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Welcome to Month Four of Your Life Success Plan.

It is hard to believe, but we are one quarter of the way through the One-Year Life Success
Plan. I know that you are well on your way to becoming the total, wholly healthy person
that you want to become. You are well on your way to achieving the goals you have set
for yourself. And you are well on your way to fulfilling all that you desire for your life.
Step by step we are piecing the puzzle together to see a beautiful picture emerge. I know
youre beginning to see the factual correlation between personal development, goal
setting, happiness in every area of life and weight maintenance and health. When all
areas are moving in a positive direction, its so much easier to stay healthy and keep
weight off. When were practicing the lifestyle that is involved in staying healthy, hitting
the other goals almost just happens as self-discipline becomes easier, mental clarity is
greater, intimacy is on a higher level, production increases, and so, so much more!
Have a Great and Victorious Week!

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The Third Essential for Life Success: Spiritual &
Emotional Health, Part One - Spiritual Health
Hello, Jim Rohn here. As we look at the topic of health this month, the first order of
business is to make sure our view of the topic of health is broad enough. You see, if I
were to ask you, Are you healthy?, you might think simply of your physical health.
Youd do a brief overview of how your body is and answer me based on that. If you feel
well, then you probably view yourself as healthy. But this is only one aspect of health or
of being a healthy person. I would like to challenge you to consider deeper than that. Let
me explain.
As human beings, we possess one of the most complex designs the world has ever seen.
We are not merely a body. There is so much more to our make-up. In fact, I believe there
are three major aspects to each person, and they are all intricately connected to one
another. The three areas consist of our Body (the physical nature), our Soul (the mind,
will, emotions, and intellectual nature), and our Spirit (the part of us that transcends this
world and communes with God).
Lets view this is as a sphere with three layers. The first or innermost layer, the core, is
our spiritual life. This is our most important aspect. It is what gives us the foundation for
living and provides the strength we need for everything else. The middle or second layer
is the Soul. This is the part of us that is non-tangible. You cant touch it but it is there.
Not only is it there, but it also drives most of what we are! And the last or outer layer is
our Body. This is simply the actual physical shell that houses our soul and spirit.
So, how are these connected? How do they affect one another? Obviously, a person's
beliefs will affect their emotions. If in a negative situation, they may experience anxiety
or fear. That in turn could potentially cause physical ailments such as stomach problems,
headaches or fatigue for example. This is just one simple way of looking at how the three
areas of our make-up affect one another.
This means rather than simply viewing ourselves as physical bodies that need to be
maintained and physically healthy, it would serve us well to develop a much more
holistic and well-rounded view of what it means to be healthy. We need to look at the
topic from a much more in-depth view. And as we develop these areas we will be much
more able to achieve the health we desire in every area of our lives.

Material success may result in the accumulation of possessions; but

only spiritual success will enable you to enjoy them.
- Nido Qubein

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I believe there are two additional areas of emphasis we need to cover this month in order
to cover the complete topic of health the justice it deserves, and to help you attain total
health as a reality in your life:
1. Spiritual Health Today we will look at the benefits and importance of developing a
vibrant spiritual life and some easy methods to apply that can help take your spiritual life
to a deeper level.
2. Emotional Health The mind, will, and emotions. In Week Sixteen we will cover the
importance of a healthy soul specifically the mind, the will and the emotional aspects of
life. We will look at how our inner person is so vital to making sure we live the kind of
life we desire. We will learn how our emotional life can become healthy, strong and
Our focus this week will be on the first aspect, Spiritual Health.
As I think through this idea of spiritual health, there are four major keys:
A healthy spiritual life is one of the most rewarding things we can pursue. There are some
very important things in this life, I know. And we ought to spend time and resources on
them to experience their richness in every way. But ultimately, everything in this life
passes away. The only thing that does not pass away is our spiritual life. Our physical
lives here are temporal they dont last. But our spiritual lives are eternal they last
forever. This tells me that our spiritual health is the most important pursuit we must have.
The God questions are the most important questions we can ask: one, because they
impact the rest of our life in so many significant ways, and two, because the answers
make an impact on us for eternity.
A healthy spiritual life will benefit us in many ways. When we develop a healthy spiritual
life and give it the importance that it truly deserves, when we allow our spiritual life to
impact the rest of our life, we receive tremendous benefits: peace, joy, perspective,
wholeness, better relationships, purpose, significance, excitement and passion for life,
hope for a better future, emotional stability, intellectual curiosity, and a better
understanding of the importance of all that is around us. A healthy spiritual life reaches
into every area of our lives and creates a strong foundation upon which we build the life
we desire. When we build on the rock of a strong spiritual life, we increase exponentially
our opportunity to live the benefits and blessings of a centered life.
A healthy spiritual life is developed through discipline, just as all things that are
important to us. The great theologian G.K. Chesterton said of Christianity that, It isnt
that Christianity has been tried and found wanting, but found difficult and left untried.
This is true in so many areas of our lives but especially true in our spiritual life. Just as
we need to get into the gym to exercise on a regular basis, we need to get into a spiritual
discipline on a regular basis.

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A healthy spiritual life will bring a unique strength to the rest of your life. As I have said
before, the spiritual life is the core of our existence. It is the foundation, the part of us
from which everything else emanates and finds its strength and purpose. It centers us and
gives us the kind of perspective we all need to live and lead successful lives.
With these things in mind, here are some simple ways you can begin to develop a deeper,
richer, and healthier spiritual life:
1. Make it a pursuit, as you would make any other area of your life a pursuit. Just as
you have dreams and goals for your relationships, your career, your physical wellness or
any area of life you are hoping to experience growth. Set your sights on a strong spiritual
life and pursue it with vigor!
2. Set aside time to be alone and to work on your spiritual life. Anything worth
pursuing must have time devoted to it. In your pursuit of spiritual health, be sure to give
yourself the necessary time to cultivate that inner life. Just as you set aside time for other
important areas of your life, be sure to do the same for your spiritual pursuits. Put it in
your date book. Make sure you give it the time that it deserves.
3. Read good materials about the spiritual life. As
you know, I am a reader and encourage everyone to
be such. I am passionate about it! There are so many
great books that will enable you to grow spiritually.
My personal recommendation on where to begin is
the Bible. If you listen to me for even a short time
you will see that I regularly quote from the wisdom I
have learned from the Bible over my lifetime. There
are many bookstores that deal in books specifically
written to help you grow in this area. Take advantage
of them and read good spiritual books during your
time alone pursuing spiritual health.
4. Some people enjoy listening to music that is designed to deepen their spiritual life.
Music has the power to move the spirit in ways that most things do not. I strongly
encourage you to spend some time regularly listening to music that will strengthen your
spirit. Many of the classics fit this and there are many good artists today who help us
focus on the inner spiritual life through excellent music.
5. Involve yourself in a community of faith. I
believe that our spiritual lives are best lived in the
context of other people (and not just our spiritual
lives). We need other people to challenge us and to
encourage us. We need others to teach us and to
learn from us. We are in this together. Yes, I know
that when you get groups of people together things

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can go awry, but I am convinced that more good than ill comes when we pursue our
spiritual life with others.
Do these things on a regular basis. The key here is to be consistent in your pursuit of
spiritual health. Take time in a disciplined manner. And as you invest in your spiritual
life, over time you will see your inner core and foundations strengthening in ways you
could never imagine, and that in turn will give you the basis for the kind of whole life
situation you are looking for!
Until next week, let's do something remarkable!
Jim Rohn

Some people dont do well simply because they dont feel well.
- Jim Rohn

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Hi, this is Chris Widener and in this section we will take a look at some questions that
will help us think deeper about spiritual health, and then we will put some action steps
together that will help the process of developing our spiritual health!
But first, some personal thoughts on the importance and power of a strong and healthy
spiritual life.
Until the age of 17 I was raised in a home that had absolutely no emphasis on the spiritual
life. None. Because of some circumstances that happened while I was growing up, I
didnt have the best head start in life. My father died when I was four, and I became
rebellious and was quite a handful for my mother. In the fourth grade, I was sent away to
live with relatives. My mother was hoping that I could get some help turning things
around. I didnt.
By age 12 I was drinking. By thirteen I was involved with drugs every day. For the next
few years my life drifted and went nowhere.
Then, when I was 16 I met someone who began to help me pursue my spiritual life. At 17
I made a major commitment to allow God into my life and pursue spiritual health for the
rest of my life.
What happened next surprised me. Just as Jim says, it became the foundation for every
other area of my life. I immediately quit drinking and doing drugs. My relationships
became significantly better. My grades, which dropped as low as 1.4 during the depths of
my use of drugs, began to soar. In fact, for the next 10 semesters (through college), my
grades went higher with every semester, culminating in a 3.87 the last semester of my
senior year of college.
I have been successful in my career and it is growing more so with every passing week.
All of this, I believe is due to the fact that one hot July day in 1983, I got my priorities
straight and began a journey to spiritual health.
Spiritual health doesnt have to be theory. It will actually work. While I am certainly far
from perfect, my life has been living proof of how a centered and healthy spiritual life
will produce benefits in every area of life. So I encourage you just as Jim did, to take this
issue seriously as the major piece to your overall health as a person. It works and will
become the foundation for a fantastic life!
See you next week,
Chris Widener
Improve your business, your life, your relationships, your finances and
your health. When you do the whole world improves.
- Mark Victor Hansen

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Questions for Reflection:

Q. Where would you consider yourself to be spiritually? Would you
say you are in a healthy place spiritually or not? Why or why not?

Q. How important do you believe a spiritual life is? In what ways would you say your
life reflects your answer?

Q. What are the main benefits you have seen from having a healthy spiritual life?

Q. In what ways do you see your spiritual life being the basis for the rest of your life,
even your physical health?

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Q. What are the three greatest spiritual lessons you have learned and how have they
impacted you?

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Action Steps This Week:

1. Set aside some time this week to pursue your spiritual health. Put it in your date book
and keep the appointment!
2. Read a book that will make a good guideline for you as you pursue your spiritual life.
It may be something you can get through in one sitting or one that you can use over
the course of a set period of time.
3. Pick up a music CD that will let your spirit soar. Play it this week as you drive around
or while you are at home. Let it act as a spiritual pick-me-up.
4. Team up with some others who may have similar spiritual values or interests and
consider developing your spiritual life together, acting as encouragers to one another.
Review of CD 10 (Jeffrey Gitomer)

Play your favorite song before you sell

How do you greet your customers?

Five big jobs in every business
1. Sell your stuff
2. Make a profit
3. Keep loyal customers
4. Keep loyal employees
5. Be friendly and likable

Concentrate on your value to others

Lost secrets of selling, serving and succeeding

The old way of selling doesn't work

Stop selling

Use a very funny close

What do you say that your competition doesn't say

Bring your prospect a sales lead

They don't care about you

Copyright Victory Management, Inc with JRI 2004


Are you a salesperson or a resource?

Be friendly and likable

Milk your own cows first for business and referrals

How have you mastered the phone?

Have a great voicemail message

Get 100 percent of your calls returned: leave half of a message

Make your business card creative

Promote and position - do not advertise and compete

Give value first to people who can say yes

Don't quit too soon

Greet your customer like your pet

Treat every customer like a celebrity

Talk like you're talking to your grandma

The opposite of answers is excuses

Concentrate on loyalty then satisfaction happens

Make a two-year networking plan

Your perceived value gets you bought - delivering beyond expectations gets you
talked about and bought again

Chinese proverb: To serve is to rule

How you spend or invest your personal time determines your fate

Position yourself as a person of value

Work while others sleep

Hard work makes luck

Copyright Victory Management, Inc with JRI 2004


Three things to record:

1. Record your notes
2. Record notes from Jeffreys book
3. Record your presentation skills

Become great by staying a student

Love your job, yourself and your product

Think you can!

A Look Forward:
We have the week off from the cd series. This is a great time to get
caught up if you are behind, and a great week to listen to some
additional programs if you are on schedule.
As always, have a Great Week!
Chris Widener

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