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Hey there Plane and Helicopter lovers.

I am Aniket Warrior HoD Airforce and

this is a small guide on how to become a Pilot, How to takeoff and land
properly, the responsibilities of a Pilot and so on.
(Still under construction)
Changelog :
22/11/2014 : Added Chapter 1 Introduction to Planes
22/11/2014:Added Chapter 2 Introduction to Helicopters

1. A Basic Introduction to Planes

1.1 Peek Airhawk 225

The Airhawk's greatest asset is its short take-off distance. Otherwise, handling
/ manoeuverability is good, but speed and acceleration, especially in
comparison to the jets, is low. If you're a skilled pilot then you can get the
Airhawk airborne using little more than a bump. This is particularly useful if
you have landed on a short beach / area. All airports in Panau have a long
enough runway for the Airhawk to take off comfortably, but it usually lifts off
roughly before the runway's halfway point.
It is able to land on beaches without exploding (at minimum speed possible,
but expect a rough landing).

It can be found at the following locations :

1. Panau International Airport (x: 9800 y :12900)
2. Behind Monyet Lena Village right outside HQ (x:20905 y:22011)

1.2 Pell Silverbolt 6

It is extremely agile and fast, having a top speed greater than most other
planes. While it has some superlative qualities, it does also have its
drawbacks. It is the most fragile aircraft in the game; for example, it is
outstandingly difficult to land. Should the aircraft be landed too quickly, or
slightly off course, or at a slightly skewed angle, it is incredibly prone to
immediate explosion, killing the player instantly.

It can carry upto three people and has a top speed of around 300 kms per

It also supports VTOL (Vertical Take off and Landing ) making it able to
takeoff on any terrain and mountain.

1.3 Cassius

Its a medium-sized private jet with three engines. The middle engine doesnt
have any air in-take holes.
The Cassius 192s handling is slightly similar to the Black Markets Pell
Silverbolt 6. Strength is not a quality, since touching a tree might cause the
plane to explode. This plane is known to spin out of control when landing at
an airport at high speeds. The plane seems to lose control on the ground if
you keep accelerating at a high speed. It will cause the plane to skid or slip.
This is probably due to its low bottom.
The top speed is 200.35 MPH and it carries upto five passengers.
It can be found at the following locations :
1.Panau International Airport (x: 9800 y :12900)

1.4 Berings

This is the largest cargo plane in Panau. It can carry the full army in it which is
why it is so useful.
Of all the planes in the game, it's the heaviest and slowest to react to controls.
Despite its bulk, it is faster than the Cassius and can be used to ram into
enemy helicopters. It can also take off on a relatively short runway. It is easy
to land because, as is usual with large planes, it has very large back landing
gears; you are very unlikely to crash and die as long as you have a suitable
runway. The stopping distance is so short that you are able to take off again
without turning around, which is near impossible with this plane if there is
anything in the surrounding areas.
Due to its large winspan care should be taken while landing and taking off.
The maximum speed of this aircraft is about 212.73 MPH

It cannot be found anywhere in Panau, only elites can buy it.

1.5 Aeroliner 474

The Aeroliner 474 is a commercial passenger plane.

Due to its size, it's one of the hardest to land and maneuver, however it is very
easy to land it in large, flat places, more so than the Pell Silverbolt 6, which
can easily explode if it touches down too hard. This is because of its large
back landing gears.
The maximum speed of this aircraft is 233.50 MPH
It cannot be found anywhere in Panau, only elites can buy it.

Chapter 2: An Introduction to Helicopters

2.1 Rowlinson K22

It's a small 2 seat helicopter. It has the shortest take-off time of all the
helicopters in the game. Top speed is quite low. It is not efficient for part runs.
It can be found at military bases and there is a spawn right in Enforcer HQ.
It can also be purchased for 200k seperaely.

2.2 Mullen Skeeter Hawk

The Hawk is slightly less maneuverable than its counterpart, the Mullen
Skeeter Eagle and seems to have a slightly lower top speed than
the UH-10 Chippewa. This means that in helicopter battles it can be
destroyed by minigun fire quite easily
It can be found in various military bases and outposts.

2.3 Mullen Skeeter Eagle

The Mullen Skeeter Eagle is essentially a Mullen Skeeter Hawkwith jet engines on
the side; it shares the same body and tail as the Hawk.
The Eagle is slower than most helicopters, but handles just as well as others. It isn't
very strong and won't take any impact.
Because the wings and the engines make the helicopter wider and heavier, this
helicopter should not be used in narrow or tight spaces, such as between buildings,
or under certain bridges, where its cousin, the Mullen Skeeter Hawk, with its lack of
wings, fares better. Because of its mediocre durability, a single crash in these
situations may destroy it or completely dent it.
This helicopter is actually slower than the Mullen Skeeter Hawk.
It can carry upto four weapon or vehicle crates.

2.4 H62 Quapaw

The H-62 Quapaw is a large helicopter which has the ability to make quick turns,
while flying at slow-to-medium speed.

This is one of the best helicopter to use for runs and to provide
quick evac to people at mzs or czs