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Definition: The dictionary meaning of ideology is, a system of ideas and ideals forming
the basis of an economic or political theory.
In simple words, we can cay ideology is the set of beliefs of a social group or an
Yes, ideology can contribute in a nations emergence by binding people and
making to feel them different from others on the basis of different eating habits, way of
dressing, living patterns, religious and moral values. Ideology highlights their equal
performance of such activities. And ideology has a power to pave the direction towards
achieving a separate homeland.
Pakistan is a great example in front of us which had clearly achieved the position
on the basis of ideology. Instead of staying for along period of time together, the Hindus
and Muslims had their own different identities. Definitely how can separate followers of
a separate religion can be same? A different religion creates a lot of other changes too.
After the entry of the British the difference between the two got wider which different
aroused many problems too. With passage of time the Muslims started to develop their
own different identity. And this different identity was not emerged so easily it had to go
through an evolutionary process. This took years to achieve. Sir Syed Ahmed khan was
the first person to make Muslims aware of their own different identity because the
relationship between the two was no more existed. He used the term nation for the
Muslims of India and he gave the concept of two nation theory. He made them to accept
their real identity. Pakistan emerged on the map of the world through this different
identity. Sir Syed was a teacher by profession; he spread his educational thoughts
throughout India, Aligarh movement which was an educational movement was launched
by him. Many historical heroes like our national poet Allama Iqbal, who awoke the spirits
of the Muslims through his philosophic talent and of course Muhammad Ali Jinnah the
founder of Pakistan transformed into reality the dire desire of Muslims of having a
separate homeland where they can freely perform their religious, traditional and cultural
rites freely because the Hindus attitude towards Muslims had changed after the entry of
the British. The Hindus delivered such a negative attitude towards the Muslims like the
presence of the Muslims was new, under such circumstances, the Muslims being the
largest religious minority in India had to demand a separate territory because the Hindus
demanded from the Muslims to leave India or accept Hinduism as a religion The ideology
in case of Pakistan had played a vital role in its emergence. Because whatever we had
achieved was based on having ideology whose base was Islam.

Khilafat Movement was the first popular movement which touched almost all
parts of the sub-continent. The movement was born as a result of Indian Muslims efforts
because the Muslims feared from the holy places being desecrated. The movement
proved to be like a coin, which shows two completely different sides. Likewise was the
Khilafat movement, which affected the Muslims lives both positively and negatively. We
cannot say that Khilafat movement was fruitless. As a Pakistani we can not underestimate
the sacrifices made by our ancestors.
Every Muslims living in the sub-continent was greatly affected by this movement;
this movement taught numerous lessons to the people of the sub-continent. Indeed the
Muslims had to suffer during this movement. Many Muslims died in different events like
Jallianwala Bagh incident in which many people died and Hijrat movement in which a
large number of Muslims died during migration from India to the Afghanistan. The other
negative angles of this movement were that the Muslims, as a boycott stopped doing their
jobs and student stopped their studies. These conditions created great unrest for the
British government. After the end of the khilafat movement Gandhi left the movement
which caused many misconceptions as a result the Muslims lost trust in Hindus. We can
say that the Khilafat movement created only problems within the sub-continent, but this
movement also generated such positive conditions in the sub- continent which paved the
way to the development of Pakistan. During the Khilafat movement the Muslims started
to work with the Congress. They signed an agreement in which the Congress made up its
mind to work with Muslim League. The unity of both parties made British to feel that the
people of India are now no more in their hands. The people of the Sub-continent got
courage that they are able to free themselves from British. The biggest benefit of this
movement was that it had opened the eyes of the Muslims that Hindus as well as British
can never be their friends. It was due to this movement that convinced the Muslims to
have a separate homeland of their own. As this was the only solution of their problems
because there was no chance of protection of their rights and interests under the
dominated Hindus and the British government.