume the man had noticed. He
could only hope Kabuto had not, the man had supposedly not seen him in five years,
so perhaps it would be fair to say he hadn't noticed. He doubted that he and Sasori
were nearly as close as Orochimaru and Sasori.
The trap hadn't caught Orochimaru off guard in the slightest it would seem. Naruto had
flicked his wrist with the intent to spring a custom-exploding note. When it exploded it
would launch little poison pellets out like shrapnel. The Sannin however obviously had
prepared for a trap. The trap wasn't exactly intended to be the killing blow for
Orochimaru, he had expected the man to dodge the trap... just not completely shrug is
off as he fluidly moved around it as if the trap has never been there.
The moment he landed back on the bridge, the bandana of Sasori's Hiruko puppet fell
off, only to launch a large array of senbon down the bridge. Naruto began to see it
more and more as the snake like man had effortlessly dodge trap after trap, surprise
after surprise. What was even more frustrating was that the Sannin didn't even appear
to be focusing, he kept staring at Kabuto as if he was in shock at his betrayal? Like
honestly, he had trained the shinobi to betray Konoha, even he betrayed Konoha. Why
was he so surprised that he, the betrayer, had become the betrayed?
Konoha shinobi had jumped onto the bridge by now, adding even more chaos to the
entire situation. Thank god they weren't asking Naruto how he was springing the traps.
It wasn't like the chakra strings were completely invisible. The only problem with this in
his eyes were that... he was running out of traps. If he unsealed the Kazekage now,
shit would hit the fan when it came to the mission report. God knows the political
backlash, and he himself would become even more despised, if he wasn't already going
to be executed.
So he did the best thing that he could think of, "Kabuto, run!" he yelled. The betrayer
stared for a moment between "Sasori's" wooden back, surrounded by Konoha ninjas.
Or Orochimaru, currently using his snakes as a whip to get himself out of harms way,
which happened to be another shrapnel trap courtesy of Naruto. Orochimaru's eyes
were narrowed at Kabuto's the second he saw the silver haired shinobi run.
Naruto could feel the glares from his female teammates on his back. However it was
only moments before the Konoha shinobi darted off. Their mission was to capture the
spy, that was all. Tenzo had yelled for Naruto to follow, before he began weaving
through trees, his team following behind him. The only one that opted not to follow was
the emotionless boy, who had taken to standing on a rock off behind Naruto near the
edge of the cliff.
Orochimaru landed and his grin grew large as he gazed at Naruto. "So it would appear
you have made progress Naruto-kun. I was expecting you to be far weaker than this.
However, it is obvious that Sasori must have had an influence on your growth."

Naruto narrowed his eyes as he hopped out of Hiruko, sealing the large puppet quickly
before drawing the Kazekage with a bit of chakra channeled to the tattoo on his arm.
Naruto was no longer wearing his shinobi outfit, he was dressed in a manner similar to
that of a civilian. An over sized black shirt, and his regular orange pants. His necklace
won from Tsunade dangling right on his chest.
Naruto was nearly out of traps, and tried his best to keep his expression blank so it
wouldn't be expressed to the Snake Sannin, it was just hard since Naruto felt as if he
was staring death in the face. "It is a shame..." Orochimaru began as he began taking
slow steps toward Naruto, "that your village must not of properly trained you, and that
you had to learn from a missing ninja."
Naruto resisted the urge to scowl, that was probably one of the biggest annoyances in
his Shinobi career. Not even Sasuke's departure affected him that much, what
frustrated him was that Sasuke was only able to depart due to the extra help he had
received. Naruto covered it up with a fake smile that he had perfected throughout his
life, "Well, its not that Konoha doesn't like me, or doesn't want to train me. It is just
that missing ninja love me, that is why the Akatsuki is after me far more than you," he
said keeping a large smile on his face the whole way through.
It got the desired rise out of Orochimaru. It wasn't a threat by any means, however
the underlying message to his statement was that the Akatsuki didn't see the man as a
threat. While it was a good thing, it was a stab at ones ego at the same time.
Orochimaru smiled deviously at Naruto's statement, and lifted his hand above his
mouth, only for a long elegant blade to come out. Naruto now knew a new way to
defeat the Sannin.
Naruto didn't want the Sannin to get the leg up on him by any means. He always had
the upper hand on Sasori due to the brute force of his fighting, against Sasori's more
stationary, and plotting of the enemy's moves. Orochimaru however was far more
skilled than Naruto was. So, allowing Orochimaru to gain any leverage, or the upper
hand at all during battle would surely lead to his demise. So with the movements of an
expert, Naruto had the Kazekage attacking the Snake Sannin with Iron Sand.
Naruto's new battle plan was to be able to utilize his final traps to back the Sannin into
a "Corner." which would probably be a pile up of trees or some wreckage by the time
the battle was coming to an end. The true problem was, he had no idea what
Orochimaru may use to fight. He had drawn the blade, and so far was able to bat away
a few stray Iron Sand pellets that were flying his way, however other than that, the
Sannin appeared to be rather relaxed.
It was almost as if the snake wielder was testing him... fine. However that was fine, in
the past he knew that fact would have made him angry. However now, it only makes
him happy, it means that Sannin wasn't taking him seriously. Underestimating the
enemy can lead to death. Luckily for him, Orochimaru was the one doing the
underestimating, where as he expected Orochimaru to be able to pull the unexpected.
The painter behind him who was just standing there on the cliff doing nothing was
unnerving. It was almost if the boy was just waiting for the moment to stab him in the
back. If he weren't a Konoha shinobi, he would probably try to take care of him right
now, while Orochimaru was being pushed back.

Naruto soon pushed the black haired boy from his mind. The Sannin, in his cockiness,
just triggered a countdown. The countdown was for the number of seconds the Iron
Sand would need to push the shinobi back before the final three remaining traps were
going to be sprung.
Three seals burst open, firing large arrays of senbon at where the Sannin had just
landed. He however had obviously expected this seeing as how he jumped straight up
avoiding the senbon that flew out of three different seals. However Naruto knew he
wasn't prepared for the follow up. Iron sand formed into tiny little bullets that fired off,
making a sheet of evenly space metal pellets flying at Orochimaru's form. Much to
Naruto's displeasure, the Sannin appeared to get off a lucky substitution jutsu before
the bullets could connect.
However that was all fun and well, because where he stood was now surrounded by
poisonous senbon. The Sannin had blocked many of them with his blade, and it's
bending movements. However as Naruto expected when he first imagined Sasori's
fighting style. A shinobi can block three senbon, some can block 10, and maybe the
best of the best can block twenty. However blocking eighty? A hundred senbon? Not
That Sannin had opted to protect his upper body, as various senbon stuck into his feet
and ankles. Naruto grinned as he slowly proceeded over to the pale skinned shinobi. To
think he was able to beat someone like Orochimaru? The moment the shinobi was hit,
the match was over.
Or at least that was what he thought. The moment he got close to the Sannin, he
realized the bastard was playing possum. The snake wielder had sprung upward, and
his tongue had shot out, wrapping around Naruto's neck. Naruto was just lucky to have
seen that coming at the last moment, and had the handle of the kunai wedged in
before he could be strangled to death. Naruto now understood the various bonuses of
becoming a human puppet, such as a lack of vitals.
Naruto grit his teeth as he had the Kazekage stay back. He was trying his best to wield
the Kazekage, however it was hard to focus when being strangled. He put that down in
his mental notebook, "Practice keeping calm in the face of death." Yep... a few visits to
the fox and he should be good to go.
That was when it hit him, all he would have to do is stall for a moment, "Rather frog
like thing to do with your tongue here..." Naruto said with a grin through gritted teeth.
Orochimaru only smirked at Naruto, "Oh, well make sure not to tell anyone Narutokun, I would hate for your sensei to find out. That is of course, if he taught you
anything, and really was your sensei. I remember the last time we met, you were

laying there on the ground..." The Sannin took that moment to yank Naruto to the
ground roughly, back on the ground. "Motionless, on the brink of death. However that
was only due to my subordinate."
Naruto grinned, "Former subordinate." he coughed out as he closed his eyes and began
to focus.
Orochimaru's eyes narrowed at the mention of Kabuto, and him running off. Was this
betrayal? Or part of an act... he knew for certain that it wasn't part of the plan.
Orochimaru however took too much time getting lost in his thoughts, that Naruto
actually caught him off guard.
"I am afraid that my sensei taught me one thing..." Naruto drawled catching
Orochimaru's attention. "Kyuubi's chakra is a corrosive poison." Orochimaru's eyes
widened at that, and he wanted to jump away. However it proved impossible, the
tongue was trying it's best to unwind itself, but it wasn't nearly fast enough. Red
chakra flared across Naruto's body, and came to life like flames. The chakra went up
and around Orochimaru's tongue, just as he was getting away.
The Snake Sannin was panting heavily from his spot several feet from Naruto. "It
would appear that your not fairing too well with two different poisons in your system..."
Naruto said calmly. The Sannin's tongue was numb, hanging out of his mouth,
paralyzed. You could see the pale man struggling to bring his tongue back into his
mouth, though he was doing his best to hide it. "The question is, is that paralysis due
to the poison, or Kyuubi's chakra."
Naruto regained his bearings and he stood up calmly, bringing the Kazekage puppet
closer to him, he should finish the battle now.
Orochimaru however didn't feel on the same page, he tried his best to withdraw his
blade, you could see his neck physically widening to allow the sword passage through.
Naruto just didn't have time for any more crap, god knows what the black haired kid
was doing.
As the long sword was coming out of Orochimaru's mouth, Naruto flicked a finger.
However this wasn't just any finger flick, this was a finger flick that happened to
control the Kazekage's ability to manipulate magnetic fields. The sword, that
Orochimaru was trying his best to get out of his mouth, was now pierced through his
throat. The snake wielder would be dead in no more than a minute. However... the
man had already fooled him once, there was no reason to allow the Sannin to get the
leg up on him once again.
Naruto with another finger flick, that got held downward, dragged the blade directly
down the rogue Sannin's body. Cutting through his heart, the shocked expression
written on the snake ninja's face was proof enough, the man was dead.
Naruto frowned as he looked at the shinobi's unmoving form. It was almost anticlimactic. This shinobi before him, nearly ruined his early shinobi career. Had him on
the edge of life and death several times, laid motionless below him. There wasn't any
large-scale battle, there wasn't any major destructive jutsu that clashed as what
happened with him and Sasuke. No, it was just him utilizing a mechanic of one of his

tools to capitalize on a shinobi's mistake. This was also an odd turn of events for
himself. This was honestly the first human he had killed. Sasori was all wood. To think
that him, a Genin, had killed two people in his career, both of them being S-class
missing ninja. 'First in history?' he thought to himself with a lazy grin.
He wasn't particularly fond of the idea of touch the body of a man that seemingly
cheated death. The poison should have stopped him dead in his tracks. So, naturally he
used shadow clones to seal the body into a scroll. He had no idea what he wanted to do
with the body. Make it a puppet? Cash it in for a lot of money? Who knows? All he
knew was that is was a complete loss to gather the body.
It didn't take long, once the process of sealing the pale skinned shinobi into a scroll had
gone through, he walked back to the bridge. It unnerved him greatly that the black
haired shinobi was no longer around. He had been watching the entire fight from the
sidelines, why would he leave now? Because the fight was over? The boy didn't even
bother to say, "Hey are you okay?"
Naruto sighed, well, his best current bet was to carry onto the base that Kabuto had
mentioned. That was no doubt where Kabuto must have been headed, he took off in
that direction after all. Naruto sealed the Kazekage back into his wrist with some
channeled chakra, he just couldn't help but feel that it may have not been the best
move for Orochimaru to have been out of the picture so soon. He stuck to telling
himself, 'It was a life and death situation... right?'
Naruto sighed, however he found himself wondering if it was a sigh of annoyance or
relief. He hadn't seen his team on the way to the hideout Kabuto had mentioned
moments before running off. This had its pros and cons. The pros were he could start
aimlessly running through the complex in search of the Hokage bodies, without his
team to question him. The cons of course were, who knew what sort of things were in
this complex, not to mention he didn't know the way around at all. Just as easily as he
could find the Hokage bodies, he could find Sasuke or his team. The two later both had
their own set of problems. Not to mention he couldn't justly run around the complex
with the Kazekage out. He could take a turn, and bump into his team. God knows the
type of questions that could be asked under those circumstances. Hell, he couldn't run
around with any puppets out. So in truth, his main choice of combat was suddenly
taken from him. This was definitely not ideal, however it could be worse...
He had taken to going through the underground maze in chunks. He would let his
clones check room after room, and dispel on a moments notice of danger, the Kage
corpses, his team, or anything else he himself would deem interesting. So while the
clones rushed off in all directions, he could go through the dark complex at a stroll.
Naruto sighed as he thought over the death of Orochimaru. It almost felt unreal that
the Sannin had died like that. Sure he didn't really care for the pale faced shinobi,
however he did know that he was a member of the Akatsuki, and was able to beat the
Third Hokage. Someone such as that, you would expect them to be able to cripple a
mere Genin. Perhaps it was because he was weakened, from a bad body. Yet at the

same time that couldn't of been it... the man was able to fight off the effects of
Naruto's poison until Naruto gave the man a personal dosage of which put the snake
wielder out of commission.
It was frustrating thinking about the situation, would his team seriously believe him if
he said he killed Orochimaru? The situation was ironic... they were chasing a spy
around god knows where in order to capture him to find the location of their hidden
base, and lead to the assassination of Orochimaru. Yet here was Naruto walking
around their hidden base, with Orochimaru's corpse in his possession. It pretty much
deemed their actions pointless.
Naruto suddenly stopped and flinched. It would appear that Orochimaru liked giving
snakes their own personal living quarters. A clone of his opened a door, and in an
instant a snake had sprung at it. The last thing the clone had seen was a snake
launching towards him, mouth headed for its throat.
He knew he was risking being caught using fifty clones running through the entire
underground area. It didn't appear Orochimaru kept guards, but it was still nerve
wracking. Just because it didn't appear that he kept guards, did not mean he didn't
keep guards for a fact, it just meant that the said guards had been yet to be found.
Naruto told himself not to be stupid, and leave opening the rooms to the clones, but he
couldn't help himself. He heard a groaning on the other side of a door he passed by. He
reasoned that curiosity killed the cat, but since he wasn't a cat it wasn't dangerous for
him. Horrible reason, yes. However it got him to open the door, just when he had
wished he hadn't. It was proof that despite his new personality, his new attitude as a
shinobi, his old self was in there. The reason was what he felt when he saw the red
hair sprawled over the head of a medical bed. He felt pity, for his enemy. He
remembered the girl, how could he not? She was the girl that Shikamaru fought, and
nearly lost to from what Shikamaru said. That was of course until Temari came and
saved the day for him.
Naruto frowned, he wanted to become an ideal shinobi. By Sasori's statement that
meant crushing any emotional attachments, yet here he was feeling pity for the enemy
no less. Definitely not his best moment in "project redeem shinobi career." Tayuya of
the Sound Four. While Shikamaru and Temari both said that they had defeated the girl,
they never exactly said how. The only detail they really did mention was that Temari
essentially cut down a chunk of forest. However, they said "cut down" was being polite.
Shikamaru however said that the blonde wind mistress demolished the place, which
was rather amusing to him personally. He didn't know much about Temari, but he
knew how much she had spared Tenten if the girl could demolish a forest.
There were various ways that the red head could escape. The problem was, of all
places to go, even after her she was essentially thought dead by everyone, why would
she come back here?
Naruto walked into the room quietly and cautiously. The girl appeared to not have aged
as best as she could. However with all of the tubes sticking out of her, could he really
blame the girl? God knows what Orochimaru had done to her when she returned to
him, or better yet, what Kabuto likely had done to her. He was the medical ninja after

Naruto ran a hand through his hair and let out a sigh. He calmly moved over the semiconscious girl who lay on the table. If he could really call her a girl, she was probably at
least a couple years older than him, however laying on this table, in this poor of shape,
the girl appeared to be five or six years older than him. That was being modest, the girl
was unhealthy, and malnourished. She looked at Naruto with squinting eyes. She was
stripped of her clothing, and had various markings drawn her body in pen and ink. The
girl must have been freezing.
Naruto put a hand on her arm for a moment, only to be surprised by the girl didn't
seem to be cold in the slightest. His first thought was that she had a fever, but she
didn't feel overly hot, she felt normal. Of course, he wasn't always the best gauge for
normal, he hadn't had much human contact in his life period. Hell the only physical
contact he received out of combat was... abuse from his teammate really. Physical
contact really stopped by all means when he became a ninja besides a pat on the back.
Naruto looked at the charts and various papers lying scattered on the carts around
where the girl was laying. Paying mind to ignore the scalpels, and other medical tools,
he found a diagram of the girls supposed body. At least he guessed it was her body
since it had 'Tayuya' on the paper. There were various points marked on her body, abs,
arms, forearms, really many of the key muscles in the body. Each one had a little note
by the bullet point, 'Inj:1, Inj:2, Inj:3, and so on.'
Naruto frowned, he had the paper in one hand, and looked over the girls body for a
moment. That was of course until he poked her where there was a single needle mark,
which caused her to groan in pain. Naruto knew that he was by no means a medical
expert, 'yet...' he added dryly as an after thought. He moves away from the injection,
and poked her chest. Naruto assumed it would gain another groan of pain, but this
time it just appeared the girl tried to throw a string of curses at him. Well, it appeared
that she kept the same personality she had three years ago at least.
Naruto walked over to her face, and gently began slapping her cheek, "I will get you
out of this if you tell me where Orochimaru keeps the Hokage bodies!"
The girl looked torn, she had hope in her eyes, but at the same time fear. Naruto
fought the urge to roll his eyes. If she was fearing Orochimaru, the only thing he could
really do to her now was give her a paper cut from the scroll he was currently located
in. Even then, Naruto would have to greatly assist Orochimaru in making such an
action, seeing as the man was dead, and sealed in a scroll. Naruto flicked the girl
gently, "Do you really want to stay here as a test subject? If not tell me where the hell
he keeps the bodies!"
There was a brief pause before she said anything. Her voice was raspy, the voice of a
girl who hadn't talked in a long time. Her lips were rather chapped, and had the
faintest scarring. It was obvious that whatever process she had gone through was a
painful one. "Left down to the end of this hallway, turn right, it's the first door on the
Just as she said that, Naruto got the information transferred to him by a clone
dispersing. He stared at the girl before him in interest, it was surprising she was able to
remember something like that. Who knows how long she had been toyed and tinkered
with by Orochimaru?

Naruto at that moment left the room, ignoring the raspy "Wait!" called after him. He
had more important things to do on his list at the moment, such as converting two of
the world's greatest shinobi into puppets as quickly as possible. Luckily, he had as
many hands as he could possibly need.
It was actually a far easier task than he had anticipated. Of course going through
Sasori's personal notes on the subject time and time again before he actually went on
to doing it were probably the reason for this. Proper preparation lead to his success.
Now he safely had one arm with Suna's Third Kazekage, while on his other arm, sealed
up were two of Konoha's Hokage's. In his opinion, they were the two best possible
Hokage's to make into puppets.
Yep... he had definitely hit the jackpot. If he wanted to, he could honestly retire from
being a ninja now with these two tools at his side. He could go out and buy a giant
rocky wasteland, and turn it into a dense woodland with a man made lake. Have his
personal farm land, and irrigate it, or just water it. Yep... he could in theory become
rich with the two puppets alone. He just first needed to practice with them.
Naruto sighed as he walked out of the room. He really wanted to just sit back and
relax, he now knew it was safe to say that there were no guards in this entire
underground maze, there were just a lot of snakes. Although his team didn't seem to
catch onto him wanting to relax. The wood wielder, and his two academy classmates
came down the hallway, prisoner held in an assortment of ropes and wood.
Sakura got an expression of shock on her face at the sight of Naruto. Naruto in turn
did his best to look beat and tired. He was expecting her to start asking question after
question, whether it be about traps, why he didn't follow them, how he survived. So
yes, he was surprised when he suddenly was enveloped in a strong hug by his crush...
or at least his former crush. He had to be honest, Sasori's books had really put his
emotions on hold. Perhaps that was a bad thing, especially when it came to his friends.
Of course, his thoughts stopped when he felt wet tears on his neck. Naruto was so
confused, what the hell was he supposed to do?
Sakura mumbled into his neck, "Your alive? I thought that Orochimaru got you, I
looked behind me after we took off and and..."
Naruto opened and closed his mouth. He hadn't gotten many hugs in his life, not to
mention one where a girl was sobbing into his neck. He had never gotten one of those.
What was he supposed to say in this situation? He patted her gently on the back, and
rubbed it lightly before whispering, "Hey don't worry, I'm fine."
Ino was smirking at the scene playing out before her, and her smirk could only widen
as she heard, "I thought I lost you, like I lost Sasuke-kun."
Naruto's expression softened at that. Yeah, he would have to admit it, if he ever lost
Sakura after losing Sasuke, he would be hurt. He now understood where she was
coming from with all of this, emotions be damned. Naruto sighed, "Hey... I'm not going

The wood wielder however wasn't so soft with the questioning. Once Sakura's and
Naruto's embrace ended, he didn't waste a second in asking, "How did you escape for
The moment the man said that recognition suddenly flashed on Kabuto's face before
him. It was a bit like the "Oh shit" look you get when you realize that you are soon to
be royally screwed. It was okay though, Orochimaru was dead, but he would be
damned if he had to say that soon.
Luckily for once Naruto had to admit, he was glad Sasuke had received additional
training compared to him. A large explosion had rocked the complex not far from they
were, not far at all really. Seeing as how there was suddenly a light at the end of the
tunnel, when it used to be a dark barely lit blackness.
Naruto was quick to yell, "That's probably Sasuke!" it wasn't so much that he was
excited. It was more that he was trying to get the others pumped up. It certainly
worked with Sakura, seeing as how she was off within a second, shortly followed by
Tenzo looked torn between following orders, and looking after his squad. Naruto of
course quickly chose to say, "Go, I'll watch him, I'm beat anyways." Naruto silently
cursed himself, bad choice of words for someone wanting to watch a prisoner. Tenzo
didn't look like he was willing to give Kabuto over until Naruto followed up, "Honestly,
do you really thing he is going anywhere? Ropes, and wood?" Okay that was a bit more
convincing. It had obviously worked since Tenzo momentarily frowned, and said a
quick "Be careful." before taking off after the girls and pushing Kabuto over to Naruto's
Naruto waited for the wood user to go into the light before Naruto back peddled a bit
into the hall that he had found Tayuya in, all the while dragging Kabuto along. That
was when Naruto sighed and calmly said, "Alright... so let me get this straight, you
were Sasori's spy this entire time?" Naruto said, almost as if the entire situation was
Kabuto had to choose his words carefully, or of course he could just deflect. He was
rather good when it came to conversing with people. "So you were in the Hiruko
Naruto grinned momentarily at that, before covering it back up with his best
expressionless stare before saying, "I had to hop out in order to kill Orochimaru."
Kabuto had to hold in his sheer disbelief. Killing Orochimaru? Highly doubtful, the man's
skill was far beyond what he had seen in most shinobi. He could take on several
members of the Akatsuki, and a few of them were clear wins in his favor. To think that
Naruto, this Genin, who had nearly fallen victim to his well-placed medical jutsu, has
bested a Sannin, the entire idea was a joke. Sure he would say it, and it was the truth
when he said that if Naruto had more control, he could be dangerous. However, no
matter how elusive Jiraiya was with Naruto, everyone who was actively searching for
the boy at least found out his rate of progress. He had barely progressed at all, it was a
pathetic and unbelievable lie on Naruto's part.

That of course was until he analyzed the situation further...

The same Naruto knew what Hiruko looked like, knew how Sasori acted, appeared to
have the actual Hiruko puppet, even sprung traps in the same manner of Sasori. He
kept calm in the face of danger, and was able to convince Kabuto to once again betray
his master. It looked like the best choice at the time for the current situation. There
weren't really many explanations to Naruto knowing so much. Like Sasori would
actually let the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki walk away, when his organization's goal was to catch
all of the Jinchuuriki? However then by having faith in Sasori's skills, yet Naruto still
standing here, it could only lead to one thing. Naruto had beaten Sasori, and had
known him best to fill the role as bait.
This of course led to more questions and frustrating revelations. For example, if Naruto
beat Sasori, then the question came up as to how. He supposedly hadn't progressed
that much during his training with Jiraiya. Sasori was known for being able to take
down the majority of the Akatsuki members due to his style of combat. Yet Naruto had
suddenly been able to take him down. It didn't add up. Now here Naruto was saying
that he defeated Orochimaru?
It was frustrating, because he didn't know what to believe. On one hand, here was a
Genin that by all means should not be able to defeat any Jounin level shinobi. However
on the other hand, here was a shinobi that had supposedly had no trouble defeating
two S-class missing ninja. Now all he had to do was decided which was the more
believable one. Well, it didn't take long, because believability doesn't get you through
life, survivability does that. Now he may not believe Naruto had taken on two S-class
missing ninja, killed them and lived to tell about it. However on the off chance he had
done such a thing, it was best to stay on his good side, since it seemed that was where
he already was.
"Anyways, that being said I don't like you and I don't trust you in the least." Naruto
said calmly as he stared the silver haired male in the face.
'So it seemed...' thought Kabuto dryly.
"I will respect what Sasori has said about you, Y.K., in his journals. That means you
being one of Sasori's most trusted spies..." Naruto paused for a moment as he gauged
Kabuto's reaction to all of this. "I expect you to come through for me, as you would for
him." Naruto finished calmly with a frown on his face.
Kabuto stood there for a long time, thinking over his options. Both of his masters were
effectively dead, he truly had no place to go, and no one to work for, and with the
death of Orochimaru many of his purposes and contacts suddenly just dried up.
Kabuto looked at the teen, the same age as the boy that came to him and Orochimaru
three years ago. It was widely speculated between himself and Orochimaru-sama that
Sasuke and Naruto were going to repeat history. They had already done so as the
Uchiha and the Senju, in all but blood at the Valley of the End. Sasuke had become
strong, possibly stronger that Orochimaru. However... Sasuke had been given drugs,
he could blatantly copy any technique shown to him, he had training from an excellent
shinobi who knew a vault of knowledge about shinobi. He had quite a bit of prior
training. Yet here was the orphan, the unknown. He had seemingly grown at the same

pace, if not a faster pace than Sasuke had. Yet at the same time he had mediocre prior
training, mediocre training over the course of three years, surely Jiraiya didn't teach
him how to use puppets. That was when it all came crashing down.
Naruto had learned everything from Sasori's journals. His change in personality, him
not rushing off after Sasuke. The boy was practically asking him to continue to work
for him, the same way he "worked" for Sasori. To think that Naruto had likely learned
all of this in the matter of weeks, no more than a couple months. Who else learns how
to take down S-class criminals in a matter of weeks? Even he couldn't take down Sclass criminals in a fair fight. They would likely have to be on his hospital bed, or they
would need to have their meals in front of his faces for him to take a S-class criminal
Kabuto pursed his lips, well there was a bonus to this entire situation. He had always
found Naruto to be one of the most interesting people he had the pleasure of ever
meeting. Now that the boy was extremely skilled, it only added to the qualities that
made him interesting. "Fine, what would you have me do?" Kabuto asked calmly with a
raised eyebrow.
Naruto stared at the man before him for a good five seconds, that had taken a bit, it
was almost as if the shinobi stood their analyzing his entire life or something right
before him. Regardless, he got that desired answer, and that was what he hoped for.
"Alright, just because Sasori trusted you doesn't mean I completely trust you. That
being said... you are the only resource I have." Naruto began resisting the urge to
grind his teeth at the end of that statement.
"I am new to the reality of the shinobi world, I will admit that, however I am working
on changing that. One of the things I have learned from-" Naruto was cut off by
Kabuto with a small smile.
Naruto paused and stared at the white haired shinobi. "Yes... Sasori, he said that the
most valuable tool for a shinobi was information. The next most valuable tool was
resources. People fall into resources in his book, and well his book is really the only
serious outline I have ever had to go by my entire career. I knew three jutsu in my
entire arsenal up until a week or so ago where I taught myself puppeteering. One of
the said techniques, I had to steal." Naruto grit his teeth, those were not his most
pleasant thoughts. "Anyways, I need you to be my resource, and gather information
for me." Naruto said calmly after he finished his little speech.
Kabuto if he was being honest with himself was very impressed. A week to learn
puppeteering? It was obvious that the boy must have abused the shadow clone
training, and it only solidified this being the right choice in choosing to follow Naruto.
Not to mention, if he ever found someone better, he could always leave right? "Alright,
where should I start?" Kabuto said calmly.

Naruto frowned as he thought over the information he really had, and what he was
lacking before he shrugged lightly. "The Mist, it's close, and I want you to check in with
me every month somehow, and I know that you have to know where I live." There
was no question about that last part, it was no secret where he lived. He was notorious
in Konoha. Whether it be for his pranks, or for Kyuubi, everyone knew about him and
where he lived. He would almost feel happy if it weren't for the fact that everyone
knew about him through bad things.
Kabuto could only nod. They were his new 'master's' rules. He was sure that the
amount of time between contacts would increase a trust increased. He had already
tried to kill the boy in the past, he could understand why he was being kept seemingly
at arms length. The fact that he hadn't been stabbed yet was a testament to this.
Naruto sighed, moment of truth was now. He cut the wood cleanly through with a
kunai. That was when he needed to watch intently.
Okay, he wasn't running, perhaps they were actually getting somewhere. Naruto ran a
hand through his finger, "Alright, come quickly!" Naruto said. Kami forbid he get caught
in this situation, he would get his ass kicked with all sorts of treason, and likely any
other crime he was committing currently. Mutilating Hokage corpses probably counted
for something.
He rushed down the hall to where Tayuya resided and quickly walked in slapping the
girl lightly on the cheek a few times. "Alright..." he said quickly as he lifted the girl's
naked form into his arms. "Told you I would be coming back for you, he is going to
take care of you..." Naruto said it rather quickly, right before he handed the girl off to
Kabuto. "Kabuto, you are to fix her into top shape alright?"
Kabuto wasn't in a position to protest, and any protests that came from the girl could
barely be heard. Naruto then held out a Kunai, he was holding the sharp end between
the palms of his hands, he quickly said, "Grip the handle, and I swear to Kami, I am
not in the mood to screw around with little games." Yes Naruto was being a bit rude
and forceful, especially since Kabuto had to shift an immobile girl in his arms before he
could do anything of the sort, however once he did Naruto pulled the Kunai away.
"Alright, that's all, now get out of here, and if you have one or two more people that
are willing to listen to you take them with you."
Kabuto was mildly surprised by how intense Naruto had suddenly become, however he
supposed the situation called for it. Kabuto was about to exit the room, before Naruto
quickly added, "Get Orochimaru's Akatsuki ring, and any disposable bodies that
formerly had a bloodline limit." Kabuto stopped and stared at Naruto. He seriously
expected him to do all of that and escape?

Naruto however could read his expression right away, "Yes I do, and every second you
waste here is a second you could be doing the task at hand. Now go!" With that said,
Kabuto was off. He knew one thing, and one thing only... 'Life has just gotten a bit
more interesting.'
Naruto had one thought in mind as well, 'This is going to hurt...' He then proceeded to
stab the kunai into his side, and crawl out into the hallway. He could pull the kunai out
in a minute after enough blood began to pool below him. He could play the rest off as
he healed fast. There was one thing that was a fact... no matter how he went about
this, he knew it was going to hurt. He could only wait for his team to return now, and
tell them Kabuto had escaped, and feign weakness.
Like Sasori said...
Deception, a shinobi's third strongest tool.
Alright... To me a lot happened this chapter, but that is because I know the little
surprise that is in the next chapter. Lets get down to business.
I expect a lot of you to now be saying "Naruto is overpowered" if you weren't already
thinking along those lines already. Orochimaru's death is likely the cause, and when I
wrote their battle I also felt it was very anti-climactic. My battles really just flow out on
paper, I will put that out there now. I really have to think very little in order to make a
fight scene between characters. Unlike Sasori and Naruto's fight(That was rather long,
drawn out, full stages of Sasori's power.) this was different. Orochimaru was cocky, I
didn't so much go into their entire fight, however I believe why Orochimaru loses is at
least explained through the course of the chapter. His cockiness got the better of him,
and instead of going for the killing blow when he had the chance, he opted to drag out
the fight, and Naruto found a way to make a come back during that time. Then with
the use of one of Naruto's already given tools, he was able to cut Orochimaru clean
open due to his bad choice in weapon(virtually anything metal.)
Now I know that Orochimaru has shown to be far stronger than that, and I will say
again, he was caught off guard and was cocky. In truth, he wasn't taking Naruto that
seriously in the manga until he sprouted four tails. I doubt Orochimaru would take him
that seriously if he wasn't using Kyuubi's chakra at all. Puppeteering or not.
So Orochimaru's death came, and no I don't intend for him to ever come back. Another
reason for the death was it really opened up two things that I haven't seen done
before(one of them is done often, just its always done horribly.) Orochimaru was also
not going to play a big part if any part in this story anyways. So wasting him now really
didn't effect anything in the story, besides building up Naruto, and building a few
characters in the story.

Now you all know why I asked about Kabuto. Please in a review tell me if I did his
character justice, I hope I did. Anyways yeah... I got mixed reviews from people
about Kabuto, some people said he was interesting, some people hate him, some said I
should just turn him into a puppet. However when it came down to it, I felt that this fit
where I wanted to go with the story best. So yes Kabuto will become a bigger
character than you see him in most fanfiction. I will try my best to stay true to his
personality, and as such you will find some interesting thoughts as I tried to show in
this chapter. Kabuto is a smart shinobi with useful talents, however I called him a title
that I feel fits him perfectly(especially in this case.) "The Betrayer."
I think you will all agree with me that the said title fits Kabuto more than anyone else
in the series.(Yes more than Sasuke, Madara, and Orochimaru. Kabuto has betrayed
Sasori, Konoha, and in this story Orochimaru.)
Tayuya... Gasp! Shes back!
I think some people are going to like this fact. I haven't really ever found a Tayuya
hater out there. I decided to make her a bigger character in this story for several
reasons. One she is useful. Two, she to me is one of the more interesting characters in
the series due to some traits she showed during her brief screen time.
I wont reveal much about and changes made to her, they really aren't that severe
though. Nothing that highly effects her, just what I think would happen to her
character given three years time under Orochimaru's wing.
People may moan and groan about bringing back dead people. Moan and groan then,
because while articles and what not say Tayuya is deceased, Temari cut down a forest,
and Tayuya was probably under a hundred logs. Burried alive doesn't count as dead in
my book. I don't think they ever had Shikamaru and Temari actually go over and
check Tayuya. Anyways her death will be explained later in full detail.
I had more I was going to answer, but nvm. onto the two most important
questions(Please everyone answer truthfully and honestly with the first
question, and... yeah answer it...)
One: Does my writing make me come off as if I have a hatred for women? Or
that I am sexist or something along those lines? I got that in a PM, and now I
am genuinely curious. I wanted to play it off like, 'Maybe this guy just doesn't
understand what I was trying to do.' However I am curious. I know I didn't
make Ino too appealing in Soul of the Sword, but then he said I was also doing
it with Ayame, and made her seem like a troll under a bridge. Now I know you
are not supposed to take flames seriously, however I don't consider this a
complete flame, especially since I used to respect the guys judgement when it
came to things such as these.


If you say yes, can you please put context clues. I know Tayuya being naked on the
table getting poked at is likely going to come up...
Two: Would you continue to read this story if some thirty chapters in, another
time skip happens, and Naruto leaves the Naruto continent. (No he doesn't go
to anywhere like Bleach or anything like that.) same time area, but the place
would be fairly OC. Similar as to how Demon country is off the map, well this
would also be off the map, and would be a completely OC area.
I as curious because I am plotting a time skip, however I don't want to write
something that no one really wants to read.
So would you read it? Yes? No? leave a review response explaining why.
Till then, have fun everyone, happy Thanksgiving.
(Yes a bit longer than normal AN, my apologies, there were just things I felt
that needed to be said :(... its still an 8k chapter though :D.)
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